My mother in law south hols


My mother in law south hols

I went to Cornwall to celebrate the wife’s uncle’s 60th, me and wife (girlfriend at the time) mil Linda and father in law booked into a hotel, our rooms were only a couple of doors apart, my wife headed for the shower and as she did so remembered she forgot her hairdryer so asked me to asked me to go and ask her mum to borrow hers.
I was wearing a loose pair of sleeping/sports shorts and a t-shirt which was about waist length. Off I went and knocked on the in law’s door, Linda from the other side said, “who is it?” I told her it was me she opened the door and to my utter surprise she wasn’t wearing a top and my eyes nearly fell out of my head when I locked on to for the first ever time her black see-through lace bra cupping her sagging wrinkled 55 year old tits that I had often thought of, tried to brush passed, touch my ‘mistake’ and have had many a wank over the times I did manage to, over the last 2 years being with my girlfriend, with her nipples pointing slightly downward but very similar to my girlfriends a nice size and colour almost the perfect nipple!
It felt like I was locked on her tits for minutes but must of been ¾ seconds I then looked down trying to be polite and slightly red cheeked, when I was met by her unbuttoned unzipped jeans which exposed a good triangle size of matching black see-through lace knickers which again my eyes locked on to looking at a cluster of grey pubic hair tangled and a lot of which were poking through the gaps in the lace, that was the turning point of my cock wanting to say ‘hi’ in my loose shorts and t-shirt too short to even cover the slightest of movement I scrambled my words to ask for the hairdryer as quick as possible not knowing what Linda’s reaction would be if my 7 inch reasonably thick cock standing up in a thin pair of sports shorts.
Linda then invited me in!! Shitting my pants that the father in law would be stood there and have that real awkward start to our weekend in Cornwall Linda trying to justify why she opened the door not wear much or at least putting her night gown on which on the bed and me the future son-in-law with a very visible semi hard cock stood there trying to cover it with one hand and looking calm and normal at the same time. Luckily that moment of panic disappeared when Linda turned and said Steven is in the shower….. fuck was she telling me this to flirt had she thrown her night gown on the bed so I could see her tits and nipples undone her jeans when I said it was me I took a slight gamble and moved my hand out of the way of my slightly throbbing thickening cock and though wtf let’s play along she bent over to her open suitcase which was on the floor and moved a few things about and I caught slight of the bundle of underwear which all seemed to be lace, which surprised me a little as I would have thought Linda would have had ‘plain Jane’ knickers and bras, as she stood up and turned round her left nipple was visible over the top of her lace bra not sure if this had happened as her tits are quite saggy and wrinkly bit you know the puffy granny tit type, or if she had done it herself, but as I said earlier with Steven in the shower and the night gown on the bed and the ‘fuck it’ let’s play along thought I locked my eyes on to her expose nipple and puffy breast with no intention of making eye contact, Linda handed me the hairdryer and?hairdryer and blocked my view as she did, as I took the dyer from her I adjusted my nearly hard cock and made sure she saw me doing so.
I looked her up and down and sexily as I could and with a slight smirk, thanked her and turned and left as I walked away I didn’t want to look back but pulled my cock out of the bottom of my sports shorts she couldn’t see and played with my pre-cum covered helmet as I walked out the room.
I got back to my room and my girlfriend was in the shower with the door wide open, I told her that her mum only had a bra and Jeans on when I went in and she ask if I enjoyed the show laughing at me, i stripped off and joined her in the shower but she wasn’t up for a good fucking so I sat on the side and wanked myself off as she finished washing herself but not thinking at all about her but Linda and her sagging tits and full grey pube covered pussy.
That night we went to the 60th birthday party at one of Linda brothers houses, Linda and I are smokers so we were in the garden a fair bit and I made sure I kept her wine glass topped up, we chatted with family and friends and as it got colder less people were outside, I bent over to pick up my cigarette that I had drunkenly dropped and Linda smacked my ass, but caught the top of my ballsack as she did it, it fucking hurt but proper turned me on at the same time, I said “I need to sit down as you managed to slap part of my bollocks when you did that’, thinking fuck it she needs to know that she touched me there and to turn the chat a little dirty. Linda sat next to me on the park style bench and rested against me, and put her elbow and forearm on my thigh but towards my knee, I then sat back to adjust myself and put on hand on her thigh and said ‘I am feeling a little better now’ with that the alcohol took charge and I gently rubbed/tickled my finger upwards on the top of her thigh, she was wearing a pair of white linen trousers and I rolled my hand to her inner thigh about 6 inches from her pussy and pressed a little harder with this motion Linda rested her head on my shoulder just a the point where I was building the drunken courage to move closer and closer to her pussy my girlfriend and a few of her cousins came outside, I moved my hand but Linda stayed resting on my shoulder and my girlfriend joined us on the bench. She said ‘you comfy there mum?’ A bit of a dig but Linda responded saying ‘very drunk, can’t really move’
Steven was asked to call a taxi and get Linda back to the hotel, I said I’ll help get her back but my girlfriend wanted to stay and party a little more, I was gutted hoping Steven would have stayed and I could have take a little advantage of my drunken Mil, the taxi came about 20 minutes later and I lifted Linda and told Steven I would walk her round through the side gate as some of her family wouldn’t be too happy to how drunk she was, I put her arm over my shoulder and one of my arms around her waist, Linda is quite slim and only about 5ft2” I am 6ft and quite stocky so it was no problem lifting her drunken body weight, my girlfriend opened the side gate and thanked me with a kiss as she closed the gate behind me the walk was only about 8-10 meters long but quite dark as there were no street lights.
I moved my arm and hand that was around Linda’s waist and took a form hold of her skinny but slightly flabby ass and tucked my fingers in to the crack of her ass cheeks but as far under as I could trying to feel the softness of her pussy lips not sure if I managed to reach her pussy but left my hand and fingers between her cheeks until I got within about 2 meters of the front of the house, Steven was already sat in the front of the taxi with a slightly moody face on, I managed to open the back door of the taxi and sit Linda down but with her legs and feet still out of the taxi, she was sat behind Steven so I figured he could see, I lifted her legs from behind and just under knee and spun Linda into the taxi, as I did I parted one of her legs slightly towards me the driver asked if I could put her seatbelt on which I was more than happy to do, as I slide the belt across Linda’s chest I pressed each hand on her tits as I lent over to clip the belt in as I moved back I pretended to straighten her seatbelt and pressed my hand on her linen trousers right against her pussy, I could feel the warm of it I gave the taxi driven the thumbs up that they were good to go and closed the door. The next day Linda was bright as could be and I am sure she didn’t remember a thing as I asked how the taxi ride was and she replied with a blank face ‘taxi?’
I fucked my girlfriend so hard that night when we got back sucking on her nipples knowing that they were almost identical to her mothers. I just wish I was the one who got to take her back as I would of stripped her naked for bed and buried my face in her warm pussy and cum over her saggy tits whilst she was passed out!
As the years have gone on there are a few more stories which when I sit and really think about I believe she has given me a few chances to act on or at least have a little play, not sure if it me worrying incase it’s just her wanting a little tease and attention or wanting my cock in side her.
More to follow and I am building up the courage to post some pics I’ve managed to take or video over the last 11 years. Whenever I masturbate I only think about Linda, I often have sex with my wife and almost roll play in my mind that it’s Linda and my wife and her mother having identical nipples and similar breasts make it so much easier.

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