Subject: my son in the bar-40 ****THE FOLLOWING STORY CONCEPT WAS ORIGINALLY WRITTEN AND CREATED BY THE AUTHOR [email protected], WHO GRACIOUSLY ALLOWED ME (NPHILLYDOGG) TO CONTINUE AND COMPLETE HIS TALE. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO EMAIL EITHER ONE, OR THE BOTH OF US WITH YOUR QUESTIONS AND COMMENTS. THANK YOU FOR READING**** _________________________________________________________________________ MY SON IN THE BAR-40 I drove into work, fully hoping to have a full day of genuine construction, hoping to finally be taken seriously as a one of the guys! Unfortunately as soon as I got there, I was taken up to the second floor [of a 2 story add on] and bent over a workhorse and butt fucked by the work crew! I never even got my hands on a single work tool! As soon as I walked into the building I was ushered upstairs and my work jeans were forced down about my ankles as one by one the crew stepped up behind me, my bare ass crack greased and readied with lubricant before one of them shoved their cock up my ass! The workmen cheered him on as them started their work, laying electrical lines, wooden beams, sheetrock, –the works! The guy at my ass held onto my waist as he fucked me over the horse from behind, his cock sticking out of his zipper and up my ass as my own hard cock stuck out from underneath the workhorse! “ARRRHHHHH…ARRHHHHH SHIT…!” he groaned as he came in my ass, bucking behind me as he ground himself home in my ass, shooting his shit all up inside me! A second later he pulled out and another guy [stopped what he was doing and] walked over, unzipped, and shoved HIS cock up my ass too, taking the last man’s place! They guys all continued to work while I got fucked in the middle of the room! Guys would walk by carrying wooden beams and sheetrock over their shoulders as if I wasn’t there [bent over taking it up the ass], hi-fiving hands with the guy[s] fucking me as if watching a ball game on tv! Occasionally one of them would walk up in front of my, pull out his erection cock, grab a fistful of my hair and yank my head towards his cock, shove it in my mouth, and face-fuck me for a few minutes before tucking it back in his pants and returning to work! Sometimes they wouldn’t even tuck them back in, they’d simply walk around with their hard-ons hanging out of their pants, bobbing up and down and swaying side to side as they walked or worked! There were 15 men on the site that day, all of them taking time out of their schedules to walk over to fuck my mouth and/or ass at some point during the day! By lunch time I’d already had about 8 loads up my ass, 2 in my mouth, and one all over my face! I was in the client’s bathroom [shitting out the morning loads to make room for the inevitable afternoon loads] when someone busted in the door and started fuck-fucking me right there on the toilet! Grabbing 2 hefty handfuls of my hair, he roughly fucked my mouth and throat right there in the bathroom, throat fucking me with every thrust until he threw back his head and came gangbusters down the back of my throat! “AARRRHHHHHGGG FUCK YEAH…!” he shouted as he came hard, shooting a geyser straight into my stomach with his cock buried in my throat and my nose in his pubes! I’d barely finished taking his load when another guys rushed in to take his place! But instead of fucking my mouth like the last guy, the new one grabbed my ankles and flipped my legs up into the air, exposing my ass on the toilet! He crouched in front of me and aligned his cock to my cum clogged hole [luckily all I shitted was their cum] and shoved straight up IN me and started fucking me wildly! I held onto the edges of the toilet as I got fucked [my legs up over head with my ass tilted towards the front edge of the toilet, my head pressed back against the top of the lid]! After lunch the guys seriously got down to work, picking up the pace so we could stay on schedule! I only got fucked a handful more times from about 12 noon thru 3pm, with more guys aiming for blow jobs from 3pm until quitting time! I drove home all sticky with cum coating my mouth, face, ass, back, and streaking down the backs of my legs! When I got home that afternoon I was surprised Jimmy Little and his friends hadn’t showed up to fuck Shawn and I! Shawn explained to me that the guys had decided to go over to Mr. Robinson’s house to pay him a visit instead, and I must confess I was more than a little happy for the time off! I jumped into the shower and cleaned up for The Frog that night! Shawn told me he had made a date to visit one of the security guards homes from Frank Little’s utility company, saying he’d promised to blow him and his friends while they watch the ball game on tv that afternoon! He said he was still planning to go to The Frog, and said he’d see if he could get a ride from one of the guys at the party! I kissed Shawn good-bye on the forehead as he left on his bike, then I went to bed to take a much needed nap! Shawn peddled his way over to 20 year old Josh Tanning’s apartment about 10 or 12 blocks away! Josh was a security guard for Frank Little, he came across Shawn trying to get inside the utility company one day, and ended up getting some good head and ass in the back of his security jeep [chap-35]! Josh had invited Shawn over to his place to entertain his friends during a game party! Shawn readily accepted! The game had been underway for about an hour before Shawn finally showed up for duty! The guys had been totally into the game, but whenever a commercial came one, someone would always inevitably ask… “So Josh…where’s this entertainment you said you had for us…?” “It’s coming guys, it’s coming…just hold your horses!” assured Josh, looking at his watch and hoping Shawn didn’t stand him up? “Is this entertainment something that required a fist full of dollars…?” asked one of his friends, chucking back a beer while waiting for an answer! “No Phil…you won’t need any money one tonight…” said Josh! “You said that LAST TIME…” laughed Phil, “…and that stripper got made when she didn’t get any additional tips!” “She owed me a favor!” argued Joshua, “She KNEW she wasn’t supposed to make any money!” “Well MY question is; –is this another cock tease you setting us up for…?” asked one of his other friends [Wesley]! “The LAST time I went home with a raging hard-on and my wife wasn’t trying to give up any cunt! I was hard for 2 days!” Josh laughed… “No…I assure ALL of you will go home with your balls all thoroughly drained this time!” “Oh really…?” perked his friends! “Is she cute…? Is it that chick from HOOTERS we liked so much…?” “No…it’s not a chick…” said Josh, getting shocked/surprised faces from his friends! “…but he gives GREAT head!” “A GUY…??” asked his friends, looking doubtful at each other! “How’d YOU find him…?” “Caught him blowing my boss…” lied Josh! “…then got some head myself! He’d really good!” “I don’t know about letting some GUY suck my dick…!” frowned Wesley! “I’m telling you guys, you’d be doing your dicks a disservice if you don’t let this guy suck your cocks…! He’s better than ANY chick I’ve ever known! And YOU won’t have to worry about feeling guilty afterwards, Wes…!” “I guess.” said the married man! “So WHERE is he…?” asked Phil! Josh looked out the window to see Shawn peddling up the drive… “He’s HERE!” he said, as his friends all perked up and readied themselves to meet the cocksucker! Shawn parked his bike beside Josh’s 2 story duplex, then walked up to the second floor and knocked on the door! Josh invited Shawn in, introducing him to his friends: `Phil, Wes, Lou, Jeremy, and Scott!’ Shawn said `hi’ as the guys all stared him up and down [judgingly], none of them disliking what they saw! “At least he don’t look like no punk…!” said one of them, impressed by Shawn’s jock body [5’9″, 135 lbs with a smooth slight muscular build] and nerd look! escort izmit “Yeah…” agreed another one of the guys, adjusting his hardening cock, knowing he was about to get a good BJ from a hot high school kid! Josh went and got Shawn something cold to drink while the guys all looked him over and summed him up! Shawn couldn’t help looking around at the different guys also, knowing in just a matter of time he’d have his face buried in head one of their crotches, eating their straight dicks! He could already see some growing prospects as one or two of them adjusted themselves right in front of him! Shawn started to get a rise himself, as Josh came back and handed him a beer! “So…how should we start…?” he asked, as Shawn took his first swig! “Well…” said Shawn, gulping down the mouthful of brew! “…they could just keep sitting where they are, and I could go down the line one after the other…!” he suggested! Josh looked at the guys for objections…? When he didn’t get any he said… “Sounds like a plan! Let’s DO it!” Shawn took another swig, then walked over to what he considered was the first guy! Phil sat in a single person chair! Shawn walked directly over to him, then got down on his knees! Phil looked obviously scared for a moment, having never had a guy swing on his cock before! He was especially nervous about having it done in front of the other guys, just in case this was a trick OR all the other guys chickened out and decided NOT to do it! He watched Shawn reach up into his crotch and start rubbing his cock bulge, massaging his growing hard-on! Shawn made sure it was plenty stiff before he undid the pants and freed the monster for all to see! Phil’s 7.5″ cock jumped out into the open, standing stiffly from his fly as Shawn grabbed hold and stroked it slowly, enjoying the heat as it scorched his stroking palm! Phil took a swig of beer as he watched Shawn jerk him off! The other guys were all watching, waiting to see if Josh was right about the kid’s head game? Shawn licked his lips, then leaned forward and licked Josh’s cock! “uhh…” moaned Phil, feeling the wet tongue lick over his hard-wood! Shawn licked again, then again, painting the head and shaft with his tongue, thoroughly wetting it! Phil watched him paint his tongue up and down the sides and underbelly, stroking it like a painter, using his tongue as a brush! Once he had the cock glistening with spit, he worked his way up to the head and enveloped it in his mouth [oval his lips over the head] and slowly inched his mouth down the shaft towards the balls…! “Oooohhh fuuuccckkkk…” moaned Phil aloud, tossing his head back [majestically] as Shawn deep throated him on the first suck! “Damn…” groaned the other guys, all suddenly eager their turns! Shawn buried his face in Phil’s groin, holding his cock well lodged in his throat for several [long] seconds before finally pulling back up! Phil squirmed in his seat, unsure what to do with his hands as he attempted to run them lovingly through Shawn’s hair before catching himself and placing them back along the armrests! He forced himself to keep his hands to his side [not wanting to touch `the fag’ in front of the guys] while Shawn started sucking, bobbing his head up and down in his lap! “So…?” asked Josh, watching Shawn suck Phil [along with everyone else]! “He’s GOOD…!” smiled Phil, conceding! “TOLD you so!” smiled Josh, satisfied his friends would enjoy the gift! Shawn continued sucking as he worked his mouth up and down Phil’s shaft, his wet slick tongue lapping at the underbelly as he sucked! He worked Phil’s cock until he felt the cock starting to jerk and pulse in his mouth, preparing to flood his mouth with its liquid gold! Shawn pulled off and moved over ot the next guy, leaving Phil’s cock stiff and standing upright for more attention! Scott was second; he was a tall slim guy with short straight blonde hair and a checkered shirt! Shawn rubbed his crotch also, making sure his cock was stiff before pulling it out into the open! Scott’s cock was 6 and 1/2 inches and gorgeous! Shawn’s mouth watered for it as soon as he saw it, and immediately took it in his mouth, swallowing it whole to the root on the first suck! “Oh god…” gasped Scott, unprepared for the hot mouth as Shawn attacked him like the movie JAWS! Shawn wallowed his face about in Scott’s groin, loving his cock in his mouth as he nursed on the shaft like a baby calf [suckling]! Scott was trembling far too soon [ready to pop] as Shawn pulled off, leaving his cock twitch and already ozzing pre-cum! The next guy was Wesley [the married guy]! Shawn could see Wes’s cock already snaking down his pant-leg as he massaged the bulge and freed it from its prison! Wesley was a nice looking dark haired man, slightly pudgy [but not fat]! His cock was 7″ and thick! Shawn painted the shaft just as he had Phil’s tantalizing the shaft with every lick of his tongue before taking it in the hot furnace of his mouth! Wesley groaned when the mouth plunged around his cock root, entrapping his cock in the pit of Shawn’s mouth! Shawn nursed on the shaft as he did Scott’s cock, then slowly receded up to the head and suckled the head, tasting pre-cum! But unlike Scott [who was ready to shoot within seconds], Wesley had a little more endurance as Shawn started to bob his head, sucking the shaft up and down from tip to base! He managed to suck the entire shaft for about 20 strokes before he felt the cock started to throb, and pulled off…! The forth guy was Lou! Lou was a DJ at a nightclub! Lou had tight black curly hair, and a tight black curly bush about his cock as well! Shawn pulled his long pale cock from his cargo pants and immediately attacked his cock with his mouth and throat, swallowing the long slim 8″ shaft to the root! Lou’s cock fit easiest into Shawn’s throat, as it was tailor made for cock sucking! Lou had a slight foreskin, which Shawn simply pulled back with his hand down about the base as he slurped his way back up towards the head and suckled the head! Lou groaned and squirmed in his seat, his head more sensitive than his uncircumcised brethren! He cupped the back of Shawn’s curly blonde head, then shoved his head back down in his groin, preferring throat over head-action! Shawn got the message as he bobbed his head with short strokes, keeping his lips close to the base line as he worked the cockhead in and out of his slick throat! He could feel Lou’s cock started to pulsate as he sucked and tried to lift his head up from his lap, but Lou held his head tighter, keeping his mouth planted deeply as his dick stiffened and swelled, then started to unexpectedly shoot a wave of water cum straight down the back of Shawn’s throat! “OH FUCK…!” groaned Lou, closing his eyes as he came, pulling Shawn’s head all the way down into his lap [draining his load down his throat] before finally letting go of his head, letting him back up! Shawn sucked the last droplets of cum from Lou’s cock before pulling off and moving to the next guy! Jeremy was the fifth guy [the fourth guy on the sofa]! Jeremy stood up and undid his pants himself, shoving them all the way down to his ankles before retaking his seat [his 8″ cock was already hard and awaiting Shawn’s mouth]! Shawn crawled over and immediately went for Jeremy’s balls, taking his time licking and sucking them into his mouth one orb at a time, swirling them around in his mouth like a washing machine on spin cycle! Shawn leaned back in his seat, spreading his pale white legs wide to allow the boy access to his eggs! Shawn slurped on the baby-makers for a full five minutes before licking his way up and down the underbelly of Jeremy’s stiff cock, running his wet tongue up and down the shaft before climbing towards the head and sucking away the precious pre-cum! Jeremy’s cock was pulsating when Shawn finally deep throated it to the root, allowing him the opportunity to feel izmit escort his throat muscles wrap around his shaft as well! “Damn this kid can suck cock…!” he gasped, trying to hold back from shooting his load! Shawn throated the cock once, then pulled off and moved over towards his host [Josh]! Josh sat the other single seat, his pants also pulled down as he removed them from around his ankles to give Shawn complete and total access to his cock and balls! Shawn recognized the 7 and 1/2 cock as he crawled over and started sucking it, taking it directly into his mouth as he started bobbing his head up and down on the shaft! Unlick everyone else in the room, Josh had experienced Shawn’s mouth before, and knew to brace himself against the hot suction or lose his load quick! Shawn worked his mouth up and down the hard shaft, swallowing the cock whole several times before resuming the bob, working it about in his mouth like a slurpee! Josh managed to stay hard without throbbing for a full 10 minutes before Shawn finally decided to pull off and work his way back down the line! He crawled back to the last guy [Jeremy], licking his way back up the underside before taking it back into his mouth and sucking! Jeremy’s cock was already on edge as he leaned back in his seat and allowed the boy to have his way at him! Shawn sucked his way up and down the shaft, running his tongue along the belly as he sucked! Jeremy started to thrust up into Shawn’s throat, fucking in and out of his throat on the down stroke! Shawn slipped off Jeremy’s cock and worked his way back down towards his balls, licking, sucking, and taking them back into his mouth to paint them wet with spit! Jeremy lifted his legs, giving Shawn better access to his testicles, when Shawn mistook it as an offer to eat his ass! He spit the ball sac from his mouth and went down further, licking underneath the orbs towards the manhole! “Oh shit…” gasped Jeremy, raising his legs even higher…! “…he’s eating my ass…!” he thrilled, feeling the wet warm tongue wash over his sensitive hole! “That boy’s FREAK!” said Phil, wondering what it felt like to have his ass ate? Shawn reached up and physically pushed Jeremy legs up out of the way, latching his oral taster to the man’s sour-patch, washing it thoroughly with his dripping tongue! “OOOHHH fuck…” moaned Jeremy, loving the way the tongue felt as his cock pulsed against his stomach! Shawn stiffened his tongue and plunged it into Jeremy’s asshole, tongue fucking him like he occasionally did Jimmy Little back home! “…I’m gonna cum…!” announced the man, shoving Shawn from his ass as he quickly lowered his legs and stood up, grasping his cock just as it began spurting wildly! “URRHHHHH…!!” he groaned as the first spurts shot out! Shawn felt the first two wasted spurts hit him about the face and forehead as he scrambled to get the cock back in his mouth, immediately covering it with his mouth as he took the rest of the load in his oral cavity, drinking it down, deep throating Jeremy to the root! Jeremy jumped and jerked in Shawn’s mouth during orgasm, losing his wad down the boy’s open throat! Shawn held his cock deep until he felt the spasms stop, then felt the cock starting to shrink! He pulled off and smiled up at the man as Jeremy retook his seat, thoroughly depleted! Bypassing Lou [who’d already cum], Shawn went back to Wesley, taking the married man’s cock back into his mouth and throat as he picked up where he left off and started sucking! Wesley couldn’t believe his luck as he sat back and watched the boy suck his cock, almost worshipping his manhood in ways his wife never would! Shawn sucked the entire shaft from tip to base, leaving not an inch untouched by his warm wet mouth and tongue, bathing it thoroughly in his oral juices as his mouth slithered along the length, encasing it within its moist cave over and over again! Wesley grasped the back of Shawn’s head as he started to physically fuck the back of the boy’s throat! Lou [who had stroked his cock into another erection] couldn’t help noticing Shawn’s upturned ass hiked in the air as he sucked Wes’s cock! “Nice ass…” he mentioned, reaching down to caress the globes through his pants! “…has he ever been fucked before…?” he wondered? “Try it out and see…!” challenged Josh! Lou peeled Shawn’s pants down off his ass, exposing the pale white cheeks to the room! Any skepticisms about butt fucking a dude went out the window when Lou tucked Shawn’s pants down under his buns, then physically pulled the meaty cheeks apart to gander at the pink hairless asshole nestled in-between! Every guy in the room eyeballed the taunting entrance, their cocks instantly thickening wantonly at the idea of plunging in-between the boy’s plush cheeks! “Got any lube…?” asked Lou, ready to test it out! “No…” answered Josh, having had no need for it [having a steady girlfriend], “…but I’ve got some…margarine…!” he offered! “Get it!” ordered Lou, willing to use anything to get into that hole! Josh rushed off into the kitchen [his hard cock bobbing up and down as he ran] while Wesley continued to fuck Shawn’s mouth and throat, getting closer and closer to finally losing his load! Shawn kept his mouth agape as Wesley took to fucking his throat, thrusting his 7″ cock in and out of his mouth as his cock plunged straight through to the back of his throat with every stroke! Picking up pace, he started to pound into Shawn’s drooling mouth nonstop, building speed and momentum until the final plunge when he held the boy’s mouth balls deep on the end of his pulsating prick as it started pumping fresh seed straight down the back of his young throat! “ARRHHHHHH FUCK…!” he cried, grinding against the boy’s handsome face! Shawn felt the cock twitching in his throat as the cum washed straight down his esophagus and into his stomach, just as Lou dipped his fingers into a tub of margarine and started to apply it to his asshole, easing his fingers into the creamy glazed anus! “Damn…” he thrilled, as his finger slide in cleanly around the yellow spread! “…I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!” he joked! My finger went right IN…! He’s been fucked before…!” he surmised! “No shit…” said Phil, still awaiting his turn to cum! “…with a mouth THAT good…it’s only natural that somebody trained the other end too!” Wesley collapsed back in his seat after climax, completely drained as his cock fell from Shawn’s mouth! Scott and Wesley changed seats [not wanting to disturb Lou who was now adding more fingers up Shawn’s ass, testing the elasticity of his anal ring]! Scott sat down in front of Shawn, his 6.5″ cock already drooling pre-cum in anticipation of coming in his mouth! Shawn latched his lips around the cockhead, suckling the fresh bursts of pre-seed from the tip before sliding his mouth smoothly down the shaft! “Oooohhhh god, man…” groaned Scott, falling back against the couch, giving up to Shawn’s expertize! He knew he wouldn’t last but a couple of minutes at best, and wasn’t even going to try to fight to hold off as Shawn swallowed his cock whole [once more], then started nursing, suckling softly upon the entire shaft at once while it was all rooted in his mouth [nursing the entire shaft from root to tip without bobbing his head]! Scott’s cock jumped, jerked, and pulsed in Shawn’s talented mouth as he sucked and suckled the cock with loving intensity! Shawn’s mouth didn’t mouth, but Scott could feel the mouth suckling his entire cock [like a baby’s mouth on a nipple of a baby-bottle]! He moaned and groaned, feeling his cock grow harder as it swelled and throbbed, then started pulsing hot spurts of salty sperm directly into the back of Shawn’s mouth! Shawn groaned hungrily as he quickly swallowed the creamy mixture, suckling the shaft until he’d eaten every drop! Lou had 3 fingers stuffed up Shawn’s ass, twisting, turning, and izmit kendi evi olan escort probing them in and out before leaving the hole agape and yearning for something bigger! Lou got up off the couch and crouched behind Shawn, aiming his cockhead up to the asshole [as all the guys stared on anxiously] before sinking in! Shawn felt the long slim 8″ uncut cock sliding into him as Scott and Phil changed places! Phil’s cock swayed stiffly in his crotch as he took his seat in front of Shawn! He watched Lou’s cock slide all the way up into the boy’s ass, just as Shawn opened his mouth and moaned, then took HIS cock in his mouth, sucking all the way down to the root! “You need to let this kid MOVE IN with you, Josh…” joked Phil, as Shawn rested his face in his groin, taking cock at both ends! “…we’d all come over more often if HE lived here…! Game or NO game!” “I don’t think Patty would approve!” laughed Josh, watching his friends have AT the boy! Lou paid the conversation little attention as he concentrated on fucking the hole in front of him! He watched his long slim cock sink slowly into the boy’s anus as he ground hard against his ass [churning his cock about in his warm wet margarine slubed rectum], then started sliding in and out, watching the ring lock onto his shaft and suck his rod like a hot mouth with traces of yellow margarine clang to his cock shaft! “Damn this kid’s ass is HOT…!” he said, fucking deeper as he began taking long strokes in and out of the hole, watching the ring suck his shaft as he fucked! Phil alternated watching Lou fuck the boy from behind, and watching Shawn [effortlessly] swallow his cock from tip to base, as if his 7 and 1/2 inches were nothing! Phil sat back [relaxingly] in his seat, ready for a nice work over as he loved getting head! He had to admit, Shawn was better than most girls who’d sucked his cock, as the boy didn’t spend half his time staring dreaming up into his eyes [trying to make mental contact], and didn’t worry about IF the guys would respect him again in the morning…! Shawn sucked cock because he LOVED cock, not because he was trying to get a ring on his finger or move their relationship to the next level! He wanted the prize in Phil’s balls, and obviously wouldn’t stop sucking until he’d drained all the cocks in the room! Phil watched as Shawn’s mouth slid up and down his shaft for a long time, simply enjoying the feeling of a long hot blow job without interruption or conversation of love and commitment! When he wasn’t watching Shawn eat his dick, he watched Lou fuck his ass from behind, sliding his long hard shaft in and out of the ass in front of him, his cock disappearing out of sight, only to reappear on the withdrawal! Shawn seemed un-phased by it all, as if taking cocks at both ends were the most natural thing to do [like walking and chewing gum]! He’d spend so many years sandwiched between Jimmy Little and his friends, that taking cock at both ends was child’s play at this point! While the men marveled at his ability, it simply was another day in the life of: for Shawn! Lou held onto Shawn’s waist as he started to fuck harder and faster, losing control of his hips as the hole started to feel exquisite to his cock! With each passing moment, he HAD to go deeper, needing to feel more and more depth on his dick! Soon he was slamming his pelvis into Shawn’s ass, causing the teen boy to groan and grunt every time their bodies crashed! When several of the men suggested he `take it easy on the boy’, Lou fucked even harder, becoming all the more determined to feed the cunt his load! “Umph…! Umph…! Umph…! Umph…!” grunted Shawn every time Lou slammed into him, making his mouth bounce on Phil’s cock! Phil loved watching the boy starting to struggle to keep up at both ends [as Lou became more and more aggressive], trying to deep throat him while getting pounded from the back! When Shawn’s mouth lingered midway about his cock for several grunts [while Shawn focused in on working his anal muscles to get Lou off quicker], Phil grabbed the back of the boy’s head and roughly shoved his face down on his cock, MAKING him take it whole rather he wanted to or not [whether he was ready or not]! Shawn’s mouth slammed about the base of Phil’s hairy abdomen as his throat housed the hard cock! Lou was ramming him super hard, banging into him with an erratic rhythm as he threw his head back and bellowed loud…! “ARRRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHGGGGG…!!!” he screamed like a Neanderthal, shoving his entire cock balls deep just as the hot cum pulsed from his throbbing shaft, blasting over every crimson inch of Shawn’s innards, drenching them in creamy white sauce! Phil continued to hold Shawn’s head prisoner on his shaft, his handsome face plastered in his groin to the root as his deeply embedded cock starting to pulsate and swell, just before shooting wave after wave to gushing cum straight down the back of Shawn’s milking throat! “URRHHHHHH FUCK…!!” he yelled, grinding the boy’s face in his pubes! Shawn could literally feel both cocks going off inside his body simultaneously, both filling his body with gushing cum at once, flooding his anal passage and his throat with the cream from their contracting testicles! Both men stayed planted in the boy’s roosts for a moment, both recovering slowly as they spurting cocks took a minute to stop shooting! Phil was the first to release Shawn’s head, allowing the dizzy boy to pull up off his cock [dizzy from a lack of sufficient oxygen]! Lou slowly withdrew a few seconds later, both satisfied cocks leaving Shawn feeling empty inside! Josh was the next to physically grab Shawn [the only one who hadn’t cum yet], pulling him over to his wicker chair and throwing him on his back! Lifting his legs, he exposed Shawn’s just fucked [margarine and sperm lubed] to his cock, as he aimed and shoved forward, burying his rod with one stroke! Shawn took the cock easily, as Josh pushed his legs back against his chest and started thrusting in and out of him, fucking him in front of the other! On his back, Shawn took the cock in missionary position, staring straight up into the host’s face! From behind, all the guys could SEE Josh’s cock sliding in and out of Shawn’s asshole, the raw cock digging through the bare hole with as Josh’s prick emerged all coated in Lou’s cum! A small trickle of yellow tinted semen could be seen oozing from Shawn’s stretched ring from the friction as his coated cock bore straight through nonstop! “Damn that kid’s a find…!” groaned Phil, already working on another erection as he watched Josh fuck! Josh pounded Shawn for 10 rock solid minutes before his balls seized and he creamed a geyser of cum straight into the boy’s flexing anus! Wesley took Josh’s place, holding Shawn’s legs down against his chest as he fucked in and out of the boy’s talented mr. ripley, battering his way through his gut! Shawn loved every second of it as he stared up into the man’s eyes, taking his cock like a dutiful slave until Wes shot another load into him, this time adding his to Josh and Lou’s! Phil fucked him next, using the same position as he watched his own cock fuck in and out of the creamy limed hole, all coated in his best friends cums! He hammered Shawn hard, fucking him solidly for 20 straight minutes, changing positions only once when he shoved in and lifted the boy over to the sofa where he sat him down and resumed fucking for the last 10 minutes before blasting his entrails with its fourth anal load of the day! While Phil fucked Shawn’s ass, Scott climbed up on the other end of his body while lying backwards on the sofa, and face fucked Shawn’s open mouth until he painted another load down his throat! By the end of the game every man had cum at least once {Jeremy-1 [mouth], Josh-1 [ass], Phil-2 [mouth & ass], Wesley-2 [mouth & ass], Lou-2 [mouth & ass], and Scott-2 [mouth]}, except Shawn, who still had a night to perform at The Frog! _______________________________________ Written by Eugene Marvin aka [email protected] Email me or ail with questions, comments, and suggestions. Or join me on Facebook to get faster updates and see what I’m working on next!

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