Michelle – The Movie Pt.2 – Ch 6


On the screen, the girl rolled off her lover and lay on her back, still breathing heavily.
The guy hadn’t come yet, and his penis was still sticking straight up in the air,…big…hard…throbbing.
As my own breathing slowed, I began gently rotating the carrot back and forth deep inside my pussy. Its skin was still very rough, but having just come, I was wet enough that it wasn’t all that uncomfortable. I wiggled my finger in my tiny back hole as I watched the girl on the screen move to her hands and knees. I watched as she reached a hand back between her legs and started rubbing her clit. My own clit wanted some attention, so I removed my finger from my tight back channel, and brought that hand around between my legs. I continued slowly rotating the carrot inside of me while my fingertips on my other hand started teasing all around my clit.
As I watched the guy position himself behing his kneeling lover, I realized that all of a sudden my butt felt really empty.
Thinking for just a second, I pulled the carrot out of my pussy, replacing it with two of my fingers. I moved the carrot around to my backside, and pushed the tip against my tight hole. The carrot was wet enough from the flood in my pussy, that it was only a matter of seconds before I felt my tiny back door give way, and the carrot push up inside me. I quickly grabbed the banana and pushed it slowly up inside my pussy.
What a feeling!
The curved tip of the banana felt like it was touching, rubbing, caressing me…in places deep inside me that had never been touched before!
I watched as the guy on the screen rubbed the tip of his penis up and down his lover’s slit.
I started moving the banana slowly in and out of me. God it felt so good…so different…the tip…curved…rubbing against my channel walls…
The rough skin of the carrot in my little back hole was starting to get uncomfortable,…starting to chaff against my tender skin, and I stopped moving it, focusing instead on the incredible sensations the banana was sending shooting through my pussy.
I felt the tremors starting again and knew another orgasm wasn’t far away.
I pulled the carrot out of my backside, somewhat surprised that even this small movement of the rough skin hurt me. I discarded the carrot, and moved one of my fingers back to my tight entry hole. I pushed the tip inside, and was relieved that there was no discomfort. My finger was small enough, however, that even when I pushed it all the way in, I still felt strangely empty…unfulfilled.
I started rotating the banana in my pussy, gently probing my backdoor with my finger, as I watched the guy on the screen push his penis into his lover’s pussy. The camera angle changed to show a view from behind, up between his legs. I could see his penis pushing in and out of her pussy. I could see his balls dangling down between his legs. I could even see his little backdoor, the one that just a few minutes ago she had been teasing with her tongue. As he continued moving in and out, it looked like the inner lips of her pussy had a mind of their own. It looked like every time he pushed in, they were trying to suck him in deeper. Every time he pulled out, it looked like they were trying to hold on to him…pull him back inside.
As the screen showed him pumping faster and faster, I automatically quickened the rotation of the banana, feeling it deep up inside of me. My finger in my back hole started pushing in and out. My hips began rocking steadily, my breathing became deep and harsh.
On the screen he pumped in and out of her pussy furiously, their moaning and groaning becoming louder and louder. Both the banana and my finger were flying in and out of my holes as I felt myself losing control.
The guy suddenly pulled out of her pussy, grasping his throbbing penis in one hand and pumping it wildly. My orgasm was starting…growing…building…reaching…peaking.
As he jerked and shot his cream all over her back, I lost control. Not even trying to stifle my moans, I came wildly. I could feel my tight little back hole clamping down around my finger, and my pussy spasmed and spasmed as wave after wave rocked through me.
I collapsed back, exhausted, panting. As my breathing started to slow back down I glanced in the mirror. I saw the tip of the banana sticking out of my pussy as I pulled my finger from my backside, and watched fascinated as the tiny hole winked back at me in the mirror. I slowly pulled the banana from myself, and brought it to my mouth, stopping first at my nose to inhale the scent of my orgasm. I opened my mouth and licked and sucked my juices from the yellow skin.
I just lay there for a moment, savoring the afterglow of a delicious come.
The screen moved to the next scene, and it started like the last one…guy and a girl…kissing…grabbing…groping…undresing each other. My hand moved almost automatically down between my legs, and I began idly teasing my clit as I watched the two on the screen fall onto the bed. He laid her on her back, then reversed his position, pushing his penis into her mouth while his tongue began dancing around her clit. I watched as he spread her legs further, and then pushed a finger into her backside hole. She bucked up and down as he began pushing his finger in and out of her, all the while teasing her clit with his tongue.
My other hand found its way to my own tight little back hole, and I pushed a finger up inside me while my other finger continued playing with my clit. I could feel myself starting to become aroused…again. I stopped tormenting my clit and pushed one, then two fingers up inside my pussy. Already soaking wet from my last come, it was only a metter of seconds before my fingers were again coated with my own pussy juices.
As the guy on the screen reversed his position again, I repeated what was rapidly becoming a ritual. I pulled my dripping wet fingers from my pussy and brought them up to my face, first smelling, and izmit escort then opening my mouth and tasting, my own sweet cream.
I put my two fingers back up inside my pussy as I watched the guy on the screen push his penis into his lover’s waiting pussy. They began pumping in a rhythm that the fingers in both of my holes soon matched.
My own hips began humping against my hands, as if both of my holes were saying they wanted more.
My movements became faster as I watched the guy on the screen pull his penis out of his lover, and then roll her over, pulling her up onto her hands and knees. I felt the beginnings of an orgasm growing as I watched him rub the tip of his penis up and down her slit.
I gasped as he suddenly brought the head up from her pussy and laid it against her back door hole. My own finger in my own tight rear channel was pumping furiously in and out of me as I watched in awe. “No way,” I thought. “That thing will never fit in there.”
He was pressing now…pushing…but nothing. All of a sudden the finger in my backside just wasn’t enough. I wanted something more! But what? The rough skin on the carrot had hurt too bad, and the banana was way too big…I looked around my room but saw nothing that would give my back door the pleasure I wanted.
On the screen, the guy gave a sudden lunge, and the head of his penis disappeared inside her! She shrieked in pain…and he froze. The camera switched to a shot of her face…teeth clenched…eyes shut tight…breathing labored…her agony was obvious.
Neither of them moved for a moment, even though the speed of my own hand movements was now racing.
After a moment or two, the guy on the screen began moving in and out of her back hole…slowly…little bit at a time. The camera showed the expression on her face change from one of excruciating pain…to mild discomfort…to…to…to…bliss?
“Oh God,” I thought. “I gotta find something…”
I hit pause on the player and jumped out of bed. I thought maybe if I could find a little smaller carrot, one with smoother skin, that it might work…making my back channel feel filled like the girl on the screen.
As I headed toward the stairs and the kitchen, I realized my honey was starting to trickle down my thighs. I cupped one hand tightly over my pussy, hoping I wasn’t leaking enough to leave spots on the floor.
I got to the kitchen and anxiously opened the fridge, pulling open the crisper drawer with my free hand. I rummaged briefly through the carrots…and grew increasingly disappointed. There were some different sizes, but they all had the same crude, coarse, rough skin that had hurt my tender back hole earlier. I looked briefly around the kitchen, wondering if there was something…anything…else I could use. Seeing nothing, I went to close the crisper drawer when I saw…it!
My thoughts immediately left my butt and went back to my pussy!
There it was…big…a cucumber…huge…green…huge…sexy…huge…obscene…huge…
Oh God I wanted it in my pussy!
I grabbed it and closed the drawer with my knee, the fridge door with my shoulder, and moved to the sink, turning the water on hot.
As I rotated the cucumber under the flow, I thought idly that I must look pretty silly, one hand cupped tightly against my pussy, like I had to pee…
When I was satisfied that the hot water had warmed the cucumber up to a nice temperature, I shut off the water, grabbing my new “toy” and leaving the room. I was already imagining how good this was going to feel as I walked through the dining room toward the stairs. I was in such a hurry to get back to my room, back to the movie, and “play” some more, that I almost missed it.
Right in front of my eyes…
On the dining room table, standing up straight and tall, the candles sitting in their holders!
Tall, maybe ten or twelve inches. Tapered…maybe 3/4″ at the top, 1-1/2″ at the bottom. Straight…SMOOTH!
“Oh God,” I gasped as I moved to the table.
I clasped the cucumber under one arm and used my free hand to twist one of them free from its holder, and was now almost running as I headed back up the stairs to my room.
I plopped on my bed, scooting until I was sitting directly in front of my mirror. I propped my pillows behind my head and lay back, raising my legs and pressing my knees against my breasts. I looked into the mirror and saw both of my holes staring back at me. I could see my honey glistening on my lips…glistening on my thighs.
I brought the cucumber down between my legs and stared in the mirror as I pressed the tip against my opening. I pushed slightly, and the tip went inside of me.
“Oh God,” I thought…”incredible!” I pushed it in a little further. I had never felt so “filled up”. I pushed further, and as it went deeper up inside of me, I could feel it filling…stretching…my pussy.
It didn’t hurt…it was just…intense…
“My god!” I thought as I continued pushing it up even further inside of me. “If this is what a cucumber feels like, how does a woman EVER give birth to a child?”
The sensation was delicious as I continued watching raptly in the mirror. More and more of the huge green monster disappeared up inside of me, until only the very tip was left visible. I couldn’t believe it! This thing had to be eight or nine inches long, and probably three inches in diameter, and I had the whole thing up inside me!
I can’t even begin to describe the feeling…it was…it was…it was…I don’t know…incredible!
I looked at myself in the mirror, the tip of the cucumber sticking out of my pussy. I gazed at my lips stretched tight, obscene, around the huge shaft. I looked at my tiny back hole winking at me…begging for attention.
I grasped the candle in my other hand, bringing it around and pressing the tip against my tiny opening. I pushed, and felt my body surrender, opening and letting the slender invader up inside of me. “Oh My God!” I thought. “both holes…”
I pushed yahya kaptan escort the candle further up inside of me. I gasped as I felt the candle rubbing against the cucumber, seperated by only…?
I continued pushing, watching in the mirror as more and more of the candle disappeared up inside my tiny backside entrance. “God I look obscene!” I thought as I watched myself in the mirror. More and more of the candle went up inside me until I felt my fingertips brushing against my cheeks. God I had all of both of them inside of me! I felt so…so…so…full!
I started a slow in and out movement with both of my new lovers, and quickly fell into a slow rythm. I continued this for a moment, watching my lewd display in the mirror. I stopped the movement, and scooted back up on my bed, rearranging the pillows. I reached for the remote, and hit “rewind”. I waited until the scene was just before the guy put his penis in the girl’s butt, and then pushed “play”.
I started moving both the cucumber and the candle back in and out of me as I watched him force his penis into her small hole. I gasped myself as I once again saw the expression of extreme agony on her face. My rythm quickened as her expression changed from pain to bliss, and I was soon moving both of my toys in and out of me even as the guy on the screen started a slow movement in and out of his lover’s back door.
As their pace on the screen quickened, so did my own. Both the cucumber and the candle were flying in and out of my holes and I felt yet another orgasm approaching.
On the screen, the girl was openly panting, her hips rocking back in rythm against her lover. My juices were running out of me as I watched him freeze, then pull his penis out of his lover’s tight back channel. He grabbed it in one hand and stroked furiously, squirting his juice all over her back. I was right on the brink of my own come as the camera zoomed in for a shot of her freshly invaded butthole. God, it was still wide open! Gaping!
That sent me over the edge, and whimpering like a lost puppy, I happily gave in. I shuddered and spasmed as once again the waves of delight crashed over me.
When the tremors finally subsided, I lay back against my pillows, thoroughly exhausted, but utterly delighted.
I lay there basking in my afterglow, and although I figured I was pretty much orgasmed out, I left the movie playing. A couple more scenes unfolded, pretty much more of the same, guy and a girl…etc…etc…etc.
Somewhere along the line, my hand drifted back down between my legs and I began idly toying with my clit. The next scene had a girl and two guys, and this one caught my attention.
My finger kind of quickened and the stroking of my clit was soon sending the familiar warm waves washing through me. On the screen, one of the guys was laying flat on his back as the girl mounted him, straddling his hips. The camera zoomed in for a close up of his penis pushing up into her pussy, and as she began humping against him, my own finger started to get more insistent, teasing my hardening clit.
On the screen, the other guy moved in front of the girl. He stroked his hard penis right in front of her face, and she soon opened her mouth and pulled him in between her lips.
“My God!” I thought. “Two penises at the same time…”
My other hand soon found its way back between my legs, and I pushed two fingers up inside of me.
It wasn’t long before we all in the same rhythm, my fingers in my pussy, the guy’s pwnis moving in and out of the girl’s pussy, and her mouth moving back and forth on the other guy’s throbbing hard on.
I could feel myself starting to get hot…again…and wondered if I could possibly come again. I wondered what was happening to me…I was getting obsessed with coming! “This can’t be normal,” I thought as I watched the tempo on the screen increase…both penises in both openings.
All of a sudden, the guy in front of the girl pulled his penis out of her mouth. It was glistening with her saliva as he moved around behind her. The camera zoomed in for a close up as he grasped his throbbing member and positioned himself on his knees behind her. I watched and gasped as he pushed the tip of his penis against her little back hole. “No way!” I thought, even as my own fingers began pumping in and out me at a faster pace.
My breathing was starting to get harsh as I watched him push against her…and her tight little hole opened, swallowing the head of his hard on.
“Oh my God! Both holes! One in her pussy, one in her butt!” I stared in fascination as the camera zoomed again, showing both penises sliding in and out of her.
The fingers inside my pussy seemed to take on a mind of their own, and pulled out of my soaking wet channel, seeking my own tight little back door. As my other finger began moving more feverishly against my clit, I pushed one, then two, fingers up inside my backside hole.
My clit was pulsing as I watched the pace on the screen get faster and faster. The fingers in my butt were moving in and out in rhythm with the penises on the screen, and my fingertip was flying over my clit. I could feel yet another orgasm approaching.
On the screen, the guy in the girl’s pussy pulled out and shot his cream all over her pussy lips, her thighs, while the guy in her butt started pumping even faster.
My breathing was again harsh, my own hips bucking as I watched him pull his penis out of her tiny hole and erupt all over her cheeks…all over her back.
I went over the edge again, coming hard. I could feel my tiny butthole clamping down on my fingers as I shook and shuddered, waves again washing over me.
Feeling now totally exhausted, I just lay back on my bed, luxuriating in the sensations flowing through me. The movie was still running, but I was only paying half attention.
The other half of my mind was already looking toward tomorrow…what I was going to do if Jeff actually did come by again. How I gebze escort was going to make up for today’s “almost”.
One hand had dropped back between my legs and a finger was idly toying with my clit…again…but i wasn’t really paying much attention to that either. I was pretty sure I was done coming for the day. My mind continued drifting through my plans for tomorrow as several more scenes unfolded on the screen.
I was half thinking about turning off the movie and calling it a day when the next scene started…with two women kissing…each other!
I watched their tongues playing together…the camera angle was such that even though their lips weren’t actually touching…they weren’t actually kissing, both had their tongues out and were toying…dancing…with each other’s. I watched in fascination, and without even thinking about it, my finger began moving more firmly around and over my clit.
I watched as they began moving their hands all over each other,…backs…sides…legs…thighs…butts.
They were wearing only bras and panties, and it wasn’t long before the bras came off, and they were moving their hands over each other’s breasts…pinching and tweaking each other’s nipples.
Two women…with each other…no men!
Although I had never even thought about that possibility, the sceen on the screen was really starting to turn me on, and my finger started moving faster…again…I could feel my heat starting to rise…again!
On the screen, the girls removed each other’s panties, and their hands dropped between each other’s legs. The camera zoomed for close up shots as they parted each other’s lips and inserted fingers into very wet holes. They fingered each other for a moment or two, and then changed position, one reversing herself, straddling her lover’s head, and lowering her pussy onto her mouth. The camera zoomed for another close up as the girl on her back pushed out her tongue abd began lapping at her mate’s lips…then at her clit.
The girl on top had lowered her head between the other’s legs, and her tongue was soon also engaged in her lover’s pussy, playing with the lips, toying with her clit.
Two women…two tongues…two pussies…two clits…no men!
Without even thinking, my other hand found its way back between my legs, and two fingers pushed up inside my own dripping hole. I watched in rapt fascination as the girls on the screen feasted on each other…lapping at each other…drinking each other’s honey, and I knew within moments that I wasn’t finished coming for the day.
My finger movements increased as the girls licked and sucked at each other, and as the sound of their moaning increased, my own breathing started getting faster and faster…soon turning into panting.
I took my finger off my clit and reached for the electric toothbrush. I turned it on and quickly moved it between my legs, reversing the head so that the smooth plastic back side of the brush was vibrating against my clit.
The fingers inside my pulsating pussy were pumping furiously now,as the torrid pace of the vibrating plastic against my clit sent waves pouunding through me. I stared as the girls on the screen let out soft screams and started coming. My own orgasm was getting close as they froze, then spasmed, and then collapsed against each other.
The camera zoomed in for close ups on their faces, and I could see the juices of their orgasms thoroughly wetting each other’s lips, cheeks, jaws…glistening…almost dripping.
It sent me over the edge again, and I pressed the toothbrush tightly against my throbbing clit, quivering and shaking as yet another delicious come overtook me.
I gasped and jerked as my back arched, my body seeming to scream for more.. I pumped the fingers in my pussy furiously. Waves of delight rolled over me as I shook and whimpered through yet another mind blowing orgasm.
I collapsed back on the bed as the spasms subsided, and just lay there, panting, not quite believing what I’d just seen. Two girls…alone together…licking…tasting…
Without even realizing it, I pulled my two fingers out of my own dripping pussy and brought them up to my face, first inhaling deeply, and then pushing them slowly into my mouth. As I licked and sucked my fingers clean, I reveled in the taste of my love juices…idly wondering again if all girls smelled and tasted the same.
The movie was still running as my breathing returned to normal, but I wasn’t really paying any attention any more. I was still thinking about the two girls…together…
I rolled off my bed and scrambled to the bathroom, suddenly realizing just how badly I had to pee.
It was on returning to my room that I happened to notice the comforter on my bed. “Oh my God,” I thought. There was a big…no…huge…very dark…very wet spot…not spot…puddle…covering the entire middle of it. I had come so hard…and so often…the juices that had gushed out of my pussy made my comforter look like I had peed on it!
Suddenly embarassed, I quickly pulled it from the bed, grabbing the carrot, candle, and cucumber, as I quickly scooted down the stairs to the laundry room.
When the comforter was secured in the washer, I returned the candle to its holder and the vegetables to their crisper drawer. I looked down and saw the inside of my thighs were shining bright…wet with my juices. I decided I had time for a quick shower while the washer was running…but even after I had turned on the water, waiting for the temperature to get right…I just couldn’t resist one more time. I lowered one hand and pushed two fingers deep up inside my drenched pussy, wiggling and swirling them until they were thoroughly coated with my honey. The scene of the two girls licking each other was flashing through my mind as I brought my hand up to my face, pushing the wet fingers into my mouth. I savored the sweet tast of my honey, thinking back one more time to the scene of the two girls…together…with each other…and idly wondering again if all girl’s smelled and tasted the same.
By the time my shower was finished, my mind was already racing ahead…planning and plotting for tomorrow…Jeff…maybe…

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