…….Mt Frist Train


…….Mt Frist TrainMy First TrainThere are so many sex terms used today it is mind boggling and each term has different meanings to different people. For example, “Gang Bang.” To me it means a women or a transsexual whom of their own free will copulates with three or more men. When a woman or a transsexual services seven or more strangers, she is having a train pulled on her. This is the story of my very first train.A year after my wife found out I was a male-to-female transgender and I became her cuckold we both had a few new lovers. One of the guys I was fucking pretty regular call me up one evening and want me to meet him at the adult book. He would rent a privet video room and we could have some fun. I was to be there at midnight; and dress in something sexy and provocative. By the way he added, “Plenty of heavy makeup.”We usually fucked at my home but I thought it might be fun to let him use me at the bookstore. Don was a Dom and love to put handcuffs on me. I wondered if he planned to cuff me tonight and if he would bring his board of education. The thought of him spanking me hard with the paddle made my cock twitch. The little pecker was in the chastity cage that my wife made bornova escort me wear when she was out with her boy toys. I arrived at the bookstore just before midnight and found Don waiting for me at the entrance. He approved of the black leather strapless mini dress I had chosen to wear and the five inch black leather open toed heels. We went into the store and Don paid for the privet video room. The clerk told us that the store was closing in an hour. To get to the privet room we had to walk thru the mini booth section of the store. Several men leaned against the walls waiting for a booth to come open. Two or three were trying to peek through the cracks in the doors. As Don and I walked through the area the smell of ejaculated seminal fluid filled the air with a pungent odor. I had spent some time in the mini booths on a few occasions. The floors were always sticky with semen. I wish the guys would learn to swallow instead of spitting or shoot their cum into a paper towel— instead of the floor.Once in the privet room Don and I sat down on the leather love seat and I lit up a Misty Menthol 120 cigarette. We started watching the porn video on the bornova escort bayan television as I waited for Don to get the ball rolling. I finished my cigarette and put it out and turn to Don and said, “Well!” Usually by this time he was having me suck his dick or at least had one or two of his fat fingers stuck up my ass.He smiled and got up taking the handcuffs out of his breast coat pocket. He had me stand at the end of the love seat and bend over the arm of the seat. Don then put the handcuffs on me and ran a rope through the cuffs and over the arm on the opposite side of the love seat. He bent over and tied the rope to something on the floor and it made it impossible for me to stand straight up. The a ring gag was forced into my mouth. Last he pulled up the hem on my mini dress over my ass and with a knife cut my thong undies exposing my Hersey Highway. Good I thought he is going to blister my ass with the paddle.But I was wrong. Out of another suite coat pocket he took a hand full of condoms and placed them on the small table next to the ashtray. I thought what the fuck he’s good for a couple or three loads and there must be at least a dozen escort bornova condoms on the table. Hell the store was closing in less than an hour. I look up at him with questioning eyes and he had a big shit eating grin on his face. Don then tied my ankles to the legs of the love seat. One thing was for sure I was not going anywhere. I then heard him open the door to the privet room.Don left the door open and I knew that anyone standing in the hallway could look right into the room and see my shinny white ass exposed. I heard the shuffling of shoes lining up behind me and saw out of the corner of my eye men reaching for the condoms. I heard Don tell the fellows, “she the little engine that can so have some fun.” Soon I felt the first cock head pressing against my anus and felt that first sharp pain of a cock going deep up my chocolate highway— Thank god he had brought lubricated condoms. I am not sure how many guys had me that night but all the condom on the table were used. My asshole felt like it was on fire when they finally finished using me that night. The last two to use me were Don and the store clerk and they both did me bareback. After they had their fun I was cut loose and un-cuffed. I could barely stand and every step I took walking to my car sent a sharp pain to my anus muscles. I could feel Don and the clerk’s semen running down my legs. Half way home I reached into my purse for a cigarette, it was then I realized I still had the fucking ring gag in my mouth!

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