My new boss uses my wife

My new boss uses my wife
My new boss had invited me to a party at his mansion that weekend.
He had insisted on me to bring my sexy wife Anita.
When we arrived there, I knew something was wrong.
My boss walked out into the foyer to greet me and said that he had a proposition for me. He smiled and told me I could not say no…

As we walked in I could see three other elegant men in the living room, where a thick rope was dangling from the ceiling.
My boss then told me:
“This is not a party that you’re going to enjoy. My proposition to you is that you let me and my friends here, tie up your sexy beautiful wife and take turns fucking her, for a large sum of money… or leave and we’ll pretend that this never happened…”

“Absolutely not… are you crazy??” I responded quickly.
But my sexy Ana was not so sure.
She smiled and asked him how large the sum of money was…

He said the large number, knowing that she was interested.

“No, absolutely not”. I said again, knowing that this wasn’t up for debate. But my sweet wife stared at me saying it was hard for me to understand, but money was tight right now and both of us knew that it would be good to have that money for the future…

I kept resisting, telling my boss that my sweet wife was not a whore…
But Ana was not listening. She said to my boss: “This isn’t up to him”.
Then she smiled and began to disrobe in front of the men.

Soon they had her naked, suspended from the rope, up in the air. They were spinning her around in circles admiring her naked body and laughing as they say how distraught I was. They began to take out their cocks.

To my dismay each of their cocks was at least ten inches long.
Anita looked shocked, saying she had never had a cock that big.

My boss had also a giant thick cock. He moved behind Ana, dick in hand. “Alright, since this is my party, I’m going to have the first piece of pie…”
With that he plunged his cock into her wet cunt and the gang bang began.

They kept spinning the ropes after each guy had a couple minutes in her pussy, passing her around like a piece of meat.

“Your slut wife has a hot pussy” My boss said me after fucking her twice.
“I bet her ass is tighter though… I’m going to fuck it the next round…”

For the next three hours they made sure that I watched everything that they did to my pretty horny wife. It didn’t stop until all of them came inside her.

They all fucked her tight anus, as Ana screamed in pain and pleasure.

Finally cut the rope and made her to lick their dick clean with her mouth.
After they all were done, my boss sent us out the door with a briefcase full of money…
He slapped Anita’s ass cheeks and said he would not give her clothes back. Her cum covered naked body climbed slowly into the car, with cum staining her seat. Then Anita whispered she was a little bit sore…

Then I asked; “I hope that money was worth it to you?”

Ana laughed and answered:
“I haven’t been fucked by cocks like those since college…”

“But, you and I were dating all through college…”. I said angrily.

“Yeah, whatever you say”. Ana said cutting me off while rolling her eyes.

On Monday afternoon my boss walked over to my desk and he picked up Ana’s portrait as he touched his bulging crotch…
Looking at her picture he smiled to me saying:
“Your sexy slut wife called me earlier today; we are going to have an appointment this evening after office… You should come also…”

He laughed and walked away. Then I knew this would never end…

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