Meeting Younger woman…Again…Shopping


Meeting Younger woman…Again…Shoppinghttps://up0.xhcdn.com/000/061/494/863_1000.jpgSome of you have asked how things have been going with my young friend. I finally found time to see her again this past weekend. It cost me, but it was worth it… Every penny of it!!!~~~~~~~~~“Change of plans, meet me at…” The text gave me directions to a shopping center that I was only vaguely familiar with. I grumbled, and sent back a text saying I could be there in 10 more minutes.When I pulled into the lot I realized it was a boutique shopping center that was down the street about a quarter mile from the one I had been thinking about. This plaza was anchored by a Goodwill store on one end and a pharmacy on the other. In between there was a liquor store, a couple small urban clothing shops, a tobacco store and …an adult novelty store. I sent a text saying I had arrived and the immediate text back was to come on in the store next to the smoke shop… the other side from the toy store. My heart was pounding.It had been a month since we had first met face to face and while we had continued our online chatting and watching porn, I was dying to see my slim little “half-my-age” minx! I popped a breathe mint into my mouth and got out of the car and headed over to the store with the ripped jeans and rhinestone gemmed tank tops in the window.The best way I can describe the place is to say the scent of incense filled the air, black lights were in about every third fixture and I was probably the only person over 45 (hell maybe 30!!) to have been in the place in probably a year!! I was just about to text her to meet me outside, when my phone lit up with her message saying, “Come to the back, I want to show you some things.I rounded the corner of a cardboard cutout of a rapper holding his crotch and saw her standing between two cabinets of body stockings, hose, garters and all sort of other sexy underthings that were meant to be seen. She smiled at me and motioned me to come to her and when I was close enough, she turned and looked at me, smiled, put both arms around my neck and drew me down into a hot kiss that lasted only seconds but let me know where this day was going very quickly!!!“I found some things that I liked and I wanted a real man’s opinion.” She turned and indicated a couple of corsets on mannequins up on the wall of display with one hand. The other hand grabbed the front of my khaki pants and pulled on my cock!! A lady came out of beaded doorway and smiled. “Just let me know if there is anything I can get for the two of you,” she said and walked toward the store front. I shook my head. A 50 year old and a young 20 something did not even cause the girl to raise an eyebrow!Handing me a red corset trimmed in black lace and ribbons, my afternoon delight asked me to help her try it on. I fastened the hooks in the back and then said, “It fits a little loose, and I think you need a smaller size.” Turning around, she said, “You do?” While I had been strapping up the corset in back, she had undone her shit and pulled it wide open so I could see her from navel to nose with just the crisscrossed ribbon laces interrupting the soft white flesh of her torso. I immediately bent my head and started kissing, licking and nipping at her flesh! I felt her hands go to the back on my head and hold me there between the swells of lovely A cup titties!! She then pulled my head back and in yenimahalle escort a breathy voice, “Slow down unless you want me to cum right here and now!!”“It would be a nice start to our afternoon!” I replied with a wicked smile and started to bend back to run my tongue over her delicious flesh, but she laughed softly and said, “Stop. Lace me up, you dirty old man!!” I stood up straight and adopted a look of disappointment, but began working the ribbons and lacing tighter. “You do know this is laced wrong? It should start at the top and lace down.” I said as I looked into her brown eyes.”She laughed a genuine laugh this time. “How would you know about that? She asked.“Lacing bottom up does not allow you to cinch the waist as tight as possible and it also is damn near impossible for the woman wearing it to tie it up with any leverage. I dated a lady that was into designing clothing for professional plays and renaissance faires long ago.” My fingers worked quickly and tightened her tighter and tighter into the stiff red cloth. As my fingers worked higher, they became more “clumsy” and they roamed her flesh and touched her breasts and pulled her small breast meat up so they looked damn near huge.I looked down into her big wet eyes and she was staring up into mine. Her voice was thick with lust. “Buy it for me and you can fuck me while I wear only it!” It was my turn to be stunned. I felt her hands go to my cock again and I leaned down and kissed her passionately as she furiously rubbed my fully hard cock!!!Somehow we stopped, and she took the corset off and buttoned her blouse up (not before I got a couple of good sucks in on her tender buds!!) We took the corset and set of garters and hose up to the counter. We both turned red as we saw next to the small TV set, a small security monitor that was showing the exact part of the store where we had just been. “I’m throwing the garter belt in for free. Consider it payment in kind.” She said as she took my money and rang us out.I think her face was brighter than the sun outside store when we emerged a few minutes later. “Oh, My God!! I can’t believe we did that! That was sooooo stupid!!” On and on she went, paying no attention to the fact that I walked her past the front of the smoke shop right to the next store’s entrance until I stopped.She looked at me, looked at the store and started blubbering, “No, no, no… I’m not going in there. Not with you!! Oh hell, no!!”I caught her by the wrist, and pulled her to me and kissed her on the lips until she began to melt in my arms. “Look, no one in this shop will know either of us. I just want to buy some lube and one other thing.”Reluctantly, she agreed and stepped into the door as I opened it for her. A greasy man older than me looked up from his paper for a second, grunted and went back to reading the sports page. A woman in her 30’s with several tattoos on her arms and a couple on her neck came through a doorway behind the counter, smacked the man and said, “You are supposed to at least greet customers!” Then looking at us she said in a much sweeter voice, “Welcome to the Lover’s Shack. Our vibrators and toys are all 30% off this week.” I thanked her and the glow from my companion’s face only intensified as I pushed her toward a wall display of every size color and shape of naughty novelty you can imagine!!! From packages of ulus escort little vibrators you slid onto the end of your fingers to monster dongs bigger and a woman’s leg were all there for a price.My nymph at first played shy, but within a few minutes of looking at options and realizing we were the only ones there, she began examining the toys on her own. She picked up a smooth, large rabbit type of vibrator, made out of a clear material and with silver controls. She began to put it back on the wall and I took it from her as well as a much smaller, basic 4 inch vibrator. 45 minutes after walking in, we walked out with lube, condoms and our 2 new toys. I walked out with a very curious young woman.15 minutes later we were at her apartment (Yes, she finally conceded to showing me where she lives!!!) We walked in and immediately she was turning and hungrily making out with me. I barely resisted the need to take her there and then, but I had plans. I took her to her bathroom, we stripped each other and played, touched sucked and explored.“We have both been very dirty so we are both taking a shower! I announced. She protested, and I added, “It will be a much more enjoyable oral time if we both shower first.” Pouting she turned and stripped for me (forgetting I could see most of her front in the mirror!). The shirt was unbuttoned, and she would turn and flash one breast and then the other and then with her back to me, she pulled it open and down to her elbows.Undoing her pants, she pushed them down over her hips and to the floor revealing her long slender legs that never failed to have me hard and hungry!! She dropped the shirt to floor and the twin round globes of her ass came to light, separated by a thin strip of cloth riding deep in her crack!! She stopped me from touching and looking over her shoulder said, I was cheating and not giving her a show. So I stood up, stripped my shirt off and she let out a little gasp. “I keep forgetting just how big you are!” I smiled. Not every man is a power lifter with a 54 inch chest and 22 inch biceps! I stepped up to her, lifted her up and sat her down on the half walk that concealed the toilet. I then took off my pants and immediately, the almost hard bulge of my penis inside the cotton briefs had her licking her lips. I took off the briefs and rubbed the nickel sized glob of pre-cum that was inside them on her thigh and said, “See we both need a shower!!” Laughing I turned and started the shower as I heard her drop down off of the wall and saw her shimmy off her underwear and cast it into her hamper.Now, movies and pictures of shower scenes are hot! In reality, they suck. The water washes away lube, gets in the eyes of people kneeling, people slip and when you are my size, it just is not sexy in standard tub/shower! But I would be lying like a politician if I said we did not enjoy it thoroughly!When finished, she stepped up to her sink to make herself beautiful and after I dried myself, I went out, got the toys, opened the packaging and inserted batteries. I had just finished that when she called me back into the bath. She had the corset wrapped around her and not a stitch else. “I made a promise.” She smiled and then twisted back and forth like a little girl before continuing. “But I can’t seem to put this on by myself. Would you help me?”I stepped up to her and my semi-solid cock brushed tunalı escort against her soft belly and jumped!! She giggled and as I did my best to get her fastened up quickly. She laughed and mocked my trembling fingers. Hers moved over my bare chest and down to my shaved cock and balls. She knew how to touch a man and make him yearn for more!!Finally she was all fastened, laced and tied. She spun around and said, “So what do you think?”I did not say a thing. Instead, I picked her up. She wrapped her thighs around my hips and I carried her out to her bed and dropped her there. Before I could move to mount my trophy, she spun around and took my cock in her mouth and hummed. My eyes rolled back in my head and I shuddered. “God, your mouth is heaven!!” I said.She broke her suction on my member just long enough to say, “Good. Stick your hellacious tongue in my pussy!” I moved onto the bed and we 69’ed before I rolled over so her shaved peach was just above my hungry tongue and mouth!!That was when the toys rolled against my head and a plan came into full bloom. I turned on the small round toy and slid it into her pussy as my lips fastened on her pear of a clit. I felt her shudder and then I felt my cock going all of the way back into her throat. I had to pay attention to what I was doing in order to keep from shooting right then and there!!I pulled the small toy out, all slick with her intoxicating juices. A moment later I replaced it with the rabbit, the ears pointed back at her ass so my tongue would not have to surrender its purchase on her mound. For several minutes we rode the crazy train toward the chasm of orgasmic bliss and then she pitched forward on me and I felt her juices just running down the toy and all over my chest and neck. My mouth could not reach her perfect pussy as it trembled with the rabbit still tormenting her. So I turned the vibrator so the ears pointed toward her clit and switched on the smaller toy, rolled it in a puddle on my chest and then began pushing it into her ass!!!Her back arched and I prayed all of her neighbors were deaf or at work, as she screamed and then pushed back onto the little vibrating rod! It only took a minute before the toy was sliding in and out and the rabbit was buzzing her over the cliff of no return again and again.“Suck me; I want to fill all of your holes at the same time!” I growled and a heartbeat later, I felt her warm lips and talented tongue guiding me deeper and deeper into her skull!!! It probably was not even two minutes later I was roaring shooting heavy streams of cum in her throat, mouth, over her lips and up onto her tits as she rolled off of me and started pulling toys from her other orifices!!“Are you trying to kill me?” she asked when we could both speak coherently. I rolled so I was face to face with her and asked her to explain. “First you try and kill me with a heart attack with those damn toys and your mouth and then you try to drown me with all that cum!! God, no guy has ever cum like that for me before!!”“If you give me about 10 more minutes, I will cum again and again for you!!” She rolled her eyes, got up off of the bed, went to the bathroom and when she came back to the room, she curled up on my chest.“Has it been 10 minutes yet?” She asked with a devilish smile.“Close enough,” I replied as I leaned down and kissed her silken lips and felt my monster begin to stir again.~~~~~~~~Long story short, she is nervous about what people think seeing her (early 20’s) with a man older than her Dad (I’m over 50).I told her to ask around and see what her friends think.So I am asking you. Honest feedback please, is it wrong for the two of us to be playing? Please respond below.

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