Molested By My Baby Brother

Chapter Three: Double Trouble



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The author additionally hopes to inspire change in the way society approaches individual differences, even though they may be taboo, in the hopes of changing the way that we as a society approach individual needs; helping to improve understanding of the psyche and individual development; and preventing the action upon these desires which could harm others, particularly the most vulnerable.

The author believes that it is possible for someone that has desires deemed socially taboo or even illegal, to be able to find therapeutic outlets which can help them maintain control and prevent acting on these desires. The author also believes that the most dangerous state is the status quo, where individuals are forced to keep these desires, thoughts, and feelings locked inside, in the dark, where they cause pain, fester, and magnify. Finally, it is the author”s belief that being forced to remain hidden, secretive, unable to talk about, share, relate to others or be related to — ultimately the inability to find commonality and acceptance — is the most likely scenario which leads to opportunities and decisions to act on those desires.

If this bothers you; if you are offended, disgusted, enraged; if you refuse to engage in academic thought; investigate the reality that these feelings exist, often from a very young age; consider that society does more harm than good by ignoring them, pretending they don”t exist and imposing unspoken rules or even explicit laws regarding discussion — kindly, Fuck Off!

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Chapter Three: Double Trouble

The elder brother was just falling asleep when…

“Joshy?” a little voice mewed out from the top bunk.

“Yeah Scotty, what is it?” the older boy asked softly.

“I’m scawed.  Can I come down dawe and sweep wif you?

He smiled in the dark, “Sure Scotty, you can come down here and sleep with me.” 

Scotty bounced up and before Joshy knew it he was over the side-rail of the top bunk, landing on his brother’s bed.  Joshy couldn’t help but chuckle.  Before he could stop Scotty, he yanked the covers up to climb under.  The little boy gasped.

“Joshy, yoe nekkid!” he exclaimed.

The teen just laughed at the cute little boy and his expression.

“Yes Scotty, I prefer to sleep naked.  A lot of times when people get older, they don”t really like to wear anything to bed, especially if you toss and turn like I do.   Clothes can get all twisted up and pinch things and wake you up hurting.”

“Oh,” Scotty said matter-of-factly.  “But why didn’t you take yoe undaweaw off befoe?”

“You mean when you slept with me?”

“Yeah,” Scotty replied.

“Well Scotty,” he tried to think.  He didn’t want to say anything that would make him feel unwelcome or uncomfortable.

“We just usually wear clothes when we sleep with someone else.”

“Oh,” he once again replied stoically.

He stood there for a moment, seemingly deep in thought.

“If undaweaw huwts you den you shoodn’t weaw it,” he said as if making an important decision.  “And I won’t weaw anyfing eevew,” he declared.

He stood up on the bed and pulled his pajama bottoms and underwear down and tossed them on the floor.  He struggled with his pajama top.

“Joshy, wood you hewp me take dis off?” he asked.

“Mmmm,” he hesitated and then asked, “What are you doing, Scotty?”

“I”m taking my pajamas and undaweaw off just wike you!” said Scotty.

“I’m not sure you should really do that,” the teen said hesitantly, a bit uncomfortable with the new situation.

“Why not, Joshy?” he asked innocently.

‘Oh man,’ Joshy thought.  He really wasn’t prepared to explain ‘why not’.  Scotty was young.  He didn’t understand and the last thing Joshy wanted to do was confuse him, or clue him into the fact that there was more to learn about.  After all, the little boy had just had his older brother’s cock in his mouth in the shower, so not letting him get naked when they bathed together all the time, seemed a bit hypocritical.  He changed his mind almost immediately.

“Never mind Scotty,” he said gently.  “It’s fine Dude.”

He helped the little tyke with the pajama top.

“Hop in,” he said as he patted the bed next to him.

“Okay!” he smiled big, kicked his legs out from under himself plopping down onto the bed, and wiggled up next to his big brother.

What happened next, Joshy didn’t really expect.   He knew that since he had entered puberty, a slight breeze was enough to make his cock jump to life.  He just didn’t think about it; he had no idea how Scotty’s silky-smooth skinned, searing hot, incredibly cute, deliciously sweet, little bare buns, smack up against his hormonal hot dog would light his libido on fire.  Scotty had been sleeping with him for so long wearing pajamas, and he had always worn shorts — it was never a thing — not that this was a thing.  But this time, they were skin to skin, from his soft, fluffy hair, his head snuggled up just below Joshy’s chin; the teen inhaling his freshly-washed aroma with every breath; the boy’s tiny, lithe little back pressed up against his big brother’s no-longer-so-small teen chest and stomach; and his hot little butt pressed right up against the teen’s apparently spring-loaded schlong; and his wonderfully warm, willowy legs wiggling around, weaving in and out of his big brother’s freshly fuzzing legs.

‘Holy shit!’ the teen immediately screamed inside his mind.  ‘What the fuck is wrong with me!?’

The heat from his baby brother’s cute little body sent shockwaves of…electricity? Not exactly…Well, he really didn’t know what the waves were, but good god they were fucking amazing.  The teen had never felt anything quite like it before.  All the times they had been skin-to-skin in the bathtub, playing around or with Scotty laying up against his big brother while Joshy caressed his silky-smooth skin, moving the warm water around so that there was constant stimulation.  It had never felt like this.  It was just so much different than anything the hormonal teen had felt before.  What’s more, his dick sprang to life and was instantly hard, and it immediately slipped up between Scotty’s silky soft legs and right up the smooth little crack of his ass — it felt like his cock belonged between those beautiful, satiny soft mounds.  The little boy’s cute butt was so hot as it cradled his cock, the teen thought he would pass out.

‘Mmmm.  Joshy is so warm.  We should have always been sleeping naked together,’ the little tyke thought to himself.   ‘Mmmm.  This feels so good!  Ha ha ha!   Joshy’s pee-pee is up against my butt.   Oooh!  That feels so good!’

Scotty felt his brother’s dick expand into his back side.  His brother had gotten hard before in the bath when Scotty would mess around and touch his dick more than usual.  Clearly the episode earlier in the shower was…interesting.  Joshy had gotten hard immediately upon feeling his brother’s hot mouth on his cock.  Scotty pushed back against his big brother.  He shifted his head and shoulders, wriggled his back and ground his hot little butt up against his big brother’s şişli travesti swollen tool, pressing it deeper into his crevice.  Joshy instantly realized that it was a mistake to let Scotty get into bed with him when they were both naked.  Normally, in the bath he would just laugh and tell him, “Scotty, that’s not a toy, that’s my penis.”  But he would just giggle and continue swatting, flipping and stroking the older boy’s penis.  As Joshy got older, he knew what being gay was, but he hadn’t thought about it much.   His mind was spinning.  He had begun to wonder if Scotty might be gay after what had happened in the shower.  If he was, Joshy was determined not to do anything that made his little brother feel ashamed, embarrassed, rejected, chastised, or for that matter, anything other than completely normal.  He loved his little brother more than life itself, and he would never let anything or anyone hurt him if there was anything he could do to stop it.

“Jooooo-shyyyyyyy,” Scotty said with a sing-song-y mischievous tone in his voice.  “Yoe pee pee is hawd and it’s sticking in my bu-ummm.”  He turned and craned his head to look up at his older brother snickering the whole time.

“Uhm, yeah, Scotty, I know.  Sorry about that,” he muttered back.

He was half aware and half caught in a whirlwind of stimulation that clouded his mind — his head was no longer clear.  It was hard for him to focus; hard for him to think on his feet, so-to-speak, in this new situation.

“Why is it hawd?” Scotty asked.

“It gets like that a lot,” he tried to speak softly and normally as he answered his little brother.  “It happens a lot more when you get a little older.”

“Oh,” Scotty seemed to accept that for a moment.   “But, it’s nevew gotten hawd befoe when we got into bed,” he stated.

But it wasn’t a statement, it was really a question.

“I know Scotty,” he replied.

He was suddenly a bit frustrated that the boy continued questioning him and that he had to fight the waves of pleasure that were washing over his pubescent body.  Joshy rarely lost his patience with his little brother, but as any boy knows, when the balloon’s inflated, you gotta pop.

“Why is it gettin’ hawd now?” the questions continued.

“I don’t know, Scotty.  It might be because we’re both naked.”

Scotty was always a wiggle worm, but he began, well, grinding, for lack of a better word.  Yeah, that’s what it was, he was grinding against his older brother’s dick, pushing his cute little butt back and moving it up and down his hard cock.   Joshy’s breath was getting shorter as the tingling sensations magnified and the waves of pleasure washing over him got larger and more intense.  His cock was throbbing and pulsing.  It felt so good!  But in the back of his mind, he knew this was the very reason they should have both been wearing pajamas or something.

“My penis is hawd, too, Joshy,” he heard Scotty, but it seemed like his voice was coming through a fog.

“Mmmmmm,” he replied.

He was so overcome by the sensations that he couldn’t get a word out.  Joshy felt he had to stop this.  If he didn’t do something soon, he was going to coat his baby brother with his spunk.   Joshy struggled.  Newly a teenager, he had no self-control.  There was nothing he could do.  The feelings rippling through his cock caused by Scotty’s silky smooth, searing hot skin, had taken over fully.  Scotty pushed back against him — his back against Joshy’s chest and stomach; his hair feathering up around the teen’s chin as though to sensually tease his skin, sending chills through his body; his cute little butt pressed against the teen’s hard cock and balls.  It slowly dawned on Joshy that his cock was leaking precum like a faucet, and that Scotty’s butt and lower back were slick with the sticky clear fluid.

‘Oh Shit!’ he thought.  ‘I’m getting precum all over Scotty.  What the fuck!’

Scotty’s legs slid around next to his.  One of Scotty’s legs slid up and over Joshy’s legs, the other slid under his legs.  Scotty pushed up and Joshy’s cock slipped below his ass.  As he slid back down, Scotty’s legs separated allowing Joshy’s cock to naturally slip up and down then forward between his legs.  Joshy could feel the heat from Scotty’s silky, smooth, soft skin as the head of his cock pushed into the heavenly folds of the little boy’s sack.  Joshy’s right arm was under Scotty’s hot little neck.  He put his other arm over the little boy and pulled him close, hugging him tightly.  Joshy was seeing stars.  His dick was like the launching platform of a fireworks display.  Pffft, boom!  Pffft, boom!   He subconsciously started pumping his cock through Scotty’s legs, but Scotty magnified the action by squeezing his thighs and butt cheeks, and pushing back into his older brother’s groin.  He would then arch his back, pushing off the teen’s trim body, separating himself from his older brother’s hot body, stroking his cock in the reverse direction with his silky soft skin.  Every time his cock slid back or forth between his little brother’s legs, another explosion like an aerial shell sent waves of pleasure through Joshy’s own body.  With Scotty around all the time, it wasn’t always easy to jerk off, but Joshy had found ways and places and jerked off a couple of times a day, but this was…it was incredible!   Far more amazing than anything he had tried so far and he couldn’t stop even if he wanted to.

“Uh…Scotty…” Joshy choked out, “if you…keep… that up…you’re gonna…be a sticky…mess…in a minute.”

His breathing was fast and shallow.   Evidently, Scotty knew the effect he was having on his older brother.  Joshy didn’t think he understood why, but Scotty knew he was the one making the teen breathe like that.  He just giggled and squeezed his legs together, shoving his hot little boy-butt back and forth over his brother’s sweaty teen sausage and meatballs.   The added pressure was too much and Joshy’s cock erupted.

“Uunnnnnnnnnnnnnggh!  Hunnnnnnnnnnnnnngggghhh” he grunted, trying hard to be quiet as his abdominal and pelvic muscles spasmed, launching volley after volley of hot, slippery white cum shooting out of his piss slit.  Scotty had captured his brother’s cock head tightly between his legs, and his silky scrotum acted to stimulate his head.  Now, cum coated his sack and the slick fluid covered the boy’s perfect skin in between his legs.  It had also squirted out the front and up the back of the little boy’s legs and buttocks.   His big brother’s cum was all over Scotty’s legs, his sack and penis, butt cheeks, back, and the bed sheets beneath him.  Scotty started to move again, but Joshy gently squeezed him a little.

“Scotty…baby…hold still…please,” Joshy panted.

The teen leaned forward and kissed his ear, then leaned over more and kissed his cheek and the top of his head.  Scotty giggled and wiggled.  “Aww, fuck!” he blurted out as his super-sensitive head slipped all around between Scotty’s cum-lubed legs and sack.  Joshy shivered hard and moaned loudly.  He squeezed Scotty a little tighter and kissed his cheek and ear several times.  The little boy giggled and moaned.  The teen took a deep breath and quickly pulled his cock from between his little brother’s legs, the movement causing a blast of tingling tickling sensations.

“I’ve got to get you cleaned up Scotty,” he whispered.  “If Mommy or Daddy or anyone else was to see this, I’d be in big trouble and I wouldn’t be allowed to see you anymore.”

“Why?” Scotty asked with a scared look.

“Don’t worry about it right now Kiddo.  Let’s talk about that tomorrow, ok Scotty?   Right now, I need to get us cleaned up and we need to get to sleep.”

“Oh-kay,” was his solemn reply.

“Until we get a chance to talk about it, please don’t tell anyone about any of this, ok Scotty?” Joshy whispered gently.

“Okay Joshy,” he whispered back a little loudly.

He was such a sweet boy.  Joshy didn’t really know how to process what had just happened.  He wasn’t gay.  He never had any thoughts or intentions of doing anything like that with Scotty.  He wasn’t a pervert and he had no intention to sexually abuse his little brother.  His mind was swirling.  He felt a pang of guilt in the pit of his stomach because he hadn’t been able to stop what was happening.

‘I’m older than he is,’ he thought, ‘Old enough that I should have been able to stop this,’ he chastised himself

He finished wiping his cum from Scotty’s legs and dick, his silky-smooth ball sack, cute little butt and lithe back.

“I wuv you Joshy,” Scotty volunteered, looking back at his big brother with puppy dog eyes.

“Oh Scotty, I love you too, very, very much.”   The teen kissed his little brother sweetly and then climbed back into bed with him and gave him a big hug.  Scotty smiled big and seemed content.  They snuggled up and Scotty fell asleep almost immediately.  Joshy was still stressing about what had happened and what could happen as a result.   Luckily, it was the weekend and he would have time to spend with Scotty, to talk to him about what had happened, and to try to help him understand that if anyone found out what they had done, that their lives would change forever; he would likely be taken away never to see his little brother again.  He didn’t want anything to change, and he was scared.  His life was in the hands of his baby brother.  That young, his little brother could say anything, not understanding the implications, and who knows what would happen.  Eventually, though, he finally fell asleep.

The next thing he knew, it was morning and Scotty was bouncing on top of him, still naked as a Jaybird.

“Wake up Joshy!” he bounced.

Joshy lifted the covers, threw his arms around his little brother, and wrapped his small body up tight in the covers, pulling the little cub back down next to him.  He kissed him on the neck and cheek a bunch of times really quickly with a gentle sucking action — more noise than sucking.  The little tyke squealed and laughed.  Cassie opened the door.  Joshy was immediately thankful that he had Scotty wrapped up in the covers as they were both still naked.

“Oh good, you boys are awake,” she said.   “Your dad and I need to go into town for a while, and it’s probably going to take most of the day.  Can you watch Scotty for me, Joshy?”

“Sure Mom,” he replied quickly.  “It’ll be bro’s day in.”

“Yay!!  Bwo’s day in!” squealed Scotty.

“You be good for your brother, Scotty,” Mommy said as she kissed Scotty.  “I love you boys,” she said as she kissed Joshy on the cheek.

“I love you too, Mommy,” Scotty and Joshy both said in unison.

Cassie got up and headed out.  The boys heard the two car doors close.  Then the car started.  Moments later they heard the car drive off.

‘Good,’ thought Joshy, ‘I have the whole day to talk to Scotty without worrying about Mom or Dad overhearing, or Scotty saying something before I’m able to help him understand what he can and can’t say.’

“C’mon Joshy!  Wet’s get up.”

“Okay Scotty,” he laughed.

He got up and made Scotty breakfast.  They had chocolate chip waffles and scrambled eggs and turkey bacon with chocolate milk.  It was yummy.  After they ate, the boys went back to their bedroom to play.  Joshy headed straight for his bed and hopped back in; he would have preferred to sleep in as he was still pretty exhausted.  Scotty immediately pounced up on the bed and crawled on top of him.

“Don’t go back to sweep Joshy,” Scotty beylikdüzü travesti whined.

He laughed, “I’m not going back to sleep Scotty.   I’m just chillin’ on the bed.”

“Ok, I’m chiwwin’ too,” Scotty said as he stretched out on the bed next to his big brother.

“Ok Kiddo,” the older boy laughed.  “Hey, Scotty, I want to talk to you about last night.”  He leaned up onto his elbow.

“Dat was fun!” Scotty giggled and squirmed around in the bed next to Joshy.

“It was fun?” Joshy echoed with an overemphasized questioning inflection, raising his eyebrows.

“Yeah, it was a wot of fun!  It was funny da way you coodn’t tawk,” he giggled.

“Oh, you liked that did you?”

Joshy tickled him and gave him zerberts on his sweet little tummy as Scotty laughed and squealed and thrashed around on the bed.   The teen gave his little brother a break from the tickle-torture so that he could breathe, as he would get to laughing so hard, he couldn’t inhale.  So, Joshy had to be careful when he tickled the little boy like that.  He didn’t want to hurt him at all, or cause him to expel his breakfast.  He was just playing and having fun with him.

“Yes!  Yes!  I wiked it!” he shouted in between attempts at desperate inhalations of air.  “Can we sweep togevew nekkid again tonight?” he asked as he took advantage of Joshy’s mercy.   

He pushed off, flipping up and jumping on top of his older brother and straddling his chest.  His little stiffy was just inches from Joshy’s mouth.  The teen could smell his sweet little boy-butt along with teen sweat, piss, and cum as the little boys’ spread legs aired out his fragrant, sex and pheromone-laced crotch evidencing that he really hadn’t been able to clean everything up after their encounter last night.  His own cock began to stiffen quickly at the aroma.   He shuddered at the realization that he loved the smell of his little brother’s sweet ass, mixed with his randy teen sweat, piss and cum.

“Well, we need to talk about it first Kiddo,” Joshy responded gently.

“Okay,” Scotty nodded.  “What do we need to tawk about?”  He asked as he lay down on top of his big brother, face to face.

Joshy got another whiff of sex when the boy lay down on top of him, but couldn’t tell if it was from his crotch or his face.   He hesitated for a moment, but figured he could work that one out later.

“Scotty, I’m quite a few years older than you,” Joshy started.

“I know!  Yoe my big bwovew!”

“Yes, Scotty I’m your big brother and I love you very, very much.”

“I wuv you too Joshy, vewy, vewy much.”

“I know you do Buddy,” the teen paused.   “You asked me several questions last night, and I want to try to answer them for you and make sure you understand.”


“The first question you asked me was why my penis was getting hard.  Your penis gets hard sometimes too, doesn’t it?” the boy queried his younger brother.

“Yup!” he volunteered.

Well, when you are a little older, around my age, your penis will start to get hard a lot more just like mine does.  It’s something that happens when you are a teenager.   My penis gets hard all the time.   Last night, I think that because we were both naked and my penis was touching your warm body and really soft skin, it felt really nice touching you like that and made it get hard.”


“Do you understand?”

“I fink so.  But Joshy?”

“Yeah Scotty?”

“I wiked it when yoe penis got hawd,” he admitted.

“You did?”

On one hand, the teen was surprised to hear the little boy admit that so openly and frankly.  But realized that they were always very open and honest, and kids are especially honest about things because they don’t have any inhibitions yet, but it still took him off-guard.  He noticed that Scotty had said ‘penis’ instead of ‘pee pee’ too.   That was interesting.  He couldn’t remember him ever saying ‘penis’ except for when he was three years old in the bath and they would play the body part naming game.  Even though other people said ‘penis’, Scotty would always say ‘pee pee’ instead. 

“Yeah, it fewt weewy good.  Yoe whole body was so wawm and it fewt so good to be next to you nekkid, and yoe penis was so hot it was wike you wewe wawming me up.  It fewt so good,” he cooed.

“Is that why you were pushing back and moving your butt against it?” the teen continued plying.

“Yeah,” Scotty grinned.  “It made me feew funny, and my penis got hawd too.  I weewy wiked it.  And, it was funny when you coodn’t tawk too,” he added giggling.

Joshy noticed that the little boy’s hands were moving mindlessly all over his arms, shoulders and chest.  He immediately got goosebumps from his little brother’s hot little hands as they slid smoothly over his skin.  He shivered from the sensations.  His little brother continued talking.  

“And den you kissed my neck, and my eaws, and my cheek, and I wiked dat too,” he continued cooing.  Scotty spoke softly as if telling secrets, lying on top of his big brother, looking him right in the face as he caressed his brother’s torso.  His hips tilted forward, his sweet little butt cheeks tightening, pushing his hard little penis into his brother’s middle.

“I liked it too Scotty,” Joshy admitted.

He was a little surprised how quickly he admitted that, but he and Scotty were having a real, honest talk about it, and it just came out.  He didn’t regret it at all.

“You’re so cute Scotty,” his older brother cooed back.

Wrapping his arms around the little tyke, he gently touched his cheek.

“You are such a sexy boy,” he smiled.  “Your skin is so soft and your sweet little bum is so warm…  When you started moving, it just felt so good!  I tried, but I couldn’t stop myself.”    

“And den you pee’d aww ovew me.  It was wawm and swippewy and it fewt good too.”

Joshy chuckled softly, “That wasn’t pee, Scotty.”

“It wasn’t?  What was it?”

“It was semen.  But a lot of people call it cum,” the older brother educated the younger.   “That’s part of what makes a baby.”

“Did you make a baby in me?” the little boy raised his eyebrows, a mixture of inquiry and surprise.

Joshy couldn’t help but laugh.  He leaned up and kissed his brother’s cheek and nuzzled his face into his neck.

“You’re so sweet and cute!” he chuckled.  “No, sweetheart.  Boys can’t have babies.  The semen is just the part that comes from a daddy, and it needs a part that comes from a mommy, and those parts combine to make a baby, and then the baby grows in the mommy’s tummy.”

 “Oh,” he replied as though he understood.

He paused, for a moment in thought, grinding his crotch down into his brother’s middle again.

“It tasted good.”

“What?!” Joshy exclaimed.  “You tasted it?”

“Yeah.  It squiwted evewywhewe and some got on my mouf.  I wicked it off, and it tasted weewy good, so I tasted mowe.”

“Oh, wow, Scotty!”

“Is dat ok Joshy?” he asked.  “Yoe not mad at me, awe you?”

“Oh!  No!  No sweetheart.  I’m not mad at you at all Baby,” the boy kissed his little brother on the cheek again and stroked his hair and face, pushing his brown locks to one side.   

“It’s ok Scotty.  It’s ok,” his older brother reassured him.  “I was just surprised that you tasted it, that’s all.”  

The boy’s mind was reeling once again.  Joshy was having the realization that his little brother was a horn dog just like he was, and it was turning him on again.  His cock had been inflating slowly with his little brother’s gyrations, lying on top of him, his hot little hands touching his bare skin.  Now, the teen’s cock had grown to full size and was struggling to break free of its confines.  He tried to hide it, but Scotty was lying right on top of his stiffening spear.   Suddenly Joshy knew that the little boy had realized that his brother’s cock was fully hard as he felt the boy pump his midsection into the teen’s painfully erect penis.  It felt good though, and he said nothing.

“Do you remember me asking you not to tell anyone about what happened?” Joshy continued the discussion.

“Yes,” he replied.

“And you asked me ‘Why?’, Do you remember that too?”


“This is a little bit hard to explain to you Kiddo,” he struggled to figure out the best way to explain it.  “You know how me, and Mommy, and Daddy are always talking to you about other people touching your penis or your bum, or asking you to touch theirs?”

“Um, yeah,” his voice changed a little, got, cautious.  “Joshy, yoe not mad at me foe touching yoe penis awe you?  Yoe not gonna teww on me awe you?”

“Oh Scotty, no sweetheart!  Never!  I love you so much, little man!  Besides, you’re still a little kid…”

“I’m a big boy now,” he declared, not at all happy about being called a little kid.

“Yes Scotty, you are a big boy.  A very good, very big boy,” the teen smiled.

He hugged his little brother, squeezing him just a little bit too tightly.  He nuzzled his face into the little boy’s neck and gave him lots of fast, loose sucking-noisy kisses.  The little boy squealed and giggled squirming around on top of his older brother.

“Scotty, I don’t mind if you touch my penis.  It’s normal for brothers and sisters and even other boys and girls to be curious about each other’s bodies.  And because I’m quite a bit older than you and I’ve hit puberty, my penis, and actually my whole body is starting to change fast and I know that you’re curious about those changes too.”

“What is poo-buw-tea, Joshy?”

“When boys and girls get older, usually around the age of twelve or thirteen years old, our bodies start to change.  They start to grow faster and our bodies grow and change so that we can grow up to be mommies and daddies someday if we want to.   Puberty is the stage of growth that helps us grow from children into adults.”

“O-o-o-oh,” he said as if he fully comprehended everything now.  “Is dat why yoe penis got bigguw, and has haiw on it?”

“Yep, it sure is.  And it’s also why I have hair under my arms.”  The teen lifted one arm up and showed the boy the thin line of hair growing under his arm.  “And why when I get sweaty it smells.”

“I wike da way you smew when yoe sweaty.”

“You do?” he asked surprised, trying to stifle a bit of a giggle.

“Yeah, dat’s why I wike to sweep wif you.  I wike sme-wing unduw yoe awms, especiawwy when we don’t take a baff.”

“You do?” the older boy asked amused that his little brother liked smelling his stinky, sweaty armpits.

“I wike sme-wing yoe penis too.  It smews so good,” he cooed as if overtaken by some power, grinding his own midsection against his older brother’s a bit faster.

“I see,” Joshy croaked out.

His cock was so hard it hurt and his entire being burned with desire.  How is it that his little brother knew what he wanted, and how to ask for it when Joshy didn’t or couldn’t.  He didn’t know why hearing his little brother telling him that the little tyke liked smelling his big brother’s sweaty armpits and sexed-up, sweaty crotch turned him on in ways he didn’t even know he could be aroused.

‘Fuck me!’ he thought.

He needed to cum and he needed to cum right now!   The little boy had completely derailed the conversation, and it had taken an interesting turn — one which the teen had certainly not expected.  He also hadn’t expected to have a boner while talking to Scotty about the need to be careful and to not tell anyone about what had happened the night before, and yet, his cock was so hard it istanbul travesti hurt.  His mind was racing and he needed to get the conversation back on track — which was extremely difficult given the current state of his erection.  

“That’s cool Scotty.  It’s ok that you like all of that.  We’re getting off topic a bit though, and it’s really important that I finish answering your questions from last night.”


“Alright.  Back to other people touching your penis or butt, or asking you to touch theirs…If it’s another kid your age, and you want to do it, then it’s fine.  Just remember what we’ve said about where you should and shouldn’t do that.”

“I wemembw.”

 “Okay, good.   Well, Buddy, a lot of adults don’t think that it’s ok even if kids mess around with other kids the same age.  And they especially don’t think that it’s ok for someone my age or older to be touching someone your age on their penis and butt.  They also don’t think it’s ok for someone my age to let someone your age touch them like that either.  And they really don’t like things like my penis rubbing against you or between your legs, and especially not cumming all over you like I did.”

“Why not?”

“Well, you’ve heard people talking about having sex, right?”


“Playing with penises like that and rubbing them on each other and stuff like that…  Those types of things are part of having sex.  Many people think that if someone is going to have sex — do things like that — they need to be older than you and I are right now, and that the person you do them with should be about the same age as you, not older like I am.”


“There are lots of reasons, and you will understand them when you are a bit older, ok?”

“I wanna talk about dem now.  I don’t undustand,” he began to whine a bit.

“I know, Scotty, and I’m sorry.  This is hard to explain…  Oh!  I know!  Scotty, the day you were born, Mom and Dad made me stay at home with Nana and Papa when they went to the hospital so that Mommy could have you.  Mommies have babies, right?  And babies grow in mommies’ tummies, right?”


“Well, Mom and Dad told me that even though having a baby was a wonderful thing, that I was too young to be there when you were born, and for someone my age, it could be really scary, but that when I was older, I would understand.  I was so excited to see you when Daddy finally called and told us that you had been born, and I couldn’t wait to get to the hospital.  But when I walked into the room at the hospital, Mommy looked different.   She looked really tired and maybe even like she was sick.  And I was really scared.  But Daddy and Mommy saw that I was scared and told me that it was ok.  They said that having a baby is really hard work, and Mommy was just really tired and sore, and needed to rest for a while, and that she would be fine.  But Daddy told me that he didn’t think I would really want to know more.  Daddy was right.  I learned more about having a baby in health class this year and it was pretty gross to me.  If Daddy had told me that stuff back then, it would have freaked me out!  Sometimes we just have to trust that when someone we love tells us something like that, we need to believe that they are telling us or not telling us something for a reason.  Do you understand?”

“Not weewy.”

“Well, basically, adults don’t think that kids like us should have sex or do anything with other people or other kids that has anything to do with sex.  Especially if one of the kids is younger like you are, and one of the kids is older like I am.  People don’t think that kids your age can like sex, and they think that the older person is always taking advantage of the younger person, and making them do things they don’t want to do.”

“But I want to do it, and you awen’t making me do anyfing.”

“I know… It doesn’t make a lot of sense, does it?”

“Most adults feel that because I’m your big brother and you love me a lot, if I ask you to do something, or if I start doing something to you, whether I ask you or not, that you’ll do it because you love me, even though you may not want to do it, or may think it feels icky.”

“But you didn’t ask me to do it, and I don’t fink dat it feews icky,” Scotty protested.

“I know Scotty, but that doesn’t matter.   Adults believe that because you are a lot younger, that you are not old enough to make your own decisions about sex.   They believe that you’re not old enough to actually want to do those things.  So, if you are doing it, then the older person must have made you do it, or tricked you into doing it, or even if they didn’t, that they should have stopped you from doing it.”

“Dat’s not wight!” he blurted out.

“I know it’s not.  Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about that.  And, unfortunately, I think if Mommy and Daddy find out about it, I will be in big trouble, and they might even send me away.  They definitely would not let you sleep with me anymore and would not let me take care of you or bathe you or take baths with you even.  And, if someone else found out…it would be really bad.  Like if a teacher at school or one of our friends found out and told their parents, the teacher or the parents would call the police and social services and they would come to arrest me, and take me away from you, Mommy and Daddy.  They would probably take you away from Mommy and Daddy for a short time as well, to make sure that they didn’t know that I was doing it, and to make sure that they weren’t doing anything.  Most likely, they would bring you back home once they decided that Mommy and Daddy didn’t know.  If that happened, I would tell them that it was all me and that I made you do it, so that they would let you come back home to live with Mommy and Daddy.   And I would tell them that I was very careful and sneaky and Mommy and Daddy never suspected anything.  Then, they would only take me away.  I would need to do that because if I didn’t, they might take you and me away from Mommy and Daddy, forever.  At least if I tell them I made you do it, they would only take me away, and you could probably stay with Mommy and Daddy.  I’m your big brotherm and I will do everything I can to protect you Scotty.   Because I love you so much, I don’t want you to be sad or miss Mommy and Daddy.”

“But I wood be sad.  I wood miss you!” tears were forming in his eyes and he was beginning to cry.

“Oh Scotty, I would miss you too, little brother.   I would miss you so much!”

The teen began to cry as well.  He pulled his little brother close and hugged him again.   He kissed his forehead.

“Don’t cry Scotty.  I’m not going anywhere,” he stated emphatically.  “I’m not trying to scare you or make you sad Scotty.  The reason I wanted to talk to you about this is because if anyone finds out that I let you touch me, or that I pushed my penis in between your legs and came all over you, or even that I let you touch my penis anytime you want, those bad things could happen.”

“I won’t teww anyone!  I pwomiss!” he exclaimed.

“That’s good Scotty.  You have to be super careful not to tell doctors, or teachers or even friends your own age.  And if the doctor does a check up on you and notices something, you have to be ready to give them a good answer that they will believe.  I can help you learn to do that over time if you want.  But I want you to promise me something.”

“Okay Joshy.”

“When my penis gets hard, I might want to do other things, because once my penis is hard, it’s hard for me to think, I just want to feel good and cum.  That’s pretty true for all boys, and it’s really hard to keep from doing whatever we can to have an orgasm.  So, I want you to promise me that if I ever do anything, or try to do anything that you don’t like or don’t want to do, that you immediately tell me that you don’t want to do that.  Can you do that for me?”

“Yeah, I can.”

“Good, because if you tell me you don’t want me to do something, that may be the only thing that helps me stop.  Because I could never do anything to hurt you Kiddo.   I love you so much!”

“I wuv you too Joshy.”

“Ok buddy,” he smiled softly and hugged his little brother again.

If it were possible, Joshy loved his little brother even more than he had before.  He was awash in emotion from the revelations.

“So, when we were in the shower, you put my penis into your mouth, didn’t you?”

Scotty’s eyes got wide, “Y-y-yeah,” he stammered.

“I thought so,” he replied matter-of-factly and laughed.  “It’s ok Scotty, I’m not mad.  That’s another one of those things that you can never tell anyone about though, ok, Dude?”


“You’re not in trouble Scotty,” he smiled again.   “I really am ok with whatever you do.   If you like doing something, I want you to know that you can do it without worrying, but I also just need you to remember that we can’t tell anyone.”

“I wiww.”

“Ok.  So, if you want to sleep naked, we can sleep naked as long as we’re careful not to let Mom and Dad see.  And, if you are curious and want to touch my penis or anything else, you can.  You have my permission to touch any part of my body however you want, under one condition:  You must never ever tell anyone else about anything that we do like that.  Not Mommy, not Daddy, not any of your friends, not any of your teachers… no one.   We can talk about it as long as no one else is around.  And you must always remember your promise to tell me if you don’t like something that I do.”

“I won’t teww anyone, I pwomiss!  And if I don’t wike somefing, I pwomiss I wiww teww you wight away!”

“Ok Buddy.  It can be hard sometimes.  Especially if you like something, it can be hard not to tell your friends or Mommy or Daddy.  Big boys like you even, sometimes just can’t control their excitement.  But you have to try hard to remember, you can do whatever you want, and if you want me to do something to you, all you have to do is ask.   But, if you slip up, or forget…and you tell someone…if they tell an adult or they are an adult, they will probably call the police.  And then, I may never be able to see you again and I would be very sad.”

“I would be vewy sad too,” Scotty echoed.

“I know you would Kiddo,” he kissed the top of his head.  “Ok Scotty,” he continued, “I will try to remind you sometimes so you don’t forget.   Are all your questions answered now Dude?”

“Yeah, aww answewed,” he smiled, “can we sweep togevew nekkid again tonight?”

“Sure Scotty,” his brother smiled, “we can sleep together naked as much as you like.  Just remember, my penis likes feeling your warm, soft, smooth skin and it might get hard.  And, if it gets hard, it’s difficult for me to think clearly.”


“Mmm, I think it’s supposed to be that way,” he laughed.


“Well, because when you’re my age and your penis gets hard, all it wants to do is feel good and shoot cum.”


“I guess because it feels so good, it’s hard to stop because once it’s hard, you can’t think of anything except for playing with it to make it cum.”


“Because it feels really good and once you cum, your penis can settle down and get soft again, I guess.”


“Well, I guess because that’s how babies are made, if mommies and daddies play together.  I think people are made that way so that we keep having babies and people keep living.”  


The teen stifled a giggle.  His little brother was always so inquisitive.  He barely understood it all himself — it had just started happening to him not that long ago.

‘If you want to really understand something, get stuck in a line of questioning with a little kid,’ he thought to himself.

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