My Smoking Fetish Story Ch. 07


Showered and dressed, wearing jeans, boots and another thick warm jumper, I was ready for my day to begin. I quickly sprayed my house with freshener and left the windows partially open whilst locked on their latches. I really did need to stop smoking, especially inside the house.

Then, after spending a few lovely hours with Laura and my mother, I kissed them both goodbye and set off for the hairdresser’s.

Part of me felt silly for making such an effort. All I needed to do was be myself. Hours earlier, standing beneath the shower head, touching up my legs, armpits and lady bits with the razor, I couldn’t help asking what was being myself exactly?

The previous evening I had been just that, a few casual drinks while being myself. A respectable single mum enjoying a drink with a cute guy who fancied me. But the reaction in Ryan as I smoked unearthed the old Sophie. So who was I really making all this effort for? I was torn between wanting to look nice for Ryan, but also wanting that extra touch of glamour so I could unzip and release the old Sophie. The irresponsible, risk taking and ever so fun Sophie. No sooner had I let her out of her box, a few weeks previously with the online married guy, I had put her back and swore to keep her there.

However, this was different for many reasons. I liked Ryan and he evidently liked me. Of course sexual attraction is the starting point, even if you hide it verbally the eyes never lie. Also, there were no complications between us, well no obvious ones anyway. We were both single, similar in age and with the freedom to have fun and who knows what else. I was excited and feeling very happy in myself. One complication I did have of course… smoking.

After rubbing moisturiser all over my post shower body, I sat naked on my stool in front of my vanity unit and lit an all-white slim cigarette. Allowing ten minutes for my skin to absorb the product before applying my make-up, I watched myself smoking. I wondered if I could ever give up the habit if I felt this sexual connection to holding a cigarette between my fingers. After all, I had even returned to my favourite slim, all white cigarettes.

I studied myself in the mirror once more, drawing on the filter. Then, moving the cigarette only a few inches to the side of my face, my exposed chest rose as I inhaled the smoke deep into my lungs. I watched my breasts as I held the smoke for a few seconds. This was where I personally took the most pleasure from smoking. If a man was admiring me it also intensified the moment. My body absorbing the addictive nicotine while he waited patiently for me to exhale. I focused on my mouth, staring at my reflection, before I exhaled a long, slow, thick plume of smoke. I repeated the action several times until I had smoked the cigarette and then started on my hair and make-up.

Quitting had its struggles, but respect for my health was really down to becoming a mother. No parent wants to leave their child parentless due to bad health choices. My love for Laura extinguished my desire to smoke. The only times I came close to breaking was when I felt really horny and the image of me smoking and having sex consumed my thoughts. The quick use of my fingers or a sex toy quickly sorted that out. In time, I grew stronger and felt pride thinking of myself as a non-smoker. I’ll just have one night playing with Ryan I told myself… and then I really will stop smoking.

A couple of hours later, Ryan arrived at my house in a taxi. The driver of course was happy to wait with the meter running while Ryan knocked my door.

“Sophie!” He gasped when I flung open the door to greet him in a short dark red dress and matching heels. His eyes were instantly drawn to the plunging neck line.

I loved his reaction but decided to tease him a little by playing the self-conscious mum. “Do I look okay?”

“You look absolutely amazing. You’re insanely gorgeous.” Unable to hide his excitement.

“Are you sure?” I pretended to fret as though I were naïve, offering my body and outfit for his inspection. “You don’t think I’m showing too much skin?”

Ryan once again focussed on my ample cleavage before running his eyes up and down the full length of my curvy, in all the right places, figure. I was indeed showing too much skin, that was my intention after all, to have him stare and lust after me.

“Definitely not!” He insisted with a delightful grin. “I’ll be damn proud to take you out to dinner tonight!”

I couldn’t resist dragging the moment out a little longer. “Thanks, but what about my cleavage? Do you think I’m showing too much, because I can change into something less revealing?” I suggested, knowing full well it was designed to stylishly draw attention to my breasts.

“Just relax, you look amazing I promise. I don’t want you to change.” He reassured me. “I mean… you don’t need to change you look amazing.”

“Ok, if you’re happy then I’m happy.” I smiled, grabbing my coat and bag.

“Are you ready?” He was grinning from ear kıbrıs escort to ear, displaying his pearly white teeth.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.”

“You look smoking hot, Sophie. Honestly, I’m blown away!”

My entire sense of being filled with happiness and excitement as he leaned in and kissed my cheek. If you’re blown away now… just wait until later. I giggled at my thoughts as he took my hand.

I climbed into the taxi, the driver glancing at my shapely legs with a smile of appreciation. I felt great, I felt desired and sexy. I was ready for a good time.

We talked during the drive to the wine bar and steakhouse restaurant, and by the time we arrived I felt confident and reassured that Ryan, despite being younger than me, was a guy I could date. I hoped tonight would be the first of many dates and not just for fun.

The restaurant was almost two years old. I had heard many people talk about how wonderful it was… and expensive. I had to admit that Ryan was ticking all the right boxes so far. As soon as we entered I was delighted with the lay out. It looked elegant and sophisticated with everybody looking smart and beautiful. We were promptly greeted and welcomed before Ryan gave his name to confirm the booking.

“Would you prefer smoking or non-smoking, sir?” A tall, slim and very pretty waitress asked.

“Smoking please.” Ryan replied without a moment’s hesitation.

“Ryan?” I touched his arm to grab his attention.

“Please follow me, right this way.”

On the short walk to our table, I noticed several men stealing glances of me. Ignoring them, I sat down and readily accepted the wine menu from the waitress.

“We don’t need to sit in the smoking section during food. You don’t smoke and that’s not fair.” I explained.

“Nonsense, smoking doesn’t bother me and I don’t want you going out into the cold every time you want a cigarette. Besides, I need to be able to keep an eye on you, make sure nobody steals you away.” He smiled with a playful wink.

“You’re sweet, I hope this isn’t just a charade you play on a first date.” I smiled back, putting the wine menu down before reaching into my bag for my cigarettes.

“What do you think of this place?” He asked, searching for my approval.

“You should have booked sooner, its fabulous.” I replied, opening the packet to reveal the all-white cigarettes.

“Huh?” He sounded puzzled for a moment. “This is our first offical date.”

“Yes, but this place has been open awhile. You’ve had plenty of time to book a table and ask me out.”

“Are you serious?” He appeared wary.

“You’ll have to get used to my sarcasm if you want to date me.” I laughed gently.

He relaxed and smiled. “I can handle anything you throw at me.” He replied with an embarrassed and awkward wink.

Oh dear, Ryan. I smiled without responding. I’m pretty confident you have not dated a girl like me before.

“The reviews are five star on the food to.” He said softly whilst staring at me.

“Let’s hope so.”

His eyes became fixed on me the moment I held the cigarette. The filter poised between my index and middle finger, as close to my fingertips as possible. He swallowed, waiting for my next move. Tonight I was a lady and I would fill our date with ease, style and class while he tore himself up inside at the thought of having me.

“You’ve changed your cigarettes?” He mouthed in awe.

“Oh… yes.” I acted nonchalantly, hiding my delight that he had in fact noticed. “I decided to switch back to my favourite brand. I think slim cigarettes are more suitable for a…”

“Looks sexy…” Ryan blurted.

“Sexy?” I pretended to be surprised. “I was going to say more suitable for a lady.”

Ryan shifted nervously; his cheeks flushed. “Yeah, yeah… that’s what I meant. You look sexy, so it’s only right the cigarette… suits you.”

I smiled, holding back my urge to reassure him it was fine that he enjoyed me smoking, but I couldn’t, it was too soon.

I prejudged this cigarette would be the most enjoyable yet. In his silent appreciation, Ryan watched as I flicked the lighter and moved my body towards the flame. I quickly placed the cigarette between my painted lips, ensuring the filter remained between my fingers. A soft sigh came across the table from Ryan’s direction. I smiled and drew elegantly on the filter while he gazed at the cigarette being brought to life and the cleavage I had just presented before him. I then moved my body back until I was sat up in my chair. Releasing the lighter, I placed it on top of the packet of cigarettes and inhaled deep but slowly, controlling the experience so not to rush the moment.

“You look beautiful… even when you smoke.” He gasped in a submissive tone.

I smiled before gently tilting my head off to the side and exhaling away from him. “Thank you.”

I made sure I gave him the impression that I was merely smoking for my enjoyment and my enjoyment alone. Of course I was revelling kıbrıs escort bayan in having him staring at me as I pretended to refocus on the wine menu. But while I sat, holding the cigarette upward, allowing the smoke to smoulder and travel straight up into the air, I felt my nipples harden against the inside of my dress.

The waitress returned and I ordered a reasonably priced bottle of Chardonnay. Ryan typically ordered a pint of lager. I leaned forwards and held his hand. We smiled.

“Thank you for bringing me to such a lovely restaurant.” I said softly before bringing the cigarette to my lips and taking another slow drag.

“You’re welcome.” He croaked, watching me inhale the smoke before I again tilted my head to the side and exhaled. “You look amazing, you really do.” He added, dropping his gaze into my cleavage for a moment.

I jokingly pushed my chest out and laughed quietly. “Compliments will get you everywhere.”

We both laughed when suddenly I noticed the man on the table next to us looking over. Ryan blushed and nodded at him. He looked to be late fifties and enjoying a steak with his wife. I felt the heat rush between my legs. I took a drag from my cigarette and smiled at the man, before gently kicking Ryan in his shin and giggling. As I exhaled I caught the stranger checking out my bust without a care for his wife.

“Hello and welcome!” A sexy French accent suddenly interuppted or rather saved me from the embarrassing situation. “I am Pierre and I will be your waiter for this evening.”

I looked up and said hello with a slight gush. Ryan nudged my foot under the table in jealousy at the way I quickly perked up for the waiter. Ryan asked the waiter to give us five minutes while we studied the food menu.

“Of course, sir, madam.”

“I think somebody has the hots for the French guy.” Ryan teased as Pierre politely excused himself. But that wasn’t the end of his teasing “You’re ditching me already.” He added with a chuckle.

“Piss off!” I laughed and blushed at him, knowing I had been busted.

I returned to smoking and finished my cigarette while Ryan studied the main courses. I already knew what I was going to eat, being fussy I only eat fillet steak on the rare ocassions when I do eat steak. I looked around the room, taking in the wonderful restaurant again, when I discovered my new neighbour gawking at my tits again. I waited for him to raise his eyes before looking straight at him this time. Turned out to be his turn to get busted as his wife looked to see what had stloen her husbands attention from her. She wasn’t impressed, and I didn’t notice him looking at me for the rest of the evening.

I stubbed out my cigarette and soon enough Pierre returned to take our order. He was tall, slim, and handsome. I felt a tinge of guilt that I found another man so obviously attractive during a first date.

“Are you ready to order food, sir, madam?”

“Ladies first.” Ryan gestured across the table at me.

“I’ll have the fillet steak with new potatoes and vegetables please, Pierre.”

“How would you like your steak, madam?”

“I bet you love it really well done, hey Sophie.” Ryan grinned at his own joke. I knew the joke wasn’t lost on Pierre either as he smiled.

Seems Ryan has a dangerous sense of humour I thought, kicking him under the table again before turning to answer Pierre. “Medium please, Pierre.” I said, catching him looking down at my cleavage for just a milli-second.

“And for you sir?” He turned to Ryan with a grin.

“I know this is a steakhouse but I really like the sound of the chicken breast in the white wine sauce.” He pondered.

“Very good choice, sir. I highly recommend it.”

“Yeah, I think I will have the juicy brea… chicken breast with potatoes and vegetables.”

Pierre smirked and shook his head, probably in disbelief at my first date’s behaviour before he repeated the order back to us and left.

“Seriously?” I asked him when Pierre left.

“Yes, Pierre, thank you, Pierre,” Ryan teased me across the table. I had to admit, I did like him slowly revealing this side of himself, even if it was a bit childish.

“Ohhh, and to think you were doing so well up until that point.” I then tutted and shook my head.

Ryan leaned closer and lowered his voice. “It’s just a bit of fun. Besides, you practically creamed your panties when he was talking to you. I have feelings you know.”

“Oh, shut up you idiot!” I laughed loudly at him. “Who says I’m wearing panties anyway?”

“Holy shit! Are you serious?”

“Well, you have some making up to do after embarrassing me like that.” I joked. Of course I wasn’t embarrassed. “You’ll have to work hard tonight to find out if I’m wearing panties or not.”

“Ok, ok, I’m sorry. Would learning French by the end of the night help?” He chuckled.

“Now that would be impressive.” I couldn’t stop giggling now. “You learn French and speak to me in that accent and I’m all yours.”

We escort kıbrıs both laughed loudly, drawing the attention of the nearby tables before we quietened down again.

“Ok, give me a second here.” He cleared his throat.

“What?” I threw him a puzzled look.

Ryan took a moment as if to compose himself, before blowing me away and making my heart melt.

“Sophie, tu es la plus belle femme que j’aie jamais vue, quand tu fumes, tu me fais envie de faire des choses sales et agreables pour toi.”

“I have no idea what you just said, but judging by the look in your eyes, I believe it was sincere.” I melted before him. “Now in English please?”

He smiled. “Not yet, maybe one day.”

“You can’t do that to me!”

Ryan laughed, his cheeks blushing. He was happy with himself and he had every reason to be. “Sometime tonight, you will tell me what you just said!”

“Maybe I will, maybe I won’t.”

Ryan clearly felt emabarssed and very quickly changed the subject, wanting to discuss Laura and me. He had a sweet, soft side for a young guy. I know I wasn’t that much older than him but being a parent does make you grow up fast. We were nearing our third drinks when the food arrived. The joking had stopped and we settled into our meals while we continued sharing things about ourselves. By the end of it, I felt a little mushy and smitten. I wanted to take him home and cuddle up on the sofa, it truly had been a romantic meal.

“So, are you going to reveal what you said in French?” I asked, lighting my post meal cigarette. “You bi-lingual dark horse.”

Ryan laughed. “You’re not going to let it go, are you?”

I exhaled up at the ceiling. “Obviously not!”

He leaned forwards, his elbows on the table. “Are you wearing panties?” He asked quietly.

“Tell me what you said in French and I’ll tell you if I’m wearing panties or not.”

Ryan blushed. “I can’t say.”

“Why not? Is it sooooo bad that I might walk out and leave you?” I teased him.

“I will tell you, just not here and now.” He smiled, but his body language was uncomfortable.

“Well when you do, I’ll let you know if I’m wearing panties.”

We both laughed, but believing he had said something romantic and soppy I decided to let it go… for now. He checked his watch, it was only 9pm. Like a true gentleman Ryan paid the bill and then we headed upstairs to the wine bar.

The bar was of a modest size. The actual bar greeted us as we reached the top of the spiral staircase. It had tables and chairs in the centre of the room and the decor was just as stylish as the restaurant. Across the far side of the room ran a long breakfast style bar with stools. As Ryan went to order some drinks I quickly grabbed two bar stools near the toilets. When he joined me with two fancy looking cocktails I quickly pulled out my cigarettes and lit one. This time it was for my enjoyment. Ryan had grown familiar with me smoking, his gaze tended to focus more on me and my body as the evening went on. There was still no hint between us of how the night would end. We had talked lots, joked and flirted, but with no real sexual undertone… except in our eyes. I didnt real count the panties joke as anything more than a joke, but I did want him… and I was going to have him.

The end of the room where we were sitting was fairly quiet and out of ear shot, except for the people passing every ten minutes or so to use the toilet. It was a relaxed setting and we had plenty of room to talk and flirt without fear of people overhearing us.

Naturally, I faced him with my legs crossed and with my back to the bar. Years of yoga and pilates giving me the core strength to sit on a stool like that I realised. My left arm rested across my body, just beneath my bust while I rested my right elbow on my arm to keep the cigarette pointing upwards. I never liked having the smoke drifting up through my fingers. Ryan sat with his feet on the stool, legs spread like most men do. He watched me take a drag and then inhale before I turned my head to the side and exhaled.

“You look like you really enjoy smoking.” He smiled and took a sip of his cocktail through the straw.

I turned my head towards my own cocktail, which was resting on the bar beside me. I caught his gaze dropping into my cleavage as I lowered my head and sucked slowly on the straw. I then sat back up and took another drag while looking into his eyes.

“It’s a foolish habit,” I stated the obvious before sharply inhaling, “but it feels so satisfying,” I added before exhaling to the side of us again.

“It suits you.” He said. “You don’t smoke like most women.”

I giggled and felt a tingle up my spine.

“What’s so funny?” He grinned but sounded like he needed reassurance that he hadn’t embarrassed himself again.

“I smoke a certain way depending on the moment.” I answered vaguely before slowly and deliberately drawing on the filter once more.

“I don’t understand?”

Before adding to my answer I held the smoke for a few seconds and then exhaled a long plume.

“Well, take this moment for example. We are in a fancy wine bar; I’m sat with a handsome guy who doesn’t mind me smoking and I’m dressed like a lady.” I paused and took the final drag before stubbing out the cigarette.

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