More great wanking

More great wanking
Well another night out with friends and as I hoped a few of us were heading back to Garys house. Gary is a work colleague of my wife and the guy I first experienced the pleasure of mutual wanking with. Last time we were together Lisa (my wife) walked in on us, made herself comfortable and watched as we did what every man does best. Tonight there was another couple and another work colleague of Lisa and Gary (Rob) at the house. After a few drinks the other couple made a move home and Lisa said she was going to bed. She looked at me and quietly said have fun. The 3 of us were talking and I thought to myself I hope Rob makes a move soon so Gary and me can enjoy what I’d been looking forward to for ages. We had a couple of drinks and were chatting about nothing in particular when Gary said he’d told Rob about what we had done on the previous occasions and he hoped I didn’t mind. I asked Rob what Gary had told him and he said that the 2 of you had enjoyed some naked wanking together. I then asked him how he felt about that and he replied that he was hoping to be able to watch us and possibly join in. Gary was smiling and said how about it. I felt really excited about having 2 guys watching me and seeing 2 naked men working their cocks and I said that’s absolutely fine with me. Gary said he was going to put a film on that we would enjoy and get us horny. Personally I didn’t need any help getting horny. The film started and it was a amateur MMF 3some film, Stunning wife and 2 guys with stunning cocks. We started to watch the film and my cock was instantly got hard. After about 15 minutes Gary said seeing as it was Robs first time he should get undressed first. Rob stood up took off his polo shirt and undid his jeans. He pulled his jeans and boxers down, kicked them off and stood up to reveal his gorgeous shaved cock and balls. 7 inches, circumsised and hard. I said that is one very nice cock you have. He smiled and said to me your turn. I stood up took off my t shirt and jeans and then pulled my boxer shorts down. My cock was rock hard and standing straight up. nice said Rob. We looked at Gary wwho was undressed in seconds. I was now stood with 2 completely naked guys all three of us gently stroking our cocks. Gary went to the table and got a bottle of baby oil. He squeezed the oil over our cocks. As I watched Gary and Rob working their cocks the excitement I felt was unbelievable. I could see Rob looking at my cock which again sent waves of excitement through me. We watched each other for a couple of minutes and then Rob stood in between Gary and me and took hold of both our cocks. He slowly worked us and I couldn’t believe the excitement I felt rushing through my body. Standing there naked watching this guy who I hardly knew stroking my cock was almost unbelievable. Gary looked at me and said your turn. I could hardly contain myself as I took hold of their stiff cocks in my hands and started to work their foreskins up and down their very erect shafts, every now and then gently squeezing their hard cocks it felt fantastic. I could hear Rob gently moaning with pleasure when I rubbed my thumb over the end of his cock. After 5 minutes Gary took over. He slowly wanked me and Rob and I thought how fantastic it felt to see a naked guy working his mates gorgeous cock while he was stroking mine. Gary worked us for 5 minutes then we each stroked our own cocks letting the other 2 see how we pleasured ourselves. Rob reached over and took hold of my cock so I felt it only fair to stroke gary’s cock. After a couple of minutes I put my hand round Rob’s cock and slowly worked every inch of it. It was hard as rock and after a few minutes I said to him I presume you’re enjoying this. He smiled and said you’ve got no idea. I said in that case let’s see how much you enjoy me making you cum. I stood beside him and started slowly working his stiff cock with my right hand while stroking my cock with my left. I made sure to work his foreskin right back so I could see his gorgeous bellend. I pleasured him for about 5 minutes and now moved behind him and put my left arm round and held his balls squeezing them very gently. My cock was pressed up against the back of his leg which felt lovely. After 5 minutes I said right lets see you cum. I started working his cock faster slowly tightening my grip. It took less than a minute when I felt him shake then his hard cock twitch. He shot his first load a good 2 feet then again. He let out a huge moan of pleasure as more cum left his cock but now it was pulsing out and running straight across my fingers. I only stopped when I was sure I’d emptied his balls completely. Rob was grinning and catching his breath when he said let me return the favour. I said I wanted to wank while I watched him wanking Gary so he could see me cum. Making myself cum in front of someone I didn’t know completly filled me with excitement. I slowly worked my cock as Rob was gently pleasuring Garys very stiff cock. I could hear Gary moaning and saying oh yeah which was turning me on greatly. Rob started getting faster he then started to quickly rub my right nipple which felt fantastic. After a couple of minutes he put his hand under my balls and was gently squeezing them. Gary said I’m cumming and I saw his thick white cum ooze from the end of his cock. I moaned and felt myself cumming. Rob was looking at my cock as I shot my load and it went on his arm. I carried on for 30 seconds then Rob put his hand round my cock, he was working the last of our cum from both our cocks and it felt fantastic. The 3 of us were smiling and Gary said that we really have to do this again and Rob straight away said oh yes. Standing there with these 2 naked guys looking at their gorgeous cum covered cocks, I said definitely but lets not leave it so long next time. They both agreed, I can’t wait.

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