Subject: My Brother’s Best Friend 7 This story is entirely ficticious any resemblance to any real people is completely coincidental. This story is meant for adults so if you’re underage then you need to leave, then again I can’t exactly stop you so fuck it hope you enjoy it. Please consider donating to this wonderful site and keep it running. Any comments, criticisms or suggestions can be directed to ail ————————————————————– When we got to the living room I turned on the TV and sat on the sofa, Mikey jumped on my lap straddling me with his back against my chest. My cock was hard and nestled between his delectable cheeks with my head rubbing his back. He wiggled back and forth and giggled as I moaned. I reached around him and grasped his hard boy cock, he threw his head back and moaned as I stroked him. I squirted some lube over his stomach and cock as I kissed his neck. I wanted him as horny as possible for when Chad got here. He lifted his feet up to rest on my knees and I felt him curling his toes, he let out a satisfied sigh and humped his butt back at me. “Fuck me Cole,” he moaned as I nibbled on his ear lobe. “You want my cock up your little boy butt?” I whispered and slipped my tongue in his ear. “Yessssss,” he sighed gripping my knees with his cute toes. “Say it,” I smiled and stopped stroking him. “I-I want, I want your big fat cock up my tiny little boy butt.” He yelled out and tried to get my hand moving again. “Good boy,” I kissed his cheek. Grabbing his hips I lifted him up, he reached back and held my shoulders for support, I squirted a generous amount of lube all over my raging stiffy and aimed it at his hole. Using my hand I eased him down, we both let out deep moans as I sunk into him. He dropped his feet off me and leaned back as my balls pressed against him, I slid down on the sofa so we were in more of a reclining position. His little 3 inch boy cock was pointing towards the ceiling, I wrapped my fingers around it again and ever so slowly jerked him. He tried to hump his ass on me but I stopped him, Chad didn’t live too far away so he should be here soon. For now I just wanted to to enjoy the feeling of his twitching ass around my dick. “Fuck meeee,” he groaned wiggling his hips. I squeezed his tiny balls gently as his ass clenched, I moaned and felt my cock flex. I reached up and turned his head and caught his lips in a kiss, his tongue slithered into my mouth, I eagerly met it with my own. We sat making out with him just sitting on my cock, I wanted desperately to just grab his hips and fuck the shit out of him. I resisted the urge as I wanted him hard and ready for Chad. Before we knew it there was a knock on the door, we broke the kiss and looked at each other, he gave me his cute little smile, I gave him a smile of my own and reluctantly lifted him off my cock. “Wait here sexy boy,” I smiled giving him a quick peck on the lips. “Okay,” He sat back on the sofa and began stroking his hard cock. I went for the door and checked the peep hole making sure it was Chad, it would be pretty awkward if it wasn’t. It was him so I opened the door wide making sure my cock was aimed at him. “Hey babe, oh is that for me?” He grinned wrapping his hands around my slimy shaft, “Mmm you even got it all wet for me.” I didn’t answer I just pulled him into a deep tongue filled kiss. I managed to pull him inside and closed the door. I groped him through his shorts and felt him get harder. As we continued to kiss I pulled his shorts and underwear down. I broke the kiss to strip him all the way naked. Chad was 5’10 and had dirty blonde hair, his hazel eyes always seemed to twinkle with mischief. He’s 17 the same as me and has a sexy swimmers physique. His cock is 7.5 inches but it’s much thicker than mine. I couldn’t wait to see him balls deep inside Mikey. “The surprise is in the living room,” I smiled and pointed the way. I followed him in and watched as his face turned from smiling to shock, ataköy escort he was speechless as he took in the sight of the naked and erect 12 year old boy jerking off. He turned to look at me, his eyes went from my face to my hard lubed cock then to Mikey. I smirked as I saw the realisation of what’s been going on wash over his face. “Y-y-you,” he stammered pointing his finger between me and Mikey, “You’ve been fucking him?” “I have,” I admitted proudly. “And he wants you to fuck him too, don’t you buddy?” “Uh huh,” Mikey nodded and smiled before getting up and turning to kneel on the sofa, he reached back to spread his boy cheeks apart showing us his glistening pink hole. His hole had closed up a bit but still gaped slightly, I noticed Chad’s cock didn’t soften any, in fact, he seemed to be harder than ever as he looked at Mikey’s gorgeous boy hole. I smiled and slipped up beside him cuddling up close to his side. “Isn’t that just the sexiest thing you’ve ever seen?” I whispered licking his ear. Chad’s tongue flicked out to wet his lips as his eyes burned into Mikey’s upturned ass, my right hand wrapped around his throbbing cock as my left groped his muscular ass, my middle finger slipped between his cheeks and rubbed over his hole as I slowly jerked him. “B-but he’s just a kid,” he muttered with a moan. “Oh fuck off,” I chuckled, “you were much younger than him when you got fucked by Mr Harris.” Mikey looked back over his shoulder at us and smiled as he pulled his cheeks as far apart as he could get them. “Just imagine how tight that little underage ass will be as you slide inside,” I squeezed his cock tightly and slid my hand down to the base trying to get his mind thinking of it. “You know you want it.” He just moaned in response and a string of precum dribbled out of his tip. I slowly shuffled us over to Mikey until we were right behind him, I slapped Chad’s cock head down right on Mikey’s tiny boy hole. The y both let out a moan as the slap caused the string of precum to splash in his crack. Chad’s hands seemed to automatically grasp Mikey’s thin hips. “Tell Chad just how much you want his dick baby,” I told Mikey as I moved his hands to allow his cheeks to hotdog Chad. “Please Chad, please, stick your big fat dick up my tiny underage boy ass, I need it so deep inside me,” to support his begging he humped his hips up and down chasing Chad’s cock. “Oh God,” Chad moaned, whether it was from Mikey’s dirty mouth or the feeling of his ass I’m not sure, most likely both. I nudged Chad’s bulbous head against Mikey’s hole and applied the tiniest amount of pressure. The very tip of his dick began to part Mikey’s pink ass lips, his eyes closed and he tried to thrust further inside, I didn’t let him. “Oh no, not just yet,” I grinned pulling him away. He groaned in frustration but I dropped to my knees and took him in my mouth. His fingers twisted in my hair and he thrust forward. I gagged as his head hit the back of my throat. I’ve never been able to actually get all of his cock in my mouth, he’s just too damn thick. I slobbered and drooled all over his sexy cut cock, I took as much as I could and wrapped my fingers around the base, my other hand grabbed his ass. I kneaded his cheek as he thrust in and out of my hot, wet mouth. Before he could get too much pleasure from my sloppy blow job I pulled away from him, I just wanted to get him as horny as I could. I turned my head to see that Mikey had turned around and was sitting jerking off as he watched me sucking cock, I gave him a smile and he smiled back. He stopped jerking and thrust his cock towards me. Grabbing his hips I pulled him to the edge of the sofa and pushed his legs back, I took hold of his ankle and sucked his middle 3 toes of his right foot in my mouth, taking hold of my still lubed cock I eased it to his hole and slammed balls deep. Mikey squealed and threw his head back. “Oh fuck,” I heard from Chad. Glancing over to him I smirked around merter escort Mikey’s tasty toes, he was stroking his spit soaked cock as he watched me fuck my boy. “Don’t pretend you don’t want to fuck this sexy little boy,” I said taking his toes out of my mouth, “Of course if you really don’t want to then it’s probably best if you go home.” I brought his little toes back to my mouth as I began to slowly fuck him, my fingers wrapped around his stiff little boy cock and began to stroke him. “NO, fuck no I’m not leaving, God I do want to fuck him, him and Cam, I have for years, they are both so hot.” He was panting hard now as he jerked faster. With Mikey’s toes still in my mouth I turned to face Chad with a raised eyebrow. “Oh come on, don’t tell me you’ve never thought about Cam,” he smirked seeing my look. I had thought about my little brother a lot if I’m being honest, the thought of him and Mikey together, naked, hard, sweaty and playing together was a hot thought. My cock throbbed deep inside Mikey as I pictured them together, Mikey must have felt it too as he moaned and twisted his hips. Spitting his toes out I pulled my cock out, much to Mikey’s disappointment, and stood up after grabbing the bottle of lube. I slapped Chad’s hand off his cock and coated it in lube. “You better be gentle when you stretch out my sexy little boyfriend’s butt,” I warned him as I jerked him. “Your boyfriend?” Chad asked in surprise raising his brow. “Yup, we’re a couple now aren’t we baby?” I regarded my sexy boyfriend. “Yeah, we love each other,” he nodded smiling at me lovingly. “Lucky fucker,” Chad smiled as he moved away from me and knelt between Mikey’s wide open legs. “Wait,” I yelled out just as Chad pressed his head against Mikey’s hole. “Not like this.” They both gave me quizzical looks as I pulled them to their feet, I managed to maneuver them so they were length ways on the sofa. Mikey was on his hands and knees while chad was kneeling behind him. I told them to hang on while I went to grab my phone. “Just like that,” I smiled as I set my phone to record the show. I got next to Chad and aimed the phone right at Mikey’s upturned hole, Chad squirted more lube on the pink little hole and nudged his cock up to it. They both moaned as half of Chad’s head spread him open, Mikey’s head dropped to the cushions as Chad pushed in further. Once Chad’s thick helmet was totally inside he couldn’t seem to hold back, he pushed forward sinking half his thick shaft inside my boy. Mikey’s head lifted up and his eye’s seemed to bulge at the feeling of being stretched so much so fast. “Take it easy on him dick,” I gave Chad a slap on the back of his head. I moved to stroke Mikey’s hair, “you doing alright baby? Just tell me if it get’s too much.” “N-no please, d-don’t stop,” tears were streaming down his cheeks as he scrunched his eyes closed, “It’s so thick.” I reached underneath him and fondled his now flaccid cock as Chad slowly pushed deeper. It took a little time but eventually every inch of Chad’s cock had disappeared inside Mikey’s ass. “Oh fuck baby boy, you got it all inside you,” I tousled his hair and gave him a kiss on the cheek, “how do you feel?” “So full,” he managed to pant. “Such a good boy,” I whispered giving his ear a lick. By now Chad was slowly thrusting back and forth, when he was balls deep he would give a hard thrust forward causing Mikey to grunt with the impact. Feeling a little left out I got on my knees in front of Mikey, he opened his eyes and looked up at me smiling weakly. Without a word his little tongue flicked over my tip, I aimed the camera at his face and captured every moment his tongue licked over me. I ran my hand through his hair as he took me in his mouth. I humped against him sliding deeper until I hit his throat. He gagged but didn’t pull away, Everytime Chad thrust inside more of my cock filled his mouth. It took a little work but me and Chad finally got our rythym right, we bahçeşehir escort had Mikey pretty much skewered on our cocks with both of us getting balls deep at the same time. “So fucking good, fuck he’s so tight.” Chad moaned looking me in the eyes, his hands roaming over Mikey’s smooth back. I smiled at him and leaned forward giving him a passionate kiss. Our tongues duelled as we fucked into my boy, the sound of flesh slapping and Mikey gagging filled the room. My balls were thoroughly soaked in his spit and were slapping against his chin. “Oh God, I’m so fucking close.” Chad almost screamed out breaking our kiss. “Me too,” I agreed throwing my phone down so I could fondle Mikey as much as I could. We both continued thrusting and fondling Mikey as we kissed again. Both of us were ravaging him, fucking him harder and faster, using him like a sex toy. “I’m cumming,” Chad yelled and gave three more savage thrusts before squeezing his hips and holding deep inside. He let out a primal roar and I knew he was filling up my boy. I pulled my cock out of Mikey’s mouth and he took a deep breath, I lifted his head and kissed him as Chad emptied his balls. When he finally calmed down he pulled out and fell back with the biggest smile on his face. “Feel good?” I asked, knowing the answer. “Fuck, yes,” he replied between breaths. I slid down further on the sofa until my balls were under Mikey’s chin, I lifted him up to lie on top of me so we were face to face, my still hard cock sticking up between his legs. “You okay buddy?” I asked kissing his cheek. “Yeah,” he smiled weakly still trying to catch his breath. “You didn’t cum.” “No, I wanted to do it in your ass,” I gave him a peck on the lips. “Can I?” “Yup.” He nodded his head. I smiled at him and sat him up, he bit his lip as he lifted up and I aimed my cock at his sloppy, cum filled ass. He moaned as he sat down on it. Chad had really done a number on him, he was still tight but there was no resistance at all as he bottomed out. “Chad come here and suck my boyfriend’s beautiful boy cock as I fuck him.” It was a little awkward doing it like this so I spun Mikey around so he was facing Chad, his ass clenched as Chad took his cock in his mouth. I slowly thrust up and down holding his slim hips. I was right on the edge after the blowjob he gave me. I fucked him as Chad blew him his ass was spasming as he moaned. “I’m cumming buddy,” I called out as I held him impaled on me, my balls tightened and released their pent up load. I had been edging too much it felt like a weeks worth of cum was shooting out of me. I stayed inside him as Chad sucked his orgasm from him, his ass went crazy as he bucked and wiggled. When it was done he fell back with his head on my chest, I wrapped him in my arms and my wilting cock flopped out of him, followed by a trail of cum landing on it. I felt Chad licking my cock clean then he must have tongued Mikey’s hole as he let out a gasp. “That was so fucking hot,” Chad said as he squeezed in beside us and wrapped his arm around us. We lay there in the afterglow and talked about ways to see if Cam would like to join us. Wit hthe talking and the fondling we were getting all excited again. We spent the rest of the day sucking, fucking, licking and kissing. We did it every room in the house until everywhere smelled like sex. We did eat when we got hungry too. Mikey had a go at fucking us both, he said he liked it but preferred being bottom. Unfortunately it had to come to an end, when it got to the time we all showered together and walked Mikey home. I made Chad come back to mine to clean up all the cum and lube we had everywhere. Once everywhere was cleaned and the windows were open Chad went home. I climbed into bed sexually exhausted but extremely satisfied. Tomorrow my parent’s are coming home and Cam too. A lot of questions went through my head, should I tell him about me and Mikey? Should I seduce him? Would he play with us? Will those questions get answered? Maybe in another story. The End..? ————————————————————– Sorry about the wait for this chapter. This is the end of this story for now, I might continue it but if I do it will be called something else. Feel free to email me about anything at all 🙂 My email is ail

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