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Between that, and trying ot keep up with several continuing stories at once, it ends up being many months between chapters now for each story. I’m sorry about this, but I promise to keep writing and finish this and my other stories eventually. My Step-Brother Jacob Chapter 95 ——————————————————————————————- In our last chapter… We left off having just all returned to London. After a happy reunion with George, Sophie, and Evan’s father at the Bell & Crown, Andy, the boys and I had gone home and had another happy reunion with Elizabeth, who shortly had to leave for work. She was most happy we were home, as she only had a month to go before the baby was due to be born. Jack of course went nuts when we arrived, as he had missed us greatly as well! Shortly after Elizabeth left for work, we’d all retired. The twins were so tired, they’d just gotten ready for bed, and collapsed, falling asleep without fooling around. Jacob and Harry however, had enjoyed themselves together in the shower, while I’d made love to Andy in our room. Back at the Bell & Crown, the guys had partied on until closing, then Evan had left to go home, and the guys had gone upstairs to their rooms. As soon as Julian and Steve got to their room, they’d given each other knowing looks. As Julian took off his T-shirt, a somewhat inebriated Steve had followed suit, and quickly the two were naked. Steve, who was extremely horny, as usual, had scooped Julian up, deposited him on their bed, and then made love to him, while next door, Jeremy did the same with Craig. Fortunately for Steve and Julian, who were trying to keep their liaison a secret, the sounds of Jeremy and Craig’s bed springs covered the noise from their own. As we left off, we were all asleep at Beaumont Crescent, and the guys were all asleep at the Bell & Crown as well. Now we pick up with our story the next morning, as everyone is starting to wake up for the guys’ second to last full day in the UK… * * * I must’ve been really tired, because, I ended up sleeping in rather late. In fact, Andy was just waking up at the same time I was. As we were both stretching and groaning, I heard someone coming up slowly up the stairs. A moment later, as she was about to enter the bathroom, Elizabeth paused outside our door, knocked and called quietly through the door, “Are you up yet? Your mates will all be here soon.” “Yeah, We’re just waking up,” I called. “Thanks though.” “OK then. I’m going to take a quick shower, then go to bed,” she replied. “‘K,” I called back, and a second later I heard the bathroom door shut. “Well,” Andy said, rolling onto his side to face me, and smiling a bit more brightly than usual, “What do you suppose we could do while we wait for the loo?” As Andy grinned and batted his eyelashes at me, I grinned back and reached over and pulled him over on top of me. As I did, our morning hardons mashed between us. “Mmmmm…” we both moaned happily, as I pulled Andy into an embrace and we both automatically began humping against each other. Andy leaned down then, and touched his lips gently to mine. We kissed each other several time, rather lightly, with sweet, soft, quick pecks, but soon, I felt Andy’s hardon pressing urgently into me, which caused mine to flex and press into him as well. Our lips locked at that point, and opened. As Andy began humping me more deftly, our tongues met and began dueling. For a minute or so, we ardently kissed one another, and continued fucking ourselves against each other, until eventually Andy suddenly pulled his mouth from mine, and panting, he pushed his torso up from mine. At the same time he spit into his hand, and as he rose into position straddling my hips, I felt his hand enveloping my hardness, soaking it with his sputum. A moment later, with a lustful look in his eyes, Andy held my penis in position, and slowly, but steadily let his hips lower, until I felt the tip of my penis press against his tight pucker. Andy continued moving, pressing his hips downward. As I felt my penis pressing harder against his muscle, he grimmaced ever so slightly. Then suddenly, Andy’s eyes bulged and he gasped softly, and I felt my penis breaking through his sphincter. Andy’s eyes closed half way then, and a smile spread over his lips. He moaned in a low tone as I felt his hot rectal walls enveloping my stiffness. I couldn’t help flexing with excitement, as Andy finally settled himself on my hips, with my penis stuffed fully up inside him. Andy paused for a moment, and looked down at me with a sultry look in his eyes, and a slight, conspiratorial smile on his lips. I smiled up at him, and his lips spread into a wider smile. A moment later, his nostrils flared as he began lifting himself back up off me again. Slowly Andy rose, until all but the head of my cock had slid back out of him. With just my glans gripped by his anus yet, Andy paused a second, then much more quickly, he shoved his hips back downward, groaning as my rigid pole once again impaled him. As Andy rose back up off me, his penis was absolutely rigid. His foreskin was pulled completely back, and his glans were completely exposed. Except for not having a circumcision scar, his erection looked like any other circumsized guy’s. A large drop of pre-cum had begun to ooze from his piss slit as well. Greedily, I quickly reached up and wiped it from him with my index finger, then I stuffed my finger into my mouth, and as I savored the flavor of my lover, he again sank back down onto my cock, bringing happy moans from us both. Andy began sliding up and down, on and off of me, causing us both great pleasure! Within seconds, he was vigorously fucking himself on me, as I lay there, enjoying the feeling of his hot, slippery tunnel sliding up and down my pole. We both must’ve been rather horny that morning, because very soon, Andy began really pounding up and down on me, and I could tell that his orgasm, like mine as well, was quickly beginning to form, and Andy had only been riding me for about two minutes! As we both swiftly approached our climaxes, Andy sped up his movements, and our combined pleasure increased exponentially, until all too soon, Andy was slamming himself up and down on my tool, to the point I was worried he might hurt himself. As Andy rode me, I could feel the cum starting to rise in me, and Andy’s cock had begun steadily drooling pre-jizz, as if it were a faucet. A couple of times I managed scrape my finger across Andy’s glans, and get a lick of his juice that way. Each time I tasted Andy’s essence, my own level of excitement sky-rocketed, until suddenly, after one more lick of Andy’s cum from my finger, I was catapulted over the top. “AAAwwwwmmmmm!!!” I groaned as a huge gush of semen blew through my urethra, just as Andy was slamming back down on me, so that I injected it all deep inside him, blowing it all the way into his intestines. As I blew my second load into him, Andy too suddenly gasped loudly, and as his gasp morphed into a moan of pleasure, I saw a huge gush of pearly white liquid shoot from the tip of his cock, right at me! Andy’s semen landed in a thick streak in my hair, and down over my forehead. Fortunately, I’d quickly closed my eyes, so that the bit that would’ve dropped into my eye, didn’t, it hit my eye lid instead. I quickly wiped Andy’s goodness off my eye and forehead and as I re-opened my eye, licked my finger, thoroughly enjoying Andy’s flavor. At the same time, we both spasmed joyously again! This time, Andy’s cum landed on my left cheek, and streaked down to my neck, where it slid down the side of my neck, and began dribbling onto the pillow. At the same time, I noticed a warm wetness beginning to drool down over my scrotum. Apparently I’d ejaculated enough semen into Andy, that some of it was beginning to leak back out of him! Andy continued deftly fucking himself on me for several more strokes then, causing us to both cum several more times, until eventually, both our orgasms waned. By the time it was over, I was streaked and dotted with more sperm than I ever remembered wearing, and my cock was sloshing in and out of Andy’s rectum, which was stretched wide open by then, and my own cum was leaking steadily out of Andy, sliding down the sides of my dick, and over my balls. “Shiite!” Andy cursed, as he finally allowed himself to sink completely back down onto me, then let his body flop down on top of me, with complete disregard for the fact I was coated with his cum! “I’ll say!” I gasped, a little incredulously. “You were sure horny this morning!” “Yeahh…” Andy said, trailing off a little dreamily. “I couldn’t stop dreaming about Boner and Julian, and it got me all aroused I guess.” “That’s nice! Dreaming about my friends and not me!” I said, and I gently slapped Andy’s left buttock. Andy chuckled and said, “Not to worry – we were with them too in all my dreams!” “Oh really?” I asked, surprised. “Oh yes John! You and I had quite the time with those two!” Andy said, lifting himself up off me enough to grin down at me. “Hmmm….” I said, just as I heard the bathroom door open. “Well, sometime you’ll have to tell me all about it. But for now, I think we need to get cleaned up, before the guys arrive!” “Oh, alright,” Andy groaned, and he began crawling off me. “OH!” he gasped, as my cock suddenly popped out of him, and I saw his hand fly behind him. “You certainly bred me like a bull just now! I’m leaking like a faucet!” I snorted and chuckled as he quickly got up, and holding his ass, ran for the bathroom. Gingerly I got up, so as not to cause all of Andy’s semen to run off my body, and quickly I followed him into the bathroom. As he sat quickly down on the toilet, I quickly jumped into the shower Elizabeth had just vacated, and turned on the water. By the time I was clean, Andy felt he’d drained enough of my jism out of his bowels, to join me, and quickly, he too was clean. We dried off, dried our hair, then dashed to our room, quickly dressed, and headed downstairs to see what the boys were up to. * * * As Andy and I walked into the living room, we were a little surprised to find Jacob, Harry, Scott, and John all sitting quietly, paying rapt attention to something on the television. Jacob and Harry looked a little disgusted, and John actually looked nauseated. Scott however, was grinning lewdly, appeared to have moisture in the corner of his lips, as if he was about to drool, and he was obviously pressing his dick downward in his crotch. A second later, before I’d even turned to see what they were watching, from the direction of the TV, I suddenly heard the distinct sound of a couple of girls gasping passionately, as if they were about to get off. “Oh my!” Andy declared, as I turned to look at the TV. He had already spun around and seen what the boys were watching. “Jesus Christ!” I gasped, as I turned and saw a close-up of two girls’ vaginas, both of which were dripping wet, and each of which had one half of a double-ended penis-shaped dildo shoved part way into it. Just as my eyes met the TV screen both girls groaned as they plunged their crotches toward one another, each swallowing half of the dildo. As I suddenly felt my cock begin to swiftly stiffen, I heard Scott gasp softly, while John muttered “Ewwww!” “Well!” Andy said, sounding a little surprised yet, as well as mildy uncomfortable. He paused for a moment, then suddenly having come up with a smart comment, he huffed and said, “I can take a much bigger one than either of them can!” I couldn’t help snickering for a moment in response, as all of our eyes remained glued to the TV screen, watching the two girls screwing themselves on their shared dildo. “What’d I tell you guys about buying porn movies?” I asked finally, trying to adopt a stern tone. I couldn’t drag my eyes from the TV screen though, and before anyone could respond, I was hard as a rock. “We didn’t buy anything!” Jacob cried. “It’s just regular TV!” “Really?” I asked incredulously, as the two girls began rutting on the dildo. I could tell they were both about to cum! A second later, from his position on the couch, Scott muttered rather loudly, “Damn I wish it was me that brunette was fucking herself on!” “Oh yeah!” I agreed, automatically, and a grin spread across my face. A second later, as I looked over at Scott and he grinned back at me, I suddenly became aware that the other guys were all looking at the two of us in shock. “WHAT?” I cried as Andy stared at me in disbelief. Then snorting and grinning, I added, “You know I’m bi! And, it’s just porn! It’s not like I’m cheating on you!” “Awwww!” Scott cried suddenly, in a very disappointed tone. When I looked at him he looked disgusted. Seeing me look at him, he pointed at the TV and groused, “Why couldn’t they let us see them getting off too???” Looking back at the TV, I saw the sex scene was gone, and I couldn’t help chuckling at Scott. Suddenly, John leaped up off the couch, and ran for the stairs. As he ran past me, I could see he was very upset. Instantly I remembered what had happened in Scotland, and realized he was upset over his twin’s reaction to the lesbian sex scene. It reinforced for him the fact that Scott was probably not going to turn out completely gay, and further dashed his hopes of a long, happy life together with his brother. Andy and I exchanged looks, and he said, “I’ll go talk with him.” Quietly, but quickly, Andy followed John up the stairs, as Jacob and Harry watched him leave with puzzled looks on their faces. Scott looked guilty and upset. “Did I do something wrong?” Scott asked, looking sadly up at me. “No, not at all Scott, but maybe we better go have a talk too!” I said. “C’mon.” I held out my hand to him then. He reached up and took it, and let me pull him up off the couch. As he got up, I couldn’t help smiling when I noticed the remnants of the bulge in the front of his pants. Once he was on his feet, I headed toward the kitchen, tugging him along behind me. Jack followed, and when we reached the kitchen, he scooted toward the back door, so I pulled Scott along with me, as I went to open the door for Jack. Jack bounded happily out the door, and dashed to his favorite bush. Immediately he raised his leg and sprinkled his favortie bush. As he peed, I pulled Scott outside with me and we plopped down together in a couple of chairs. “What just happened?” Scott asked, looking at me with a mixture of confusion and worry etched on his face. “Well,” I said. “Remember that afternoon up in Rothbury, at the Queenshead, when you and I sat and talked about you and your brother’s and your relationship? Well -” “You think he’s upset like that again?” Scott interrupted. “Yeah, Scotty,” I said. “I do. While it seemed like you guys were back on track, well… apparently you’re not.” “This sucks!” Scott cried, looking dismayed. “I thought everything was fine between us!” “I know,” I said. “But, apparently it’s not – at least not entirely.” “Well…” He started to respond, but then looked a little helplessly at me. “I have an idea that when you two made up on the street that day, after our talk, and then you ran back to your room together, and got busy with each other, that maybe, John didn’t quite understand how you felt. I’m thinking maybe he thought at that point that you’d changed your mind and decided, at least for a while yet, to stick with just him.” I said. “And I thought he got it that, while I do want to do it with him all the time yet, I do really want to try girls too!” Scott said. “Yeah,” I said. “I’m thinking he may have thought when you guys made up so to speak, that things were back to ‘normal’, but, obviously, from your reaction to the movie just now, I can see how interested in girls you are as well, and I guess he saw that too, and realized he’d been wrong.” “Damn it!” Scott swore, and his face hardened for a moment, before relaxing again, and taking on a worried look. I smiled sadly and draped an arm over his shoulder, and said “You didn’t do anything wrong. He just didn’t really understand I don’t think. I guess I’ll try and have a conversation with him about it.” “Thanks,” Scott said, frowning yet. We sat quietly for a moment then. “John?” Scott said, finally. “Yeah?” I said. “There’s something I don’t really get,” he said. “What’s that?” I asked. “Well… I don’t get why he doesn’t feel the same way about things, as me!” he said. “I mean, how come he isn’t even curious to know what it feels like to slide his cock into a hot, juicy pussy?” I couldn’t help snorting and smiling at Scott’s description of his obvious desire. And, my smile broadened when I noticed his crotch was bulging a little. I could see the outline of the head of his penis, as it pressed outward, against his boxers and shorts. He was obviously very aroused at the thought of slipping it to a girl once! Just thinking about how horny he was right then, and too, back to the footage of the movies we’d found the boys watching, I realized I too had a hardon. As I sat there, smiling to myself, and contemplating Scott’s pulsating bulge, I suddenly heard him snicker. “Looks like you’re just as hot over those girls as me!” he said, chuckling. I realized then that as I was checking out Scott’s package, he too was checking out mine. Although I felt my face flush a little, I couldn’t help smiling. “But is it the girl, or my bulge, that’s exciting you the most?” I asked. Scott chuckled again and said, “Well it started out to be the girls… I mean I so want to shove myself into a hot cunt! But… well… when I noticed your crotch getting bigger, I got distracted, and well… now some of my condition’s about you too!” As I saw Scott’s ears reddening, my face felt still warmer, but I had to snort and smile again. Unfortunately, my cock pulsated again too, emphasizing my desires. For a moment, Scott stared at my crotch, which caused me to flex yet again. Then he looked up at me with intense scrutiny. My expression sobered, as I looked back at him. I was shocked when a moment later, as he continued looking at me, I felt his hand tentatively cup my swollen genitals, and give them a gentle squeeze, as nervously he looked directly into my eyes. As his nostrils flared, he swallowed and then, in a raspy voice, he said, “I-if you wanted to… well… maybe you and me could -” Before he could finish his sentence, my hand closed gently, but firmly around his wrist, and I lifted his hand from my junk. In the least threatening, and most benevolent tone I could muster, so as not to hurt or upset the boy, I smiled down at him and said, “I really appreciate what you were about to offer. Truly I do, but, I think you realize that it wouldn’t be a good plan for me and you to take things any further between us. It’s not that I don’t find you attractive! You’re a hot and adorable guy! And I love you to death! It’s that, I’m your big brother – a much older big brother – a little more fatherly really at times, so… it wouldn’t be right for me and you to fool around! Do you understand?” “Yeah, I know…” he said, sounding disappointed, but not the least surprised or upset. “It was worth a try though!” I couldn’t help snickering just a little as he looked up at me smiling a little stupidly, and blushing. “You sure do feel huge though!” he said, his smile breaking into a grin. “Well,” I said. “Thanks, I guess. But Scott… you can’t go around groping guys like you just did to me.” “I know that,” He said, looking seriously at me, before I could continue. “And I’d never do that to anyone else. Just John, Jacob, and Harry, and well… I-I thought I’d check you out too, cause we are so close. I’m sorry.” “It’s OK, and thanks for the apology,” I said. “You’re right. We are close. But, as I explained, because I’m so much older than you, and, do pretty much take on the roll of a parent a lot, it wouldn’t be right for us.” “I know,” Scott said. I noticed his lump had pretty much dissipated. We sat quietly for a moment, then Scott said, “I really still can’t understand why he isn’t at all curious about a girl’s body! Shouldn’t he at least be curious to find out what it’s really like, even if afterwards, he figures out he doesn’t like it?” Smiling I said, “Well, some guys are only interested in girls, and have no curiosity about other guys, and some guys are only interested in other guys, and not in girls at all. That’s what makes them straight or gay. Then, there’s guys like me, and, well, apparently you too – who are interested in both!” “Hmmm….” Scott said, thinking. “I guess I get that. I just can’t see though how someone can totally write something off, if they’ve never tried it before!” “That’s what Grandma keeps trying to tell you about cooked broccoli man!” I said, snickering. I was surprised when Scott didn’t protest, or hit me. Instead, he thought a moment, and said, “Guess I’ll have to give it a try then the next time she makes it!” Chuckling, I said, “That’s the spirit!” “So… you’ve tried broccoli cooked… do you like it?” he asked. “Not really, but sometimes if it’s done just right and has a lot of cheese sauce, or something, I can manage it,” I said. Scott snickered, then a moment later suddenly asked, “SO… what’s it like putting it in a girl?” My eyes popped a little in surprise at Scott’s quick resumption of our discussion about sex. “Sorry,” he said, smiling a little, when he saw the surprised look on my face. “It’s just, I wanted to ask you now for a while, and never get the chance. Since we were already talking about it, sort of…” I chuckled and said, “Well, it’s quite wonderful actually. But, you need to be careful, and don’t go having sex with a girl, until you’re absolutely sure about how things work – and by things, I mean birth control, and being safe from STDs.” “I know,” he said. “You already mentioned that before – more than once. What I’m wondering is what’s a cunt feel like? Is it different from a guy’s ass?” “Oh yeah,” I said, smiling. “It’s quite different really.” “How???” Scott asked, eagerly, and I thought I saw the front of his shorts popping upward again. “Well,” I said. “When you do it right, then the girl’s all excited, and she gets all wet. Unlike a butt, a vagina is self-lubricating.” I noticed Scott’s tent was at full pitch again. “Is it hotter than an asshole?” he asked, and his tent bulged a moment. “Sometimes, sometimes not,” I said, after thinking about it for a moment. “Usually, I have to say yes, but sometimes I’ve had it up an asshole that was on fire!” Scott chuckled then and said, “I know what you mean. One time when we were both home sick, we did it, and John had a fever. His ass was burning hot!” I couldn’t help smiling. “So… what happens when a girl gets really excited when you’re doing her?” Scott asked. “Does it start to feel different?” “Hotter and wetter,” I said. Scott’s grin became lewd at that point, and his cock flexed mightily. “God I can’t wait to find out for myself!” He chortled. I was beginning to wonder if he was going to cream his shorts! “So, do they go really wild, like the ones in porn flicks, when they get off?” He asked. In my mind’s eye, I saw a glimpse of long ago, one time while Lynn and I were making love, and she was in the throes of her orgasm. My cock was rigid and surged as I recalled our shared passion. A second later, I became aware that Scott was sitting next to me yet. Suddenly I realized, that it was my experiences with his sister that I was describing to him, and was a little taken aback. “well???” he asked, impatiently. “You do realize that for the most part, the only girl I’ve been with is your sister, don’t you?” I said. “So… it’s kinda weird you’re asking me these questions, cause it’s like you’re asking me how she was in bed!” “EWWW!!” Scott cried, and he grimmaced. “I-I really didn’t think of it that way! Ewww!” I chuckled then. At the same time, I heard Andy’s voice in the kitchen, and knew he and John must’ve finished their conversation. Quickly I said, “Let’s just leave it that I think you’ll enjoy sex with a girl, when you get around to doing it. But – we do need to talk some more about birth control and safe sex, before you go trying other people – girls – or boys! OK? Promise me you’ll wait til we’ve discussed everything, and I tell you it’s OK, OK???” Scott looked at me a little annoyed, but just as the screen door flew open, he said, “Oh, OK!” “Cool!” I said, and I gave him a hug and then got up. “So,” I said to John, who had walked out the door, just in front of Andy, who smiled and nodded slightly. “Everything OK?” “Yeah,” he said. “Andy explained everthing.” John didn’t look very happy, but he didn’t look upset either. “Good,” I said. “So, we’re OK then?” Scott asked, carefully scrutinizin his twin. “Yeah,” John said. “I get it. And it’s OK if you wanta try girls.” “Cool!” Scott said, grinning. His grin faded though when he saw John’s jaw tense a little. Quickly he added, “That’s quite a ways off yet though I think. But… um… well… all this talk about sex… um, wanta go take a shower with me???” Instantly John’s face lit up. Scott waggled his eyebrows at me, then and instantly grabbed the screen door handle and yanked it open, dragging JOhn behind him, with his free hand. “Go have fun then,” I said, chuckling. “But keep the noise down!” “We will!” the boys chorused, as they broke into a dash for the stairway. * * * “So,” I said, as Andy settled down next to me in Scott’s recently vacated seat. “How’d your conversation with John go?” “Not bad,” Andy said. “I’m pretty sure he really understands now that Scott could eventually leave him for a girl, but, he also understands that he too could end up leaving Scott for another boy first!” I smiled, and said, “Very good. Any reason you think he might want to talk with me yet?” “No,” Andy said. “Although, you may wish to speak with both of them about some of the things they’re trying!” “huh?” I said, wondering what he was talking about. “It seems the boys have become rather adventuresome with each other!” Andy said. “Really John… they’ve tried a few things even we haven’t tried I think!” “Like what?” I asked, shocked that the boys would’ve taken things so far, and too, that John would’ve spoken about it with Andy! “Well,” Andy said. “Apparently John’s willing to go along with most anything his brother suggests!” “Oh?” I said. “Like, what kind of things has he suggested?” “Well, nothing too bad really,” Andy said. “But apparently Scott’s rather imaginative and adventuresome! For one thing, John’s let Scott tie him up on occasion, and do whatever he wants to him!” “Really?” I asked, incredulous. “Just what’d Scott do to him?” “Well, nothing terrible,” Andy said. “John said he was always careful not to really hurt him, but, there was a little S & M, and quite a bit of tickling.” “What else?” I asked, as Andy seemed to pause. “Apparently they’ve given each other golden showers, in the bath,” Andy said, looking a bit nauseated. I didn’t think much of the idea myself. “And apparently one day when Grandma left them home alone for quite a while, they experimented with all kinds of homemade dildoes! Some were rather ingenious really!” “That I can picture I guess,” I said, chuckling. “Anything else?” “I gathered there was more, but John began to realize I was a little surprised, and he quieted down. Oh yes, as he talked though, every so often he did mention WHERE they had sex, and I’ll tell you, some of the places they’ve chosen, well!” Andy said. “Damn!” I said. “Those boys are really horny as Hell, aren’t they?” “Scott in particular, from what I gather,” Andy said. “Hmmm….” I said. “Maybe I need to speak with him some more.” “You can’t,” Andy said. “Otherwise, he’ll know John told me!” “Oh,” I said, and I bit my lip. “Well… do you think they’re doing anything unsafe?” Andy thought for a moment, then said, “Not really I guess. I did warn John to be very careful of certain things, as he talked, like certain things not to stick up their arses, and certain places they may not want to try having sex, and such. He was agreeable, and I expect he’ll pass along my feelings to Scott, should Scott come up with the idea to do something dangerous, so they’ll probably be alright.” “Well… OK, I guess,” I said. “I think they’ll be fine,” Andy said. “Now, come along, it’s time to get everyone ready for the day.” “OK,” I said, and I got up and followed Andy back into the house. * * * while all this was going on at the house, the guys were starting to wake up back at that the Bell & Crown. As usual, Pete and mitch took turns using the shower. While they did, each took the time to pound one out. In Craig and Jeremy’s room, as the two of them woke up and got busy in their room, Julian who was already awake, and enjoying laying on his side with Steve pressed up against his back, with an arm draped over him, heard their bed squeaking through the walls. Instantly, Julian’s cock, which was already semi-erect, stiffened fully. Steve may have heard the noise too, because he stirred, and rolled off Julian, and over onto his back, and resumed snoring loudly. Julian carefully rolled over onto his opposite side and gazed at Steve, whose firmly muscled, naked chest rose and fell rythmically, as he breathed. Julian’s cock surged with desire as he stared at the beautiful young man who slept on next to him. Naturally, as Julian watched Steve, his gaze moved downward, over Steve’s inviting treasure trail, continuing further down, and finally zeroing in on the huge lump where Steve’s crotch was located beneath the sheet and thin blanket that still covered him from the waist down. As Julian looked at the slight tent Steve’s morning wood was causing, it momentarily grew a little taller, then relaxed, as Steve apparently flexed in his sleep. After a moment, Julian couldn’t help himself, and stealthily he reached over and pulled the covers completely off of Steven, leaving him completely naked body, fully exposed. As soon as the covers moved off his penis, it flopped gently back against Steve’s pelvis, and pointed upward toward his face. As Julian stared at Steve’s exposed genitals, his own cock surged with desire. He would’ve loved to lasso Steve’s hard dick and go down on him, but the last place it had been before Steve fell asleep, was up Julian’s ass, and Julian had no desire to taste his own insides. After a couple minutes, unable to stand it any longer, Julian rolled gently back over onto his back, pulled his legs up and removed his dirty underpants, and pulled the still damp, soiled tissues from between his buttocks, and tossed them on the floor. Then he rolled further over, and rooted around in his bag, which was on the floor next to the bed, until he found a tube of KY jelly. Smiling, he opened it, squirted some into his hand, then set the tube on the night stand and rolled back over toward Steve. Grinning lewdly, as he worked the jelly in his hand to warm it, Julian stared at Steve’s throbbing cock. Finally, after a minute, unable to stand it any longer, he carefully reached for and picked up Steve’s engorge member, wrapping his greased hand around it. Then slowly, he began sensually sliding his slippery hand up and down the full length of Steve’s rigid member. After a few strokes of Julian’s soft, warm, and slippery, hand, Steve became aware of the action and a slight smile appeared on his lips, as he moaned softly. A few seconds later, his hips began to pump up and down off the mattress. “Mmmmmmm…” Steve moaned, as Julian’s hand slid seusually up, and then back down the entire length of his hard manhood. As his own excitement grew, Julian grasped and began working on his own penis as well. Within a minute, Steve was so worked up that he woke up. It only took a moment after his eyes opened, and he was able to focus on what was happening to him, for him to remember where he was, and who he was with. Groggily, he rolled onto his side, facing Julian, who, realizing Steve was awake, somewhat fearfully let go of him. The two looked at each other a moment, then slowly, seeing a look of intense desire fill Steve’s eyes, Julian rolled onto his back and pulled his legs up, opening his buttock invitingly. Julian relaxed when finally, Steve smiled slightly and reached for his ass. Steve’s smile grew a little larger, and he flexed when Julian gasped slightly as Steve’s fingertip lightly touched his pucker. Gently Steve pressed down on the dip in the center of Julian’s anus, and his smile broadened and he flexed again, when his finger slid effortlessly through Julian’s opening, that was still slippery from their previous night’s coupling! Breathing in deeply, Steve pulled his finger out of Julian and pushed himself up onto his knees. Quickly he moved into position and lowered his hips toward Julian, as he held his dick in position and pointed the tip of it directly at Julian’s pulsing rosebud. “Aww!!!” they gasped in unison a moment later, as Steve’s glans pierced Julian’s anal opening. Slowly but steadily then, as Steve pushed forward, his enormous hardon began to slide up into Julian’s hot, moist rectum. “Mmmmmmmmmm….” they moaned slowly together as eventually, Steve’s pelvis came to rest against Julian’s buttocks, and his cock was fully engulfed by Julian’s hot insides. “Now this is how I like to wake up!” Steve drawled, as he smiled down at Julian. Julian was a little suprised, but very happy when Steve lowered his head and slightly opened his lips. Both young men breathed in sharply as their lips connected, and Steve began sensually kissing Julian. As Julian’s mouth responded, Steve began slowly pulling his hips back upward, pulling himself sensually back out of the blond boy. “UUUrmmmmgghnnn…” They groaned together a second later, as their tongues continued dualing, and Steve firmly pushed his pole back up inside Julian. For the next minute or so then, Steve slowly, but steadily moved his hips up and down, pulling his rock hard penis nearly all the way out of Julian’s ass, then equally as slowly and steadily, he shoved himself all the way back up inside him, and the whole while, the two continued ardently, deeply kissing. Naturally, as they continued loving one another, both their levels of passion continued to grow, and eventually, Steve began sliding in and out of Julian’s hot, and by then, relatively loose hole. As he did, his kissing became increasingly passionate. Not that he would’ve traded places with anyone in the world at that point, but Julian realized for an instant that he was completely at Steve’s mercy, totally unable to do anything, but lie submissively beneath the huge, muscular man, and allow him to do whatever he wanted. Fortunately, Julian wanted nothing more than for Steve to continue ravaging his ass and mouth, and as a result, without touching his own genitals, he felt his orgasm building. And as Steve continued moving in and out of him, pre-cum began oozing freely from Julian’s piss slit, as if it were a faucet. As Steve plowed in and out of Julian, for a moment, Cindy’s image flashed through his mind. In that instant, he was horrified to realize that the encounter he was having right then with Julian, was exponentially more passionate and awesome feeling than any he’d ever experienced with anyone else. He’d never even felt such glorious feelings with Cindy! His eyes smarted for a moment, and she squeezed them shut, as he forced himself to push Cindy from his mind. He flexed, and his entire body hardened for a second, then, as he concentrated on how he was feeling as he coupled with Julian, who, to his dismay, he realized he was coming to have more than just friendly feelings for! Suddenly Julian flexed, and his sphincter weakly gripped Steve’s rod, causing Steve to enjoy even more pleasureful feelings as he again sank into the beautiful blond young man. Finally Cindy left his mind, and Steve’s attention returned to the present. He tightend his arms around istanbul travesti Julian a little more, and began fucking him even faster and harder. Within seconds, Julian’s hips were hungrily humping up and down off the bed a little in an effort to speed up their coupling. Both boys began snorting slightly through their noses, as they heaved for breath, as they continued passionately duelling with each other’s tongue. For about another half minute, the two boys rutted wildly together, completely forgetting to worry about any noise their bed might make. Fortunately, on the other side of the wall, Craig was in his glory, frantically beating off, as he lie on his back with his legs thrown over Jeremy’s shoulders, and Jeremy was plowing in and out of his ass, creating enough noise from their own bed, so that nobody heard the noises coming from Boner and Julian’s room. On both sides of the wall, all four boys fucked without abandon, as each rapidly approached their own climax. Finally, in Steve and Julian’s room, Julian was suddenly catapulted toward his peak, when Steve began frantically slamming himself in and out of him. In those few seconds before he climaxed, Julian was sure he’d never experienced anything that felt so awesome, both physically, and emotionally, in his entire life, and tears formed in his eyes. Then suddenly, his entire body stiffened harder than ever. His mouth stopped moving, and his body suddenly exploded! As a huge gush of hot jism, blasted from the tip of his penis, soaking both Steve and himself, he gave a strangled, high-pitched cry, which fortunately was muffled by Steve’s mouth, as he continued trying to swallow Julian’s tongue. Feeling Julian’s asshole gripping him, and realizing he’d begun cumming, Steve gave a couple more swift strokes in and out of Julian, and then, suddenly he too gasped into Julian’s mouth, as his body tensed, and then he blew a huge gush of molten semen, deep inside Julian’s intestines. For several seconds then, the boys continued humping wildly, and every second or so, both spasmed gloriously, spewing more and more semen, until both of their bellies were thoroughly coated with Julian’s output, and Steve’s cock was literally sloshing in and out of Julian’s soaked insides. Eventually, both of their orgasms mercifully began to wane. Steve slowed his hip action, while Julian stopped moving his altogether. Both their mouths softened, and slowed as well, and for a while, Steve slowly slid in and out of Julian’s inflamed tunnel, as they continued gently carressing each other’s tongues. Suddenly, Julian tensed up and spasmed involuntarily one more time, and a moment later, Steve did the same. Finally then, Steve slowed to a stop, leaving his finally softening penis inside Julian. He pulled his lips from Julian’s and lowered his exhausted body down on top of him. As Julian wrapped his arms around Steve and hugged him, Steve was horrified to suddenly hear Julian mutter dreamily, “God I love you!” Steve’s eyes widened for a moment. When Julian didn’t say anything else, they closed a little. He didn’t respond to him. Suddenly through the wall, as the noises from their bed continued, Steve and Julian heard Craig, then Jeremy cry out, as they both orgasmed joyously as well. Julian snorted and snickered a little, and Steve couldn’t help joining him. He was a little relieved when Julian said, “Good thing they were going at it while we were, otherwise, they might have heard our bed, and realized what we were doing!” “Yeah,” Steve said. Relaxing slightly, he tightened his arms slightly around Julian, bringing a smile he couldn’t see, to Julian’s lips. Together then, the two laid quietly, each enjoying the afterglow of their lovemaking. Julian’s enjoyment didn’t fade quickly. Steve’s however, did. As he lay there, once he’d recovered from his exertion, and the warm physical feelings of pleasure had waned, he began thinking again about Cindy. He grimmaced a moment later, when he felt Julian’s anus gently clench at his nearly flacid shaft. “What the Hell?!?!?!???” Steve thought, forlornly, as he felt his eyes begin stinging. “What the fuck is wrong with me????” As he lay there, he so wanted to believe that what he’d just done with Julian had been nothing more than enhanced masturbation, because he missed Cindy. At the same time, he realized he couldn’t lie to himself. As he continued lying on top of Julian, with Julian’s spunk cementing them together, he couldn’t deny he was enjoying the other young man’s embrace, which was stronger than Cindy’s. And he couldn’t deny that the orgasm he’d just had was probably one of the most powerful, if not THE most powerful one he’d ever experienced. And it had happened with a guy – a guy he was fucking up the ass – a guy he was passionately kissing at the same time – and worse still, a guy he was truly starting to have more than just “friendly” or “brotherly” feelings for! And to make matters worse, a boy he cared for, who was obviously falling in love with him! Suddenly, he felt Julian’s sphincter give a more firm squeeze, and he felt his cock slip out of him. “I gotta go shower!” he announced a little tersely, and he instantly, released his embrace of Julian, and began to pull himself up and off him. Julian looked a little dismayed for a moment, as Steve crawled suddenly off him and stood up. As his eyes took in Steve’s torso though, and he saw all his semen smeared all over him, it caused him to lose focus on Steve’s face. Quickly steve grabbed a towel, wrapped it around his hips, and then took a hand towel and scraped Julian’s jism off his chest and belly. Quickly, as he tossed the sticky hand towel on the floor under the sink in the corner, he said, “I’ll be back in a few!” With that, he grabbed his bottle of shampoo, yanked the door open, stepped through it, shut it, and stalked off down the hallway toward the shower room, leaving Julian staring at the closed door, not quite sure what to think. * * * Fortunately, the shower room was empty when Boner arrived, and quickly he locked himself in, turned on the water, and jumped under it, even before he’d had the chance to adjust the temperature. The cold blast of water, jarred him for a moment, but quickly he adjusted the faucets and soon had a pleasant warm spray cascading down over his nude body. Quickly, without thinking, Steve thoroughly washed himself from head to toe. When he was finished, he re-washed his torso, and his genitals, as if not satisified he’d thoroughly washed off all evidence of his encounters with Julian. When he was finally satisfied he was clean enough, Steve stood for a moment under the gentle spray of the shower, and finally allowed himself to think again. As the gravity of the situation he perceived himself to be in began to sink in again, and fill his mind, he felt his eyes starting to sting again. Being that he was alone, he finally let his thoughts stay centralized, instead of pushing them from his mind. As he thought about how much he loved Cindy, but then thought about how much better he thought the sex with Julian had just been than any he’d ever experienced with her, and too of Julian’s declaration of love for him, his lower jaw began to wobble. A moment later, Steve’s nose began to run, and within a minute, he couldn’t stop himself from finally breaking down. For a minute or so, Steve finally allowed himself to give into his fears and inner horror, and he stood sobbing pitifully under the spray of the shower. * * * Back in their room, Julian had developed tears in his eyes too. As he thought back over what he and Steve had just experienced together, he realized that had to have been the most awesome sex he could ever hope to experience. At the same time, he realized that Steve was conflicted. He knew how much Steve loved his girlfriend. He really was still surprised that he’d let things go as far as they had. Oh, he was ecstatic it had, but… now what???? “Oh God!” Julian gasped. “Why did I have to tell him I love him????” As tears welled in his eyes, he added “I’ve ruined everything!” With that, he pulled a pillow over his face, and lay weeping softly for a couple minutes. * * * Back down the hallway, Steve finally gained control of himself. He stood thinking a couple minutes longer, then, as the water began cooling off, he turned it off, and towel dried. A minute later, he wrapped the towel around his waist and set of back down the hallway to his and Julian’s room. “Leave any for me?” Pete asked, looking a little annoyed as he approached with a towel wrapped around his waist as well. Noticing the slight rise in front of Pete’s towel, Steve couldn’t help snickering. “Cold shower’ll do you some good I think!” he chuckled. “Asshole!” Pete muttered, as he continued onward. * * * When he entered their room, Julian had gotten up, cleaned himself up, and had a towel wrapped around his waist as well. He’d also stripped the bed and tossed the dirty linens on the floor. The two looked at each other for a moment after Steve shut the door. Each could see the other had been crying, and it made both of them feel bad, both for themselves, as well as for each other. Finally, Julian said, “Are you alright?” “I’m fine,” Steve grunted. Julian snuffled, then after a pause, said, “If I said something wrong, I’m sorry.” “You can’t help how you feel,” Steve said, looking miserably at him. “Neither can you,” Julian quipped, looking back at him, equally as miserably. Steve was a little taken aback, and his surprise showed enough for Julian to notice. Both were quiet for a moment. Finally Steve said, “Look…. I-I do love you Jewels… but… only as a brother!” Julian looked at Steve for a moment, and scrutinized him. For an instant, as Steve looked evenly back at him, Julian suddenly saw a flicker of misery pass through his eyes, and he realized that Steve had lied to him. Although in that instant, Julian felt triumph, and relief in the knowledge that his feelings were indeed returned, it only lasted for an instant. When his brain converted Steve’s look of misery from confirmation that Steve had lied to him, over to the fact that Steve was in great emotional stress and pain, his own feelings suddenly hardened, and out of the great love he felt for Steve, he didn’t pursue it any further. Instead, in that instant, he decided to give Steve an out. “That’s all I feel for you too man,” Julian lied, forcing himself to look evenly back at Steve. For a moment, Steve scrutinized him carefully, but realizing Steve would do this, Julian steeled himself and continued to gaze confidently back at him. “Oh!” Steve said, and Julian saw him relax physically, just a little. “I’m sorry if you got the wrong impression,” Julian said. Steve didn’t respond instantly, but a couple of seconds later, he said, “Well, I’m glad that’s all it is, cause, well… I do care about you, and I’m just glad you’re not hurting!” “I’m fine,” Julian said, evenly, although when Steve looked at him, he could see Julian’s eyes weren’t relaxed, and he wondered if the boy was lying to him. “Um… seeing as what we just did a while ago…” Steve said, and he blushed slightly. “I can see why anyone might’ve thought otherwise.” “Well…” Julian said. “Um… I guess what we did is something some brothers do, isn’t it?” “Um, yeah,” Steve said. “I guess so. Some at least.” The two looked at each other for a moment, each feeling a mixture of guilt and misery. As they looked into each other’s eyes, both realized that there was a bit more than just brotherly feelings between them, but, as Julian studied Steve’s expression, he realized, they could really never be more than just brothers though. “Close brothers!” Julian said finally. Steve smiled slightly, in a wry way, and said, “Yeah – real close brothers!” A moment later, Julian couldn’t help venturing, “Do you think really close brothers stay that close all their lives?” Steve’s eyes widened for a moment, and for an instant he looked stricken. When his features relaxed, he thought just a second longer, and finally, looking a little miserable again, he said simply, “I don’t know Jewels. Maybe… but, I really don’t know.” They exchanged looks for a moment yet, then Steve finally broke his gaze away from Julian’s and said, “I expect Pete’s finished pounding one out in the shower, so you better get going before someone else beats you to it. Hurry up, so we can go grab some grub. Horse’ll be cooking already!” “‘K,” Julian said, and he quickly picked up his bottle of shampoo, and left the room. * * * I had breakfast nearly ready by the time Evan and the guys all arrived over at the house, and Mrs. Phillips had already come and picked up Harry, Jacob, and the twins to take them on a day trip to some amusement park a few towns away. It was going to be just me, Andy, Evan and the guys for a change. “So, what’re we eating???” Mitch asked, and he began sniffing around the oven and trying to peer in through the window. “Looks good – French Toast?” “Yeah,” I chuckled. “It’ll be done baking soon.” “Cool!” a couple of the guys said. I’d noticed immediately that both Steve and Julian looked rather quiet. Julian looked a little depressed. And, Steve, looked nervous and unsettled. “I gotta finish some laundry, before the food’s up,” I said. “Bone, can you give me a hand? Andy, you and the guys set the table, please.” Andy gave me a knowing look and said, “Certainly.” Steve looked at me and his expression became guiltier, but he trudged down the stairs after me just the same. As we arrived downstairs, I heard lively banter beginning in the kitchen, as the guys began getting out plates, silverware, and coffee mugs. “So…” I said, looking at Steve, whose expression melted into even more despair. “What’s wrong?” “Like you don’t know,” he muttered. “You guys have a problem sharing a bed last night?” I asked. “No,” Steve said, sounding mildly sarcastic. “No problems at all with that!” “So… you two still ‘being brotherly’ with each other, as you put it?” I asked. Steve glared at me for a moment, but then his expression softened, and took on a truly miserable, and somewhat helpless look. As I looked at him, his head drooped and he looked down at the toes of his sneakers. “Dude,” I said, and I reached over and tugged up on the tip of his chin. “You can talk to me.” I was surprised to see that as he looked helplessly at me, Steve’s eyes looked moist. I hadn’t realized the situation was that bad. “So, I guess you guys were ‘busy’ again last night?” I asked. “And this morning too,” he said, as he let all the air out of his lungs in a heavy sigh. “And i-it got kinda intense … more than usual.” I thought a moment, and suddenly realized, the reason Steve was so upset might be because it was becoming more than just a physical attraction. “Steve!” I said. “Are you starting to have feelings for Jewels?” For an instance, he looked suddenly stricken, and I knew I was right. Quickly though, he forced his expression to become a little more nonchalant. “NO!” He cried in an exaggerated way, and I could see he was lying. “what about Jewels?” I asked. Steve looked genuinely upset and nodded slightly. “Shit!” I muttered. Again, Steve looked at me as if I might impart some great wisdom. “What about Cindy?” I asked. “Exactly!” he said, somewhat emphatically, as if I’d stated the obvious. “Well, you’re gonna have to make a decision man – I mean – you have to decide which one you care more about!” I said. “I know!” Steve groaned, looking miserable. For a moment we just looked at each other, then he said softly, “I love Cindy to death. I’m sure about that. But… I never felt this way, the way I do for Feinstein, for anyone else before! It-it’s sorta like I feel for Cindy, but… well different!” “So, it wasn’t like this with Sal?” I asked. “Hell no,” Boner said. “I’ve never felt this close to another guy before – not even you, and hell – I think of you like a brother – a close brother, and Jesus – although I did think about it sometimes, we never even had sex together! I mean what the fuck?” I couldn’t help smiling a little when Steve said he’d thought about having sex with me. When I looked at his though, he looked absolutely miserable, so I decided to try and lighten the mood. “I love you too man!” I said, and I looked shyly at him and grinned a little lewdly. “Oh don’t tell me you wanta have sex with me now too!” Steve declared, looking incredulously at me. “Well…” I said, smirking, unable to hold back a chuckle then. “You’re the one who said you’d thought about it before.” “You asshole!” Steve muttered, when he realized I was just picking on him. “Steve,” I said. “I’ve always thought of you as a brother, and honestly, there have been a few times I kinda thought it might be nice if you and me had fooled around, but… seriously, I never thought you were interested, so I never said anything.” I paused just long enough to take a breath, intending to continue, and was surprised when Steve said, “I wish you you’d brought it up. Who knows what might’ve happened!” “Really?” I asked, surprised. Looking a little embarrassed, Steve nodded and said, “I actually used to wonder what it would be like with you, but you were with Lynn by then, and I thought you were straight. Hell, I thought I was straight too then… although… I did feel a little confused when I thought about you!” I expected him to keep going and say something like, he thought it had been a phase, and that he was straight now, but he didn’t. “So, you don’t consider yourself straight now?” I asked. “Well, even though I did think about being with you, cause nothing ever happened between us, and I started hooking up with girls, well, yeah, I always did think I was straight!” Steve cried. Then more softly, he added, “But after all that’s happened with me and Julian… I don’t know anymore.” “Wow!” I said, surprised. Quickly I added “Well, you know I don’t care what you finally decide.” “I know that,” Steve said. “That’s how come I can talk to you about this. I can’t talk to anyone else about it!” “What about Julian? You can’t talk to him?” I asked. “I can’t,” Steve said. “Cause unless I choose him, he’s gonna be hurt – bad!” “I see,” I said. “So… any idea what you want to do?” “I want things to go back to the way they were!” Steve said. “I wish I’d never done anything with Jewels! I want my straight life with Cindy back. I wanta get married to her and have a bunch of kids with her!” “I see,” I said. “Are you sure of that?” “Yes!” he said. “I do love her – a lot! And sex with her is… OK.” “And Julian?” I asked, wondering mostly how he thought the sex was with him. Suddenly Steve’s face fell, and he sighed heavily. “I have no idea what to do about him,” he said, looking sadly at me, apparently thinking more about their emotional connection. “Do you think once you’re home and you have Cindy back, and you’re having sex with her again, that you’ll still want to have sex with Julian too?” I asked. “N-” Steve started to automatically respond, but he caught himself. I watched as he thought it over a moment, then, his face darkened and he looked miserable again and in a hoarse voice admitted “I’m pretty sure I’ll still want to be with him too.” “Then, I guess the real question is, who do you love more? Who do you really want to spend your life with?” I asked. Steve thought for a few seconds then, and finally, looking a little more relaxed, he said, “Cindy! … I think.” “You think?” I asked. I realized instantly that I’d sounded a little incredulous, and was immediately sorry for sounding too critical. Steve looked surprised, but then must’ve realized from my expression, that I was sorry I’d asked the way I did. “Actually John, I really do believe I love her more,” he said, sincerely. “Well, if you love her more, then I expect you won’t want to hurt her, and you’ll want to be with her, so…” I said. “I know,” Steve said. “I have to give Jewels up!” “At least sexually,” I said. “You can still be friends.” “Yeah,” he said. “Can you do that?” I asked. He thought a moment, then nodded, and said, “I’m pretty sure I can.” “Well… is there really a problem then?” I asked. Steve sighed, and a moment later said, “Two problems. Jewels is gonna be hurt. And, in the end, I’ll be happy, but, probably not as happy as I could be – at least sexually speaking!” “I don’t think you can avoid either of those problems if you choose Cindy,” I said. “I know,” he said, softly, and he looked miserable again. Not knowing what else to say, I stepped over to Steve, who was leaning on the washing machine. He sniffed as he looked at me with big sad eyes, as I wrapped my arms around him. I was surprised how urgently he closed his arms around me, and how firmly he hugged me, as he buried his face on my shoulder for a moment. He didn’t release me either, choosing to hold on tightly to me. For a moment, I held him tightly, and rubbed his back a little, like I did with the boys when they were upset. “The sooner you make your final decision, and follow through with it, the easier it will be on everyone,” I said, finally. “I know,” Boner croaked, still not letting go of me. I could feel him trembling a little, so I just continued holding him. We stood holding each other for a few seconds, and finally, I rubbed his back a couple more times, and he released me, and straightened up. “Um, Sorry about that,” he said, smiling a little dopily and looking very embarrassed. He sniffed, and wiped his eyes with his hands. “Hey! Nothing to be sorry about!” I said. “I’m here for you no matter what, anytime you need me. Even after you go home – just pick up the phone and call me if you need to!” “I know,” he said. Quickly he added “And I am for you too.” “I know,” I said. “And I really appreciate that!” We both smiled at one another. “ARE YOU TWO LOST?” Mitch yelled down the stairs then. “I told you, they’re doing each other on the washer!” I heard Pete holler loudly. “You assholes!” Boner growled loudly. Above us, everyone started laughing. “Here, grab this basket of towels,” I said, shoving a basket of towels I’d folded an hour earlier into his hands. Steve took the basket and headed up the stairs, and I grabbed another with clothes in it and followed him. “Took you long enough!” Mitch groused. “Jesus Andy!” I said. “You shoulda given them all bowls of cereal if they’re all that hungry!” “We’re out! The boys ate it all, even my last box of Weetabix!” Andy cried. “Guess we need to do a grocery run soon!” I said, snickering. “Food’ll be up in a minute!” Before anyone took a good look at Steve and saw he’d been crying, I handed Andy the basket of clothes and asked him to take them upstairs, and have Boner follow with his basket. Then I quickly started pulling pans of baked French toast out of the oven. Everything was on the table, by the time Andy and Boner returned a few minutes later. “Where the Hell were you two now?” Mitch cried, when they finally re-joined us. “Well!” Andy said. “I couldn’t let John have ALL the fun with Boner, now could I?” “You Asshole!” Steve groaned, and he glared at Andy, as everyone cracked up laughing. A moment later though he flashed Andy a quick appreciative grin. * * * A while later, having all eaten, we took the guys off into London for a little more sightseeing, and some last minute shopping at Harrod’s. I was surprised by the number of bags a couple of the guys had with them, when they re-joined us after we’d split up for a few minutes, and couldn’t help wondering how they were going to pack everything for their return trip home, but they just grinned and told me to shove it, as they stuffed everything in trunk of the car. Naturally, as a few hours had passed, everyone was hungry again, so when Evan interupted our banter and asked if they wanted to go over to the Barley Mow for a last Ploughman’s and a couple pints, everyone was very enthusiastic, so we headed over there. As usual, when we walked in, Duke was in his customary chair at the far end of the bar, and perched on a stool next to him was Tobias. I noticed he had some bruises on his face, and that although they seemed to be fading, I expected they must’ve been pretty bad when he’d first received them. Again, as usual, as soon as the boy saw us, he got up and scampered off in the direction of the men’s room. As he disappeared around the corner, I wondered what had happened to him. When Duke saw us, his expression became both embarrassed and guilty. I ignored his discomfort, and nodded at him. He nodded back, then quickly got up, threw some money on the bar and headed toward us, and the front door. “How’ve ya been?” Duke asked, as he approached. “Fine,” I answered. “Yourself?” “Fine as well,” he replied. “Where’s Jacob?” “Visiting a friend for the day,” I said. “Oh, that’s nice, although, it would’a been nice ta see him once,” Duke said. “We’ll have to get you two together soon,” I said. “That’d be nice,” Duke said, smiling. “Right now though, I must be on my way.” “OK,” I said. “Take care.” “Likewise,” Duke said, and he hustled off out the front door. After Duke was gone, and we’d settled down at the table, I excused myself and stepped over to the bar. Sam, the barman, who we’d gotten to know, and who was on duty, came over. After we’d exchanged pleasantries, I said, “What’s with the dark-haired kid who’s always hanging around here with Duke?” “I don’t know,” Sam said. “Name’s Tobias. He’s old enough to be here, so I can’t toss ‘im out. Seems to come in with Duke all the time. Spends a lot o’ time in the loo. I’m sure he’s a sausage jockey! I spect he’s liftin’ ‘is shirt for some o’ the men ‘ho follow ‘im inta the loo! Haven’t caught ‘im at it yet though! I don’t like the ‘ole lot!” Sam looked at me critically then, and said, “SO whut’s yer connection with Duke, anyway?” “He’s my step-brother’s father,” I said. Sam looked surprised, then a little abashed, but then, his features hardened. Before he could respond, I added sourly, “And I wish my step-brother had anyone else for a father!” Sam’s expression softened then, and he looked approvingly at me again. “Well, alright then,” Sam said. “I thought you seemed to be a good bloke!” “Thanks,” I said, smiling. “I don’t like Duke, nor that little twist of his!” Sam said. “You’d do best to keep yer step-brother away from ’em both!” “I do that, as much as possible,” I said. “Thanks for the information!” Sam nodded and moved down the bar then, and I returned to our table. As I sat down, I looked at Andy and Evan and asked, “Guys, what is a ‘twist’???” “It’s what some blokes call gays,” Evan said. “It’s not a nice term,” Andy added, looking a little uncomfortable. “It means the person calling them that thinks they’re deviants.” Evan nodded. “Where’d you hear that?” Craig asked, looking back toward the bar, probably wondering if someone had been talking about any of us, and I’d overheard. I explained about my conversation with Sam, and Craig calmed down. “Maybe we should talk to Tobias! I told him he needed to find a new profession – guess he didn’t.” Boner suggested. Just then the waitress arrived with our food and a tray of pints, the guys all quickly fell quiet as they began eating. I thanked the waitress as she handed me my beer, then took a big swig of it. As I started to eat my sandwich, I thought about the whole situation. The more I thought about it, and I thought about how Tobias acted, especially when Duke was around, the more I began to wonder just how voluntary his relationship with Duke was, and whether or not Duke might be pressuring him in some way. “You know,” I said, as I finished up my sandwich, interupting a conversation a couple of the guys were having. “Maybe you’re right Bone.” Boner and the rest of them all looked at me curiously. “I haven’t seen Tobias come back from the men’s room. I have seen a couple of guys go in though, and they both took a while to come back. They both looked flushed, and were smiling when they did. I bet he’s still in there, and doing business. And I’d really like to know what his connection with Duke is. I’m sure it’s not a healthy relationship. Maybe TOGETHER we can get some information out of Tobias!” I said. “Would you all join me in the men’s room? And NO – I won’t touch him again. But maybe the threat of all of us ganging up on him will make him talk.” “Um… OK,” Boner said. The others all indicated they agreed to, and a couple of them who hadn’t finished eating their sandwiches, hastily stuffed the last bites into their mouths. Andy looked nervous and said, “John, please let’s not get too rough. He is only a boy yet really.” I couldn’t help smirking a little at Andy, as I said, “Honestly, he might really be older than us, although, he does still look pretty much like a boy. Anyway, don’t worry, we won’t get too rough with him. C’mon.” Boner and Mitchell quickly drained the rest of the beer from their glasses, and everyone got up and followed me toward the restrooms. As we moved en masse through the pub, Sam took notice, and looked questioningly at me. I grinned and nodded. He smiled back at me, but continued curiously watching us. * * * When we entered the men’s room, only the stall on the end was occupied. Otherwise, the room was empty. Leaning back and looking under the stalls’ dividers, I saw Tobias’s sneakers, so I knew it was him in the stall. Quietly, I locked the door to the men’s room, then stepped over to the occupied stall, while the guys formed an arc behind me. “C’mon out Tobias” I said. Silence. “I know it’s you in there Tobias. I recognize your shoes. C’mon out. We just want to talk with you.” I said. “wh-what do you want? And how do you know my name?” Tobias asked without opening the door. He sounded very nervous. “We’re not going to hurt you – but we want to talk to you.” I said, trying not to sound threatening. There was a pause, but finally, the lock on the stall door clicked, and the door swung slowly inward. When Tobias looked out and saw all of us standing there facing him, his eyes flew wide open, and his face drained of its color, which made his bruises more pronounced. Instantly, he slammed the door shut again. Before he was able to lock the door though, I pushed on it, enough, so the lock wouldn’t catch. Tobias’s strength wasn’t a match for mine, and I was able to push the stall door open rather easily. As I held the door open, the boy stared at us, terrified. Quietly, and as benevolently as possible, I apologized for roughing him up the last time we met and added, “I said we won’t hurt you. I meant it. We just want to talk. And I want you to answer some questions.” “C’mon Tobias, he means it, he’s not going to hurt you,” Boner said. Tobias thought for a moment, but with so many of us staring at him, we must’ve scared him, because he tried again to push the stall door closed. Again though, I easily pushed it open, although I did it a little more forcefully this time. He looked even more terrified. Before I could tell him again that we just wanted to talk, Tobias surprised me and suddenly scooted out of the stall past me. Amusingly, he stepped quickly over next to Boner, apparently remembering how Boner had treated him nicely the last time we’d all met up. As I turned to step over to Tobias, Andy reached out to restrain me, but I winked at him and gave him a nod, so he dropped his hand from my arm, and let me move over to Tobias. Tobias looked around fearfully at all of us, then, he looked back at me and swallowed nervously. I told him we just wanted to ask him some questions, and asked, “So how old are you anyway?” “18”, he replied, surprisingly a little billigerently. “You wanta try again?” Boner asked, looking down at him with an ‘I don’t believe you, and you know it’ look on his face. “17,” Tobias said, in a deflated tone, after thinking about it. “You sure about that?” I asked, leaning in and looking a little more threatening. “Fine!” the boy cried. “I will be 17 though – really soon!” “OK,” I said. “I guess I can believe that… so… what’s the story with you and Duke?” “There is no story!” Tobias said quickly, suddenly looking a little more pale, and very nervous. “How come you’re always in here with him?” I asked. “We just bump into each other all the time. Seems to be a nice bloke. Shares ‘is fags wit me, when I run out,” Tobias said. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Craig look horrified, and couldn’t help smiling and snorting. “He’s talking about cigarettes,” I said. “Oh!” Craig said, and he smiled sheepishly and turned a little pink, but relaxed. “OK,” I said, turning my attention back to Tobias. “Assuming that’s true, you’re only 16, and you aren’t supposed to be coming into a pub alone yet. How come you’re in here all the time. And, where are your parents?” “Don’t have none, and they never asked my age,” Tobias said. “What do you mean you don’t have any parents?” Evan asked. I was a little surprised that he jumped into the conversation, but I just continued looking at Tobias, waiting for him to answer Evan’s question. Tobias looked at Evan, and shrugged. “Tobias, everyone has parents,” Boner said. “Where are yours’?” “Don’t know,” Tobias said, after thinking for a moment. “What’s that supposed to mean? Where do you live?” I asked. I could see Andy was beginning to look upset. “You can tell us,” Andy said, taking a step forward, so he was standing next to me. “It can’t be any worse than what happened to me.” “What ‘appened to you?” Tobias asked Andy. He looked a little surprised. “My ‘rents chucked me out,” Andy said, thickly. “Why?” Tobias asked, oddly not seeming surprised. Andy squirmed a moment, then, just as I was going to cut in, he said, “Because I’m gay, and they couldn’t abide with that.” Tobias’s eyes grew slightly larger, and at the same time, his body seemed to shrink a little, as if he’d let the air slowly out of his lungs. “Is that true?” he asked, a second later, scrutinizing Andy carefully, as if trying to see if he was lying. “Yes,” Andy declared, his ears reddening. “Do you have a problem with that?” “No!” Tobias said, in a much less critical tone. He sounded as if he meant it. “OK then. Now, where are your parents? Why aren’t you with them?” Andy asked. Tobias looked around at all of us, and suddenly realized we weren’t looking threateningly at him anymore. Finally, he sighed and looked at Andy and said, “The same thing ‘appened to me, as did to you!” “Really?” Andy asked. “You’re gay too? And your parents chucked you?” Sadly, Tobias nodded at Andy. “Son of a bitch!” I heard Boner mutter under his breath. He looked angry. “So, where are you living? And how are you surviving?” I asked. Tobias looked incredulously at me, then a moment later, he looked ready to burst into tears. “You know damn well what I do to survive!” he snapped at me. Then in a suddenly strangled, almost desperate, voice he added, “Do you think I want to do this?” With tears welling in his own eyes, Andy quickly stepped over to Tobias. “It’s OK,” Andy said, softly, laying a hand on the boy’s shoulder. “You won’t have to do that anymore. We’ll help you.” “Tobias,” I said, as gently as possible then. “I’m sorry all this has happened to you. Tell me this though, are you living with Duke?” “No,” the boy cried quickly, in a frightened tone. When I looked into his eyes, he quickly diverted them, and I could tell he wasn’t being truthful. I needed him to admit everything to me then. “I’m not buying that Tobias,” I said, softly. “I think you’re living with Duke, and he’s the one who’s making you sell yourself. He’s taking the money you make, and he’s probably doing you too whenever he wants as well. I’m right, aren’t I?” Tobias looked at me with a stricken look on his face. He looked like he was ready to vomit. As we stared at one another, a tear broke from his eye and rolled down his cheek. Andy reached over and rubbed it away, and told him it would be OK. “You have to tell us everything though, otherwise we won’t be able to help you,” he said. “I can’t!” he whined, miserably. I pulled Andy’s shoulder, so he spun and faced me, then I winked at him with my eye Tobias couldn’t see, and pulled him away from Tobias. He looked surprised, but stepped back, which allowed me to step up directly in front of Tobias. When I did, I looked down sternly at him. “Let me get this straight!” I said, a little tersely. Then much more aggressively, I began to berate him. “You’d rather go on living with that jack ass, letting him use you whenever he wants? Selling yourself to whoever will give you some money? Doing anything those guys want you to do? And then going home to Duke, giving him the money, and then letting him do any disgusting thing he wants to you – instead of letting us help you?” I cried. Tobias looked horrified, and terrified all at once. The guys all looked nervous, kadıköy travesti and upset too, especially Andy. “Or do you really enjoy all the things Duke makes you do?” I asked roughly. “What is it he does make you do Tobias? How often does he use you? How many times a day do you let him fuck you? How disgusting does it really get? Because from what I’ve heard, he’s a real pervert!” Andy looked ready to burst into tears, and I could tell Boner was about to reach out and yank me away from Tobias, when finally, the boy wasn’t able to take it any longer. “ALRIGHT!” he yelled, his eyes flaming at me for a moment. Suddenly then tears began to trickle down his cheeks. “YES!” he cried angrily. “I’m living with Duke! I’m his slave! I have to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants me to! He fucks me up the arse at least 2 or 3 times a day, and he makes me sell myself and give him the money! You have no idea all the horrible things I’ve done! … Are you satisfied now?” Tears began streaming uncontrollably down Tobias’s face then as he stared defiantly, but completed deflated at me. The guys all looked horrified. Andy was in tears. “yeah Tobias, I am.” I said, softly, and gently. Smiling slightly, but sadly, I reached for Tobias, who initially jerked backward, away from me. “I’m not gonna hurt you Tobias,” I said. “I promise. I just want to help you.” Tobias stared at me disbelievingly for a moment, but then, when I reached again for him, and gently gripped his shoulder, he didn’t flinch. Gently I pulled him toward me as I stepped closer to him, and pulled him to me. As I wrapped my arms gently around him, I leaned down and said softly in his ear, “Thank you for admitting what’s going on. I’m sorry I upset you, but you weren’t talking. I’m also sorry for what’s been happening to you. And we do want to help you. It’ll be OK now.” Suddenly, and finally, Tobias completely relaxed… actually, it was more like he collapsed emotionally. As I tightened my hug on him, he finally wrapped his arms around me, and gave into his tears. For a minute or so, we stood silently, as I held the boy in my arms, and he sobbed wretchedly, as the guys all looked on, with expressions on their faces ranging from deep sorrow, to horror, and anger. “Wh-what are you going to do now?” Tobias asked, when he finally stopped crying and let go of me. He stood looking at me with scared and confused eyes, and I realized he’d just placed himself in my care. As I looked around, I saw that everyone was looking at me, as if I was the one with all the answers. Suddenly I felt very confused myself. As I looked at Tobias, and he looked back at me expectantly, I wracked my brain, trying to think what to do. Then, suddenly it came to me. Smiling a little, I said, “Well, I’m not exactly sure, but I think we should go back to our house and talk with my step-mother. She’s a nurse, and, as it turns out, Duke’s ex-wife as well. She’ll know what to do to help you, and make sure you’re protected from Duke!” Tobias looked a little frightened again then. “Wh-what’s going to ‘appen to me then?” he asked. “I don’t know Tobias,” I said, gently, putting my hand on his shoulder and giving him a gentle squeeze. “But, I do know you can’t go on living the way you have been, and that anything has to be better than that. I promise we’ll protect you, and I’m certain it will all turn out alright for you!” The boy didn’t look any calmer, so Boner spoke with him for a moment, telling him that he knew I’d make sure he was OK – that he didn’t have to worry anymore. Some of the other guys chimed in as well. Then, Andy wrapped an arm around his shoulders, and spoke so softly to him that none of us could hear what he said. When he finished speaking, Tobias had tears trickling down his cheeks again. Quickly he turned and buried his face against Andy’s chest, and Andy wrapped his arms around him and held him, until he managed to pull himself together. Snuffling, Tobias finally extricated himself from Andy’s embrace, and he straightened up and looked at us, then more specifically at me, and in a raspy voice, he said, “OK…. and Thank you!” Smiling sadly, I gave Tobias a quick hug, and said, “It’ll work out OK. I promise.” Uncertainly Tobias nodded at me. “Let’s go then,” I said, and leaving my arm draped over Tobias’s shoulder, I turned toward the door, pulling him with me. We returned to our table. Everyone who had any beer left, chugged the rest of it, while I quickly calculated the tab in my head, and pulled my wallet out. I dropped enough money on the table to more than cover the bill, and leave a hefty tip for the waitress, then turned toward the bar and motioned to Sam that I’d left the money on the table. When Sam saw Tobias with us, he looked questioningly at me, I winked at him and flashed him a grin. He nodded, but continued looking curiously after us, as we exited the pub. Quickly we made our way to our cars, and piled into them, then headed back to Beaumont Crescent. * * * By the time we got back to the house, Elizabeth was up already. she’d showered, and dressed, and was squatting on a chair as best she could at the kitchen table, considering Austin had grown so big by then inside her belly, and she was sipping a cup of tea. As we all trooped inside, and she saw the extra boy with us, she sat up a little straighter and looked questioningly at me, as she glanced back and forth between me and Tobias. “So guys!” Steve said, when he saw Elizabeth was in the kitchen. “Let’s go shoot some hoop!” “Sure!” Mitch agreed. “Cool!” Craig said. The others all grunted or nodded, and within a few seconds, everyone had exited the kitchen again, leaving just Tobias, Andy, and myself with Elizabeth. “What’s going on?” Elizabeth asked. “Would you like some tea Tobias?” Andy asked softly. Silently, Tobias nodded, and quickly Andy set about making a fresh pot of tea. “Tobias, this is my step-mother Elizabeth Wilder,” I said. “And, Elizabeth, this is Tobias…” I looked at Tobias for a moment and asked, “What is your last name anyway Tobias?” Tobias looked rather uncomfortable for a moment, as if he didn’t want to tell me. When I raised my eyebrows at him, he sighed and said, “Blackford.” When I looked back at Elizabeth, she was looking questioningly at me yet. “It’s a rather long, and involved story,” I said, pulling a chair out and sitting down. I motioned to a chair next to me, and Tobias pulled it out and sat down as well. I launched into the story then of how we’d initially run into Duke at the Barley Mow, and Tobias was with him. At the mention of Duke, Elizabeth’s features hardened visibly. Noticing this, Tobias shrank a little in his chair, as if to hide himself somewhat behind me. As I continued with the story, I left out the part where Tobias propositioned Jacob. By the time I got to where we all went into the men’s room and confronted Tobias, Andy had sat down with a piping hot pot of tea and a couple of cups and saucers, spoons, napkins, and a jar of milk. Before he poured Tobias a cup, he warmed up Elizabeth’s cup. I waited until all three of them had fresh cups of tea in front of them before I continued. Initially as I told the story, when Elizabeth heard that Tobias was prostituting himself, she looked a little annoyed. When she had finally heard the entire story, and understood how Tobias had been thrown out by his parents, and had been living with Duke, who was forcing himself on him, and forcing him to sell himself, at first she was horrified, and had tears in her eyes, but then, as the true horror of the boy’s situation hit her, she hardened, and I saw anger in her eyes. Gently, she asked Tobias a few pointed, and I could tell embarrassing, questions. He answered everything though, and what he said had to be the truth. Nobody could make up some of what he said. Even Elizabeth seemed a little nauseous eventually, and stopped asking questions. “I’m so sorry all of this has happened to you,” Elizabeth told Tobias. “I promise, I’ll do whatever I can to help you. And you don’t ever have to worry about my ex-husband harming you again!” “Wh-what are you going to do?” Tobias asked timidly, looking at her with large, fearful eyes. “First,” Elizabeth said, getting up. “I’m going to call a friend of mine at the hospital, who will know just what to do to help.” With that, Elizabeth stepped over to the phone, picked up the receiver, punched in a few numbers and waited a moment, while the phone rang on. For a minute, Elizabeth spoke with her friend, who I gathered was a social worker, who agreed to come right over, after hearing a brief summary of what the problem was. For a minute then, Elizabeth listened, and finally said, “That will be fine. Thank you so much! See you then.” After she hung up, Elizabeth turned to us and smiled. “Everything will be just fine! That was my friend Verna Ingraham,” she said. “She’s the head of Social Services at the hospital where I work. I gave her enough information, so she knows what needs to be done. She’s coming right over here to speak with you Tobias. She said that there’s a very nice group home for teenage boys such as yourself, who have nowhere to live, that has an opening. She said you can live there until you’re an adult.” Tobias looked a little skeptical. “An orphanage, you mean?” he asked, and I could tell he wasn’t impressed. “Not really,” Elizabeth said. “In this case, because you’re older, it’s a large private home, where just a few boys like yourself live, along with a married couple who act as ‘house parents’.” “Do I have to go there?” Tobias asked. “Well,” Elizabeth said. “I don’t know. I do know you will have to be put someplace, and honestly, if Verna says it’s the best place for you, I’d trust that. So… probably you should go there.” “What if I don’t like it?” Tobias asked. I noticed Elizabeth was starting to look a little agitated, so I jumped in and said, “Why don’t you wait and see what this lady has to say.” “OK,” Tobias said, non-commitally. “Um, there’s just one more thing,” Elizabeth said. “You’re going to have to speak with Scotland Yard as well, about the things Duke made you do.” Tobias’s eyes widened, as this idea took root in his brain. At the same time, I noticed Elizabeth was smiling triumphantly to herself. “It’ll be OK,” I said. “You’re not in trouble. Duke is. And, they’ll be able to protect you from him.” “H-he’ll k-kill me, if he finds out, and finds a way to get to me,” Tobias said, looking horror-stricken. “Won’t happen,” I said quickly. “With what you have to tell them, he’s going to jail for the rest of his life!” “He most certainly will!” Elizabeth said, still unable to hide her grim, but even more triumphant smile. “I promise, we won’t let Duke hurt you ever again!” I said. Tobias looked at me for a minute, as if trying to read my mind. Finally he sighed and said, “Fine. It’s not like I have a choice now anyway.” Smiling in a commiserating way, Andy put an arm around Tobias and gave him a hug. * * * As we waited for Verna and the police to arrive, Andy and Tobias sat talking quietly at the kitchen table. Elizabeth excused herself to use the loo, and I went outside to let the guys know what was happening. As I was finishing telling the guys what the plan was, Mrs. Phillips pulled into the driveway, with Jacob, Harry, and the Twins, who were all chattering and laughing happily. Mrs. Phillips and I exchanged greetings, and I asked how the boys had behaved. She told me they were all wonderful, and she’d had a grand time following them around the amusement park, and playing games and taking rides with them. I was a little surprised, but she did seem truly very happy, so I just grinned and told her I thought that was great. She asked if it was too much having Harry stay the night again, but I told her it was our pleasure, and we wanted him to join us the next day for the guys’ last day in the UK, so she thanked me and told Harry to be good. Then she pulled out her purse and rooted around in it until she found some money, which she gave to Harry, telling him to pay his own way. I told Mrs. Phillips that wasn’t necessary, but she told me it most certainly was! Then she bussed Harry on the cheek, called good-bye to everyone, and got back in her car and backed out of the driveway. As she pulled away from the house, she tooted her horn, and everyone waved to her. “Where’s Andy?” John cried, looking around. “He’s in the house,” I said. Before I could stop him, he raced toward the door though, with Scott on his heels. “What’s going on?” Jacob asked, looking quizzically at me. Apparently he’d caught the fact I didn’t want the boys to go inside. I looked at him for a moment and finally said, “Remember that boy from the Barley Mow? The one you met in the men’s room?” “Yes?” Jacob said, looking curiously at me. “We ran into him there again today, and finally spoke with him. He’s in need of a bit of help, so we brought him home with us, and your mom’s helping us to help him,” I said. “Oh!” Jacob said, frowning a little. “How come you’re helping him, after what he did?” “Because, he really didn’t mean to hurt you in any way,” I said. “And, he really needs some help.” “Oh,” Jacob said. Then he asked, “Was my father there too?” “Um… at first,” I said. “He was leaving, just as we arrived. He asked about you and said to say Hello.” “Oh,” Jacob said. He looked at me for a moment, and I could tell he realized there was more to the story. “I need you guys to hang out out here with the guys for a while, til Tobias leaves,” I said. “I’ll tell you all about it later. OK?” Jacob looked at me for a second, then slowly, finally said, “OK.” “Cool!” I said, and I smiled. “C’mon Jake!” Pete hollered. “Shoot some hoops with us!” The other guys all started calling to Jacob and Harry to join them as well then. Grinning, Harry headed toward the group. A little reluctantly, Jacob followed. As soon as Evan passed the ball to Jacob, I turned and headed into the house. Inside, I found the twins, standing by the kitchen table, looking soberly at Andy and Tobias, as Andy was explaining that Tobias had come over for a little visit, and that they should go back outside and play with the others. “Yeah guys, I need you to go hang with the others and shoot some hoops for a bit, OK?” I said. “But, I wanted to tell Andy something,” John said. “Can it wait til later?” I asked. “I guess,” the boy said, sounding a little disappointed. Andy smiled and said, “I can’t wait to hear all about your day lads, however, let’s talk later, when we can all enjoy our talk much more!” “OK,” the twins chorused. “Off with you then,” I said, chuckling. The twins looked curiously at me for a moment, but then finally turned and headed back outside. * * * Only about 20 minutes later, Verna arrived at the house. Jacob had met Verna in the past, and as she walked past the basket ball game that was underway in the driveway, the two greeted each other. As Verna continued on her way into the house, Harry passed the ball to Jacob, but, he was too busy watching Verna and wondering exactly what was up, so he missed the ball, which brought an onslaught of good natured ribbing from the others. “Hi Verna,” Elizabeth said, smiling as she struggled to rise from her chair at the kitchen table. “No, no, stay seated, please!” Verna said, chuckling. “How are the two of you doing?” “Well, the baby’s feeling wonderful apparently,” Elizabeth said, ruefully. “He’s very active today, so… I’m bit tired.” “Well, it won’t be too long now, will it?” Verna asked. “No, not long at all!” Elizabeth said, smiling, as she finally managed to stand up. ” Verna Ingraham, this is Tobias Blackford, and this is my stepson John, and his partner Andy.” “Ah John! Andy!” Verna cried, smiling broadly at us. “I’ve heard so much about you. I’m glad to finally meet you.” “Thank you maam,” I said, smiling. “Yes, thank you,” Andy said, and I smiled as he blushed slightly. Quickly then, Verna turned her attention to Tobias, and she held out her hand to him, and smiled warmly. “I’m very sorry to hear of your situation Tobias,” She said. “However, I’m here to do my best to help you.” “Thank you mum,” Tobias said, softly, and he tentatively shook her hand gently. “Let’s all go sit where it’s a little more comfortable,” Elizabeth said, and she winced a moment and pressed her hand against the side of her belly, pushing gently back against Austin’s foot, hand, or head. “Oh my,” Verna chuckled. “Very soon!” Smiling again, Elizabeth lead the way into the living room then. Not a moment after we were seated, the door bell rang. When I answered it, I found two policemen standing there. “Is this the residence of Mrs. Elizabeth Wilder?” one of them asked. “Yes,” I said. “I’m her stepson, John Wilder. Please come in.” “Thank you,” both of them said, and they stepped into the house and followed me into the living room. Immediately Tobias’s eyes grew large, and he seemed to lean closer to Andy, who he was sitting next to. Introductions were made, and Elizabeth and Verna quickly summarized the situation. Both policemen looked somewhat annoyed when they heard what was going on with Duke and Tobias. “So, you’re the young man they’re talking about then?” the lead officer asked, sitting down opposite Tobias, and looking him in the face. Poor Tobias was so nervous he appeared to be shaking, and his eyes were huge. He swallowed, and managed to nod though. “It’s alright lad,” the officer said, in a little less stern tone. “It sounds as if this Fowler bloke’s the only one who’s at fault.” Tobias let his breath out and appeared to relax, just a little. “Alright then!” The officer said. “I know you most likely don’t want to go over this again, but we need you to tell us everything, in your own words, and lad, we need the truth!” Tobias looked at him for a moment, then asked, “Wh-where do you want me to start?” “From the beginning, whilst you were still living at home with your parents,” the officer said. * * * Tobias sighed, and frowned, but sat up a little and began telling his story. As he spoke, I learned a few things he hadn’t included in his earlier descriptions of what had happened to him, such as, he was an only child, all his grandparents were dead, and he came from an average middle-class family. Eventually, Tobias came to the part of his story, where he met up with Duke. At first, Duke had acted friendly. Tobias had just said he was on his own, with no money, no job, and nowhere to go. He never mentioned why he was on his own. So, Duke bought him a meal, and when he found out he was living on the streets, and it was going to be frigid out that night, he invited Tobias to spend the night with him. He told Tobias that he only had a small apartment with just one bed, but he’d be willing to share it with Tobias, if Tobias didn’t mind. Being as it was so cold outside, Tobias didn’t care what he had to do to stay warm, so he accepted. That night, once they were in Duke’s apartment, when it was time to go to bed, things seemed on the up and up, until they were actually in bed together. It was then, Duke made his move. First he told Tobias to move up close to him, so they’d both stay warm. Tobias did. Then, as they lay awake, Duke began asking Tobias probing questions about things, and it was then, with Duke prodding insisitently, and coyly saying it would be alright, that he’d help him, that Tobias took the chance and told him his parents had thrown him out because he was gay. Instantly Duke had wrapped an arm lovingly around the boy and told him it was alright – he was gay too! Of course then, Duke suggested maybe he could help make Tobias feel better, and without waiting for a response, he’d begun groping Tobias. Tobias tried to say no, but Duke insisted, and threw the covers off, then stripped Tobias, and began fellating him. Tobias admitted that what Duke did initially felt great, so he gave up protesting, and let Duke have his way with him. Before he knew it though, Duke’s finger was up his ass, and he was working him over pretty good. Then, just as he was nearing his climax, Duke had stopped suddenly, ripped his own pants down, spit in his hand, moistened his cock, and roughly shoved it up Tobias’s ass, and begun fucking him. Tobias had cried out in pain, and begged him to stop, but Duke was in a frenzy, and didn’t listen. Duke was too big for Tobias to fight, so he laid there and let Duke rape him. It wasn’t long before Duke had his orgasm, and finally, he pulled out of Tobias and crawled off him. Tobias was weeping, and Duke suddenly turned tender, and apologized, and told him he was just so beautiful, he couldn’t help himself. He promised not to take advantage of him again. With that, he told Tobias to get some rest, turned over and went to sleep himself. Tobias was miserable, and scared, but it was freezing outside, and he had no place to go. Besides, the twist had said he wouldn’t do it again, and seemed sincere. Finally Tobias fell asleep. Of course, in the morning, he was awakened when he felt Duke’s finger suddenly invading his rectum again, as his mouth closed on his cock once again. Again, Tobias had protested, but again, Duke was in a frenzy. This time though, Duke took a bit longer to fuck Tobias, and Tobias actually had an orgasm as well, as Duke’s cock raked back and forth over his prostate gland. As a result, Duke took this to be acceptance by Tobias of his actions, even though Tobias protested. Again Duke apologized and seemed sincere. He promised to buy Tobias a warm jacket to make up for it. He did indeed take Tobias shopping, after first making breakfast for him, and he did buy him a warm jacket. As it was cold, reluctantly Tobias had returned to Duke’s apartment with him. There, Duke had gotten horny again. This time when Tobias protested, Duke told him he owed him. He was feeding, clothing, and housing him, so the least Tobias could do was have sex with him. “Besides,” Tobias said, Duke had pointed out. “‘You got your jollies too the last time!'” Tobias attempted to protest more, but Duke overpowered him, and molested and raped him again. To Tobias’s dismay, again while sodomizing him, Duke had caused Tobias to have yet another orgasm. Once the ordeal was over, Duke had crawled off Tobias, rolled over, and soon was asleep again. Not knowing what else to do, but feeling safe for the moment, Tobias had pulled the covers over himself, and mercifully dozed off himself. Over the next few days, while heavy snow storms, and frigid temperatures held London in its grip, Duke more or less had Tobias over a barrell. There was no place Tobias could go that was warm, and he had no money to buy any food either. Desperate to survive, the boy had remained with Duke, and although he begged him not to use him like a girl, Duke realized the boy wasn’t going to run off, and began doing just that – using him regularly for sex. Hoping to minimize his pain and agony, Tobias had done his best to cooperate, so that Duke wouldn’t be so rough with him, and within a few days, the unlikely pair had fallen into a steady routine of fucking each morning as soon as Duke woke, whether Tobias was awake already or not, and fucking each night before they fell asleep. In between, usually three or four times a day, Duke would molest, and usually sodomize Tobias. Fortunately, even though Duke was hyper-arroused by Tobias, it usually took him long enough to achieve an orgasm, so that Tobias also climaxed, which from one point of view was a good thing – the boy found some pleasure and release from what was happening to him, however, from the opposite point of view, it just caused to minimize his feelings of desperation to get away from Duke no matter what. At the same time though, between encounters, as he brooded about his situation, Tobias came to hate Duke, but even more so, he began to loathe himself as well, for finding any pleasure what-so-ever in what he was allowing Duke to do to him. By the time the weather broke, Tobias had become accustomed to Duke’s routine, and was no longer terrified that Duke was going to harm him. He also realized that Duke would let him stay in his apartment, feed him, and even make sure he had warm clothes, and all he had to do was lay on his back and pull his legs up, allowing Duke to enter, and pound in and out of him for a minute or so, which was just long enough to cause him to cum as well. And so, although he hated what he was doing, and began to hate himself for who he was becoming, he remained with Duke, and let Duke use and abuse him. Naturally, once Duke was comfortable in the knowledge that the boy wasn’t going to run off, and at the same time, he’d become used to their sexual encounters, so that they were no longer quite as enthralling as they’d been in the beginning, he became restless for new, and more exciting sexual activities. And, as he had Tobias practically his captive, he began to suggest different, and more deviant activities. In most cases, all those except when Duke was actually causing him pleasure, Tobias protested, but again, Duke reminded him that he owed him, and restrained him, and used him just as he pleased. Because he’d already resigned himself to letting Duke have his way with him in more ‘normal’ sexual ways, it wasn’t as difficult for Tobias to allow Duke to do increasingly more kinkier things to him… although often, later, as Duke slept, Tobias would weep softly in despair, until he too fell finally fell asleep. As we listened to Tobias’s sad tale, we were all so involved in what he was telling us, that none of us heard the back door, or the very soft footsteps padding down the hallway toward the living room. Quietly then, the person who’d entered the house, stood just outside the doorway, listening to the rest of what Tobias had to say. Eventually, once he thought he could trust Tobias, Duke began taking him with him to the Barley Mow every so often. It was one evening while sitting there, that Duke noticed another man, his own age, was looking Tobias over carefully. Almost immediately the notion of having Tobias prostitute himself was born in Duke’s mind. “Go ta th’ loo, an’ see if ‘e follows ya!” Duke said, slurring a bit from all the beer he’d drank. “If ‘e does… an’ ‘e asks fer sex, tell ‘im it’ll cost ‘im a quid ‘an see what ‘e does!” Tobias was conditioned by then to do as Duke wanted, and, he’d drank a lot himself, and was feeling less inhibitions. The idea of giving himself to someone other than Duke appealed to him. It was almost as if he was giving Duke the shaft by doing it with someone else! So, silently Tobias had followed the man, who was rather good looking, into the loo, and stood at the urinal next to him. As Duke suspected, the man tried to seduce Tobias, who quickly asked for money. The man was a little taken aback, but when Tobias reached over and began massaging his already semi-erect cock, the man had quickly pulled some money out of his pocket and given it to Tobias. Half drunk, and still feeling like he was getting back at Duke in some way, Tobias had fallen to his knees, yanked the man’s cock out of his pants, and gone down on him. Within a minute and a half, the man had cum violently, spewing several large spurts of semen down Tobias’s throat. Tobias had sucked his cock dry as he’d pulled off, and the man had quickly pulled himself together, and exited the men’s room with a shit-eating grin on his face, not however, before telling Tobias he’d look for him there again in a few days. Tobias had smiled and nodded. When Tobias returned to his bar stool, he was disappointed to find Duke elated that his plan had worked. He was even more dismayed when Duke had demanded his ‘earnings’ from him. Quickly, after handing the money the man had given him to Duke, he took a big swallow of his ale, to wash away the flavor of the man’s semen. Of course, only a couple minutes had passed before another man, one in fact who was sitting with the man Tobias had just sucked up, got up, and headed to the men’s room. As he passed Tobias and Duke, he made a point of brushing up against Tobias, and smiling at him. As soon, as he’d gone by, Duke had grinned. “Look like ya got another customer!” Duke had cackled, grinning broadly. Tobias felt sick to his stomach when it dawned on him what Duke’s new plans for him most likely were. “Get going!” Duke hissed nastily at him. Feeling nauseous, Tobias had forced himself to get up and follow the man into the men’s room. Again, the man propositioned him as he stepped up to the urinal. And, again Tobias dropped on his knees and serviced the man. This time though, as he was finishing up, another man entered the mens’ room and caught them. Tobias was frightened, until the man grinned lewdly. “Would ya take it up yer arse too?” the new man, who was younger, and better looking asked. Tobias saw a huge lump in his pants. Gulping the last of the second man’s cum down his throat, Tobias had replied in a thick voice, that it would cost him double. Instantly the younger man pulled out his wallet, and extracted the money. “Let’s go in there though,” he told Tobias, pointing at the end stall. And so, Tobias had moved into the far stall. “Drop yer britches, and climb on the pot!” the man had directed. Tobias had lowered his pants, and as best he could, crawled on his hands and knees onto the toilet, balancing himself precariously on the seat. Instantly the man had spat into his hand, lubricated his hardon with his spit, and stepped behind Tobias. Tobias was used to Duke’s cock, but this man’s was much larger, and the boy had nearly cried out in pain, as the man had shoved himself roughly up into him! Fortunately, the man was so excited, it only took a few shoves in and out of Tobias, before he blew his load, and quickly pulled out, wiped his cock clean with some loo roll, re-dressed, and left. Tobias had cleaned himself up as best he could, and re-dressed and gone back to the bar. Duke was ecstatic when he saw the money Tobias had made, and told the boy he’d be doing that from now on to earn his keep. Nearly in tears, Tobias sat there, and took a swig of his beer, as he felt the last John’s semen trickling through his weakened sphincter muscle. It was closing time by then, so mercifully, Duke had told him to drink up, and they left. Poor Tobias had had to walk back to Duke’s apartment then with a uncomfortable, cold, wet spot in the seat of his pants and underwear. Of course, as soon as they were back in the apartment, Duke was horned up from all the action he imagined Tobias having in the men’s room, so he’d made Tobias strip, and assume the position, and fucked him roughly. Not once, but twice in a row for a change! When he was through, Tobias was sure his asshole was permanently damaged by all the use it had had that evening. “So… from then on, most days after that, Duke would take me to the Mow, or other pubs, and while he sat drinking pints, he’d make me ‘work’ in the loo for him!” Tobias said. “At first it went slowly – too slowly to please Duke, but within a couple weeks I had some ‘regulars’ comin’ to see me. Most every few days, but a few nearly every day. One bloke, he comes to see me a couple times some days.” “H-how many men did you see in a day?” the cop who’d been quiet the whole time asked. “Usually 20-30,” Tobias said, as if it didn’t phase him. “On Fridays and Saturdays, a bit more usually.” “And when you got back to the apartment, Duke would use you too?” I asked. “Mm huh,” Tobias said, looking down at the floor. “You poor lad!” Elizabeth said, sadly. * * * “YOU’RE LYING!” Jacob, who suddenly burst into the room, shrieked at Tobias, startling all of us. Jacob’s face was bright red, and he looked angry, yet at the same time a little scared, and very distraught. “MY FATHER WOULD NEVER DO ANY OF THAT!” Just then we heard loud feet running from the kitchen toward us. A second later, Boner burst into the room behind Jacob. He was red, and sweat was running down his face. He cringed when he saw what was going on, and blushed a little. “Sorry! He got away from me, and I didn’t notice right away,” Boner said, apologetically. Quickly he tried to pull Jacob back into the hallway, but Jacob wrenched himself free, and stalked over to Tobias. “Why are you telling these lies???” He cried, obviously very upset. Quickly I got up and motioned to Steve that it was OK. He nodded again, apologetically, and backed out of the room. Jacob flinched as my hand fell on his shoulder, and his head swiveled back and upward to see who was touching him. When he saw me standing there, he didn’t pull away. He just looked at me a moment, studying my face. “Why is he saying all this about my dad?” he asked me after a moment, in a quieter, but slightly trembling voice, and I could see his eyes were watering up, and I knew that even though he seemingly wasn’t ready to admit it, in his heart, in particular since he knew how his parents’ marriage had ended, he knew none of what Tobias was saying was a lie. “C’mon,” I said, softly, and I tugged on his shoulder. “Come with me, and I’ll tell you what’s going on.” His expression became belligerent for a moment, then he looked at Tobias a moment, then at his mother, and finally back up at me, and I saw his lower jaw beginning to tremble slightly. “C’mon,” I said again, and pulled on him a little more firmly. This time he let me lead him from the room. My hand still on his shoulder, I pushed Jacob gently down the hallway, into the kitchen, where I then directed him into a chair, and sat down in one next to him, facing him. * * * “Do you believe what he said???” Jacob asked, and I could hear fear and pain in his voice. “How much did you hear?” I asked. “H-he said Dad met him in the pub, gave him food, took him home, and made him have sex with him and sell himself in the loo at the Barley Mow!” Jacob said, his lower jaw trembling some more. “So basically, you heard most of what Tobias said,” I said, frowning. “I’m sorry you heard about it that way Jacob, but, honestly, I believe everything Tobias was saying is true, and I’m pretty sure, because you know your father’s history, you do too.” “It can’t be!” Jacob cried, horrified, and looking at me for a moment as if I was a traitor. “I’m sorry Jake,” I said. “H-he got help! H-he was all better!” Jacob cried, looking pitifully at me through eyes that were filling with tears. “Apparently, he either didn’t get help, or, it didn’t work,” I said. “I’m really sorry!” For a moment Jacob stared at me, his eyes blinded eyes. As his eyes overflowed, and the tears began trickling silently from them, suddenly he gave a choked up sob, closed his eyes, and leaned into me. I wrapped my arms around him, and immediately his wrapped around me, then he began sobbing. I held Jacob for a couple minutes, until he cried himself out, and was able to get himself under control. “So,” he asked weakly. “Was th-that wh-why h-he was trying to get me to have sex with him?” “Who?” I asked. “Tobias, th-that time in the loo at the Barley Mow,” Jacob said, looking up at me as he rubbed his eyes. “Yeah,” I said. “I guess so.” Jacob snuffled in deeply, and swallowed, and just looked at me for a moment, at a loss for words. Finally, he said, “Is that why I can’t be alone with Dad?” “Part of the reason, yes,” I said. “Wh-what’s going to happen to Dad now?” Jacob asked, looking fearful. “I expect the police will arrest him, and he’ll have a trial, and go to prison,” I said. Jacob’s face paled, and he gulped, and fought back more tears. “O-only if they prove he did it, right?” he asked. “That’s how it’s supposed to work, yes,” I said. “I want to talk with Tobias,” he said then. “You’re not going to try and punch him or anything, are you?” I asked, scrutinizing him carefully. “No,” Jacob said. “I just want to ask him a couple things.” “You promise not to scream and holler?… and to act like an adult?” I asked. “I’ll behave!” Jacob scowled a little. “Alright, then,” I said. “C’mon.” * * * We headed back into the living room together then. When we got there, everone but Andy and Tobias were standing up, and it seemed the police were ready to leave. I could see that Tobias had been crying, and Andy looked upset, but, at the same time, strong, as if he was holding himself together in order to be supportive of Tobias. Everyone quieted down when we walked back into the room. Tobias and Andy stood up as Jacob strode right over to Tobias, and stood in front of him. Suddenly, Tobias looked a little nervous, but, true to his word, Jacob behaved like an adult. “Did he really do all those things that you said he did?” Jacob asked Tobias, staring up into his eyes. Tobias didn’t break Jacob’s gaze. Instead, sadly he just shook his head in assent. Although Jacob had said he wanted to ask some questions, apparently he believed Tobias’s answer, bakırköy travesti and nothing else was important enough to bother asking. Instead, tears formed in his eyes again. Seeing this, Tobias too began to weep softly again. ‘I-‘I’m s-sorry for what happened between us in the loo at the Mow,” Tobias ventured finally. “It’s j-just I was angry with your father, and th-thought maybe if he heard about it from you, he’d think twice about how he was treatin’ me.” Elizabeth suddenly looked horrified, and was about to light into Tobias, but I quickly touched her arm and shook my head, and said in an undertone “it was nothing, nothing happened.” She appeared to relax a little, but her demeanor toward Tobias didn’t look as caring and concerned as it had. “I-I’m s-sorry for what he did to you,” Jacob said, looking truly sorrowfully at Tobias. Tobias managed a slight smile suddenly, and he said, “Thanks Jacob. That means a lot to me.” A moment later, we were all a little surprised when the two suddenly wrapped their arms around each other, and held each other as they again cried. As they pulled apart and gathered themselves, I stepped over and wrapped an arm around both of them, and leaned in and said, “It’s all gonna be alright now.” As I let go of them, they each stepped back slightly and looked at me. Tobias nodded slightly, but he looked frightened yet. Jacob just snuffled and looked miserably at me. One of the police officers stepped over to Tobias then and laid an hand on his shoulder, and thanked him for telling his story. “I think you’ve filled in the spaces in an investigation we’ve had underway for some time now,” He said. “With your statements, we should be able to finish up our work. The bloke who’s been doing this to you is going to go to prison for quite a while!” As the cop grinned triumphantly at Tobias, poor Jacob looked stricken. Realizing his faux paux, the cop suddenly looked distressed, and quickly nodded at Tobias, and stepped toward the door. He and the other police officer took their leave then. “I believe we should be on our way as well Tobias,” Verna said then. Suddenly Tobias looked very apprehensive. “It’ll be alright,” Andy said to him. “Much better than you’ve been used to for some time now!” The two shared a sustained hug, and when they separated, both were sniffling. Tobias looked questioningly at me, but when I smiled sadly at him, he let me pull him into a hug. As I held the boy, I could tell he didn’t want to pull away from me. It was as if he felt that as long as he clung to me, he’d be safe. Eventually, I gently pushed him away, and he let me. The poor kid was trembling though, as he stood next to Verna, not knowing what was going to happen next. “You’ll be safe now,” Elizabeth said, trying to smile at Tobias, as she hugged him good-bye. “You can trust Verna. She’ll make sure you’re OK.” “Will we see you again sometime?” Jacob asked, hopefully, stepping quickly over to Tobias. Tobias looked at Verna uncertainly, and she smiled and said, “I don’t see why not.” Both boys smiled a little then. “Can we e-mail til then?” Jacob asked. “I-I don’t know if there’ll be a computer where I’m going,” Tobias started. “Oh there is,” Verna said, smiling. “You’ll need it for your studies!” “Well, yes, then,” Tobias said, smiling faintly. “Andy gave me his e-mail address. I’ll write to him, and then he can share my new e-mail address with you when I get one.” “Good!” Jacob said. The two looked at each other then, and both their faces began to crumple a little. Quickly Jacob moved in and the two wrapped their arms around one another. They held onto one another tightly for a moment, then finally, after Verna cleared her throat rather loudly, they let go of each other. “Alright then,” Elizabeth said. “Verna, I can’t thank you enough!” “Nonsense!” Verna said, smiling at Elizabeth. “You just relax now, because that baby’s coming soon! You’ll need your strength for afterward! And don’t forget to let me know as soon as possible, once he’s here!” “Thank you Verna, I will,” Elizabeth said, smiling. Andy and Tobias shared a quick final good-bye hug, then Verna led Tobias, who again looked apprehensive, down the walk to her car. We all watched until they’d driven off, and we’d all waved at one another, then finally we stepped back inside and closed the door. * * * As soon as we were inside, Elizabeth pulled Jacob into her arms. I was surprised when he didn’t resist, and my heart broke as he broke down sobbing, as she held him as best she could, given that Austin was in the way. I looked at Andy and saw he too had tears in his eyes. “You know how you always ask me what I want to be when I grow up?”, he asked, surprising me. “Yeah,” I said. “Well, I know now,” Andy said. “I want to be some kind of a counselor who helps gay children who are abandoned or thrown out by their parents, or are abused. I want to help kids like Tobias, and myself!” Ruefully I smiled and told Andy that I thought that was a wonderful idea, and that I thought he’d be very good at it. His lower jaw began to tremble and he sniffled, then a lone tear broke from his eye and ran down his cheek. Gently I pulled Andy into my arms and held him, as he too wept softly for a minute. I heard a deep, deliberate sounding cough coming from the hallway from the kitchen a minute or so late, and turned my head and saw the guys had all quietly come into the house. They all wore mixed expressions of embarrassment and sorrow. “OK!” I declared, somewhat unceremoniously pushing Andy, so he straightened up. For a moment he rubbed his eyes and snuffled before turning toward the gang. Elizabeth pushed Jacob up as well, and he too quickly rubbed at his eyes, and brushed the wetness from his cheeks. As Harry stepped forward though, Jacob looked stricken again, and quickly turned and dashed upstairs. Harry looked uncertainly at us, until I nodded somberly, then he too quickly followed Jacob. “Is Jacob going to be OK?” John asked, looking upset. “We saw everyone leave, what’s going to happen to Tobias now?” Scott asked. Boner cleared his throat and looking a little embarrassed, he said, “They asked me what was going on, so, I filled ’em in on the basics.” “Oh,” I said. Then I looked down at the twins and said, “Well, yes, now that he’s with Elizabeth’s friend Verna, and the police are involved, I’m sure Tobias will be just fine.” “That’s good,” John said. “How come Jacob’s so upset?” Scott asked. “I didn’t tell them quite everything,” Boner drawled softly. I couldn’t help chuckling. “OK,” I said. “You two come here, and I’ll tell you the rest of it. Meanwhile, Bone, can you go downstairs with Andy and find some beer for everyone? I’ll start getting some grub ready for us in a few minutes.” * * * Elizabeth excused herself and said she wanted to rest for a few minutes. She headed upstairs. At the same time, Andy and the rest of the guys headed out to the kitchen, and I sat the twins down on the couch on either side of me, and without explaining everything in depth, gave them the basics behind why Jacob was so very upset. They seemed satisified with what I’d told them, so we then went out to the kitchen to work on dinner. With help from the guys, I quickly pulled supper together for everyone. When it was time to eat, I called upstairs to Elizabeth, and Jacob and Harry, and they all came down. Elizabeth looked tired, and a bit drawn, and Jacob had red, puffy eyes. I couldn’t help smiling when Pete and Mitchell surprised everyone and plopped down on either side of Jacob, at the table, before Harry could, and started trying to get his mind off things. I thought it was a good idea on their parts to separate Jacob from Harry for a bit… in hopes he’d get the day’s events off his mind. So, for a while then, as we ate, and a while afterward, we did think and talk about some other things. Before I served dessert, we were all surprised when the guys went out to the cars and pulled many of the packages of things they’d bought at Harrod’s out of the trunks and came running inside with them, grinning, as Jack leaped around barking with excitement. “So…, we’re sorry we didn’t have time to get them wrapped, but, we wanted to get you all some things for the baby,” Boner said, grinning dopily at Elizabeth, as he handed her one of the bags. “What?” Elizabeth cried, “What’s all this?” She was clearly shocked, but extremely touched that the guys had thought to get baby presents. I was very surprised myself! There were so many presents, it took quite a few minutes for Elizabeth to open all the bags and admire everything the guys had bought. Even I was shocked at all the things my friends had bought for the baby. There was a large stuffed bear, a couple of outfits, some diapers, bibs, crib toys, bath tub toys, a mobile to hang over the bed, and a matching bedside lamp, and all kinds of other things. “Goodness!” Elizabeth exclaimed, with tears in her eyes. “You lot shouldn’t have spent so much money on all of this! I think there’s more gifts here than I received from my friends at work!” The guys were beaming, clearly happy that Elizabeth seemed to appreciate their efforts so much! “These are for you guys to share!” Mitchell said, handing me a bag, inside of which I found some books with bedtime stories, and one of those baby carriers you wear, so you can carry the baby around either in front of you, or like a back pack. “Oh!” I cried, grinning as I looked at the baby carrier. “Very cool! We’ll be needing this! I hadn’t had a chance to get one yet!” “These are perfect!” Andy said, as he thumbed through one of the books! “We’ll all be doing a lot of reading to him I expect!” We thanked the guys profusely again, then set the presents off to the side, and I finally set out some pies I’d pulled out of the freezer for dessert. By the time we’d finished our dessert, it was starting to get late. “You mind if we head back to the pub a little early tonight, seein’ as you want us up so early tomorrow?” Jeremy asked, yawning. I could see he was gazing at Jacob, who was still looking rather sad, and guessed maybe he realized we might need to spend a little time with him. “Fine for you lot,” Elizabeth cried. “You get to got to bed and sleep off this big meal! I get to go to work in a bit!” “How long before you stop working?” Craig asked. “I plan to work as long as possible, right up until the baby comes,” Elizabeth said. “I want to be able to take as much time off as possible, after he’s here!” “Oh,” Craig said. “That makes sense.” “As long as you don’t overdo it,” Steve said. Elizabeth smiled at him and said, “My friends are all already doing some of the things I should be. We all tend to help each other like that when one of us is pregnant.” “That’s nice!” Steve said, smiling. “So…???” Jeremy said, looking around the table. “We gonna help clean up and get going then?” I tried to protest and tell the guys to just go, but they wouldn’t hear of it, so, while Elizabeth went and relaxed for a while yet, the guys helped Andy and I pick up the kitchen, while Harry and the twins took Jacob upstairs to play some video games, in hopes of getting his mind off things. Not too long after the dishes were done, the guys all bid us a good-night, and took off, saying they’d be back by 9:00 the next morning, for our last, but busy day together. * * * When the guys got back to the pub, it was still kind of early, so they all sat at the bar and had a few beers together, and played some darts, until closing time. Then, as they’d become accustomed to doin, they each took a last beer with them and retired to their rooms. Naturally, whe they arrived at their room, Craig and Jeremy each took a swig of their beer, set them down, and immediately began stripping. As soon as they were both naked, they flopped down on their bed, and crawled into a ’69’, then spent a leisurely half hour pleasuring one another, until they’d each gotten off joyously. After that, they retrieved their beers, finished them off, then crawled into bed together and went to sleep. When Pete and Mitchell got to their room, Pete plopped down on his bed, and almost immediately dozed off. Mitchell smirked at Pete from his own bed, and since Pete was sleeping soundly, he took the opportunity to get comletely undressed. Quietly he opened his bed and crawled into it, leaving the covers pushed down yet. Then he slipped a porn magazine he’d bought for himself at a sex shop a couple of the guys had come across while shopping. Smiling to himself, as he lay back against the pillow, he reached for his already burgeoning penis, and began leisurely stroking it, as he gazed at some photos of two girls having sex with each other. It didn’t take too long before Mitchell juices were sizzling, and he began earnestly beating off. A couple minutes later, as he close his eyes, he gasped and a string of semen blew from his cock, landing in a streak over his belly. Mitchell continued pumping his penis, and gasped and spewed a few more times, before he slowed his pace, and finally massaged a couple more dribbles from his urethra. “Mmmmmmmm…” he moaned softly, as smiled and finally released his pud, and reached for some tissues to clean up his mess. On the bed next to him, Pete’s cock surged with desire, as through slitted eyes, he watched his friend wipe globs of spunk off his torso. Pete had been asleep, but woke when Mitchell gasped rather loudly for the first time. Once Mitchell finished cleaning himself up, he pulled his boxers back on, and stowed his porn magazine. Pete waited a few minutes for him to sigh happily, and roll over, facing away from him. Smiling to himself, Pete then got up off his bed and left their room, heading for the toilet, so he could take care of his own problem. In his bed, Mitchell felt mortified. Had Pete been awake? * * * Down the hallway, in their room, Julian and Steve looked at one another once they’d shut and locked their door. Both could tell the other was horny, but Steve felt guilty, and Julian knew it. Before he could say anything, Steve surprised him by breaking out a bottle of Scotch he’d bought himself at the beginning of their visit, which he had intended to finish off while he was in England, but which was still almost half full. “Figured we could have a drink or two. I need to finish this before we leave anyway – can’t take a half bottle home,” he said to Julian, who nodded and smiled non-committally. Steve opened the bottle and took a large swig of the whisky, then handed the bottle to Julian. Julian would’ve preferred if they’d both just stripped down, and gotten busy, but hoping the alcohol would help Steve lose his inhibitions, he joined him, taking a swig from the bottle, then handing it back to Steve. Awkwardly, Steve started a conversation about what had gone on during the day, and for a few minutes, the two talked, and drank several more swigs of Scotch each. Not long afterward, Julian had most definitely lost any inhibitions he had, and was feeling no pain. A little unsteadily, he stood up and began stripping. As soon as he’d removed just his shirts, Steve instantly felt his cock begin swelling up. “M-maybe we shouldn’t do that t’night,” Steve suggested, slurring a bit. Julian didn’t reply, but just smiled as he finished pulling off his jeans and boxers. A moment later, as he stood in front of Steve, stark naked, with a full-blown erection that was pointing directly at Steve, Steve couldn’t tear his eyes away from it. “You know you want it. Just get naked already!” Julian said, wavering a bit, but smiling lewdly. “O-on the other hand, jest get naked and lay down. You don’t have to do anything, unless you want to, so you won’t feel guilty,” Julian offered next. With that, Julian flexed his cock a couple times. In his pants, Steve’s cock responded. Looking up at Julian’s face, Steve saw the look of desire in his eyes. “Damn it!” he muttered, as he quickly stood up and began stripping too. Once Steve was naked too, Julian commanded, “Lay down!” He surprised Steve by pushing him down onto the edge of the bed. “Lay back,” Julian said, smiling, and pushing Steve down, so he was laying on the bed, with his ass on the edge of it, and his feet planted firmly on the floor. Instantly Julian dropped to his knees and went down on Steve, causing a deep, low groan of joy to rumble from Steve’s throat. For a minute or so then, Julian sucked away on Steve, who lost all interest in trying to pretend he didn’t want to have sex. Being he’d had a lot to drink, and his inhibitions were all gone, Julian surprised steve by suddenly pulling up on his knees, and pushing his legs back, so his ass opened up. “Oh my God!” Steve gasped incredulously, as he suddenly felt Julian’s hot, wet tongue begin lapping seductively back and forth over his tight pucker. He’d never felt anything so sensual before, and instantly felt his orgasm begin mounting. Julian rimmed Boner for about a minute, then realizing Steve was nearing his peak, abandoned his hole and resumed sucking him off, while he let his fingertip playfully rub at Steve’s rosebud yet. Within another minute, Steve was writhing, and gasping softly with pleasure, as he filled Julian’s mouth over and over with his seed, all of which Julian thirstily drank down. “God damn!” Steve gasped somewhat incredulously when it was over with. Julian sat back on his heels smiling happily, as he savored the flavor of Steve’s semen. “Stand up!” Steve said, as he unsteadily sat up on the edge of the bed. Grinning even more widely, Julian stood up. When he did, the tip of his penis was handily right in front of Steve’s mouth. Even though he’d just cum, which usually removed the impetus for further sexual play from Steve’s brain, at soon as Julian stood up, Steve fell onto his dick, devouring as much of it as he could. As he deep-throated Julian as best he could, he reached through Julian’s thighs for his ass, cupped it in his large hand, then let his middle finger delve between Julian’s firm cheeks. Julian gasped as Steve’s fingertip pressed against his opening. He moaned with ecstasy, as Steve began slipping his finger back and forth in his sweaty crack, rubbing over and over his tight boy pussy, while at the same time he sucked him off. Julian was so worked up that within seconds, he suddenly gasped and blew a river of jism down Steve’s throat. Steve continued working on Julian, until the boy had finished quaking with pleasure, and his legs were wobbling so much, he thought they’d give out. “Time to sleep now,” Steve drawled, smiling up at Julian as he pulled off him. All Julian could do was smile back. The two pulled the covers down and crawled into their bed together then. As Steve rolled onto his side facing the wall, he wasn’t surprised to feel Julian snuggle up against his back, and wrap an arm around him, hugging him lightly. Steve smiled, and covered Julian’s hand with his, then a moment later he was asleep. Smiling with delight himself, Julian too then drifted off to sleep. * * * Back at Beaumont Crescent, shortly after Elizabeth left for work, the boys all came back downstairs for a bedtime snack. They all looked a bit flushed but happy, so I guessed they’d been having sex, instead of gaming. Even Jacob looked relatively content and happy though, so I didn’t say anything. As we sat eating some cookies and milk together, the TV was still on and the news came on. The lead story turned out to be a story showing Duke being arrested. It seems Tobias wasn’t the only boy he was selling. There were a few others he was putting up in an apartment, who he had working as prostitutes for him too. Tobias just happened to be his favorite apparently, as he lived with him. Before the story had ended, Jacob flew up the stairs in tears. Andy and I quickly got up and went after him. We were surprised to find him in our room, instead of his own. Harry and the twins had run up the stairs after us, and skidded to a halt outside our door. Harry looked very concerned, and the twins looked upset too. As it was late, I stepped out into the hallway and told Harry I expected Jacob might want to sleep with us that night. Looking disappointed and concerned yet, Harry nodded. I suggested he and the twins might want to camp out together in Jacob’s room, and all three nodded, and turned around and headed across the hallway. As I shut our door, I heard Jacob’s door shut too, and paused for just a moment, to wonder if I’d made a good suggestion or not. Jacob snuffled loudly then, and I completely forgot about Harry and the twins, or what they might get up to, as my attention turned completely back to Jacob. “What in particular’s bothering you?” I asked. “Nothing. Everything.” Jacob said. “I don’t want to talk about it.” “OK,” I said. “What do you want to talk about then?” “Nothing,” he said. “Can we just go to bed?” “Sure,” I said. With that, Jacob stripped naked and crawled into the middle of our bed. Andy and I looked at each other. I shrugged at him, and we both began stripping. Once we too were naked, we crawled into bed on either side of Jacob, and both snuggled up to him. I think it was the first time all three of us had been naked in bed together that at least one of us didn’t have a hardon, but that night, none of us did. As we settled in, each snuggling up to Jacob, I heard him sniffle and a soft whine rose from his throat. Quickly he rolled over to face me and buried his face between the pillow and my shoulder. Andy snuggled up closer behind him, and the two of us held Jacob between us, as he sobbed pitifully. It took a while, but finally, a few minutes after Andy drifted off to sleep, Jacob too fell asleep. I on the other hand was awake yet a while later when Jacob woke with a start, yelling “NOooo!” right into my ear. He scared the life out of us, and even seemed scared himself. “S-sorry,” he rasped, then he re-adjusted himself, getting comfortable again, and shortly afterward, all three of us fell asleep. * * * “Ohhhh Fuucckk Horse!!!” Boner gasped incredulously. He was sprawled over the washing machine in the basement at Beaumont Crescent, oddly with his pants completely off, wearing just his sneakers and T-shirt. I was squatting behind him, reaming his asshole out with my tongue, deftly, licking, poking and prodding at his man pussy, and every-so-often, letting the tip of my tongue slip through his elongated pucker. “OOOOHhhhhhh!!!!” he groaned, as I suddenly pressed as much of my tongue up inside him as I could. His sphincter clamped around my tongue, squeezing it, as his hardon pressed harder against the cold metal of the washer. “What’re you guys doing down there?” one of the guys called down suddenly. “Horse’s gonna fuck my ass!” Steve yelled. Then in a menacing tone, he added “You all stay up there til we’re done!” Peels of laughter were heard suddenly, through the ceiling above us. “Oh my God John!” Steve gasped. “I can’t believe how awesome this feels! We shoulda done it a long time ago!” “When we were kids?” I asked, momentarily pulling away from Steve’s ass. “Yeah!” Steve gasped, as resumed rimming him and let my tongue slip into him again. “Thinka the fun we coulda been havin’ all these years!” “Mmmmmmmm….” I moaned, as I shoved my tongue back up Steve’s butt, and he moaned happily. “Course, you were only interested in Lynn,” he said. “And… well… there was Mike too. You’d’a probably been with him instead if ya weren’t with her.” “Awwwww….” Steve moaned, as suddenly he felt my well-lubed finger slide deep up inside his rectum. “I always had the hots for you Bone!” I said. “It was never Mike!” “Really?” Steve cried, smiling with sudden delight. As my finger touched the top of his rectum, he gasped incredulously. “God! I had no idea how awesome a person could make my ass feel!” “You should try it on Jewels!” I said. “Bet he’d like it.” “He does have a nice boy pussy!” Steve said smiling. “MMMmmmmmmmm…..” “Oh God!” he gasped as I encircled his engorged penis with my free hand and began massaging it. For a minute or so, I slowly fucked Steve with first one greasy finger, then with two. At the same time, I gently masturbated him, and all the while Steve just groaned happily. “You ready for the real thing?” I asked, finally. “Give it to me man! I can’t wait to feel you inside me!” Steve grumbled, grinning back at me. Grinning lewdly, I stood up and applied some more lube to my massive, nearly 14″ hardon. As he watched, and realized just how big I was, Steve began to worry a little. “I-I didn’t know you were that huge!” he said. I just chuckled and said, “I’m not. You’re just dreaming! OK, here it comes!” I positioned myself firmly behind Steve then, pressing the tip of my dick up against his slippery, loosened hole. “WHAT THE FUCK????” Julian and Andy cried in unison, as they, and all the other guys suddenly appeared out of nowhere at the foot of the steps, and at the same time Steve gasped and groaned in ecstasy as I suddenly, swiftly, yet gently, slid my huge cock all the way up inside him, in one move. “Wh-what?” Julian gasped. “What’s wrong?” “What?” Steve gasped, and his head rose up. He was breathing heavily. “You were having a nightmare… I think,” Julian said, sounding concerned, but drowsy. “You OK?” For a moment, in the darkness, Steve tried to focus, wondering where he was. “Wh=where are we?” he asked, confused. “Our room, at the pub,” Julian said. “Where the Hell were you?” Steve thought for a moment, then quickly recalled the dream he’d been having. “Christ!” he gasped. Then he lied, adding, “Um… not sure. Can’t remember.” “well, it’s over now,” Julian said. “Mmmm…” Steve muttered. He was surprised that he felt disappointed his dream had ended… although at the end, it hadn’t been going as he hoped, he wished he’d have dreamt what it was like to be properly fucked by me. As he rolled over, his penis, which was nearly fully stiff yet from his dream, pressed up against Julian. Julian chuckled and said, “So it was a sex dream, not a nightmare!” “Um… yeah, sorta,” Steve allowed. “Well…” Julian said, feeling his own dick starting to expand. “Maybe you need to get rid of a little tension before you go back to sleep.” Steve snorted and couldn’t help smiling slightly. As his thoughts drifted to the sex he and Julian had had over the past few days, he couldn’t help recalling how awesome Julian’s warm, snug rectum had felt, and he flexed with desire. “Roll onto your belly,” Steve said, quickly, before he could think himself out of it. Grinning, Julian quickly rolled onto his belly, spread his legs apart, and raised his hips up a little, so that his ass was sticking up invitingly. Reaching for his bottle of lube, Steve crawled over between Julian’s legs, which Julian spread even further apart. Smiling slightly, Steve gently rubbed his hand over first one, then the other of Julian’s smooth, yet firm, globular mounds. Ever so gently, Steve pressed the tip of his index finger gently against Julian’s perineum, then slowly dragged it upward, along Julian’s ass crack, pressing just enough so his fingertip was sliding along the rim of his crack. Julian shuddered slightly, and gave a quick giggle, then grinned shyly. Smiling, Steve reached for the front sides of Julian’s hips, and pulled upward, so his ass was sticking up a little further. Then, he placed one hand on each of Julian’s butt cheeks, and pulled sideways, fully exposing the interior of the blond boy’s ass. “Oooohhhhhh!!!!!” Julian gasped softly, as the tip of Steve’s tongue barely touched his tight pucker. “Oh my Godddd!” he moaned, and his muscles flexed involuntarily a couple times, when Steve began gently making love to his rosebud, similar to how I had done to him in the dream he’d just had. For nearly five minutes, Steven gently, and lovingly made love to Julian’s boy cunt with his mouth, kissing, nuzzling, licking, sucking, poking and prodding, gently slipping the tip of his tongue up inside Julian, nearly driving the boy insane with pleasure! By the time Steve let up, Julian was whimpering softly, and squirming and panting. The only thing that kept him from cumming was that precum was flowing continually from his piss slit, so that enough semen wasn’t able to build up the pressure for a full blown orgasm yet. Quickly, before Julian had the chance to do or say anything, Steve lubricated the index and middle fingers of his right hand. As soon as they were slick, he gently pressed the tip of his index finger against Julian’s, by then, rather relaxed opening. “Ohhhh…” Julian gasped softly, as Steve’s digit slid up inside him, located, and gently began massinging his prostate. “Ohhhh fuckk!” For several seconds, Steve expertly manipulated his finger that was stuff up Julian’s ass, so that it pleasured Julian’s prostate. With his other hand, he reached below Julian and grasped his throbbing rod, and gently began masturbating him. “OOOoohhhhhh my fucccking Gooodddd!!!” Was all Julian could exclaim, as waves of pleasure coursed though his body. He couldn’t believe how gentle and loving Steve was being! He’d never in his life felt so cared about – so loved! Tears welled in Julians’s eyes, as his face lay pressed into the mattress beneath them. “Awwwwwwwmmmmmnnnnhhh!!!” Julian groaned, when finally Steve slid a second finger into his rectum, and began fucking him gently with both fingers. Steve worked on Julian for a minute or so, until finally Julian gasped, “For God’s sake, give me your dick already!” Smiling, Steve pulled his fingers out of Julian. His smile broadened a bit, as he reached for the lube, and he noticed that although Julian’s hole seemed to be pulsating a bit, in the moonlight that seeped into the room around the edges of the curtains, he could see that Julian’s anus remained open about the size of a quarter. He’d gently, yet thoroughly, relaxed Julian’s body, and loosened his sphincter muscle, so insertion of his penis would be barely noticeable to Julian. Quickly Steve greased his raging erection, and crawled up behind Julian, who arched his back downward, pushing his ass back and up as much as he could. Grinning, Steve took his dick in his hand, held it in place so that the tip of it was up against Julian’s open hole, then gently, he began pushing his hips forward. He felt only the slightest resistence, before Julian moaned and Steve felt the warm grasp of Julian’s body, hungrily devouring his stiff piece of meat. “mmmmmm…” both boys moaned with emotion, in unison, as Julian felt Steve’s warm, stiff, long cylinder entering him, sliding through his insides nearly up into his belly, and Steve felt his most sensitive appendage becoming enveloped inside Julian’s hot body. The grace with which Steve pushed himself into Julian fully satisfied both of their base needs for a physical connection with another being, and gave way to an intense caring mental connection as well. For a few seconds, but what in one way felt like minutes, yet in another, didn’t seem quite enough time, Steve rested, with his entire penis stuffed up inside Julian. During that time, other than for their heavy breathing, both remained still, save for the involuntary flexing of their kegel muscles. As Julian flexed, Steve felt his sphincter grip him more tightly, and as Steve flexed, Julian felt the subtle increase in girth and length of his cock. Gently then, Steven finally began to withdraw his pole from Julian’s rectum. Both boys sucked in their breath as he did. Then, when all but the head of his cock was pulled back out of Julian, Steve paused, then slowly, but steadily, began to shove himself all the way back up inside Julian, bringing another groan of extreme pleasure from both of them. Slowly then for nearly a minute, Steve slid steadily in and out of Julian. As his cock entered and evacuated, and entered and evacuated Julian, both boys’ levels of passion grew. Eventually, Steve was unable to hold back any longer, and he began moving a bit faster. As he did, Julian too couldn’t wait any longer, and he began shoving his hips back and forth a little, as if fucking himself on Steve’s cock. As they fucked, steadily both young men’s excitement grew, until soon, they were rutting away without abandon, Steve plowing his cock in and out of Julian, no longer taking any precaution to make sure he wasn’t hurting the other boy. He apparently wasn’t hurting Julian though, because Julian was frantically pumping his hips back and forth, slamming his ass hard against Steve’s pelvis. Fortunately, Craig and Jeremy were both sound sleepers, and had both been asleep for some time, because if they weren’t, or had still been awake, the loudly squeaking bed springs, and gasps and groans from Steve and Julian’s passion, would’ve been easily heard through the wall, leaving no doubt as to what Steve and Julian were up to. Neither Julian or Steve realized this though, because they were so lost in their mutual passion! As Steve felt his body begin it’s final crescendo, he began literally slamming in and out of Julian, grunting and gasping loudly with each stroke. At the same time, Julian began whimpering loudly, between gasped for air, as he too worked himself into a frenzy. And, as he too began his final approach for lift off, he grabbed his cock and began pumping it as well. Within seconds, Julian suddenly cried out, as his body tensed, and he blew the biggest load of cum he could remember ever having spewed. Feeling Julian’s orgasm start, triggered Steve’s as well, and as he shoved himself back into Julian, he too blasted over the edge, and he expelled a river of molten semen deep into Julian’s bowels. Both boys continued rutting together, and Julian continued pumping his dick, and for the next several seconds, gasping and grunting, each blew load after load of jism, until when it was over, and Steve collapsed on top of Julian, the sheets beneath them were drenched with Julian’s cum, and Steve had filled Julian with enough sperm to birth an entire army! For a minute or so, the two, sweat-soaked young men lay, Julian flat on his belly, on top of the sheets he’d just saturated with his spunk, and Steve sprawled completly over his back, with his pulsating penis still stuffed into Julian’s rectum. Neither boy could speak, because they were both heaving for air. Eventually, Steve finally spoke. “I really feel like I could use a shower,” he said softly, and gave a chuckle. “I’m the one laying in a puddle of jizz!” Julian replied, chuckling as well. “It’d be too noisy, and call attention to us, if we go now,” Steve said. “I know,” Julian said. “It was sure worth getting so messy though!” Steve snorted and said, “Most definitely.” A moment later, he said, “Roll back onto your side with me, and maybe you’ll be out of the mess.” With his cock still stuffed up Julian’s ass, together, the two rolled off Julian’s belly, and onto their right sides. As they came to a rest though, Julian smiled and chuckled, and his kegels flexed, and he ejected Steve’s finally flacid-again, yet very slimey penis, from his anus. “Sorry about that,” Julian said, wishing he’d been able to keep Steve inside him longer. “Couldn’t be helped,” Steve said. “I’m soft now. Let’s try to go to sleep.” Steve wrapped his arm protectively around Julian then, who snuggled back up against Steve. Smiling to himself, and happier than he ever remembered being, Julian dozed back off nearly immediately. Steve remained awake though, re-playing all the events of the day through his mind, starting with the sex he and Julian had shared that morning, working through the discussion he’d had with me about it in our basement, all the shit that happened with Tobias, then returning to the pub, drinking, shared blow jobs with Jewels, his dream where I was making love to his ass, and the culmination of everything, coming back to where it all started – having sex with Julian… awesome sex at that. As Steve reflected on things, he realized that throughout the day, he hadn’t thought about the sex he could’ve been having with Cindy, like he usually did. In fact, he realized he hadn’t thought much about Cinday at all, except when he was feeling guilty about his affair with Julian. “Oh my God!” he whispered softly to himself, as the idea that what he was doing with Julian was having affair, occurred to him. Fuck! Was he having an affair????? Suddenly feeling miserable and alone, despite being snuggled up to a warm and loving boy he cared about, who cared about him, Steve felt tears welling in his eyes. Gently, he extracted himself from around and under Julian, and rolled onto his other side, so that just his and Julian’s butts were touching, as there wasn’t room for him to move over any further without falling out of the bed. For a moment he listened intently, then realizing Julian was indeed still sleeping, finally then, Steve allowed the tears to well in his eyes, and eventually, miserably, he sobbed softly to himself for a minute or two. Eventually, his tears stopped, and utterly exhausted, he too finally fell into a fitfull sleep again. —————————————————————————— The next chapter in this series will be published as soon as possible…

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