My Sister Kelsey Pt. 02


I knew exactly what she was talking about, but just played it off with a “what?”

“Chadam I know you know what I am talking about. If you think it’s too weird that’s fine, but I enjoyed getting fingered by you the other day. It is just the sexual release I needed. I don’t want to get into any sort of serious relationship with a guy right now, so this is perfect. I know you and I can keep it cool doing it again. And I’m sure you enjoyed it too?”

“Of course I enjoyed it. I am just still taking it in about doing something sexual with my own sister. I didn’t want to say anything either, because I told you I would be chill about it. We’re close and I didn’t want to weird you out at all.”

“Chadam I know! But because we are so close that’s why I feel like we can handle this. I know that you don’t have any emotional feelings for me, and that I am your sister. I don’t want you to think it’s anything other than that for me, but just think about how nice this will be for both of us just to be able to get some release right from our own home.”

“I agree that it would be nice. “I also know this isn’t a romantic thing, but I sure enjoy it.”

“Also if either of us ever get to the point we want to stop we both agree we will stop. And it’s not like we’re having sex, it’s just fingering and a hand job.” As she shrugged.

I agreed I would say something if I felt uncomfortable. But I will admit when she said “it’s not sex.” I had quickly thought about that idea and it made me get a very quick erection.

“Do we have enough time now?” Kelsey asked.

Looking at the clock figuring out when Mom might be home. “Yea lets do it.”

We walked up to her room together and without a thought started to get naked.

As I looked at Kelsey’s naked body again, I was instantly happy. Over the last 2 weeks I never thought I would see her naked again. I just took a moment to really admire just how cute she is.

She laid on the bed, flat on her back. “Hurry, get up here naked next to me!”

I was on her left, she was on my right. We both reached over for each other. It was funny at first because we both kind of squirmed as we both aren’t very used to being touched. I tried to take it slow just touching the outside of her labia in a slow circular motion. As we got going, it quickly started getting really hot. We both were moaning.

I was going in and out with two fingers. “Oh yes, Chadam please don’t stop.”

When she called out my name I thought to myself how hot it is that my own sister enjoys me fingering her. Which made me get even harder. I kept trying my best to hold it in.

Then I could feel her cumming on my fingers, she then let her whole body relax. I couldn’t believe she just orgasmed, it felt so cool that I did that to her. She had loosened her grip on my dick but still was stroking it. Then she faced me and grabbed a hold of it and gripped even harder, then she had at first, and started really squeezing and stroking. She was squeezing so hard it almost hurt, but it just felt so good. All the pre cum rize escort on my penis was making that squishy sound so loud.

She said “I want to see my brother’s penis just unload.”

As soon as she said that, I absolutely lost it. I cummed so hard and long, more than ever. The first shot when I came went right past us onto her headboard. And the rest all over the bed with the last few shots landing on her and myself.

She took it and rubbed it on her tits which made me want to cum again.

I said, “I can’t believe how good that was!”

“Believe it brother, this is our new normal, and we can do it whenever we want.”

We both laid there for a moment just smiling at each other. I was just thinking about how insane this all was, and I didn’t want this to ever end. Finally we got up and cleaned up.

Over the next month or so, we kept doing this same routine, 2 to 3 times per week, mostly whenever Kelsey was able to get home earlier in the day before mom got home.

We both would just look at eachother and know it was time. One day Kelsey was yelling from upstairs to me, and asking “Are you coming up here?” And when I walked up she was already naked waiting for me.

This was without a doubt a great time in our lives. It was amazing too how really nothing had changed in our relationship, we really did a great job of keeping this separate from our family lives. I really don’t think that mom or dad could have any idea what we were doing. We really still had our same brother sister relationship before any of this started.

Once we hit winter break for both of us it really was awesome, we started doing it twice a day as we were both home most the day. Kelsey had a part time job just two days a week.

That first week of winter break something happened that I knew would start to change things. One morning I had made my way into Kelsey’s room and on her bed and I was fingering her and she was stroking me. We had our process down and never wasted time. But this morning Kelsey leaned over and just sucked on my penis! I was thrown off and just let out a “woah.”

“Do you like that? Sorry I didn’t ask you if it was okay to do that.”

“Yea it feels great.”

“I thought you would like that.” She said with a smirk.”I’ve wanted to do that for a while, I thought it would be hot.” She paused and said “Have you thought about sucking my tits or licking my vagina?” As she smiled again.

“Of course I have thought about it, I just didn’t want to push it past what we agreed about doing”

“I am okay with it if you are?” She said with an almost devilish grin.

It was funny because I had thought about this, but hadn’t thought about what I would say if she engaged in it first. I simply nodded in agreement, as no words came to me.

Right after that she rolled up on top of me, moved her way down and started sucking again. Looking up at me as she did, I thought about how cool it was. My older sister laying on me, our naked bodies touching, I felt so close to her. It escort rize was so cute that she watched my reaction as she kept sucking me off.

Then she moved her way up and began to put her breasts on my face. I started kissing and sucking on her cute little nipples. It was amazing! I kissed them so passionately. I had thought about this for several weeks, and finally was kissing and sucking on them.

“Ohhh” She moaned as I continued to kiss them.

“Wow, yea i never thought I would get to kiss those beautiful breasts of yours, I could do that all day.”

“Thanks, it feels good.”

Then it happened. When she moved up, we were positioned so that I could feel her vagina on my penis. I was instantly thinking about how our genitals were touching, and if she realized it or not.

I knew this was way more than we had talked about. But the second I thought about it, I got harder and harder. Her weight pressing right up on penis, forcing it back on me, feeling her pussy moving around up against it.

I quickly said “Umm Kelsey”

And then I couldn’t hold it. I was overcome with this thought, that I was touching my sister’s pussy with my penis. How taboo but hot, then I started to cum.

We looked at each other. I was freaking out. “I am so so sorry. I didn’t mean to do that.”

“Don’t worry it isn’t a big deal, I just got lost in the moment.”

I questioned her saying “but I just came on your pussy?”

She said, “it’s fine, I’ll go wipe off, it’s not a big deal because we didn’t have any penetration.”

I was relieved to hear that she was okay with it. I explained to her though that I felt guilty that we touched genitals together since we hadn’t discussed that, and told her I wish I would have said something before cumming.

“It’s really okay, I liked it and would like to do it again if you are okay with it?”

How could I say no to that? It was so hot. The idea of it made me almost get hard again.

“Of course I’m okay with it” as I smiled back.

“How about this afternoon?”

I nodded in agreement.

Early that afternoon, we were both eager to start advancing and pushing our limits of what we were comfortable with.

It felt so nice to have our naked bodies touching everywhere. It felt like such a close bond to be so up close with each other and completely entangled like that.

We made our way back to her bedroom later in the day. I knew since she asked me about it, I was going to try oral on her to start. That afternoon was the first time I went down on her. I will never forget, as I started to lick her.

“Oh my god, Chadam. That feels so good. Don’t stop!”

As nervous as I was to lick her pussy, I could tell she enjoyed that as much as anything we had done. I just kept going, finally sticking my tongue into her her. I could not get it out of my mind how awesome this was. My own sister, and I was staring right at her pussy, touching it, licking it. Something so forbidden but I had it in my own mouth. I just continued to think rize escort bayan about how lucky I was and how many people would think this is gross, and yet so many people out there that would be so jealous I was doing this. As I continued to have these thoughts I got harder and harder myself. I looked up at Kelsey and just saw her taking it in and how happy she was, which made it that much better.

She was moaning constantly, so clearly I could tell she enjoyed it alot. Finally she came while I was still going down on her. I took a lot of pride that I was able to make her do that.

“Please tell me you will do that again for me?”

“Of course I will” I couldn’t believe I had licked my sister’s cute little smooth pussy like that.

After that, she got back on top of me. Again our genitals kept touching as I was kissing her breast again.

She then sat up almost squatting and was stroking me so hard. She then said “You know it’s funny how easy I could just squat on your dick, and we could be having sex.” With a grin as she said it.

“But of course we can’t do that” again smiling.

I probably just had a face or shock, as I couldn’t believe what she said and was in the moment of getting an amazing hand job.

“I wish we could, but I know we cant” as I gave her that same grin back.

But the thought made me quickly cum. It shot straight up at her again right onto her little stomach.

“Guess we need to take another shower.”

That whole afternoon was off the charts how great it was.

Afterwards we were out in the living room just laying there talking about how hot all of that was. Kelsey was in a tank top and underwear only, which became a regular outfit when just the two of us were home. I found myself day dreaming about what we just did and just thinking about how cute she is, and how awesome of an older sister she is.

As I was looking over at her, Kelsey says “You know if we both get out of the family trip to see the family in North Carolina next week we can have a lot of time to ourselves.”

I was totally onboard. I told her I would try to come up with an excuse. And she said she would say she would have to work and not be able to take off.

We both were excited about how much time we would have together totally uninterrupted.

That night I laid there thinking about how much we were pushing the limits. It was so funny, because when I just thought about Kelsey in general, like us hanging out as a family, the idea of sex with her was so odd almost gross. And I didn’t have this loving emotional tie as if I was in love with her. But then when I would imagine her body, think about us just hanging out, messing around as siblings and how awesome it was, I would instantly be turned on. It was this special secret we shared together that I appreciated. I knew this wasn’t natural, but knew that I enjoyed it too much to even consider stopping.

That night I imagined what it would be like to actually have sex. I jerked off to the idea, and had a ton of cum on me to clean up. I knew we could never actually have sex, as that was a line surely we could never cross. As much as I would love that, I wouldn’t want to make Kelsey uncomfortable by proposing that idea. But I still found myself fascinated with the idea.

(This ends part 2. Part 3 to be released)

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