My secret sissy life exposed Pt. 4

My secret sissy life exposed Pt. 4
I exhaled deeply as I continued to arch my back as much as I could. Nick held my hips firm as he slowly sank the head of his cock into my ass. I felt a him lunge forward slightly as the head passed my hole.

I had played with many toys in my life but this felt big.. and by all means it felt better.

Bit by bit Nick pushed his rock hard cock deeper into my ass. As his dick first pressed against my prostate a large stream of pre cum dripped from my cock. I grabbed a fist full of bedsheets in each hand and kept breathing until his hips were pressed against my backside.

“Fuck me, that’s tight man” Nick said as his his hand ran up the middle of my back. I could feel his hips start to let the pressure off as he first retreated from my hole. Each little bump of vein and flesh from his cock creating fireworks in my head.

I let out a moan high pitched and girlie I even surprised myself. “Oh Nick..” is all I could say as once again he sank his member deep into my ass. The slight curve of his cock hitting all the right spots as he again caused me to leak.

His slow rock turned into a bit more of a rhythm when I first heard that distinctive sound of skin slapping skin.

Somehow my dick got even harder at the sound of him fucking me from behind.

*slap* *slap* *slap*

My body absorbing the energy of each of his thrusts and my ass absorbing every inch of his cock.

My hips began to work with him as i finally got used to his size.

*slap* *slap* *slap*

Now we were screwing quickly enough to cause my cock to bounce up and down hitting my own stomach, leaving streams of leaking cum all over myself and the bed.

I felt so sexy. I had dreamed of this moment, and it was surpassing all of my hopes thus far. I felt like I was finally doing what I had been made to do my whole life. With him behind me driving his cock into me over and over I felt complete.

*Smack* Nick spanked my right cheek with good force which caused me to jump a bit and tighten my hole around his cock. This proved to feel amazing for both of us as we moaned and grunted in unison.

Rhythmic moaning was now coming from the mouth of Nick’s sex puppet. I can’t describe the feeling of total bliss as I took pump after pump from him. I never ever wanted it to end, but knew when it did I would get the satisfaction of making him cum. “What if I’m not getting him off? What if he doesn’t think my ass feels good?” I thought to myself briefly. This thought fled quickly as reached forward and pulled my head up off the bed by my hair.

Again I felt my sphincter tighten around his dick followed by a loud “Ohhhh” from Nick. He was enjoying himself, no need to worry about that anymore. So I lost myself back into the sounds and sensations of being taken from behind by the young stud I used to share the playing fields with, who I still shared a street with.

“Fuck, what happens after this? Is he going to tell my wife?” I thought as Nick kept impaling. “Who cares, this is totally worth it” I said to myself. This is the happiest I have ever felt, who cares what happens next, all I cared about was living in that moment and making the most of it.

I felt Nick pull out, leaving my wet hole gaping as I stayed on all fours. “Damn, thats hot” Nick commented as he licked two fingers and slid them into me.

I welcomed something back into my ass with open arms, though i missed the girth of his cock. What Nick did next really blew my mind.

He pressed in and down as his fingers found my sissy p spot and instantly a flood of cum oozed from my cock. “Oh shit!” I said as I gasped. Pausing for a moment Nick stopped and asked “Everything ok?”

“You’re going to make me cum.. that feels so good.. keep going..” I pleaded. Nick happily obliged and returned his fingers to the same spot he had previously found.

Short forceful stroke against my prostate from Nick had my mind turning to mush. I could feel the orgasm starting to build deep inside of me as he continue to pleasure me like I’d never felt before.

Then Nick increased his speed and as quickly as he could stimulated me. The wet sloppy sounds of his fingers blasting in and out of my ass driving me to another level of blissful anal lust.

“Ohhhhh Nick!” I practically screamed as I felt my hole tighten around his fingers, he pressed down firmly now just slightly shaking his hand to finish the job. My cock almost painful now from how hard it was erupted with a load so forcefully that I found its way to my neck chest and cheek.

My entire body shook, it that was an orgasm, nothing I had ever felt before came close in comparison. Rope after rope of cum shot quickly from me as nick continued to slowly massage my prostate. He slowed his pace greatly and watched with delight as I occasionally shook with pleasure from the most mind numbing orgasm I had ever felt.

Eventually my cock quit dripping and started to soften slightly. I didn’t know what to do. I felt like Nick had just given me the best gift anyone could give. I felt so in debt to him, I just had to try my best to return the favor.

I turned to face him, both of us still on our knees. He was still hard as granite and I wanted him badly. It felt primal, the urge to make sure he released his load was driving me insane. I wanted him to cum, and I wanted it to be inside of me. In my mind if he came inside of my ass I would be “his” and I was desperate for that feeling.

I moved to the side of the bed and gently pulled his arm down, coaxing him to lay on his back. On his way down Nick stopped for a passionate kiss, quickly reminding me how skilled his tongue felt in my mouth. Our eyes opened and I saw him smile and lay onto his back, his muscular stomach stretching out making him look even more irresistible.

I moved my mouth down to his beautiful manhood and started to again slobber all over it. The taste of both of our juices on his cock were heavenly. I bobbed on his cock for only a minute or so, knowing I wanted him back in my ass as soon as possible.

I climbed up, on my knees legs across his hips. I reached back and found the prize I was seeking with one of my hands. I guided it quickly to aim back to my hole and sank my hips on his.

His cock again provided a significant pop as my hole opened over his head. I continued driving my hips down until I had him as deep as I could.

“Oh yeah, thats it” Nick said as his eyes rolled back in his head. I began to gyrate my hips as I’d practiced before on my toys, trying to generate as many pleasurable sensations as I could for Nick.

I noticed that my cock never had softened and no stood at full attention again as I ground my hips on his. I felt so useful, so wanted.. I never had this feeling before.

Nick reached up and grabbed behind my neck, pulling me towards him. Our mouths met as our tongues swirled over one another. I wasn’t just having sex, I felt like I was making love, real love for the first time. Again a flood of emotions ran over me as he began to raise him hips from the bed, driving his dick into me with greater speed.

The sex noises coming from that room were magical, the loud breathing, wet slapping and moaning is enough to get me off just thinking about it today. His pace quickened again and I could tell Nick was going to cum.

I was lost.. completely brain washed by his cock. He roughly turned my head to the side and whispered with a dominating tone “You ready baby?” his breath in my ear sending me over the edge again.

The words had barely come out of his mouth when I felt my cock twitch again. “Holy shit!” how lucky can a guy be I thought. Nick playfully bit on me ear as he felt me climax for the second time.

As his teeth found my ear lobe and my hole tightened around his cock I felt his breathing change. He sounded like a race horse, then his breathing paused and I felt his cock stiffen inside of me. He hugged his arms around me as his hips spasmed. Deep inside of me, Nick was cumming, driving it as deep as possible. His grunt is a noise I’ll never forget, I felt so proud and used.

His grip on my body loosened as the last few spasms passed. We had both gotten what we wanted, Nick had just turned me into his willing sex slave and I had been marked by his load deep in my ass.

I lifted myself from his hips and felt his cock slide out, along with it some of his sweet cum. The warmth of his load sliding down my thigh reinforcing how feminine I felt.

Nick shot a playful smile my way, to which I couldn’t help but smile back and blush. He could’ve asked me to move away right then and there and I would have, I felt so connected to him, so in love with him.

“Nick.. that was… amazing” I started to say, my voice trembling as my heart continued to settle down. “I… I…” I couldn’t come up with words to thank him enough for what he had just given me.

He leaned over toward me and gave me one last kiss. “That was fun, I’ll for sure be coming over again soon” he said. My heart sprang from my chest, it was music to my ears. I couldn’t see myself living in a world where I didn’t get to have him fuck me again.

“Good” I replied with smile that I couldn’t wipe from my face.

Nick gathered his things and got dressed in silence. My head was spinning, what just happened, what happens next? I walked with him toward the front door, my stomach doing flips. He turned back to me and smiled, “Might want to get cleaned up before the Mrs. comes home” with a laugh. And with that he was out the door.

I walked to the bathroom, still wearing the smile of a truly satisfied slut. I looked at myself in the mirror, face still flushed, cum on my neck chest and leg. For the first time in my life I could look at myself in the mirror and see who I truly was, I could never thank Nick enough for that.

Luckily for me that was just the beginning for Nick and I, being neighbors turned out to have more benefits that sharing a cup of sugar once in a while.

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