Subject: My Son, My Dom – Chapter 3 Please donate to fty/) if you can to help keep this wonderful site available for everyone to enjoy. Thanks. Chapter 3 Sunday went much like the previous day, as well as every day for the next few weeks. Leon and I would have sex two, three, even sometimes four times a day. He was already becoming much more confident. Telling me what to do. What position to take. Smacking my ass harder and harder. It was a little bit of stretch for him, but he love to grab my hair as he’s getting close to cumming. Every day he would come home from school and would demand a blow job. It was becoming a bit of a ritual for us. He even started sleeping in my bed with me. Typically wanting a quick fuck before getting ready for school. I decided to get him his own phone, setting it up with encrypted texting so we could text without worry about it being discovered. He would message me about how horny he was and couldn’t wait to get home to give me a good fucking. Sometimes he’d send me a picture of his cock in the bathroom. Apparently he likes to jerk off, but not cum. That way when he got home, he’d have a huge load built up for me. It’s a good thing I work from home. I also let him access some sites to be able to anonymously chat about being an up and coming dom. He’s definitely taken to some, but not all, suggestions. As much as I have been deeply enjoying the sex, what also has made me happy is that we have become so much closer. When he’s not horny, which isn’t too often, we will cuddle on the couch. He loves to run his fingers through my chest hair as we watch TV or a movie. We have sex so much that I haven’t even considered getting with any of my previous partners. Tony, the guy I was with when I found out that my son had been spying on me, messaged me a few times, but I’ve just told him that I’ve been too busy. I don’t want to risk telling him what is really going on. Not everyone would have a positive reaction to hearing someone is having regular hardcore sex with their 13 year old son. It was a Tuesday when I got an unexpected phone call. It was from one of Leon’s teachers, Mr. Allan. Mr. Allan, or Seth as he insisted I call him, told me that nothing is wrong, but would like me to come in to talk about Leon. I told him I could make some time that afternoon. I texted Leon: `Mr Allan wanted me to come in and talk to him. You know what it’s about?’ His response was: `No. He told me you would be coming in. But didn’t say what it was about.’ I arrive at Mr. Allan’s classroom. The door was closed. I knocked a couple times. Mr. Allan opens the door. “Come on in,” he ushers me into the empty classroom, except for Leon, sitting in one of the front desks. “Dad, you can sit next to me,” Leon says. His tone was perfect. From the outside, he just sounded like a kid. But to me, I could tell it was an order. I take a seat and Mr. Allan, Sam, pulls up a chair. “I wanted to talk to you in person cause I have noticed a significant difference in Leon’s behavior. For the better. His grades have been improving, he’s socializing with the other kids more, and is even participating in class activities. He recently told me he’s been thinking about joining the soccer team.” “Oh?” I look at him. “I was going to tell you tonight,” Leon said. “I wasn’t sure yet if I wanted to. But I do now.” Sam continues, “I know that things have probably not exactly been easy since his mother left şişli travesti suddenly. I know how difficult that can be.” “Yeah. We’ve struggled, but things have been going really well lately,” I tell Sam. “It helps that we’ve been finding more things in common.” “That helps,” Sam said. “I went through something similar. My boy just turned 15 a couple months ago. His mother died in a car accident when he was about Leon’s age.” “I’m sorry to hear that,” I tried to sympathize even though my situation was quite different. “Thanks,” Sam says as the door opens and I see a strapping boy, clearly his son, walk in. “Hey, dad,” the boy says. “Who’s this?” “Mike,” he gestures towards me, “this is Jackson and his son Leon. We were just talking about how Leon has been improving significantly in a very short time. His mother left them about a year ago. But he’s doing a lot better. Very similar to you, actually.” I was pretty sure I noticed Sam smirk slightly as he said this while looking at his son. That’s when I saw Mike turn around and lock the classroom door. I was a little confused, but not for long. “After speaking with Leon a bit,” Sam began, looking directly at me, “I noticed an almost exact parallel to how things improved with me and my boy.” I started to panic. Does he know what we’ve been doing? Did Leon actually say something? I can’t imagine he would. He understood the consequences if it was discovered by the wrong person. “Don’t worry,” Sam said, “Leon didn’t actually tell me what was going on. I figured it out. Mostly. Seeing you two sitting there, the way you look at each other, confirmed it for me. You two have become intimate, haven’t you?” I was extremely hesitant to admit to it. That was, until Mike walked over to his dad, leaned down, and kissed him on the lips. I let out a small laugh. Now it all makes sense. “Yes,” I professed. “We started a few weeks ago.” “How did things start for you guys?” Sam asked as he grabbed his boy’s ass and pulled in closer. I explained, in great detail, how things started and what we’ve been doing. Leon had been rubbing himself, his hard cock visibly bulging in his shorts. Sam’s son, Mike, had take a seat next to him and was slowly messaging his dad’s cock through his pants. I finished my story and Sam spoke, “that’s incredible. Quite a bit different from how things started with us.” Mike looked at his dad, “can I?” “Go ahead,” Sam said. Mike got down to his knees, undoing his dad’s belt, unzipping his pants, and fishing his cock out. Fuck, that’s a massive cock. I can’t believe I didn’t notice it earlier. He’s easily 10 inches. Mike went to town on it. Taking almost the entire length down his throat in one go. Leon and I just sat there in awe. “After my wife passed,” Sam started, maintaining complete composure even with his son deepthroating his huge member, “Mike started having nightmares. He was in the car when the accident happened. As you can imagine, it was quite traumatizing for him. He would wake up in a cold sweat, running into my room and wanting to sleep in my bed.” He finally moaned a bit. I noticed that Leon had taken his cock out and was openly stroking it. “I always slept naked,” he continued. “The first few times he came in like that, he would just jump into my bed, roll onto his side, and fall asleep. One time he came in crying, it was an exceptionally bad nightmare, and he decided to snuggle up against beylikdüzü travesti me. He immediately stopped crying. I held him, trying my best to comfort him. That was when I felt his leg brush up against my cock.” Mike took his shirt and shorts off, leaving just his boxer briefs on with a decent bulge in them, before getting back down and putting his father’s cock back into his eager mouth. Leon reached over, grabbed my hand, and placed it on his cock. I started stroking my son’s cock as his teacher continued his story. “I hadn’t had sex in a while and so that’s all it took for me to instantly get hard,” Sam said as he ran his fingers through his boy’s hair, encouraging him to take more down his throat. “I’m bi, but had no idea Mike already knew he was gay. He started rubbing his leg against my cock. It felt incredible. A part of me was saying that this was wrong, but it was also nice just being close to my son. He had become distant outside of when he would come to my bed after a nightmare. Just like Leon, he struggled with school and friends. One thing led to another, and we’ve been having regular sex ever since. As you can imagine, it took quite a while before he was able to take my cock.” He smiled as he made the last comment. He then grabbed his son’s head with both hands and began to buck his hips, face fucking his boy. At the same time, Leon couldn’t take it anymore as he got out of his seat, walked up to me and shoved his cock into my mouth. I could hear both Leon and his teacher begin to moan louder, but not too loud, as they both began to cum. I swallowed every drop of my son’s load. It was a big one. When Leon pulled his cock out of my mouth I was able to look over and watch Mike licking the last little drops of cum off his dad’s cock. Leon put his softening cock away as his teacher did the same. “That was hot,” Sam said. “We should meet up at your place or mine and have a bit more fun.” “Definitely,” I smiled as I stood up. Sam and I shook hands and gave me his personal number so that we could make arrangements. Leon and I made our way outside and got in the car. As we were driving home I looked over at my son. He looked so happy. “Did you have any idea about your teacher and his son?” I asked. “Nope. I was just as surprised as you,” he said laughing. “But that was amazing. I can’t wait till we can do more. I want to watch you take his massive cock. That thing was huge.” “Yeah,” I said, laughing a bit too. “I’ve never taken one that big. But if you’ll let me, I’d love to.” “Only if I get to watch,” he said with a commanding tone. “I really want to fuck Mike too. It looks like he’s got a really hot ass. At least from what I could tell.” I got me so hot hearing my son talk like that. As much as I wish I was the only one that he wanted to fuck, it has very much been established that, when it comes to sex, Leon gets what he wants. As soon as we got home and walked in the door, Leon ordered me to go upstairs and strip. I obeyed, getting naked, getting down on my hands and knees on my bed and waited for my son to come in. I didn’t have to wait long. I felt my son grab my hips and press his cock up to my hole. I could tell he was still extremely horny from what had happened earlier. He shoved in, balls deep, and began to hard pound my ass. He was rough. Grabbing one cheek as he slapped the other. “Fuck yeah, bitch,” he yelled. “Take this cock. Arch istanbul travesti that back.” I lowered my back so my ass would stick up just right. Leon got off one knee so he could lean forward and get in even deeper. He grabbed my hair and started pulling back. “Yeah. Just like that. Give me that ass.” Leon grunted. “You want to take Mr. Allan’s huge cock?” “Yes, son,” I begged. “I want it so bad.” “You think you’ll like it more than mine?” he asked, fucking me so hard that the sound of his hips smacking against my ass almost echoed throughout the room. “No, son,” I knew what he wanted to hear. “Your cock will always be the best.” “That’s right,” he said has he got off his other knee as well, grabbing my hair with both hands, and began to make long hard thrusts into me. “Fuck yes, I’m cumming,” Leon said as he made one final thrust. As soon as he finished, he pulled out, got down, and began to eat out my ass. He then moved up, grabbed me by my hair again, pulling my head back and began to kiss me. I could taste his cum and my ass juices as he shoved his tongue into my mouth. We moaned into each other’s mouths. I rolled onto my back as Leon climbed on top of my chest, our kiss never breaking. I embraced my son, our kissing turning from pure lust to passion. I could feel my cock resting against Leon’s ass. He wiggled his hips a little, letting it settle in between his cheeks. I is definitely unexpected. He’s never made any indication that he’s wanted to bottom. Leon grabs my arms and pulls them off of him and moves them to my sides. Sitting up, he put his knees on my arms so they can’t move. I could have overpowered him, but I knew his intent and let him feel like he was in complete control. Leon put his hands on my chest as he lifted his ass, my cock pressing against his hole. He begins to lower himself. I can tell that this is a new experience for him. I look up at him with concern. He smiles at me and continues to lower himself. I feel the head of my cock fully enter him. I haven’t been inside someone since my ex wife. Leon goes slow. Taking everything at his own pace. I don’t move. Not my arms under his knees nor my hips. Soon I’m all the way in. He stops for a moment, clearly getting used to the feeling of having a cock inside him. Leon’s expression changes. Goes from uncertainty to lust once again. He grabs my chest hair with both hands and begins to buck his hips on my cock. I can’t believe how tight his plump young ass feels. “Holy fuck,” he moans. “This feels amazing.” With all the excitement of the day, it doesn’t take long before my orgasm begins to build. “Fuck, son, I’m cumming.” Leon lowers himself all the way on my cock as I begin to cum hard into my son’s ass. He lifts himself off my softening cock and lays down next to me, one arm and leg resting on me. “That felt really good, dad,” he said. “I’m really glad I did that. But, honestly, it wasn’t as fun. I definitely prefer fucking you. I love the feeling of making you my bitch.” He lets out a little childish giggle at that last part. No matter how dominant he gets, he still can’t help but show his age sometimes. “I definitely prefer having you fuck me too,” I said smiling, kissing him on his soft lips. The rest of the day goes as it usually does. I make dinner, we watch some TV, then he gives me another good pounding before we go to sleep. The next couple days go by as normal with one exception. I’ve started texting Leon’s teacher, Sam. Most of it just casual chat. Keeping me up to date on Leon’s school work. We try to keep the talk about our sons to a minimum, though we have made plans to meet over the weekend at my house. Leon was so excited when I told him.

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