My Buddy’s Wife 1


Rachele is a stunningly hot chick. She has tight little A-cup tits, and an ass to die for. Her hair is a dark brunette and hangs half-way down her back. She stands around 5′ 7″ and about 135lbs.

Before Rachele married my buddy, I talked to her and asked her if she was sure she was done being a wild child. “Fucking the same cock for the rest of your life can’t be all its cracked up to be.”, I told her. She told me she knew what she was doing and she was ready to settle down and start a family. I trusted that what she said was sincere and never spoke of it again.

One night about three months after the wedding Rachel sent me a text and asked if I would come and hang out with her before she went to work, my buddy was already at work and had been for a few hours. I told her I would and started toward their house. This wasn’t uncommon she often wanted someone to hangout with while he was away, even if only for a few hours. So, I had no reason to think different about this day. that was until I got to the house.

I walked up to the door and found it pulled open slightly, I thought, (well she knew I was coming so she probably just left the door open for me). I was right, the door was left open for me, I wouldn’t know the reason why until I entered the house. I walked in and kocaeli escort yelled “Hello! Where are ya?” At that point I noticed the bathroom door had also been left open and there was a steady haze of steam pouring out. Then I heard her voice say, “I’m in here”, from the bathroom. I walked over to the door and said, “Ok, I’ll just wait out here.” Just as I began to step toward the living room she said, “Actually can you grab my towel for me? I’ve got soap in my eyes and can’t find it” I stepped in the bathroom and noticed her hand sticking through the shower curtain searching for the towel. The towel was hanging on the rod like always. “Thats odd” I thought to myself “Why couldn’t she find it?” No sooner did I finish the thought and I found out exactly what her hand was searching for.

Her hand grabbed the bulge in my blue jeans and began to massage my package. I couldn’t believe it. At first I froze. My mind began to race, (What if he comes home? What if he finds out another way?). Interrupting my thoughts Rachele said, “I’ve been a very naughty filthy girl. I need to be punished”
Snapping back to reality as she undid my pants and let them fall to the floor. I began to utter “So, what are we going to…” Just then I felt her lips engulf my now throbbing hard cock.

As she swallowed darıca escort my rod, I grabbed the back of her head and forced it further down on my me. forcing her to deepthroat the entire thing. I pulled out to give her a breathe and she said, “Is that all you got baby? I’m still feeling like a bad girl!” I rammed my dick back into her throat and began fucking her face still forcing her to take every inch. She grabbed my balls and began groping them as I pounded her face.

I let her go and took the rest of my clothes off and hopped in the shower with her. I motioned for her to turn around. She did so and bent over giving me access to her pussy from behind. I pushed the tip of my dick slightly into her wet hole, and stopped. She turned her head and said, “Please baby! Fuck me! Make me a good little slut!” I pulled my dick out and began to insert it again. I pushed in slowly, very slowly. I wanted her to feel every inch of my thick cock. She squirmed attempting to push herself back against me. I just kept pushing slowly. when I got most of the way in… I reached around her and grabbed her throat, “Do you want it baby?” I asked.
Yes, YES, Please baby, Fuck me make me take it!” she cried

I pulled my dick all that way out again just as she started to whine, I rammed gölcük escort my cock deep inside her. The whine became a pleasureful moan instead. I began fucking her hard and deep. gripping her hips pulling her toward me for each thrust. She moaned as she’d never been fucked like this before.

I reached around her hip with one hand and pressed her clit up against her body. I held it tightly, so tightly that I could feel my dick inside her pumping away at her tight little pussy. It wasn’t long before her pussy started to contract. I knew she was close.

She arched her back and leaned back toward me while I continued fucking her. She kissed me passionately and said, “I want to drink your cum.” with a slutty look on her face.

As soon as she bent forward again she began violently contracting. She asked in her sweetest voice, “Can I cum Master? Please let me cum I want to cum all over you! Please baby! Please!” Just as I gave her permission she cam hard! So hard it pushed me out of her pussy and squirted all over me! Wave after wave of her cum drenched me from belly to toe.

As soon as she was done, she quickly turned around and got on her knees. She swallowed my cock without me forcing it in this time. I held on to the back of her head as she sucked me. I blew my load deep in her throat, it gushed out and down her chin. she drank every last drop.

I can’t wait until next time. The punishment will be more severe and a touch more violent.

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