My first anal experience Part Seven.


My first anal experience Part Seven.Mike and Ade lay there, one either side of me, Ade spoke to me, “You okay about this?”I didn’t reply, just lay there in the aftermath of my heavy orgasms, aware that the bedsheet, and no doubt the mattress was sopping wet with my fluids/juices. My pussy felt a little sore, but okay, I could do with some more cocky, once I’ve cum really hard, I need a good hard shagging, a long one, no messing.I heard Mike whisper, “is she okay Adrian, I got very carried away.” Ade raised himself up on one arm, his face was flushed, he looked down at me, so I rolled away, bent in the middle and laid my head on Mikes belly, sucked his cock into my mouth, heard him whimper. I felt Ade cuddle up to my back, felt his flaccid cock on my backside, he reached over and played with my tits. I kept licking and sucking on Mikes cock, he obviously liked what I was doing to his cock, because it began to stiffen, and soon I had a mouth full of hard penis. Now I really got down to it, blowing like a good girl. Mike caught my head in his hands, started pushing his cock eagerly in and out between my lips. I knew from Adrian’s training, this is the time to let the guy have his way, fuck my mouth, so I did. Behind me I felt Ade’s cock stiffen as he raised himself up and watched Mike face fucking me, his shaft slipping over my lips, lubed by the wetness of my dribble, Ade spoke, “She looks good with a cock in her mouth, don’t you think?” Mike muttered something unintelligible, and Ade laughed. Ade now moved a little, got his now fully erect cock in between my buttocks, fed my cunt his length, started fucking me. I had right now, achieved one of my masturbatory dreams, two men using my body for their pleasure. I gagged a little as Mike got into full thrust mode, spittle running from my mouth along his cock as I was forced to breathe through my nose. Ade meanwhile had built up his speed and was making my bum wobble as he stoked my gash. Mike faltered and moaned that he wanted to spunk off into my cunt this time, to see his cum run out of me, and Ade pulled away. Between them, they laid me on my back, and Mike mounted me, his cock diving back into my greedy for fresh meat pussy. He lay on top of me and fucked me for about five minutes, as Ade watched from the side of the bed, and played with his own cock. Mike sat up and started fucking me as he crouched between my legs. This was Ade’s queue, he clambered onto the bed by my head, pulled my face towards his cock. I hungrily slurped at it, taking the head in, and then the shaft. I relaxed as Ade took control, leaning in, holding my head with one hand, the other guiding his cock. He moved until he was behind my head, put his hands under the back of my neck, lifted so I was looking backwards onto his penis and forced it further into my mouth. I choked, adding to the saliva on my chin already. Ade pulled out, rubbed his cock over my face, and around in the spittle he found on my chin, and then pushed it back into my mouth and on into my throat. At the same moment, Mike pulled out of my cunt and entered my ass, I shivered in delight, and then they used me. As they pushed in and out of me, they comment on how each other’s cock looked filling me. Ade commented me loved seeing my ass filled by another cock, Mike saying he was really excited using me and watching me sucking. Now they were just using me like a common whore, and I was lapping up their attention, wanting to do everything at once, try any position, fuck all night. Mike was taking no prisoners in my anus, banging away with abandon, and Ade was enjoying using my throat like a cunt as I gagged and dribbled. Just as I thought it couldn’t edirne escort get any better, Ade pulled out of my throat, and then motioned Mike to take me on his own, and Mike fell forward, started riding me missionary. Ade got off the bed, left the room, left Mike riding me, but when Ade returned, he had his polaroid camera! He took some snaps of Mike on me, form the side, and from behind, close ups of my well stretched cunt, each picture he dropped on the bedside table before taking another. Mike was thundering between my thighs now, and then it was over as he came hard, and then collapsed on top of me, all hot and sweaty. After a minute, he rolled off and I lay there, cum undoubtably running from my well pounded slot, Ade took a few pictures of my hairy snatch all full of cum. He gave Mike the camera now, and then dragged my head around to the edge of bed, and then pulled me until my spittle covered face hung off the edge. Mike took a couple of shots and Ade pushed his cock at my lips I let him into my mouth, and then he was back into my throat, just like that! Holding onto my head, he used my mouth as he would have used my cunt, and Mike took more pictures while Ade abused me fully. Mike whispered, “I can see your cock making her throat ripple Ade!” Ade left my mouth, pulled me over and back to the middle of the bed, clambered on me with my legs pushed well back, he rode me hard as Mike now watched, his cock rising in excitement again.Ade came hard again, and then got off hurriedly, motioned Mike to have ago again. Mike blurted out he might not manage three, but Ade just motioned him to get on me, so he did. Mike rode me again, no care now, he fucked me like a b**st, his cock slamming in and out, sometimes it came right out and slide in my slimy pubes before he rammed it back in, using his hand to guide it. More flashes as Ade took yet more pictures and then Mike heaved, I thought he was having a heart attack for a moment, and then he came explosively, shouting, “I love you, you slut, fucking slut!” Ade told him to quickly roll off me, and as he pulled out and away, Ade was there taking a picture, capturing my shame of being filled by two men’s seeds in one session. Except I wasn’t ashamed, and knew I’d want more of this sex in the future, and not necessarily with Mike, maybe Ade had other friends with a desire to fuck me, or other men would share me? Inside, I smiled, I knew I could use men for my sexual gratification, and they’d think they were in charge!Both Ade and Mike were looking knackered now, breathing heavily, but me, I wished there was other men ready to give me a go right then. Ade said maybe they could ride me again, given time, but Mike said he needed to be getting home, although he looked at my spreadeagled body longingly. The power of the open cunt, that’s what I call it now. If you can fuck a man until he just cannot face anymore, he’ll do anything for you, give you all he has. Oh they’ll argue the toss, but once they are gripped by the power of a vagina, they are hooked, or so I was to find out.Sooner than later, Mike left, and Ade tucked me up in bed. I stayed over occasionally, and mum was okay about me sleeping over if I told her where I was going to be for the night. I knew my mum was hoping that Ade would marry me, make an honest woman of me, this was before he got around to seducing her. When he’d put me to bed, I’d pretended to be really drunk still, he asked me if I was okay, and I replied, “Yes, why wouldn’t I, you fucked me really good tonight, and I never mentioned Mikes name.” Ade had looked at me enquiringly, but said no more, half an hour later he came to bed escort edirne himself, cuddled up to me and told me he loved me. This was the first time he’d said those words to me, but to be honest I took it with a pinch of salt.The next morning, I showered, dressed and left before Ade even awoke. On the short walk home, I thought about the night before, and found myself getting excited. I knew this would not be the last threesome I had, even if Ade didn’t want to share me again!Trevor’s friend Paul, I had just finished cleaning his cock off, when I made a decision, it had only been few days since Ade had me in the ass for the first time, and then shared me out to his friend Mike, and without even asking if it was okay with me! So, I didn’t feel guilty when I decided to let Paul break his virginity with me. I pushed Paul slightly away, he looked disappointed, but I smiled, waggled my finger at him, and then crossed to the curtains where I knew Trevor was watching, and secretly waved at him with my back to Paul, and then walking slowly back towards Paul. I wriggled as I walked, my tits swaying, my hips provocatively in a figure of eight. I stopped at the end of the bed however, and bent forward exposing my naked bum, and then looked at Paul side on, and smiled. Outside Trevor would have a full view of my naked ass, and as I was bending, he’d be seeing my softly hairy pussy and it’s inviting cleft of pleasure peeping out. I winked at Paul, and then smiled again, this time suggestively. I was almost grinning though, the thought of Trevor madly pulling on his cock as he watched my exposed flesh. Paul staggered to me, his cock at attention, he had quite a length. Resting my head on the bed clothes, I put my hands back and parted my bum cheeks. Paul stuttered, “Really, you’ll let me, have you?” I just smiled, he managed to get behind me, I felt his shaking hands on my bum, then at my bum hole, and then he got the right hole, his fingers slipping in, then he guided his cock to me. Paul was in me, he asked, “Should I hold your hips, or your bum cheeks?” I smile dreamily, “If you really want to watch your prick going in and out of me, hold my bum cheeks apart, but if you just want to fuck me hard, hold my hips!” as an afterthought, “Paul, don’t be afraid to really fuck me as hard as you want, you won’t hurt me, and I’ll love it! Fuck me well, and I might just let you have me again another time.”Pauls hips had already been moving gently, but he didn’t have much more than the tip inside me, “so, it’s okay to go all the way in, can I cum in you?” I smiled, I had a true novice, “Yes you can cum in me, I’m on the pill, if I hadn’t been, I would never have allowed you to cum on my pussy earlier.” No more talk, he pushed and slipped up to his hilt, it felt good, I felt him pull my ass cheeks apart and sway back, Paul was obviously curious. He began to go in and out of me, I giggled, he asked me why, he sounded worried, “I’m not giggling at you Paul, I’m giggling because when I got of bed this morning, I never dreamed that I’d be letting you have me you naughty boy. I let his curiosity go for a couple of minutes and then suggested he get on with the job, as he shouldn’t forget my mum would be returning. He let go of my ass cheeks and gripped my hips, and then he started shagging me industriously. He sounded like a runner, he was panting, I took a glance towards my dressing table, and I had a good side on view of him using my cunt. Pauls face was very serious, he looked as if he was attempting a marathon without training as he hammered in and out of me, making my big bum cheeks jump. He’d not make me cum by just edirne escort bayan fucking me, because I needed more than thrusting to cum. There was however going to be plenty of time to teach him how over the coming weeks. I liked the idea of that, and then felt Paul cum, he cried out as he flooded my pussy with his juices, oh there was rather a lot as well, nice, I love cum. I was conscious of his cum running out, yes running from my juicy cunt, dribbling to the carpet no doubt. Paul would definitely be getting further instruction, I had a sudden urge to pass on Adrian’s sex training, and then I came myself, it shuddered through my vagina, the walls of which clenched Pauls still hard cock, massaged them. Above me, Paul whimpered. I smiled into the bedsheet, it wasn’t his cock in me, or his earlier hard shagging of me, it was the thought of taking a virgin and teaching them. Showing them how to lick me, use my cunt, my mouth, oh and have me in the ass, let’s not forget my new skill, anal!I raised my head from the bed with my arms, looked back through my legs, just in time to see Paul’s cock drop free from my vagina’s clutch. His bell end was dripping, and some of his spunk fell from my snatch, heading for the floor. I stood, turned, kissed him, he wasn’t a tall guy and my own height of 5’9” made me on a few inches shorter than him. “Mmm, that was nice, and the orgasm was an added benefit!” I felt his cock was still up as it touched my belly, I knelt and sucked him into my mouth, heard him cry out, “No more, my cocks too sensitive!” I spat his rod out, a little pissed off, but then, he’d toughen up quickly. I sat on the bed end in front of him, “had enough then?” Paul looked down, his face the colour of beetroot, “Yes, yes, I never thought sex would be like this, it’s much nicer than when I do myself. I giggled, “Don’t think every girl you meet will shag you like this, let you shoot over he pussy, bend over and let you use her haha.” Paul started to dress, I wiped my pussy on my dirty knickers, selected new ones from my dressing table. I was aware Paul was watching, “Yes?” Sorry I not used to observe pretty girls dressing. I smiled, pretty heh, “So you’ve just watched them undressing then?” Paul stuttered, “no, no, I’ve only ever seen my sister dressing the once, and it was my sister, and she’s ugly!” I laughed, so are you going to let Trevor fuck her as payment for him asking me to let you watch me playing?” Paul looked surprised, “No he never mentioned that, just that you wanted someone to watch you fiddle with yourself.” I frowned, “Really!” I’d deal with Trevor later.Dressed, Paul and I left my bedroom, however, Trevor was nowhere to be seen, and when Paul headed to the front door, I made sure that I got his parents’ home phone number before he left. I told him that I’d phone, but not to contact me, I could see in his eyes that he thought I’d not ring him. Just as I showed him out, he asked an amusing question though, “can girls who are not on the pill get pregnant by swallowing cum?” I smiled before giving him the answer, he was so naïve.Clicking the door shut behind Paul, I went into the kitchen, and out through the back door to the garden, no sign of Trevor, his chair was gone. I noticed that there was plenty of cum on my windowpane, so he’d done his dirty deed. Going back inside, I heard music, and traced to his bedroom, I didn’t knock, just pushed the door open and walked in. Trevor lay on the bed, cock in hand, looking very self-satisfied. He smiled, “loved seeing you being shagged you whore!” I walked to the bed and thumped him right in his goolies, he let out a sharp expletive, “fuck you!” …. “Never Trevor, never!” I turned laughingly and walked out of the bedroom.The end.New Memories of my sex life coming soon.Memory lines from this time for four different storylines but interconnected.1.My two best friends and I2.Ade, my mother and I3.Fucking my first boss4.Sex with strangersPlease comment below on your choice

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