Mom at Church

Mom at Church
We watched Pastor Jacobs feeling mom up as she stood in front of the boys and men, Minister told the boys he would thank them forever for telling him Mrs. Millie Mxxxe was a black cock whore. I looked at the 6 and recognized 2 from school, same two that tried to watch thru basement window 1 time, hoped they didn’t tell how they knew. Turned back as Minister told mom why don’t you do a slow strip for us, show us that hot white body of yours, as we watched mom slowly took off her blouse shook her tits at them, pinched her nipples then unzipped skirt and let it drop then strutted around room showing off. Looked at the guys and all were running their dicks thru pants, Ministerreached out and grabbed her by her ass as she walked by and pulled her to him slid a hand between her legs and told her he understands from a reliable source that she sucks blk cock better than a French whore, so why didn’t she get on her knees and show everyone, with that mom got on her knees unzipped Ministers pants and as his hard cock popped out she put a hand around it and slid her lips down it to the whoops and hollars from the 6 boys as they watched mom suck ministers cock. Really wasn’t long and Minister put his hands on back of her head and yelled here it comes cunt, swallow it which mom always did as his cock got soft she let it slip from her mouth and picked her lips, he pushed her head to his right and when she looked around the other 9 blk males were naked, ducks hard and being stroked, Minister told move to cock on boy to fight and work your way around circle, said he will be ready to fuck her when she’s sucked everyone off. We watched as mom went to each cock and sucked it off, the 6 boys were the toughest with her, forcing her mouth all the way down their dicks, pinching her nipples between fingers and pulling her tits towards them, most of them pulled her head by her hair when they started to fun leaving just dick head in mouth, a couple had ducks almost in her throat when they started cumming.
After sucking ok 10 cock s and eating cum, Minister was right his cock was hard and ready, he took mom to a couch and bent her over the back, watched as he rubbed his cock up and down her cunt slit telling the rest now set she was, then slid his dock balls deep in one thrust mom squealed as he did then he started hard fucking her telling her their cocks are going to drive the devil out of her white cunt. While he fucke d her a couple of the teens stood on couch in front of mom and fed her dicks to suck. For the next three hours we watched them fuck mom in everyway they could , one time she was sitting backwards on 1 of the blk men we didn’t know with his dock up her ass, his friend was between her legs with her ankles on his shoulders and his dick up her cunt and Deacon Daniels standing on couch over mom with his dick in her mouth. The entire time her tits and nipples were being pulled,pinched and stretched by the others. The 6 teens wouldn’t fuck her ass, just her cunt and mouth but the 4 men all fuckd her up her ass while she had cock s in her cunt, a couple times I thought these guys are as rough as Tyrone and his crew on her.
Mom was sitting on Ministers lap, dick up her ass when the boys said they gotta go, Minister told them let Millie give your ducks a good night suck, each stood in front of her and slid ducks in her mouth, then they left. Minister told her swing her legs around so they are spread wide, when she did, other three men took a turn fucking her in cunt, when the 3 had dumped fun in her, Minister told her fuck yourself, watched as mom started bouncing her as s up and down Minister a cock as he played with her tits, then he started grunting as he filled her ass with cum.
While we watched mom suck their cocks clean, Minister told her he wants to make this a pretty regular night, but instead of here in Church he will get a room at motel Deacon Daniels first learned of her obsession for black cock, and will be easier to invite other ministers he knows that like a married white cunt sucking their dick. Mom just smiled said ok.
After that they left, Minister made mom walk out to car in just her heels and thighs, we snuck out a few minutes later and as we came around corner of church saw Minister standing beside door of moms car, hard to see but she was sucking his dick thru window, Jerome snickered said to mom would suck a blk cock in public square if she could, we stopped and watched them when he finished cunning he just walked away we headed home to a night of jerking off.

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