Mum’s Boyfriend – My Teacher


Ten years ago, I first met my mum’s current boyfriend (partner). I was a mature girl, and had just celebrated my eighteenth birthday the week before (moderator take note). At the time, I remembered I liked him instantly, even though he didn’t speak my first language very much. I did have sufficient English language to hold a basic conversation, which I had learnt at school, but I have to thank him for making my spoken and written English the level it is today. He always enjoyed spending time with me and I with him. He encouraged me academically and to be proficient in music (I play the piano to a high standard) and also in sport. He taught me so much, even matters of the “birds and the bee’s”, at my insistence. I was curious and wanted to know everything about being a mature, intelligent and cultured adult.

I loved the summers with him, especially when he gave me his time and attention. We played a lot of active sport and games in the pool, river or at the coast. He took me to museums, galleries and places of interest. I loved visiting London (his home town), the vibe was exciting for such a large city. We often pitched up in Camden, Shoreditch or the South Bank as well as taking in and enjoying various other sites. We would spend most of the school summer holidays together, just him, me and Sheba (my dog). Mum, due to her work schedule rarely had time off during the summer months because her workload was always so busy that time of year (she had been running her own travel business).

From a skinny, gangly young girl, I had developed into an attractive young woman. When I looked in the mirror, I liked what reflected back at me. All the sport and exercise had paid off with good results, even if I say so myself. I would often caress and feel my body all over, squeezing my 34C’s and tweaking and pulling on my nipples. I had lost my virginity to a guy at college (yes moderator, I was over the age of 18), and if the truth be known, I was not that impressed with the sex. To date, I had experienced more pleasure from my own administrations of fingers and toys.

I was aware that men and women found me attractive and sexually alluring, with both sexes making approaches on a regular basis. It felt nice to be desired but I was starting to worry that I had not met anyone that filled me with the same wants and urges or turn me on beyond a basic ‘attraction’. My breasts with their highly sensitive nipples would always give me away, whenever I was sexually turned on by an admirer. I regularly played with myself, touching, inserting and exploring my body and how exciting it felt. I was becoming more and more fascinated by the ultimate joys of sex, with both men and women.

As I got to know my mum’s boyfriend and learnt more about life, I schemed, I asked loads of questions, the more embarrassing the better, and I started to learn English words I shouldn’t. Mum’s boyfriend Jack, never once got mad or angry but always answered, questioning in return and explaining, teaching…

This continued throughout my young adult life, me becoming more brazen, more daring, more tactile and more sexually charged.

Things turned interesting as I approached my nineteenth birthday. Mum and Jack decided to take me for a ‘surprise’ holiday to Spain. I remembered my mum and I having our very first holiday together there and had always wanted to go back as an adult. So for my birthday treat, we returned to southern Spain. As soon as we arrived we were straight down to the pool. Me, in my nice new bikini, and my mum’s boyfriend, ran and dived into the pool, while mum spread out topless, sunbathing. Mum’s boyfriend and I played for hours, he teaching me how to dive properly, tag and playing Water Polo.

Has luck had it, we were on opposite teams for the Water Polo contest, thus I made sure that I marked him closely. And ‘closely’ I did. I used any excuse to touch and jump on him. More often than not foul play, but we were not strictly playing to any rules. The more we touched, the more I wanted. I would jump on his back, wrap my legs around his waist, neck and find any excuse to get my constantly throbbing pussy and nipples in contact with his body. He had always kept himself very fit and strong and although he was older, he had a better physique than most men I had seen. I took as much advantage as I could.

I would ‘accidently’ run my leg between his, in the hope of feeling his cock. I had only seen it once, covered in shower gel, when I walked into the bathroom by mistake (honest) a couple of months ago. He was most embarrassed at the time. He had a massive erection and had been stroking it (at the time, I thought he was just washing it) and he quickly tried to cover up as much as he could. Ever since that time, I couldn’t stop thinking about it and became more and more curious and wanted to touch it, kiss it and get intimate with it.

When we were back at the villa we would play fight, he taught me the basics of Judo, and Gaziantep Fetiş Escort he would help me with somersaults and gymnastics etc. My favourite was the backward somersault where I would climb onto the front of his shoulders, my pussy in his face then roll backwards. A few times I managed to get my pussy in contact with his nose and chin. The ‘electricity’ that ran through my body when this occurred, had me in a constant arousal state. I wasn’t sure if mum knew what I was up to, she had been brought up quite strict in a catholic/puritan environment and her boyfriend was a lot more liberal and open-minded. He would answer any of my questions, no subject was avoided and he never got angry, just either explaining without blame or throwing an alternative light on things.

One evening after being down at the beach all day, mum had gone to meet an old university friend for a drink and that left us on our own for the evening. We played cards and a few table games, then I had to shower the dirt, sand and salt off me from the day’s activities. Whilst in the shower I came up with an idea. I shouted/shrieked out to Jack from the shower. “Spider!” He came running to see what was up. “There’s a huge spider in the shower, please get it,” I cried.

“Where is it? I can’t see any spider.” He said, between looking open-mouthed and wide-eyed at my naked body and in the hot, running shower.

“Take off your T-shirt and have a closer look in the shower,” I replied.

He was hesitant in removing his T-shirt but he did and looked around the shower, for the invisible spider. After looking and finding nothing, I suggested that it must have run down the plug hole when I screamed. I apologised for being scared of the spider but asked him to shower with me in case it returned, and could he wash my back for me? He slightly blushed and looked embarrassed before he agreed to, but kept his shorts on. I laughed and said I had seen him naked before and his shorts were getting wet. With that, he removed his shorts, trying to hide his modesty, saying “No looking, you.”

I giggled, and then became lost for words. Wow, I couldn’t stop looking at his erect, circumcised cock. It looked amazing and it was sure larger than I remembered. Had my young, naked and sexually aroused body had that effect on him and his cock? My senses, my nipples and my pussy, instantly reacted and my hands subconsciously brushed my nipples and touched between my thighs. Before I could move or do anything, he turned me round and started washing my back. I so wanted to feel his hands all over my body and wished for him to wash me all over and explore me completely.

He did to a certain extent, but without touching any ‘sensitive’ parts of my body. I of course made every attempt to bump my body into his and a few times I felt is hard cock in the middle of my back. I turned and there it was, still impressively erect and covered in the soap off my back. I said that I wanted to wash him, well the parts I could reach and he couldn’t, was my excuse.

He said that I could explore and touch as much as I liked and to go no further. It had to remain our secret. I readily agreed, not giving mum a second thought, and with my hands coated in shower gel, I placed both hands around his cock. It looked massive in my hands and so impressive. The guys at college had little tiny maggots, while here, I had a live, wild serpent. I loved the feel of him and started rubbing my hands up and down that elegant hard fuck stick, his breathing and voice began to change.

He asked if I would like to stop. I didn’t, and I naturally started ‘wanking’ him harder and faster until he started to groan and lose control. A mass of creamy white sperm ejaculated from his cock, splashing on to my tits and upper body. My mouth was agape, amazed and awestruck as he came all over my body. Exhausted and spent, he pulled me close to his chest. Lifting me he bent down and kissed me, inserting his tongue. We kissed deeply and energetically, searching for our inner craving of lust and desire for each other. I needed to feel and to fully know him. I was so desperate to have him penetrating me deep and fucking me hard.

I could feel his warm sperm on my body, his passion had ignited a sexual desire, warming from inside. I loved the taste of his mouth and his manly aroma and knew I wanted more.

Whilst he was holding me tight, I managed to rest my excited pussy on the head of his rapidly recovering cock. I left my clit sitting on his enlarged ‘head’ and gently rubbed it harder against him. The more I gratified my hot, buzzing clit, the more lubricated my cunt became, taking more and more of his fabulous fuck-stick deeper inside. Pretty soon, I knew I had it all when his pubic bone started increasing the stimulation on my clit. Woooooah, that felt so electric, so addictive, I wouldn’t have been surprised to see a double rainbow. Then the sudden realisation that throughout my early life, I had been too busy staring at the hole instead of the doughnut.

The deeper he thrust, the tighter I gripped his cock. It almost became a natural, involuntary action, driven like a metronome. Driving me onwards to a spine chilling orgasm, that ripped through me, my own sexual earthquake, my body shuddering to a new level of fulfilment and understanding. I was gripping and holding on to him so tight, that he had no option but to explode deep inside me. His warm sperm filled me to complete sexual satisfaction and I tried to keep him in me for as long as I could. I didn’t want to let go. He was joined to me in so many ways. The warm water cascading from the shower, providing an ideal back-drop.

Our sexual Olympics did not end there. The next hour and thirty minutes were some of the most exhilarating I had ever felt. He washed me all over, gently massaging my breasts, nipples and eventually my very needy pussy. Running his finger up and down my entrance, tweaking my clit. At the time it felt so good and the pleasure I felt coursing through my body was unbelievable. I now know I was having my first full-on orgasms that had now changed my sexual landscape. This was the beginning of my future journey into hedonistic desire and sexual discovery and I knew this was what I wanted.

That evening we went out to get something to eat and purchased some food items for the next day. Being with him was magical and I knew my ‘girly’ days were behind me and ‘toys’ were soon to take on a whole new meaning.

In the middle of the night, I woke up to a muffled voice in the main bedroom. I went to look and walked in on my mum riding her boyfriend hard, he was pulling her nipples and they were talking about her date and how her ‘friend’ and black lover, had fucked her on the beach and entered all of her holes (of course I didn’t fully know what they were talking about at the time). My sudden presence seemed to dampen their fun a bit, and I just said I had a bad dream and climbed in between them, cuddling my mum but backing my bum against a still rock hard erection. Bliss, and a great night’s sleep. Good night John-boy…

My young adult years were great. I went to a good college and university and grew up in a nice, secure and supported home environment. We were far from rich. My mum had been the single wage earner until Jack arrived on the scene and along with my grandma who was retired, and me, made up our family. Sadly my grandma passed away six months after our return from holiday. From then on, I spent a lot of time with Jack during the school holidays with the occasional friends around. And gradually I was becoming more and more independent, slowly growing in confidence and growing secure about my looks, body shape and social acceptance.

My mum’s boyfriend, Jack, encouraged me to be confident, fearless and to follow my instincts. He motivated me, guided me and was there to catch me when I fell. I did fall a few times. But deep inside, I knew there was more about me and that I would achieve, succeed and make something of myself.

When we got back from my ‘nineteenth’ holiday in Spain, there was still four weeks of the college holidays left and mum’s boyfriend would be staying with us for the whole of that period. I was so pleased and ecstatic that I constantly had him on my mind. I began scheming and planning. But first I had to catch up with my college friend Asta.

Asta was so excited to see me, she had some news. While I had been away, she had finally given in to her boyfriend and they had ‘done it’ down by the river. I think I always knew what she meant, but I was too busy thinking how much I was enjoying fucking my mum’s boyfriend. Asta began telling me how she had lost her virginity ‘again’, during a day swimming and sunbathing down by the river. I wasn’t really listening and it didn’t sound amazing, although she tried to describe it as such.

Although I had lost my virginity sometime before, it was not an enjoyable experience. I was an adult and had been sexually active but I still felt like a ‘virgin’ until I discovered how exciting sex with my mum’s boyfriend had been. I gave nothing away when Asta asked if I had met anyone on holiday. It was strange, I no longer felt like the giggly student of two months before. In my mind I knew what I wanted and who I wanted it with.

Mum always woke early on a work day and was out of the house by 6am. As I listened to her car driving away, I became wide awake, thinking of the holiday and mum’s boyfriend lying alone in the next room. My hands began to wander, touching, caressing and exploring my body. Exciting my nipples, grazing my skin, my stomach and slipping my fingers into my panties and stroking my thighs…

I was getting hot and so horny, to the point where I wasn’t going to satisfy myself in the same tantalising, erotic way that events with mum’s boyfriend had. I removed my nighty and panties, and completely naked, I crept into mum’s bedroom, and slipped under the sheet and cuddled up to the gorgeous, manly hunk that was my mum’s boyfriend, who was fast asleep with his back to me.

He didn’t stir has I brought my full but sensitive breasts into contact with his back and my pussy with his firm bum. I couldn’t keep my hand still, stroking his arm and reaching round and gently tugging his nipples. He still didn’t stir. I grew bolder, tugging his nipples harder and kissing his shoulder. He let out a slow moan but did not wake. I looked over and I could see the slow beginnings of an erection. I stared, transfixed to the way it just got bigger and harder. I loved it and I was determined to have the full experience of it. Looking at him fully erect, he seemed even larger than the last time I had seen him hard. I became unsure about whether I could take all of it and how much it would hurt but it looked so appealing, and I was struggling to control my desires.

My hand floated towards his fully erect cock. Gently touching it and encircling my hand around it. I loved the touch and feel of his hard cock in my hand, the silkiness of the skin, the gentle throb, the pulse. I cupped my hand around the enlarged head and squeezed a bit harder, then run my hand down his rod of iron, then slowly back up to the tip. A small amount of liquid was oozing from the tip. I had to touch it, feel its warmth and stickiness, bringing it uncontrollably to my tongue.

My fingers returned to the head of his cock and my index finger began to smear the pre cum all around the head as more and more leaked from the tip. Mum’s boyfriend appeared to be still asleep but he had started to let out pleasurable moans the more I touched his cock and ran my hand up and down it. He turned and rolled onto his back but appeared to still be asleep.

I climbed in between his spread thighs and started stroking his cock again, with both my hands. His hands moved up around to my waist and thighs gliding in small circles until one hand started stroking my inner thighs, gradually getting closer to my pussy. He must have felt how wet and soaked my pussy was, urging to be touched, screaming to be fucked. I bent down towards his beautiful engorged cock, smelling his manliness and extended my tongue to lick his pre-cum. I licked all around the head and held it with my lips.

I had heard my friends discuss blow jobs and I had seen the odd semi-pornographic video, but knew no more about blow jobs than most other girls at college. That was not going to stop me.

I opened my mouth wider and took his ‘head’ and a few inches at first, into my mouth. I remember not being sure what to do next, other than to simulate the actions of my hands lower down his shaft. As I began bobbing my head up and down, he moved one hand to the back of my head and started to control the rhythm of my head, occasionally holding my head still while he gradually pushed more of his cock into my mouth until I was just about to gag, then he would release, allowing me to catch my breath. Meanwhile, with his other hand he had discovered my eager, wet pussy and was stroking my clit, sending unbelievable pleasure through my whole body. From my clit he traced the line of my plump entrance, down to my ass. I could feel his wet finger moistening my ass and the area around it. The more he moistened my ass the more and more I liked the feeling and the more lubricated I became.

God, It felt amazing, taking more and more of his cock into my mouth, while my hands stroked faster and gripped harder. And wow, was my pussy on the verge of exploding, aching to be entered and fucked. With that thought, I suddenly started to feel his cock jerk in my mouth, and his moans and groans became more and more uncontrollable. Mum’s boyfriend exploded in my mouth and the suddenness of his eruption almost made me choke, but I managed to swallow most of his cum, nearly swallowing his cock as well. I sucked and swallowed as much as I could, his hand holding the back of my head, while the fingers of his other hand were massaging my clit and the lower fingers almost entering me.

I so wanted to feel him in me, but my body had reached the point of no return. It was my turn to cry out in ecstasy as my orgasm exploded out of control, I thrust my hips forward and I felt his fingers slide into my well lubricated pussy. He held his fingers still, I gripped with all my energy and rode out the remainder of my orgasm.

I collapsed on top of his chest, holding on to the fingers deep in me. I looked into his eyes with a feeling of love glowing in mine. We didn’t say a word, none were needed, he lent forward and our lips came together and we kissed for an eternity, eventually drifting off to sleep in each other’s arms.

Fifteen months later, I am currently flying back from Miami to London where mum’s boyfriend will collect me at Gatwick and take me home. Mum is away, so it will just be him and me. We have not seen each other for twelve weeks. I miss him, I miss his touch and fuck, I miss his wonderful cock. As I think of him, my mind drifts…

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