My Dream Job as a Dentist Pt. 04

Big Tits

7 am, my alarm clock rings. It was D-Day. I got out of bed in a flash and took my time to get ready. After meticulously brushing my teeth and taking a warm shower, I did my hair and my make-up, with a final touch of red lipstick. That day, I decided to wear my white lingerie set, a checked miniskirt, a white shirt, golden earrings, and black platform heels. Even though I would have to arrive 30 minutes early to get changed into the dental dress, I wanted to look gracious.

It was 8:10 am when my taxi arrived to pick me up. I was a bit nervous but not as much as I was the precedent evening. When I entered, I greeted Ashley and the two nurses at the lobby and went directly to the changing room. This was when I first met nurse Jessica, who worked with Dr. Monica and with whom I would soon be treating patients. She was 5,4 feet tall (like me) and in her mid-twenties. She was dark-haired and had a bobbed haircut which suited her very well. As I arrived, she was slipping on her white stay ups stockings. As soon as she saw me entering, she came to introduce herself.

Jessica: Hey there, I am nurse Jessica, from Dr. Monica’s dental team, nice to meet you! I guess that you are Victoria, the new nurse?

Me: Hi Jessica, indeed it’s me! We will be working together starting from today onwards!

Jessica: Dr. Monica is eager to meet you! Let’s get changed, she will tell you everything about the center’s rules and today’s agenda.

We finished dressing up, had a nice girl chat and by 8:45 am we walked through the main corridor which led to the many examination rooms. We arrived in front of Dr. Monica’s dental office and entered.

Jessica: Good Morning Doctor, I am here with our new nurse, Victoria.

At the left of the room, there she was, sitting on a stool and looking at some dental files. She stood up and came to greet us with a shining white perfect smile. If beautiful could be a word, it would definitely be Dr.Monica. Her skin color was tanned, and her face looked like an angel’s. Her eyes were of piercing blue. Like Dr. Linda, she was wearing a green mid-thigh sheath latex dress, black lace-top stay ups stockings with open-toe stilettos. Her thick black hair was tied up in a bun. She took my hands in hers, and in a crystal-clear voice, the following words came out from her beautiful manisa escort red lips.

Dr. Monica: Hello honey, I am Dr. Monica and I am so glad that you have been assigned to my team. Your dress fits you well. Dr. Linda told me everything this morning when I arrived. It seems that you are a dentistry enthusiast but that you have never practiced before. Don’t worry, me and nurse Jessica will turn you into an expert in no time.

Me: Thank you for your warm welcome, I am really looking forward to treating patients with you.

Dr. Monica: We are a bit early before our first patients’ appointment, so I am going to explain the rules and today’s agenda. There are 3 main rules. At first, whatever the procedure is, whether it is a root canal, a cleaning or even a simple check-up, you must always wear your latex gloves and face mask. Secondly, girls categorized as “regular patients” must be treated in the most pleasant way possible. They can ask for music, TV, and even intimate massaging. As you may have noticed, next to the tray with the instruments is a small table where you can choose between different dildo sizes and different vibrator shapes.

This dental office was something, never had I seen something like this.

Finally, on the other hand, patients categorized as “naughty or problem patients” must be firmly secured to the chair and cannot be administered any anesthetic, hence the restraints. With some training, you will be able to restrain naughty girls in no time all by yourself.

For sure, gloving and masking up was something that I found natural, I would never have forgotten these simple cleanliness standards. On top of that, I have always thought that it matched perfectly with our sexy outfit. What made me worry at that time was my ability to restrain someone. But Dr. Monica’s managed to reassure me.

Our first patient must already be here. We shouldn’t keep her wait. Jessica, go fetch her as we set up the instruments and the dental chair. How are you feeling Victoria?

Me: I feel confident! Eager to start! Shall we restrain our first patient?

“starts laughing” Dr. Monica: Not at all, she comes on a weekly basis for checkups. She loves intimate massages. Jessica will take care of that, and you, you’ll assist me. This morning we escort manisa have two regular patients and, in the afternoon, two “problem patients”. It’s going to be more entertaining.

We sat on the stools and set up the instruments. The dental office was very modern. The floor was tiled in black, and the walls painted in a shining white. The leather dental chair was spacy and had the usual restraints, but what surprised me were the stools. They were equipped with a vibrator which was especially positioned to reach under the dress, directly in contact with our pussy. On the side, there were switches to adjust the intensity and the height. What a magnificent invention. The DRC was at the forefront of technology. Just the range of 10 different drills was a reflection of the facility’s technological superiority.

A few minutes later, Jessica entered with a brunette called Isabel. At first glance I supposed she was in her early forties, a pretty woman. Myself, Dr.Monica and nurse Jessica started gloving and masking up as she sat comfortably on the dental chair. The clapping of the gloved and the omnipresent scent of latex had already started to arouse me.

Dr.Monica: Open wide Isabel. Mouth mirror Victoria please.

I executed each one her orders. With the mirror in her gloved hand, she explored every inch of the patient’s mouth.

Hand me the explorer.

She started poking two teeth, one upper molar and one upper canine. She moaned in pain as Dr.Monica applied a small pressure.

Does it hurt when I poke here?

The patient nodded. What amazed me, was how quickly she managed to find the cavities. Although she hadn’t done anything yet, I could tell that she was a real expert.

It seems that you have two cavities my dear Isabel. We are going to take care of it don’t you worry.

I put down the explorer and observed her gorgeous body as she filled a syringe with a dose of local anesthetic. I don’t know why but I felt slightly irritated in front of Isabel’s light shaking. She was not supposed to be afraid of anything, it is for her own good that we did this.

Dr.Monica: Jessica, our dear patient seems worried, you know what you have to do.

I heard Jessica’s heels clicking on the tiled floor as she went to grab a huge vibrating dildo manisa escort bayan and stuck it under the patient’s pencil beige skirt with her other gloved hand petting her thighs. We could ear her moans of pleasure. Dr. Monica turned to me again, she crossed her legs, and injected the anesthetic in Isabel’s gums.

Victoria, you are doing great, your focus is impressive. I am certain you have noticed our “special” stools. While we wait for the anesthetic to kick in, I invite you to switch it on if you feel like it and select the vibration. You’ll feel more relaxed.

Of course, I felt like it! I decided to choose medium-intensity vibrations not to orgasm too rapidly. As for Dr.Monica, she selected the high-intensity mode. I could hear stool’s vibration from my position.

She picked a highspeed drill and turned it on. I already had the suction tube in hand ready to be used.

Dr.Monica : You surely are quick to react my dear!

Dr. Monica drilled the cavities and filled them very professionally. I watched her very carefully with the ambition of one day being able to reproduce the exact same movements. I felt attracted to her, to be at her level, not to disappoint her.

The only sounds that could be heard were the buzz of the drill and our light groans of pleasure. The patient was the first to reach a full exquisite orgasm. I was about to reach it too, but I had to keep my focus to complete the procedure, which was the hardest part. As soon as Dr. Monica finished filling Isabel’s teeth, I crossed my legs and let my orgasm explode. She reached hers a few minutes later.

Dr.Monica : Great job girls, Jessica walk Miss Isabel to the reception.

The rest of the morning went very well. We treated our second patient. She was a 21-year-old red-haired girl who came to the center for a simple cleaning. At midday, we gathered at the cafeteria for lunch.

Every thing was clean shine. On our way I met a few other dental teams. I noticed that each team had one dentist, recognizable by the green dress and higher heels, and 1 to 3 nurses. I sat at Dr. Monica’s table with Jessica. I don’t know if it was because she was so gorgeous, because of the looks she gave me, or because we had a mutual love for dentistry, but I was already feeling a connection between me and her. During our meal, I discovered that we had the exact same values.

I was really looking forward to that afternoon’s program. I was told that problem patients didn’t know that they were categorized as such and that it was always a bit of a surprise for them when they discovered it.

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