My Mom vs. My Sister Ch. 05

Big Tits

*** Continued from Chapter 4

Main characters:

Cathryn: Mom, 47, ER doctor

Caitlyn: Daughter, 19, porn actress

Carter: Son, 18, student

Kaho Ling: No relation, 19, Asian porn actress

Ashton Love: No relation, 43, Porn producer-director

Annabelle Cruz: No relation, 38, lesbian porn actress


Since I suspected my mother had a “birthgasm”, or an orgasm caused by vaginal stretching, I spent the next several hours on Google researching the phenomenon. And sure enough, it’s real.

Oddly, the entire decadent evening started because I was helping an Asian porn actress, Kaho Ling, with her calculus homework. Kaho wants to go to veterinary school and has been doing porn to pay her way through college.

Due to skyrocketing tuition costs, colleges are now the number one provider of human resources for the porn industry. One of Kaho’s resources is her small dexterous hands, and she has done some very nasty lesbian fisting movies with them. And mom took advantage.

However, it wasn’t mom’s strange fetish for vaginal stretching that had me worried. The fisting episode with Kaho triggered a very dark memory that mom has about childbirth. She kept repeating the phrase, “don’t take my baby”, over and over.

Mom has never uttered a word about losing a child, and suspiciously, she left early this morning to avoid my follow-up questions.

The answer, I thought, was locked away in two fireproof cabinets in her closet. My guess is that my sister, Caitlyn, has already been in there. She’s as dumb as your average wall, but she’s picked every lock in our house.

My mom has tried to lock her out of the house several times, to no avail. That’s why I hide my money in my sister’s room, on her bookshelf, in her GED study guide. It’s safer than a bank.

Since I had to drive my sister to her porn shoot today, I picked her up at her hotel in Walnut Creek and headed to an old two-story home on the eastside of Concord. She was in the passenger’s seat, eyes closed, and wearing earbuds. I asked twice with no reply, then raised my voice.

“Caitlyn, has mom ever told you about having a baby that died?”

Caitlyn opened her eyes, pulled out her earbuds, then sat up.

“Was she saying, ‘don’t take my baby’?”

“Yes, you heard that?”

“Yeah, twice. Both times she didn’t know I was home. It sounded like she was getting off. What kind of freak masturbates and says that?”

“You got it backwards. She gets emotional when she does that, and that causes her to recall bad memories.”

“Wait, how do you know that dweeb? Unless you’re fucking mom?”

“Caitlyn, you have a very sick mind.”

That wasn’t a “no”, and I better change the subject. “Are you ready for your shoot today?”

“Not really. What am I supposed to do in a mother-daughter porn?”

Yesterday, my sister agreed to do a fake lesbian incest porn where she plays the “stepdaughter” and has no idea what they’re about.

“Just eat pussy and say ‘mommy’ a lot. You can do that, can’t you?”

“Are you serious?”

“What did you think you were doing?”

“I thought we were just fucking a couple of guys.”

“What’s the problem? You’ve already done a lesbian vid.”

“Not with my mom.”

“She’s not your mom, she’s an actress. Do you want to do it or not? You better give them the courtesy of letting them know if you’re gonna back out.”

“No, I need the fucking money. Why do guys like that shit, anyway?”

“Because it’s so wrong. It’s like the most wrong sex there is.”

“You’re such a sick fuck, Carter.”

“Hey, I just watch them. I wouldn’t actually do one.”

* * *

We arrived at the old two-story white wooden house and parked on the street. Since Caitlyn has ADD and can only get through short Tweets with lots of emojis, she asked me to read her contract before she signs it.

We knocked on the door and were greeted by a blond woman well vested in her forties. I immediately recognized her since she was a popular porn actress about twenty years ago. Her name is Ashton Love, and she’s the producer-director today.

“Hello Caitlyn, I’m Ashton,” she said as she smiled warmly. “Is this your boyfriend?”

“My brother. He’s helping me with the contract.”

Ashton raised her eyebrows, curious as to why an actress would bring her brother on a porn set.

“Come on in, let’s go into the dining room.”

There were five other people in the film crew, and they were scurrying around the living room setting up the equipment.

The other actress, Annabelle Cruz, was already seated at the dining table, and Ashton did the introductions. Annabelle is pushing forty, with shoulder length black hair, an almond face, thin nose, and a lot of Botox in her lips.

She looks like mom, but I don’t know if my sister has made the connection yet. I read the contract, and everything was in order, so Caitlyn signed it.

“Okay,” said Ashton, “This scene is set on the couch. There’s no script, marmaris escort so I’m going to rely on you both to improvise. If your dialog needs to be changed, we’ll cut, discuss the issue, and resume after we work out the problems.”

“Improvise?” asked Caitlyn.

“It means you have to get into your character and respond the way the character would respond,” said Ashton.

“Yes,” said Annabelle, “I do this all the time. Just follow my lead.”

“Carter,” said Ashton. “Our boom operator called in sick. Could you help us? It’s just holding the mike.”

I stammered, as holding the mike while my sister performs a lesbian scene wasn’t a problem for me. But it might be a problem for her. I looked at Caitlyn.

“Is that okay?”

“Sure,” said Caitlyn without hesitation. She could have at least hesitated and pretended we were a normal brother and sister.

“Okay, Carter,” said Ashton, who must surely think we are incestuous siblings, “we’ll pay you fifty bucks.”

I smirked. Fifty bucks? Was this some kind of joke? I would have paid her.

* * *

I am not sure how to put this job on my resume, but I am now holding a boom mike for a stepmom-stepdaughter movie that stars my sister.

It is a two-camera shoot, and my job is to keep the microphone out of the shot but still close enough to pick up their voices and moans.

Ashton, the producer-director, was seated at a small table watching her laptop displaying the video feeds from the two handheld cameras.

Caitlyn was seated on the brown leather couch next to Annabelle. “Daughter” was wearing a sexy black lace bra and panties, while “mom” was wearing a purple babydoll top and matching panties. “Mom” was to begin the dialog.

And I was nervous. So far, Caitlyn has been quiet and seems confused about what she is supposed to do. She’s only played one character in her life. Herself. And the reviews on that performance have been very mixed.

She also has a violent temper and gets very angry at the slightest hint of criticism. And now she is on a porn set. This has disaster written all over it.

“Okay,” said Ashton, “camera one, center on Caitlyn please. Camera two, pull back for the double.” She waited a few moments for the cameramen to move. “Okay, good. Action!”

“Honey, what happened between you and your boyfriend?” asked Annabelle.

“We broke up. He’s an asshole,” said Caitlyn.

“Oh, well, sorry honey. But all men are assholes.”

“I know,” said Caitlyn, who unfortunately just froze up. As discussed in the pre-scene meeting, she should have segued into her lesbian feelings. Although bad acting is perfectly acceptable in a porn movie, dead air is not.

“Cut!” said Ashton. “Caitlyn, this is when you should talk about your lesbian feelings.”

“How was I supposed to know that?” snapped Caitlyn.

“We just talked about it in the meeting,”

Caitlyn can’t handle any criticism, even delivered gently, so I better intervene before she gets kicked off the set.

“Caitlyn, just say ‘I’m not attracted to boys anymore’, okay?”

“Fine,” said Ashton, “Caitlyn, start again with that line. Okay, ready? Action!”

“I’m not attracted to boys anymore,” said Caitlyn.

“That’s okay, honey,” said Annabelle, “Do you think you might like girls better?”


“Cut!” said Ashton. “Caitlyn, it’s either ‘yes’ or ‘I don’t know’.”

“How was I supposed to know that? You never said shit about that to me in the meeting.”

Time for me to step in again. “Caitlyn, calm down. Relax. Just go with ‘I don’t know’, okay?”

Ashton was understandably pissed. Caitlyn was booked at the last minute when the original actress tested positive for venereal disease.

“Okay, Caitlyn, go with ‘I don’t know’. Ready? Action!”

“I don’t know,” said Caitlyn.

“Would you like to try it with me?” asked Annabelle.

And I could see it in Caitlyn’s eyes. She finally realized that Annabelle looks like our mom. She froze. Solid.

“Cut! What is the problem now, Caitlyn?”

“She looks like my real mom.”

“Who the fuck cares?” snapped Ashton. “She’s not your mom and you are being paid for this. I want you to say ‘yes, mom’. Is that so hard?”

“Don’t talk to me like that. You don’t even have a fucking script for this piece-of-shit movie!”

Everyone was ready to kill my sister, so it was time for another intervention.

“Can I have a few moments alone with her?” I asked.

“Take five, everyone,” sighed Ashton.

As everyone went to the kitchen to refill their coffee cups, I sat down next to Caitlyn.

“Caitlyn, you’re doing fantastic. I know you are a great actress, so show them you can act. Just get through this scene.”

“She looks like mom.”

“She looks like you. Not nearly as pretty, but she looks like you. Show everyone how amazing you are. Because you are better than them, Caitlyn. No one compares to you. No one. I’m not just saying that.”

Sure, it was a big load marmaris escort bayan of shit. And it killed me to say it. Caitlyn is a narcissist. She masturbates while looking at pictures of herself. This is exactly how to motivate her.

The break was over, and the actresses had taken their marks. I was once again holding the boom mike, and the cameramen were ready. Ashton took her place at the table in front of her laptop.

“Okay, let’s start where we left it. You’re on, Caitlyn. Action!”

“Yes, please,” said Caitlyn, “I need a mother’s touch.”

Caitlyn and Annabelle were sitting knee to knee when Caitlyn took the lead, and leaned into Annabelle, placing her hand behind her head, and pulling her lips closer for a steamy first kiss.

Caitlyn’s dirty blond hair, sexy Parisian face, piercing green eyes, and sensuous lips were made for lesbian scenes. After several seconds of deep probing, Caitlyn withdrew her tongue from Annabelle’s lips.

“You taste so sexy, mommy.”

My talk worked. Caitlyn is in another world. In her mind, she is really making love to herself, and I must say, it’s the greatest love the world’s ever known.

Caitlyn’s kisses were open and alternatively sucking in Annabelle’s upper and lower lips into her mouth, delivering tender love bites.

Annabelle finally seized the lead and slid her tongue between Caitlyn’s lips. Caitlyn placed her hand tenderly on Annabelle’s cheek as she tasted the warm tenderness of her motherly love.

Their kisses continued to alternate between sensuous lip-only and deep tongue forays. Caitlyn leaned into Annabelle, tightly squeezing her breast, as Annabelle put her hands lovingly on Caitlyn’s shoulders.

“My beautiful baby,” whispered Annabelle. “Do you know how long I’ve coveted this moment?”

Their clothes came off, their lesbian passion furious, and Annabelle laid back on the couch as Caitlyn slid on top of her. Nipple to nipple, mons to mons, Caitlyn aggressively ran her tongue along every inch of Annabelle’s neck and chin.

Caitlyn was all in on this scene and no longer playing to the camera. She flipped on her back, spread her legs open and her labia parted like the Red Sea. A perfect pink streak with tiny droplets of vaginal mucous oozing down Caitlyn’s perineum and toward her button-sized anus.

As pussies go, my sister has one of the best in the business. Waxed, extrusive labia forming into a swollen camel toe, shocking pink slit, with a slight natural gape letting you see inside if the light is angled right.

I caught Ashton’s eye, who was surely thinking that something was funny between us. But she didn’t seem to be weirded out. She simply nodded her approval and continued to look at the video feeds on her laptop.

Caitlyn is absolutely brilliant in this scene. She’s having real sex. And so is Annabelle, who has quit worrying about her hair falling down and obstructing the camera. She licked all the way from my sister’s inner thigh and into her slit.

Annabelle’s tongue was inserted deep inside Caitlyn, who glanced at me with her “fuck me” eyes. Ashton noted the incestuous vibe, and once again, nodded with a passive close-lipped smile.

“You’ve always wanted to be me, mommy,” said Caitlyn. “You’ve always wanted to be me.”

This was the first hint that art was imitating life. “You’ve always wanted to be me” was something my sister has said many times to our mother during their many arguments.

Is my sister really channeling our mother during this scene? I doubt it. She said it because she truly thinks that everyone wants to be her.

Annabelle was on her knees, between Caitlyn’s thighs, and doing an immersive tongue job on my sister’s clit. In the pre-scene meeting, she’s supposed to lick Caitlyn’s anus for several minutes, but she has yet to venture that low.

She is keeping her head in place, sucking my sister’s clit into her mouth without the usual camera posturing that most actresses do while eating pussy. It was good for orgasms, but not so good for the guys jacking off to the scene.

Caitlyn dug her nails into her own thighs and arched her back. She was there.

“You fucking cunt!” shouted Caitlyn.

As my mother told me, the deep inner self is revealed as people get closer to orgasm. Things that would normally be considered unthinkable suddenly become desires that demand to be satisfied.

My sister genuinely hates our mom, and it has finally surfaced in this mother-daughter roleplay scene.

“You fucking cunt!” shouted Caitlyn again, which she has said to our mother countless times.

This would normally be grounds for the director to stop the scene, but it was obvious that Caitlyn was climaxing. Ashton looked at me, noting my reaction to Caitlyn’s vicious dialog, but I simply nodded, hoping she wouldn’t stop the scene. And she didn’t.

It wasn’t supposed to happen. There was nothing said about squirting in the pre-scene meeting, but Annabelle just took a facial from my escort marmaris sister. It wasn’t a lot of fluid and seemed accidental.

“You miserable excuse for a mother!” shouted Caitlyn, whose orgasm was still in full bloom. Caitlyn put her fingers on her own studded nipples, pinching them and then pulling them out as she thrashed on the couch like a fish on a boat.

“You miserable excuse for a mother” is something she has said to mom a thousand times.

Annabelle is a trooper, having been in dozens of squirting scenes, and kept her face in Caitlyn’s crotch. Caitlyn then ejected more fluid, and Ashton seemed concerned. She stood to check the hardwood floor.

“Cut!” said Ashton. “I just had this floor done. Let’s get this cleaned up.”

Apparently, this was Ashton’s house. Annabelle came to her feet with Caitlyn’s urine splashed all over her breasts, but she didn’t seem upset. It was just another day at the office.

* * *

Two hours later, my sister and her “mom” completed three very different lesbian scenes. About five percent of all mother-daughter vids are based on some sort of mom-daughter conflict, even to the point of the suggestion of force or rape. This was certainly in that genre.

It was a wrap, and my sister was now showering in Ashton’s master bathroom as I helped the crew move the living room furniture back into place. Ashton, the producer-director, walked up behind me and tapped me on the shoulder.

“Can I speak privately with you?”

I followed her into her kitchen, and we sat at a small round oak table next to the window. I was certain she was going to complain about Caitlyn, who had gotten into several more flare-ups that caused me to intervene.

Ashton was wearing a men’s V-neck t-shirt with no bra, and white draw-string shorts. I circumvented the discussion with a pre-emptive apology.

“Sorry about Caitlyn, this is just her third movie, so she doesn’t really know what to do.”

“She’s a handful, but she did three good scenes,” said Ashton. “I’d rather have that than a boring actress. She settled down after you talked to her. What did you say?”

“You have to cater to her ego. It takes about two minutes of telling her how great she is. But it works every time. It also gets her going.”



“Carter, do you mind if I ask you a personal question?”


“Do you two fuck?”

My face turned red. It was a dead giveaway. “Um….”

“It’s okay, Carter, you’re among friends. All I shoot are incest movies, and not just because they always make money. I love it.”

“But you don’t shoot real incest.”

“I’ve done a lot of things. And I know a lot of people that do too. You’d be surprised at what’s really going on out there. Lots of families out there just like yours.

I gazed into Ashton’s frosted blue eyes. She’s still reasonably attractive and her large nipples have been looking at me ever since I walked in the door. She continued.

“You’re red, Carter. Too late to hide the truth.”

“You caught me.”

Ashton’s evolving closed-lip smile was slightly lopsided. “I know people that will pay big money for private incest movies. As much as fifty thousand, depending on the type of incest. Do Caitlyn and your mom have sex?”


“Too bad. Well, a brother-sister can still make about twenty. I can give you some camera equipment, and you guys can film it at your own discretion. But I will need copies of your driver’s licenses, and some copies of photos of you two together when you were younger.”

I felt a cold chill shoot down my spine. This was illegal, and she had to know that.

“How do you make sure the movies stay private and don’t get on the internet?”

“These are very rich people. They don’t need to make any more money.”

“It’s still risky. Never say never.”

“Well, if you have doubts, how about a live show? You and your sister can get as much as thirty thousand for a couple hours.”

“Live show?”

“At an expensive hotel. You can even pick the hotel.”

This was highly illegal, but I wasn’t going to bring up the ethical and legal problems now. I just want to be polite and get out of here.

“Let me talk to Caitlyn about it. I’ll let you know.”

“There’s a lot of money in this. And Caitlyn is good on camera. You could make hundreds of thousands in the next few months.”

“Okay. I’ll let her know.”

“And if you just want a little private fun with me and Damien, let me know.”

Damien was one of the cameramen during the shoot. “The guy with the blue hair?”

“He’s my son. But you don’t get paid for that. It’s just a little private party between families.”

“You do that a lot?”

“Lots of families out there looking to party. You two are very attractive. You would never be bored.”

* * *

Caitlyn and I were in my Corolla headed back to Walnut Creek, when I told her of my private discussion with Ashton.

“Ashton approached me with an offer.”

“Another movie?”

“Sort of. A private incest movie for some very rich people.”

“Me and you?” asked Caitlyn.


I was expecting my sister to be both disgusted and shocked. But far from it.

“How much?”

“She said as much as twenty thousand.”

“Twenty thousand? Fuck, that’s great, Carter, let’s do it.”

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