Mom Helped Son with his Imaginary Sexual Problem

Cock Worship

Mom Helped Son With His Imaginary Sexual Problem

“Come on. Arnie. What is really bothering you? Tell me. I’m sure mom can help.”

“Not this time, mom. It’s really ambarassing”

“It is sexual, isn’t it? Remember? I am the one who gave you your first lesson in sex”

“I think I am suffering from pre-mature ejaculation.”

“Really? How did you know?”

“I found out during my masturbations.”

“When did you start masturbating? You should have told me about it. A mother would love to know about such thing.”

“I watched porn with Tommy in his room. We started masturbating about two years ago.”

“I see. You boys started really young these days.” I was sure Arnie had read about pre-mature ejaculation in some books, and just imagined the rest. I decided to play along wiith it, maybe to my advantage.

“Would you like mommy to help with this problem before turning to the professionals?” I asked, acting earnest and sympathetic.

“Oh! Yah. I guess.”

“OK. Let’s see. You have seen me partly naked before, Right?. Have you ever fantasized about having sex with your mom? Like most boys do?”

“No. I have not.”

“But you have fantasized about fucking an older woman, right? Tell mommy, what kind of older women would you like to fuck?” I switched to the word “fuck”. I wished to quickly saturate the atmosphere with the idea of sex.

“I like them plumb, not skinny. I love their big arses most of all.”

At this point I got up from the couch and undressed slowly and deliberately, taking each piece of garment off like a real strip-teaser. And standing naked right in fornt of him, I turned around a few times letting him have a really good look at my big, round arse. He stared at it for quite awhile before stretching out his right hand to cup my pussy in his palm, and then he squeezed one of my butt-cheeks. I could see his cock starting to rise in his boxer’s shorts. I told Arnie to go naked. And oh mine! Was I shocked to see what came next!

“Wow! You have a really big one, son.” If I was correct about a son inheriting the penis size from his biological dad, then my husband, Jordan, could not have been Arnie’s biological father. Let me recall what happened to me two nights before the wedding day. I came home drunk from a bachelorette party around one am. As I staggered towards the house I was waylaid by my jealous, vengeful ex-boyfriend, Andy. He grabbed and forced me into his car. Andy raped me that night. Now, Arnie was the evidence of that rape. Arnie’s cock was at least two inches longer than Jordan’s, and at least an inch thicker in circumference. Sometimes good could come out of an evil deed, I thought. If I play this right, this could be a big lottery win for me.

“With my help, you could turn out to be as good a fucker as your dad, Arnie.” Of course I would not tell him the truth about Andy. As we all know, every boy felt something special about being able to fuck his father’s wife. And a young buck like Arnie would love a chance to surpass his old man, Jordan.

Arnie played with my breasts a little and quickly moved on to my pussy. He finger-fucked me and massaged my pairs of labias. I was wet in no time. As he tried getting his cock inside me I tightened my pussy, giving him the idea that his cock was really too big. Actually I have been using a big dildo and his cock could have easily slipped in.

“You mustn’t try fucking any women you like with that huge cock. You might seriously hurt them.” Probably Arnie would not take my word for it but could you really blame me for not wanting to share him with other women, at least for as long as I could?

Anyway, when he got inside me it was still a tight fit. I told him to stroke me slowly because I did not want him to climax too soon. He cummed in five minutes. I kept him on top of me and inside me, I Knew he would get hard again soon enough. In the meantime bursa eskort we kissed and I caressed him and sucked on his nipples. Then I raised and support my upper body with some pillows so that I could reach down passed his penis to play with his balls and arse-hole, and squeezed his butt-cheeks. As he got hard again I told him he could fuck me any way he liked. Arnie asked to fuck me doggy-style. He did say that he love my big arse. Did he not? I leant over the back of the couch. He aimed his cock at my dripping-wet pussy and pushed it all the way in, in one quick rush.

“Tell me what you think of my body. And how I can improve on it.”

“I love your arse, mom. So big, round and fleshy. I think your whole body would look even more sexy when it is covered in your glistening sweat or water droplets from a shower. I wish you have thicker hair down there. All the way from just above your thighs, from your pussy all the way to your anus.”

“I promise not to shave it from now on. In the meantime I could get myself tatooed with a big patch of pubic hair right where you want it. Describe to me what you are doing and feeling, Arnie.”

“I felt your slippery cunt give way to my cock head as I pushed in….. I felt like I have touched the end of your pussy tunnel….. I felt your cunt tightening and gripping my cock….. I see your minor labias moving in and out with my cock and your juice dripping down you thighs…..” And then Arnie stopped talking and started slaming hard into my arse fast and furious.

“I have not been fucked like this since the last time your dad fucked me.” Of course Arnie could never have guessed that I meant his rapist of a father, Andy. Damned it! Size did matter. He was the son of his father, alright. He actually fucked me with a vengeance.

“Wow! My God! Yes, yes. Shit. Arnie, you son of a…..” I was back to my old self, that bitch of eighteen years ago! Arnie made my pussy sloshing with my juice in no time. I was moaning and breathing so hard that I was almost out of breath. I cummed harder than I ever did in my entire marriage life. I imagined Arnie also got the biggest orgasm in his life.

After a few days Arnie figured out three things all by himself: One, he did not suffer from pre-mature ejaculations. Two, his cock was not too big for other women. Three, his father (Jordan) could not satisfy me sexually and that I needed his cock. As a result he became more and more cocky and repeatedly over-stepped the red-lines I had drawn for us. I had told him that there would be no fucking when Jorden was anywhere near the house. Arnie persuaded me to over-step that red-line soon enough. Then I compromised and told him that we must not fuck when Jordan was anywhere in the house. Guess what? He came into my bedroom one night while Jordan was asleep next to me and woke me up for sex.

We did it outside my bedroom, with its door left slightly ajar. I was hopping that any sign of my husband waking up would be noticed by us and we could terminate our fucking in time. I bent over and grabbed hold of the railing while he fucked me doggy-style. Since there was no time for me to get wet we had to use lubrication. But we both still got our orgasm. We did it without ever waking up Jordan for many nights to come. Or so we thought….

In the weeks and months that followed we over-stepped the red lines and slipped up so many times that Jordan could not help but notice that his son was fucking his wife. But Jordan also knew that he, by himself alone, could never satisfy me sexually. It seemed like in the end he felt that it might as well be his “own” son rather than someone outside the “family” that I was being unfaithful with. So far, Jordan had not made an issue out of it.

One afternoon I leant over the back of the couch and massaged Jordan’s neck, chests and shoulders, and later slid my hands down to play with his cock. Then bursa escort bayan without any warning, Arnie snuke behand me, lifted my skirt and stuck his cock inside me. As Arnie was fucking me, I noticed that Jordan’s cock got hard. I could not be sure whether his hard cock came from my manipulation or his appreciation of Arnie fucking me behind his back. Anyway, I could not risk having one of them see the other guy’s cock or else the game would be over. Both of them would then start to suspect the true nature of their biological relationship, and question the genealogy of Arnei. I stopped the massage immediately and took Joran up to the bedroom for an afternoon fuck.

I then figured out a plan for sex with both father and son. Of course I continued to fuck Arnie with abandonment when Jordan was not around. But I have a special arrangement for our nights. Since Jordan was an “early to bed and early to rise” guy, I fucked him to orgasm early in the night and had a longer session with Arnie later that same night. Many other signs indicated that Jordan knew and was OK with my incestuous relation with Arnie, so I had no more need to hide. I just moved into Arnie’s bedroom for the rest of the night. But I always made sure the doors of the bedroom was locked whenever I fucked the father or the son. Neither of them must accidentally barged into the room. One precaution carved in stone remained: under no circumstances must either one of them see the other’s cock!!!

Arnie was the child of that rape. I did not get a genetic confirmation. But by simply comparing Andy’s, Arnie’s and Jordan’s physical attributes I had to come to that conclusion. Arnie was 6′ 3″ tall, like his rapist father, Andy and he even looked like him. Jordan and I were both 5′ 8″. Arnie’s cock was 7″ long and measured maybe 5″ around. Jordan was maybe 5″ long, and definitely thinner. And temperamentally Arnie and Jordan were completely different. Jordan was kind and mild-mannered and Arnie was aggressive and at time seemed cruel. After a few weeks I finally figured out how I could get myself out of the cocks size conundrum. If ever the queston came up I could lie that I had some African gene in my family’s ancestory.

Jordan and I went to bed early, around 10 pm. As usual, I gave him his prostate massage. This was supposed to be good for his prostate at his age. I pushed one and then two fingers into his anus, locate the gland and massage it. Jordan enjoyed the procedure and had a hard-on. I was actually finger-fucking Jordan. I sucked and played with his cock with my tongue until he climaxed.

I waited for Jordan to fall asleep before I slipped away to join Arnie. I was itching for a fuck. I laid in his bed on my stomach. Arnie straddled my thighs on his knees, pressed his cock down and pushed into my pussy. Since my pussy was low on the bed, my butt-cheeks were somewhat in the way, and the cock was at a downward angle, only half of his 7″ cock was inside me. But it was the best position for me as his cockhead hit my G-spot at every jab.

“Faster, faster. Good God. Sssshiiiit. Oooof. Aaaaaah.” The furious short jabs made a white foam. I got my first orgasm pretty fast. I then raised my butt on my knees so that Arnie could get the full penetration he wanted. His cock was soon sloshing in my slippery ample wetness and I still managed to get my second cumming. But Arnie was nowhere near blowing his load. I was getting tired. To hasten his cumming I squeezed his shaft with my fore-finger and thumb as it went in and out of my pussy. His cock actually grew bigger and I got him to shoot his load in five mimutes. It did not take long before Arnie figured out that in anal sex my sphinster would do exactly the same thing. For days I resisted his requests for anal sex and he launched a sex-boycott on me. I finally gave in a week later, asking that we go slow with it.

Thinking görükle escort that he would soon get his wish, Arnie was particulary excited that night. I held on to the headboard while he pounded me with 7″ full-penetration, doggy-style. He shook my whole body with each bang. It was the most violent fucking I ever had. Still, it took him ten minutes to blast off in my swollen pussy. Wow !!! This made me realise that, to prevent any injury, I needed to have full control over every step of our anal sex. After some rest I turned to lay on my stomach and told Arnie to finger-fuck my rectum with one and then two fingers. A while later, I allowed him to penetrate my anus with a dildo. As Arnie fucked me with the dildo I learned to control my sphinster, tightening and relaxing it at will. Arnie would have to be disappointed that night as it was going to be just a rehearsal.

Four nights later I was ready, and this was to be the night. Arnie lay in his bed with his big cock sticking straight up. I positioned myself over him, reversed cow-girl style. Supporting myself with both my hands on his legs I leant forward slightly, raising my arse. Arnie aimed his cockhead at my anus and I slowly lowered my arsehole down the whole 7″ cock.

I did not want the “Big Bang”. Like what he did with my pussy. I did the fucking. I pivoted up and down the big cock, twisting and twirling my arse. I slow-fucked Arnie reversed Cowgirl-style for close to ten minutes before letting him take over for the last stretch. I raised my arse so that only the cockhead remained inside my anus, giving him the necessary margine for his fucking exercise. He jerked his pelvis up and down, pumping my arsehole really hard for two minutes to finish off.

Arnie liked anal fucking but I did not. I did not orgase with anal fucking. So I rewarded him with one every month, depending on how well he pleasured me in the intervals. We were now six months into incestuous sex and Arnie no longer seem to care whether Jordan see him squeeze my butt-cheeks or touch my pussy. And I got no reaction from Jordan !!! One night Arnie asked me how I feel about a threesome with Jordan. I thought it might be fun. I believed I could lie about the difference in their cock sizes if ever the question comes up. Yes. I could simply say someone in my family had some African genes in our ancestory.

One night after I finished giving Jordan his prostate massage, using a small dildo and a good blow job, I teased him about wishing to fuck another man.

“As long as it is discreet and is within the family I would be OK with it. Er….. I know you have been fucking Arnie on the side. Is it OK if I watch the next time you are doing it ? “. I said I would talk to Arnie about it.

It was a late afternoon on a hot Sunday. I was determined to give Jordan a good show. The good man deserved it. Jordan sat on the armchair next to the sofa. I positioned myself on the sofa for a doggy-fuck. I wanted to impress Jordan so I told Arnie that he could be a little rough with me. He slammed hard into me with every stroke. It soon became a “watery-fuck” with juice running admist a constant sucking-sound coming from my pussy whenever the cock withdrew. Jordan took out his cock for some masturbation. And vey soon he got to see my out of breath, screaming, huge orgasm for the first time in his life.

“Let me see that 9″ cock. It is really thick too.” Well ! I could be wrong about the size of that cock. Afterall, I had not really seen that many cocks. Had I? Jordan started to play with that monster cock. I went to the kitchen to get a drink and a rest. I wanted to show Jordan how I would anal-fuck Arnie.

When I came back to the living room I was trully taken aback by the scene before me. Jordan was positioned doggy-style on the sofa and Arnie was applying my lubricant on his cock and inside Jordan’s rectum. I stood there watching as Arnie slowly squeezed his cock into Jordan’s arse. More than half of his cock went in and he started “sawing” away. What impressed me was Jordan’s cock. It was hard already. I grabbed and stroke it. Jordan got his orgasm and Arnie got his five minutes later.

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