Mr. Big Dick


My kink revolves around a particular incident/fantasy that happened while in college, partially based on fact mixed with some fiction. I have been hooked ever since. Here is how it all started.

My cuckold obsession started with a real life event, when I was in college and dating my first long term girlfriend. One evening after sex, the conversation steered toward her many ex boyfriends. After much prodding, I was devastated to find out that her previous boyfriends were all much larger in the cock department than I was. In fact her most recent ex boyfriend was the largest of them all. Through extended coaxing, I convinced her to tell me more about him. She went into great detail about his enormous size, thickness, and length of his cock. She told me that she actually measured him once. Flaccid he was 7 inches in length, and hard he was over 10 plus inches and thick as beer can. If this were true, he was nearly twice the size of me hard and he being flaccid. I actually met the guy once, and he was a tall, scrawny, pale, thin guy. The kind of guy that you would never guess had a huge hog in his pants. He didn’t really stand out and had no real memorable qualities. Obviously, there was one… a very huge one at that!

Of course, this made me extremely jealous, but the strangest part is that it also turned me on. I didn’t understand why at the time. I got so hard thinking about his size and masturbated obsessively when picturing him with my girlfriend. He would be defiling her every hole in ways that I never could. I began watch a lot of porn in which guys with huge cocks were with petite girls similar to my girlfriend. She did confide in me that this gifted cock did have one flaw, it was so large, that he had trouble getting and keeping an erection. I imagined that it was the sheer size that made it difficult to get fully erect. She said it would take 20-30 mins of stroking his cock with her hands and mouth to get him fully hard. However, she didn’t mind since the payoff was glorious! I asked her once why she broke up with him. She told me that he was a crappy boyfriend and cheated on her all the time. The only reason she stayed with him as long as she did, was because of his huge cock. This naturally made me even more fascinated by the thought of seeing his flaccid cock. It must be flattening to know that a woman would spend that much time and effort just to make a man hard.

This detail of course made it into my daily masturbation fantasy of being their servant and worshiping his cock for her enjoyment. I felt compelled to be on my knees and help prepare his over sized flaccid cock for her eventual pleasure. Getting him erect was too tedious a task for her, that would be my new job. I would take pride in my new role to service his superior cock to full erection, and when his erection would fade, and it most certainly would, I would be there to work him back to his full glory. I would be instrumental in the success of their love making. It gave me purpose.

My obsession went on for a while, with chronic masturbation to the image of his huge cock satisfying my petite girlfriend. I kept this hidden from her for a long time, but I think she suspected because occasionally during sex to spice things up, she would reference his huge cock and it would be an instant turn on for me and I would immediately blow my load. However, even this began to have a lessening effect. Her tales of their sex-capades became more graphic, and her verbal humiliation toward me began to grow. She would taunt me with comparisons. Oddly, even this humiliation seemed to turn me on in ways that I never imagined. I would instantly get hard thinking about his huge flaccid shaft in her hands. Not only was I becoming a cuckold, it excited me to be compared to a much larger and superior cocks. I imagined threesomes where they both are laughing at my size. After a while, I had to take things to the next level. I had to see for myself. I had to know if my girlfriend was exaggerating, and if her ex was really that huge.

Her ex belonged to a gym nearby, and I joined under the guise of wanting to get back to shape. I was once quite the athlete, it was reasonable that I wanted to tone up. I began timing my workouts to finish around the same time as his, hoping to hit the showers the same time as he did. One day, I timed it perfectly. There I was, showering right next him. I found myself staring, almost mesmerized. There he was, his soapy wet massive flaccid cock swinging in all it’s glory. It was true, his cock was truly the largest I had ever seen. My jaw must of dropped in amazement, because he turned to me and said uşak escort “take a picture, it will last longer!” I froze with embarrassment. He laughed with amusement as he noticed my own small appendage sticking straight up as I could not hide my tiny erection from seeing his cock. Memories of being teased in locker rooms of the past flashed before me as I quickly turned off the water and grabbed my towel to cover up and leave. I quickly dressed and left the gym before he had time to see me again.

I went straight home and masturbated to the thought of seeing his superior cock. It was so unfair, how did he have such huge cock? I was so horny of the thought of comparing my tiny inferior cock to his enormous shaft. I was ashamed, but yet so turned on at the thought of standing beside this superior male and comparing his huge cock to my own tiny penis. I imagined my girlfriend holding both our cocks in her hands, using 2 fingers on me and his massive cock spilling over in her other hand. I imagined being with the two of them and both verbally humiliating my inadequacies and only allowing me to watch their sexual sessions. My only participation would be in serving my new master’s massive flaccid cock in preparation for my goddess. If I demonstrated my usefulness, my reward would be sloppy seconds. Just the thought of penetrating her vagina and feeling the warm cum that was just left by his enormous member, would make me explode immediately. My final duties would include cleaning up the creampie from her well filled vagina and the cum from his now flaccid dangling cock. I would then await the return of their next encounter. This of course was just fantasy, I could never tell my girlfriend of my new hidden desires.

Now my obsession grew, and I turned into how to make fantasy turn into reality. I masturbated frequently to the different scenarios in my mind, and ways to bring this to fruition. I used this to fuel sex with my girlfriend. Each time, I imagined them together with my servitude in display. I even purchased a over-sized flesh toned dildo that matched his pale color, shape, and dimensions to enhance our love making. I know she began to suspect my desire for comparison shaming fueled by my cuckold tendencies and big cock worship cravings. Our encounters consisted of extended dildo play with the surrogate device playing a predominant role in both of our pleasures. She even had me purchase a cock sleeve to enhance the feeling of penetration for her. I imagined that it was his cock that I was wielding as I entered swollen sensitive pussy. I enjoyed stroking the sleeve and pretending I was hung just like he was. I loved seeing her pleased by my new found size, but it was not enough. We both needed the real thing to heighten our sexual pleasure.

I wondered if I could find a replacement to play the role? Did it have to be her ex? Where would I find him? I knew the bigger the cock pleasing my girlfriend, the more intense my orgasm would be. It was not enough to add a third person to our sex life with an average cock. I quickly determined it had to be him, her ex-boyfriend. It has to be his huge cock. His massive, but flawed cock. His inability to stay hard gave me the purpose I needed. Otherwise, I was an unnecessary accomplice. He had a cockiness about him that was perfect for my ultimate humiliation and only he was worthy of my shame. He was blessed with a gift from birth, and I was cursed with a tiny penis. I also knew that my girlfriend would jump at the chance to have that huge cock back inside her once again. She fantasized often during sex, his massive cock between her legs and I knew I had to make that happen. Simply picturing the ecstasy on her face fueled my desire even more.

The time had arrived, I could no longer contain my urges. I could not postpone my desire to be cuckold and feeling the shame and humiliation of comparing myself to a far larger and superior cock. I summoned the courage to catch him in the parking lot of the gym. I swallowed my pride and approached him knowing he would remember my embarrassing shower antics. I would endure his ridicule for the chance of making this dream come true. However, I could not just explain the details of my participation. I didn’t want to freak him out and scare him off, but I was sure he would jump at the chance to get back in the pants of my girlfriend. I was vague and simply told him that I had a very interesting proposition for him. He was game, he had played bull to many a couple where the husband wanted to see his young wife satisfied by an over endowed stallion. He was under the impression that I would just be there van escort filming the session for future playback. Sure enough, he took the bait, not knowing the full details of what would be in store. He had no idea of my plans for participation.

One night while my girlfriend and I were playing in the bedroom, I tied my girlfriend up on the bed and blindfolded her completely naked. It was so exciting. I teased and enticed her with foreplay. She thought we were going to have some kinky sex. I am sure she was hoping with our new dildo that would completely fill her up. I then mentioned I would be right back. Little did she know, her ex was already in the house. I sat watching from behind the camera, as he entered the bedroom with her still blindfolded. She had no idea he was there. She was unaware of what was about to happen. She asked to have the blindfold removed, but I refused. He was naked as he moved toward her. His huge cock swinging back and forth as he walked toward her. His cock was even more massive than I remembered. He laid his huge flaccid cock across her face. At that point she quickly realized that this was not my cock! The size difference was VERY apparent. At first, she was startled, but then quickly I become very aroused. The look on her face was priceless. I was amazed at his superior size compared to my own tiny dick. He seemed larger then he did in the showers. It was confirmed, he had the largest cock I have ever seen.

He was clearly superior to my tiny penis. I quietly from behind the camera began stroking my little inferior dick. I was instantly hard, unlike our over sized limp friend. My erection took a matter of seconds. I felt so humiliated having that alpha cock about to dominate my sweet girlfriend in the bedroom. I was ashamed at what was about to happen, but yet so very aroused at the thought of what was coming next. I had masturbated many times over the thought of seeing his superior cock take my sweet girlfriend while also taking my innocence. I could no longer claim that this was just a fantasy, it was real. Blindfolded, my girlfriend was quiet. She wasn’t sure what was happening or how to react. I begged him to put his massive cock in her mouth. He dangled his limp cock over her face, sliding it into her mouth from above. His huge balls resting on her face. He slapped the full length of his flaccid cock on her cheeks. He stroked his cock using both hands, it was apparent that he needed my girlfriends help (as she had done in the past) to get his shaft hard. It was clear that an erection was not imminent .

I quickly sprung into action and went from behind the camera and over to my helpless girlfriend. I untied her restraints and removed her blindfold. I wanted to see him hard, and she needed for him to be hard. She was both stunned and pleased to see her ex in front of her. You could tell from her expression that she was pleased to see his huge cock again. She quickly switched from being submissive to aggressive. It was apparent that she knew even more than I did what was going to happen next. I was both fearful and excited to see what was about to unfold.

I had not realized in my haste to untie her, that my underwear and pants were now down to by ankles from masturbating at the position of voyeur from behind the camera. My tiny strained penis was standing straight at attention. The feelings of shame and embarrassment rolled over me as my fantasy was becoming real. Standing side by side, my girlfriend and her ex began to ridicule and mock my inadequate penis. Laughing, my girlfriend grabs us both and compares us in great detail. The size difference is stunning. In an effort to show me what a real man’s cock looks like, the ex asks my girlfriend to give him an assist like she use to in the past to bring him to full mast. My girlfriend and I were clearly now in sync, she and I both knew what was next. She explained to her ex that she was not going to do anything, and situation had changed. She would not be getting him hard, that was way too much work for her. Without another word, I dropped to my knees, as his massive flaccid cock dangled before me. Close up, his cock was massive. It was long, thick, and had huge veins running down the entire shaft. My girlfriend formally introduced me to Mr. Big Dick (MBD), and told me to address him as such going forward. My job was to please him and give him the respect he deserves.

All reason and thought has left me, I was now reacting instinctively. No longer in control, I did as I was commanded. I asked Mr. Big Dick for his permission to touch his cock. He told me to only use my mouth, no hands. yalova escort With my hands behind my back and only using my tongue and mouth, I began slowly to lick up and down his huge flaccid shaft. I am uncertain why he didn’t immediately leave, but I think we all didn’t understand what was happening. Caught in the moment, I think he felt a calm sense of power over me and was enjoying it. I took his circumcised mushroom head into my mouth as drool began to exit my lips and spill onto the floor. His shaft began to grow filling my mouth will a fullness I will never forget. My girlfriend pushed the back of my head further onto his shaft as I began to gag on his fleshy rod. This was no dildo, it was a real man’s cock growing harder each minute. All the practice I had done using the silicon surrogate did not prepare me for the weight and feeling of dominance that Mr. Big Dick had over me. He was still not fully hard, only semi erect, and my jaws began to ache. Pre-cum begins to dribble out of my tiny dick as his shaft is halfway down my throat. My hands still remain behind my back, and I haven’t even touched my straining cock.

My girlfriend is now cheering me on, words that I have never heard her use begin to come from her. Her excitement is clear as well, as her pussy is soaking wet from desire. She instructs me to begin using both my hands on Mr. Big Dick, as she explains that this is the only way to bring him to full erection. Using both my hands to stroke his massive shaft, the feeling of great joy has entered as he is becomes fully aroused and ready to please my goddess. Even fully erect, the weight if his cock causes his shaft to hang curved toward the floor. It has a Peyronie effect, but clearly from weight not damage. It is an impressive sight. He stands proudly before me and my girlfriend, his magnificent shaft in all it’s glory.

I begged Mr. Big Dick to fuck my girlfriend with his massive cock. I profess my servitude and they both know I will be there to service his cock if it should fade. My girlfriend lays on her back, and I guide his enormous shaft into her pussy in a missionary position. Starting with just the tip, I use his cock like a human dildo, working his huge mushroom head into her love hole. Slowly his shaft inches his way deeper and deeper with each stroke. You can see the ecstasy on my girlfriend’s face, as his entire length is now inside her. She begins to taunt me with details of her received pleasure as she now begs him to fuck her harder. And fuck her he did. He pounded her like I never could with my tiny dick.

After my girlfriend’s first orgasm, it is clear she wants more of what she has been missing. They roll over to her being on top so she can control the full length of his shaft entering her. As predicted, his erection is starting to fade. Unable slip his semi limp cock into her I am summoned to assist. With an eagerness that even surprised me, I begin to slurp her juice off his shaft. Using my hands and my mouth, I am able to bring him back to full attention and help guide him back into my girlfriend’s pussy. For extra stimulation, I lick his balls while she bounces on top of him from above to keep his erection. His mighty cock gives my girlfriend her second orgasm. Nearly exhausted, they both collapse on the bed and want to reward me for my obedience. They ask me if I have a request.

I hadn’t stopped touching my cock since the start of the evening events, I was surprised as anyone that I hadn’t blown my load already. I professed my desire to see them in doggie position while I lay under my girlfriend. I wanted to see up close his massive shaft entering her pussy. Something I could never experience myself, but longed to see. At this point, I had proved myself worthy of participation. We all knew how this was going to end. I lay on the bed with my girlfriend 69’d on top of me ready to accept my role as fluffer. MBD stands behind her as I bring him back to full erection and enters her from behind. I remain underneath, working my tongue and hands from clit, shaft, and balls for our mutual pleasure. As the pounding and intensity increased, my final reward was imminent. With one final thrust, Mr. Big Dick pulled his shaft out and busted a huge load all over my face. Simultaneously, without touching my cock, I busted my nut like a shooting geyser with multiple streams landing all over the bed. I licked his shaft clean as he became fully flaccid. My work was done and I proved worthy as the cuckold I had become. Mr. Big Dick had given my girlfriend and I both the best orgasms we have ever had. I remember licking the cum off my face, looking over at her, saying that MBD and his far superior cock will be over again and again to give us both what we need. I needed to be humiliated and the enjoyment seeing my sweet girlfriend pleasured by a huge cock. A pleasure that I could not give her myself.

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