Mothers Know Best Ch. 05: Proposals


This is a work of fiction and any resemblance to anyone dead or alive is purely coincidental. This story contains graphic incestuous relationships, which includes sexual intercourse and other taboo subjects. All characters are over 18 years of age.

Special thanks to Jack Reall for editing.


Mother Knows Best: Ch. 5 Unexpected Proposal

It all started when I had been visiting Stephanie, my mother-in-law, once a week for over a year to help her with odd jobs around her condo. But that was not quite true. I was actually having sex with her with my wife’s consent and encouragement.

Part 1

Judy was now nine months pregnant and expecting at any time. Stephanie, Judy’s mother, moved in with us to help out. Judy’s bump was huge but she still looked sexy as hell, if not more so.

Wearing a one-piece knitted dress, Judy waddled into the room and eased herself onto the couch, and sipped her water. She looked fed up and irritable.

“God I can’t wait for this to be over.” Judy complained. “Don’t look at me that way, Andrew, keep your hands off me and your penis in your pants and far away from me.” Then grimaced as she looked at me.

“Oh fu… damn, I think my water broke!” She announced suddenly.

Off to the hospital we rushed with all the confusion and pandemonium that could be expected. First I could not find her bag of necessities at the front door until I tripped over it. I jumped into the Jeep with mom and started the motor.

“Are we taking Judy with us?” Mom asked calmly.

“Shit!” I said under my breath as I jumped out of the Jeep and went to help Judy. With fists on her hips, she glared at me then shook her head in disgust as she got up into her seat with my help.

The contractions had begun as we drove to the hospital. The contractions had become more frequent after we arrived. They took her in almost immediately. They put her on the birthing bed and her feet up on the stirrups and prepared her. There was a midwife and a nurse in attendance and a doctor on standby if required.

“Push… push… push!” The midwife directed Judy.


Mom and I were at Judy’s side as she began to give birth. My mind was in disarray. I was worried that Judy may have trouble giving birth or the baby may come stillborn or have some fatal disease. I was happy mom was with us because her presence kept me calm.

“You’re doing well, Judy. Just push.” Mom said to her.

“Aaargh! Fuck!!!!”

Mom did not fuss about Judy’s expletive. We both were able to see her vagina which we were told was dilated. I felt sorry for Judy, traumatized by pain and discomfort. I thought never to get her pregnant again and put her through all this again.

“Push!” I encouraged Judy.

“Fuck you. Next time you have it. Aaaaarg!!!!” She took rapid deep breaths. “Bastard!”

I ignored her lashing out at me. The baby’s head was cresting. I wiped her forehead and cheeks with a cool wet sponge.

“You’re almost there. One more push and it will be over.” The midwife encouraged her.

The midwife sat between Judy’s legs. The pose reminded me of the catcher at home plate.


Then suddenly the baby slipped out and into the midwife’s hands. She quickly cleared the baby’s airway and then slapped its ass. Our baby was a boy.

He screamed his heart out as they sponged him down and then placed him at Judy’s breasts where he quickly quieted.

At home, the pandemonium continued, with me for the most part. I was a nervous wreck. Judy and mom would look at me in amusement as I scurried about trying to get things done.

That night after getting Adam and Judy to bed, mom took me to her room.

“Andrew, you must relax. You are making Judy very nervous.” She said as she undressed and then slipped under the covers.

“I’m trying mom. I’m trying to do what’s right.” I said as I absently took off my clothes and joined her under the covers.

Mom cuddled me as I lay on my back. My head was in a quandary. I have this little life who is under my care. I questioned my ability to be a good or fit father. Frankly, I was scared shitless.

“Breath, Andrew. You are going to be a good father.” She tried to assure me.

I felt mom’s hand move down over my belly to my cock and she began fondling it. Initially, I felt no arousal but I did enjoy the intimacy of her touch. Then she moved her head down my body and took my cock into her mouth, and began to suck it while she played with herself. I began to respond.

Throwing the covers aside I watched her suck me in and out of her beautiful mouth. I rapidly became hard in her mouth which felt silky soft and moist. What a wonderful feeling.

“Mom, that feels so good.” I moaned.

She took my entire length in her mouth and into her throat. The visual was insanely hot. She then straddled my face with her legs and lowered her vagina onto my mouth and we engaged each other in the classic 69 position.

With my hands on her ass, I pulled my face up into her beautiful vagina. I ran my tongue yozgat escort over and through her gash, thrusting my tongue into her opening while she continued to licentiously suck my cock and massaged my balls.

She gagged a couple of times when she attempted to deep throat me. But undaunted she clearly was enjoying what she was doing. I then sucked on her clitoris and slipped my tongue around it before going back to pushing my tongue through her folds and slurping up her sweet juices.

Suddenly she climbed off and straddled me with her knees to either side of my hips. With a salacious look, she reached between her legs and held my cock at her opening and lowered herself onto my cock, and slowly took it into her warm moist vagina.

With her eyes fixed on mine, she began to ride my hard swollen cock. The sight of my beautiful mother-in-law riding my cock was incredibly hot. I placed my hand on her thighs and met her downward thrusts with upward thrusts of my own by rocking my pelvis.

“Oh god, Andrew, this feels so amazing. I love feeling you in me.” She gasped at each thrust.

“Mom, you feel so freaking hot,” I grunted as I made a harder thrust.

She oohed and aahed as she continued to ride me. Her breasts bounced wildly to each drop or upward thrust by me.

“Aaahhh…!” She called out as our passions soared.

She then held her arms over breasts as she rode my cock with wild abandon. Getting tired she began to slow down. She cooed in delight . “Oh God, oh God… I can’t go on.”

“Go onto your hands and knees!” I said and she quickly repositioned herself. I got up and moved up behind her and positioned my cock at her hole.

She cried out as I thrust myself back into her and began to fuck her hard and deep. Grasping her waist, I rammed my cock deep into her vagina, colliding hard against her beautiful ass with loud slapping impacts.

“Andrew…!” She cried as she pushed back against my thrusts.

With her ass up and face down, she leaned on her elbows as I continued to fuck her. I crash against her ass repeatedly as I drove my cock deeper into her beautiful body. The sight from my perspective was hot. To see her magnificent ass and sensuous back was inspiring.

She let out soft sensuous sounding aah’s and gasps at each thrust as I watched my cock disappear into her sweet body. Then spontaneously I began to slap the right cheek of her magnificent ass. She squealed in delight. I repeated it a number of times causing her to become more excited. Her ass cheek glowed a rosy pink which looked so freaking hot.

Then suddenly I pulled out of her. “Lay on your back, mom!” I commanded her.

She quickly complied and as she lay on her back with her legs apart. I fell on her and thrust myself back into her and began to fuck her like a demon-possessed.

“Oh god, Andreeeeew!” She cried as I rutted her.

With my arms extended to either side of her I ploughed my cock hard and deep into her. We were consumed by a sexual fervor that could not be quenched. I crashed into her our pelvic bones colliding against each other and crushing her clitoris as I ground into her repeatedly. Her beautiful firm breasts jiggled and shuddered at each impact against her body. A sheen of perspiration covered our bodies.

She continued vocalizing her sexual joys and pleasures. Soon I began to feel myself building up to a momentous orgasm.

“Harder, don’t stop, oh godddd…!” She cried out as she looked up at me.

Then with one hand around her throat, she looked up at submissively as I took her and fucked her. Shortly after I was unable to hold back any further when I let out an anguish-like cry as voluminous streams of semen erupted into her womb. With spasmodic thrusts, I continued to fuck her as the euphoria of my rapture filled my being.

“Oh god yes…! Fill me, fill me…!” She looked into my eyes fearfully, her mouth open in a silent scream then she was assailed by a spectacular orgasm that buckled and bent her beautiful body.

She dug her fingers into my biceps, she clenched her teeth and her lips tightened to the rigours of her rapture.

Then it was over and I collapsed over her and stayed there. Her breathing was laboured as she put her arms over my back and held me. I felt myself ooze as her vagina constricted around my cock. We laid together, content with being in each other’s arms.

“Up to now I never quite understood until today what Judy meant when she said that you often rocked her world. You did that to me today.” She said breathlessly over my shoulder.

I raised myself in my elbows and looked at her. “Yes, that was spectacular for me too. I think it’s because we have become more comfortable with each other.” I said before kissing her passionately.

As I rolled off her she moved down to my cum streaked cock and lovingly sucked me clean and then sidled back up to my side and hugged me.

“I love tasting you.” She said as she placed a soft kiss on the corner of my mouth.

“Mom, you are a certified cum slut.” yozgat escort bayan I told her with a laugh.

She giggled. “That is a naughty word, but I like it, but only from you.” She said as she nuzzled my neck.

Part 2

The following morning while mom took care of Adam I took a shower before I climbed into bed with Judy and spooned her while she slept and cuddled her with my nose in her hair.

“Mmmm, good morning. It’s nice to wake up with you next to me.” Judy’s morning voice cracked as she held my hand to her swollen breasts.

“Good morning.” I whispered as I kissed the top of her shoulder.

She made pleasant noises as she stretched her arms and turned around to face me. She urged me onto my back and leaned on my chest as she looked into my eyes.

“You and mom had a real raucous time last night. I wish I could have joined you. It will be a few more weeks before I can.” She lamented.

“I miss making love to you too,” I said as I raised my head a moment to softly kiss her lips.

“Well you can fuck my ass or I can suck you off,” she said sweetly as she reached down to my cock. “That’s if mom left anything for me.” She giggled before going down on me.

This was the first time she attempted this since giving birth to Adam a couple of days ago. Pulling the covers off herself she began feasting on my rapidly growing cock.

She sloppily and lubriciously sucked my straining cock. The sight of my adorable wife sucking my cock still remained as amazing and thrilling as it did the very first time. I ran my fingers through her hair as the pleasures she created filled my soul.

She then lapped and sucked my balls before kissing and licking her way up my length and attempted to deep throat me. With her lips buried into my pubes before raising her head and concentrated on my bulbous knob.

“Damn, Judy…!” I gasped.

Then I noticed for the first time mom standing at the door watching us as she bottle-fed Adam breast milk Judy had reserved. She smiled lovingly at us as my attention was quickly pulled back to Judy.

Judy took three inches into her mouth and sucked while she stroked the remaining four or five inches. Then she returned to just working on my knob while stroking my shaft.

“I miss your cock.” She gasped before taking my cock back into her mouth.

Before long she had brought me to the precipice of an orgasm that was building hotter as she continued to work on my knob. She then bobbed her head as she took four inches in and out of her mouth while she massaged my balls.

“Judy…! I’m going to cum…!” I warned her.

I groaned as my rapture spiraled up through my groin, pulsating, pushing, burning, and exhilarating as my cock spat gobs of cum into her beautiful mouth.

“Oh god…!” I groaned as I emptied my balls into her perfect mouth.

She swallowed while she continued to suck my cock. Some cum escaped onto her lower lip, but she was not deterred as she sucked and slurped my cock. Then, satisfied that my waning cock had nothing further to offer, she let it go, and with pursed, lips she raised her head triumphantly.

“How was that, mister?” She asked with a satisfied look.

“That looked wonderful, baby.” Mom replied as she placed the sleeping Adam in his crib.

“Yeah, it was inspired,” I added.

Mom then sat on the edge of the bed, reached to Judy’s face with her finger and scooped up a long thick globule of cum from her chin just below her lip. Judy opened her mouth expectantly but mom took her finger to her own mouth and sucked it clean.

“Mmmm, I love the taste of your husband’s semen.” She smirked.

“Hey, that was mine.” Judy exclaimed with a pout.

“Don’t worry baby, there’s more where that came from.” Mom giggled before kissing Judy and left us alone.

“I love you, Andrew. You make me very happy. I love that you make my mother very happy. I feel proud sharing you with her. Last night you made me very proud.” She said as she hugged me then kissed me passionately. I could taste the residue of my cum in her mouth.

“As I told your mom, I think It’s because I have become comfortable with our relationship with her which was why last night was different,” I said.

“I feel the same way. I am happy you feel that way. Speaking of mothers, are you going to visit your mother? She has called twice.” Judy remarked.

“You need my help to look after Adam and do housekeeping,” I said.

“Mom is here to help. Let her do what she came for.” She said.

“Go make your mother happy. Do whatever it takes.” She said with a mischievous smile and wink.

Part 3

Driving my Wrangler JLU, I felt a little nervous visiting Sam, my mother. She lived six hours away. I was going to stay for a week. I was nervous because since her last visit I had begun to entertain incestuous thoughts of my mother. The idea was exciting, the fear of the illegal of the act of incest was both thrilling and foreboding.

I drove through the mountains on roads lined with pines. escort yozgat I encountered some snowfall which turned into blizzard conditions at times. While I did come across a couple of vehicles that had spun out and another that had stalled, it was nothing to worry about.

Soon I was in the foothills and drove into a very well-maintained trailer park. The place was bright and clean with green manicured lawns and vibrant flowers growing amongst the trailers. I found my mother’s white mobile home without a problem. It too was bright and clean and surrounded by colourful flowers and green lawns.

My heart beat excitedly. I picked up a small gift box and my travel case and wheeled it to the front door. I knocked on the door and waited.

The door was opened by a very striking looking woman with blonde braided hair and piercing grey eyes which reminded me of a bird of prey dressed in blue jeans and a sexy top. I am a sucker for girls wearing blue jeans that fit well and this woman did not disappoint.

“Hi, you must be Andy. I am Pat, Sam’s partner.” She said as she stepped aside to let me pass.

I was taken by surprise, but then I should not have been surprised. My mother had a knack for doing things out of the ordinary. I walked in and looked around her home. Which was surprisingly neat and clean.

“Andy…!” Sam squealed as she hurried to meet me.

She kissed me sweetly on the lips and then hugged and held me tightly for a protracted period of time before releasing me.

“You met Pat, my better half.” She said as she gave her a lingering fond look.

“I’m glad you arrived in time. Pat is being redeployed and must leave me later today.” She pouted.

“It won’t be a long deployment, sugar.” She said fondly as she kissed her while Sam squeezed her ass.

Sam invited me to sit and Pat made some food for a late lunch. I guess they were waiting for me to arrive. We chatted as we ate.

Pat had been with my mother for a couple of years after a chance meeting at a bar at a nearby base. Pat was a Master Sergeant in the marines. She did not elaborate what she actually did in the marines suffice to know it was dangerous. While she did not show overt strength of body I would not want to be in her way.

Pat looked at me. “Andy, I want to thank you for the attitude adjustment you gave Sam. She has become a wonderful person to be with. We don’t fight nearly as often as we did.”

“Yeah, she is happy not to get her cunt kicked as often.” Sam put in.

“Shut the fuck up, bitch. You push my buttons just so I can sit on your face.” Pat laughed.

“Bullshit, you just want to sit on my face.” Sam retorted.

Fuck, these two women looked as though they were about ready to have a fight and knock each other’s brains out. Then they both laughed.

“Well, I must be off, nice meeting you Andy. Take good care of Sam for me, she needs a lot of love and affection. She’s a needy lil cunt.” She looked at my mother affectionately.

Pat and Sam kissed each other with deep love and affection and then hugged each other, reluctant to let each other go.

“See ya, love go kick them Taliban fucks in the nuts for me.” She laughed as Pat walked away.

Sam and I stood at the front door and watched Pat throw her gear into a pickup truck and got in. She waved at us and drove off.

I looked at my mother. “Pat? You never said that you were in a relationship?”

“Well I was nervous that you would disapprove of her as a woman.” She told me.

“Sam, if you are happy with her then I am happy for you.” I told her. “She seems like a very nice person and quite a knockout as well.”

“Oh Andy, you are such a treasure. I just love you to the moon and back.” She said and threw her arms around my neck and held me.

When she let go of me I fished out her gift. “This is for you Sam,” I said as I held it out to her.

“For me? Oh, fu… frig. If you are trying to get into my panties you have made a good start.” She said as she ripped off the wrapping and opened the velvet-covered box.

There was that innuendo again, I thought. As I looked while she fussed with the box I could not help feeling guilty for having sexual thoughts towards her. I suddenly felt a surge of sexual excitement.

She looked at the content and then looked at me. “It’s tiny.”

“It’s Chanel number 5. You don’t need much. It’s a hundred and twenty bucks for that little bottle.” I told her.

“Jes…Jiminy Cricket, that’s freaking expensive. You didn’t have to do that to loosen my panties. A cheap bottle of gin would work just fine.” She said with a laugh. “But this is precious.”

She tried a drop on her wrist and rubbed it over her neck. “Damn this smells good.” She said jubilantly. “Got my cunt feeling moist.” She said absently as she recapped the bottle.

“Come, let me take you out for dinner and a dance.” She said. “But lemme go change,” she said as she went to the back of the trailer.

I sent a text to Judy to let her know I had arrived and was going out with Sam for dinner and a dance. She said I should have fun.

She left the door open and I could clearly see her removing her clothes to just her bra and panties and then showing her voluptuous ass as she bent over the bed to pick up the dress. I tore my eyes away from my mother’s luscious body.

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