My First On-Line Meeting #1


My First On-Line Meeting #1I was 18. I was living with my parents who went out that night. I start to watch porn and masturbate… 17 years ago there where no long videos online, all of them were 2 to 4 minutes long. I needed something better.I started to read dating ads. I read pages and pages… all men… but then I found her. “Red Riding Hood looking for The Wolf”She was 28, divorced, and beautiful…I created a profile lying about my age (27, guilty!) and we start to chatting.The chat went hot straight away. I masturbated that night and the following nights too… She asked for a picture to see me… I made excuses to let my beard grow and finally I send a picture of myself. In return, I got a picture of her naked… oh boy… beautiful woman… blonde, skinny, fit, big boobs, nice ass, blue eyes and very sexy…We were from different cities. 200 miles away and no car.I invented that I have a conference there to attend (I even got the real thing to convince my parents and her…)The trip was 2 weeks away, planning to stay there for 5 days.We kept chatting about how the meeting should be: – should we kiss each other fast to break the ice?- should we meet in a public place? at her house? – how we should dress up?We will me at her place. We should kiss as fast as possible. I should have a shirt and jeans and she will dress with a very short jeans and a small top.I have something else to tell you I said… I’m 25…I have a bast sexual experience for my age… but girls where always in my age… so I was very concern and very excited of how this experience was going to be.The day came and I took the bus. To be honest, some crazy ideas start to cross my mind while on the road… What if she’s not that hot? what if she’s not even a woman? what if she have some crazy plans against me? I lie to everyone about what I was going to be so…I came out of the bus at 21pm and I took a cab to her address.The area was beautiful, with small residential houses all around. The cab leave me at the corner. My heart was about to explode. I saw her house. The living area was illuminated.I passed by the house several times… checking that everything was ok… and trying to calm myself down canlı bahis too… Then I saw her thru the curtains… serving herself something to drink… I saw her shape. I started to walk towards the door. She came to the window… her face was beautiful… she smile to me… and came to open the door. That moment was eternal… I was shaking like never before!She opens the door… standing with the glass of wine. Her pose was so sexy!”I though you where not going to came” she said.I smile to her… and I kissed her…Her lips where so soft. She lick my tongue… the mix of wine and her saliva was exquisite. I put my right hand over her naked waist. Her top covered a little over her belly button… no bra…We open our eyes. She looked at me and say wow… and I felt like in heaven… She let me enter. I close the door behind me and I saw her walking to pick a glass for me. I couldn’t take my eyes from her ass. She turn around and saw me looking… she’s smile and asked if I like her jeans… and I smile with a complice look.She serve me wine and we sat on the sofa.We kiss and bite each others lips. I lay slightly and curve over me. I touched her butt and felt her smiling thru my lips.My package was so hard. She was moving her pelvis over me. Breathing harder. I had to touch he boobs. wow! that silky skin filling my hands. Her nipple was so hard!I pull her top up and start licking her, playing with each one, sucking her, she start to press her pelvis toward me, moving faster, she took my head and press me towards her tits! I barely could breath! And suddenly she felt over me screaming. She look at me with that smile oh her face. Biting her lower lip. Suddenly she went down and open my jeans. My dick popped from my underwear. I never saw it that big. She started with the head. Slowly. Licking… making it wet… and then sucking… always looking into my eyes. Going deeper and deeper. I was the first time someone blow me like that. I wanted to look at her… but my eyes were tricking me and involuntarily getting closed. My dick was so deep into her that I could feel her throat opening and closing over my gland.Then she stop to ask me if I like it… I would love to eat your pussy too, I bahis siteleri said.So she turn around and pass her leg over me. The smell of her fluids… I really wanted to eat her pussy!She had her little jeans on. But the view was amazing… that rounded ass in front of my face. No panties… and part of the jean inside of her vagina. She start sucking me again. And I start tying to get my mouth into her pussy. But those jeans where only good for the view. She open them without taking her mouth from my dick.We try to take it out but we gave up. She stopped, standing up, taking them out and throwing them far away. The took her top off too.Letting me watch that body… that amazing body…I took my jeans too and then she came back to me…Again taking the 69 position over me… passing her leg over my head while I was laying on the sofa.Her naked ass… her naked pussy… I start licking first this time. Putting my mouth between her pussy lips. She was so wet. I push my tongue inside her vagina. Taking her. She start moving over my face… she start eating my dick too… My face had her fluids all over. For moment even my nose was inside of her pussy. And I feel her throat again! Her gaging and moving her hips without control… And I finish inside of her… and she finish all over me… hugging each others bodies.Then she turn around. This is going to be a long night she said.I never saw such a sexual energy before. To be honest I thought sex was fun… but I never imaging it could be like this. I took me over 10 minutes to recover my breath.She sat facing me but in the other size of the sofa. She open her legs and start touching herself. I want to see you masturbating too… she said.After the best sex experience of my life, I couldn’t say no. I start touching myself looking how she was touching herself… I felt shy… but I was highly aroused looking at her. The way she was rubbing her clit, sucking her fingers to later insert them into her pussy… caressing her boobs… and always looking at me and biting her lower lip… Do you want to touch me? she said…So then she start masturbating me and I was doing her.I loved to get my fingers inside of her. I manage to put 4 when she start kissing me. My dick was hard güvenilir bahis again. I took out my shirt and I wrap it over her wrists with her arms behind her. I keep touching her… and playing with fingers inside… first 2, then 3, then 4… inside… outside… and inside again. Then 5…I felt like if her pussy eat my hand. I was moving my finger inside of her. Rubbing everything what I could. Her movements became out of control. I though she was going to break me wrist!But I kept doing it. Following her movements. Till she squirt all over me!!!I felt so embarace! she said… and I was like what? this is the best thing ever!We drank more wine… and we talk about her fantasies. I took good note of them… and then she asked about mine… my fantasies at the moment where very limited 🙂 I wanted to fuck a beautiful more experienced woman… so basically I was living my fantasy…I wanted to have sex with 2 or more girls… but I wasn’t sure if I should say that to a woman…And I wanted to have anal sex. (That more than a fantasy is my obsession) :)I want your butt… I say almost whispering… and she laughs, I remember her laughing.That’s your fantasy?I didn’t know what to say… – I never did it before… – I saidShe stand up and look at me. She drank a zip of wine, and went down on her knees. Do you have condoms mr. wolf? I quickly stand up very clumsy like if I was about to loose the opportunity. Went thru my things and took several boxes of condoms.You really where planing to fuck me mr. wolf… -she said… -come here.I went with my dick in front of her. She took the box, take out a condom, and put it on me with her mouth. Then she turn around and bent over showing me her ass. Turning her head over her shoulder asked me if I like it…I love it!She crawl like a little cat thru the floor moving her butt. She went over the sofa resting her hands over it, looking at me again she said: slowly…I went behind her… and slowly start pushing in… and out… and in again… feeling how tight her whole was. At first only the half was inside… but after a while the whole thing entered. She was panting. Even blowing time to time. Until I couldn’t resist any longer… We kept kissing, laughing and drinking for the rest of the night, till we felt sleep over the sofa.That night was magic and I still remember all those details so many years later.The rest of the week was pretty amazing too. I will write about it as soon as I have time.

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