Milk and More


I wish there were two of me, connected to one pleasure center, so I could sit on your face and ride your cock at the same time. Instead, I’ll settle for a girlfriend. We could do that while I was rubbing my tits in her face. Ooh, there’s more though.

She could bite, and lick, and suck, and pinch, and nibble… and then we could both suck your cock, kissing each other around its beautiful hardness. I think she would lay on top of me, our tits pressing against each other and our clits almost touching while you licked us both at the same time, using one hand on each of our pussies, letting us feel your fingers through our abdomens.

She’d pull back just a little bit and start sucking hard on my tits, getting mouthfuls of milk and then turn around to kiss you. You’d stand up and I’d sit on the edge of the bed, squirting milk onto your cock as she licked it off. While sucking my milk off your cock, she’d have her fingers working my pussy. Every few seconds, she’d pull her fingers out and stroke your cock a few times, mixing my cunt juice and my milk, then reaching up and plunging her fingers into your mouth. She’s fill her mouth with milk and carefully slip it onto your cock, letting the warmth of the liquid envelop all of you as she deep throated you.

Since she’s tandoğan escort turned her attention completely toward you, I’d slip off the bed and kneel underneath you, licking your balls and tasting my milk and her saliva and my cunt all together. Flicking my tongue against your asshole a few times, I’d squeeze my tits to spray milk all over her chest and our faces and your crotch. I’d then lick her face where rivers of milk are dripping down, touching my tongue to the corners of her mouth where milk is coming out with every thrust.

She’d pull back and shove me to a lying position on the bed, swallowing the current mouthful of milk and pushing you to your knees. Sucking another mouthful from my swollen tits, she’d move and spit the mouthful into my pussy, pushing your head against it. Then she’d get another mouthful and pull your head back, spitting it into my pussy again and pulling your head against my cunt alongside hers, both of you licking the milk that’s pouring from my fiery hot pussy.

She’d lower her hand to your cock and pump it, flicking your tongue with hers teasingly. Then she’d grab it and pull you to a standing position again, holding the tip of your cock just outside my cunt that’s still dripping bits of milk. Another tekirdağ escort mouthful, making me groan in pleasure, would be spit into my pussy. Then she’d use her hand to push your cock hard into me, licking your balls as displaced milk from my cunt drips down them, the hot fluid warmed up even more by the friction.

She’s reach up and grab one of my tits, spraying milk up towards your face and then down towards your cock. As the flow of milk lessened from your thrusts, she’d climb up on the bed and milk my tits, pointing the spray at her cunt and tits, rubbing it in as if she were bathing herself. Then, sitting on my face, she’d shove her milk covered tits in your mouth. Holding them with her hands, she’d tease you with her nipples and slap you across the cheek with her tits. She’d lay back on the bed, her cunt positioned just above my shoulder, and pull your face down to lick at her milk covered pussy, knowing she was about to cum and wanting both of us to taste it.

I’d wink at you, licking the extra milk from your face and turn to her clit, licking one side of it as your tongue began to explore the other side, pressing our tongues together like two fingers pinching the sensitive nub. All the while your cock would be thrusting into my cunt, making tokat escort sloshing noises from the little bit of milk still inside. I’d reach up and thrust two fingers into her, pushing hard on her g-spot. I’d moan as I felt her walls clench around me as she came hard, squirting a tiny bit of cum onto our waiting tongues. Turning to you, I’d kiss you, tasting her on your tongue.

Knowing she wasn’t quite finished with us, I’d roll us over and start riding you, distracting you from the rustling noises she was making in the background. She’d find what she wanted and spread your legs a bit, licking at your balls and our assholes. Then she’d push well lubed dildos into each of our asses, turning the vibration on and maneuvering yours until it was pressing on your prostate. Taking both your balls in her mouth carefully, she’d swish them around with her tongue and bite down teasingly.

With her in position, I’d lean back and start riding you hard, spraying milk all over your chest and face. Moving your thumb to my clit, I’d begin bucking hard until I felt you start to tighten up in preparation to cum, when I would add some swirls of my hips with every thrust and grind against your thumb hard so that we’d cum together, screaming and grunting.

Afterwards, she’d clean your cock with her tongue as I lift myself slowly off of you. We’d produce a bowl of warm water and a washcloth, all of us cleaning each other’s sweaty milky bodies and collapsing onto the bed together where we’d cuddle and fondle each other until you were ready to go again…

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