My Two Bikers


He took me away for a weekend. One of those last minute, let’s get out of town weekends, or so I thought. Dan had been talking about taking me to Panama City for ages. He’d been several times for the annual motorcycle rally. I’ve got no interested in miles and miles of motorcycles and drunk men, but the pictures of the beautiful sunsets on the gulf convinced me I would love it. So we made our plans on Thursday, and we took off on a Friday afternoon. On the Harley of course, because that’s the best way to get there. My legs get sore riding for too long and we’re several hours away, but he promised a hot relaxing bath in the hotel, and I do love riding with him. Sitting behind him, straddling the seat, clenching him with my thighs and feeling the vibrations up through my legs, my ass, and my pussy. Sometimes I think about what it would be like to stroke his dick in my hand while he’s driving, but I never do. I don’t want to distract him.

I knew Dan had plans for steamy sex that weekend just based on a few specific requests he made. The first was painted fingernails. This time, he wanted black shiny nails. He loves to see my fingers working my pussy with painted nails, but he usually likes red. So, I guessed he wanted to be a little extra dirty this weekend, which is always fine with me. He also said he wanted the sexy makeup with the smoky eyes and blood red lipstick. Black dress, black fishnet stockings and boots. Knee high boots with a heel. I packed accordingly, and made sure that everything was fully fuckable.

On this trip, Dan managed to get me ridiculously hot on the drive down. Every time he helped me get on and off the bike, he’d lightly touch or stroke me in some intimate way. A little squeeze of my ass, a slide of his hand between my legs, pressing the seam of my jeans against my pussy in ways I didn’t know were possible. He even got my nipples hard with a little touch while adjusting my helmet. Every touch was designed to get me dripping wet, and it worked. By the time we got to the hotel in Panama City, I was in dire need of a good fuck.

The hotel was perfect, right on the beach with gorgeous views of the gulf. A small balcony and a giant bed. Dan drew me a hot bath while I unpacked and laid out the requested wardrobe. While I soaked away the aching muscles of the ride down, Dan brought me a drink. While I sipped, he got the soap and worked my tired thighs, squeezing and pulling the over-tight muscles to stretch the hours on the Harley out of them. Then he soaped and washed my breasts with those strong rough hands. He pulled me up onto my knees, and washed my pussy and my ass. Sliding his thick fingers between my slippery lips and between my ass cheeks. I tried to unzip his jeans, but he wouldn’t let me. I have never been so clean and dirty at once. After I very nearly came, Dan told me it was time to get out and get dressed. Then he told me that he had to leave for a little bit to get my special surprise. Dan does love to buy me new toys, and I was sure I was looking forward to a pussy stretching from a massive dildo this evening.

I took time and care with my hair and make-up. I got all the spikes in my short hair just so. My makeup was porn-star perfect, smokey eye shadow and super saturated red lipstick. Alongside my black on black wardrobe, I found a black blindfold with a little note. At exactly 10 pm, I was instructed to be dressed, blindfolded and standing in the middle of the room waiting for Dan’s return. I followed the instructions. Black dress with a front that buttoned all the way down, fishnet stockings held up with garters attached to a cami with a push up demi cup bra, barely enough to cover my nipples. Brand new black silk panties that were wet as soon as I put them on. And the boots. Dan was very specific about the boots – knee high boots with a spike heel. Honestly, I could barely stand up in them, but if that’s what Dan wanted. kayseri escort They weren’t easy to find on short notice, but I managed. At 9:58, I put on the blindfold.

It felt like I was standing there blind and alone forever, and my mind was racing over all the little things that were different. Dan was being a little extra dominant this weekend. The very specific requests, the way he wouldn’t let me touch him in the bath, the blindfold. This was new. The anticipation of where this was all leading was delicious torture.

I heard the rumble and blatt of a Harley pulling into the hotel parking lot, but it didn’t sound like Dan’s. Then seconds later I heard his. I could feel a hot little flood in my pussy just knowing he was close. I was throbbing and wet; Dan had tormented and teased me for hours. I felt a little drip down the inside of my thigh. I heard the key card slide in the slot and the door knob turn, and then I felt a cool salty ocean breeze come through the door with Dan along with the smell of ocean, fresh air and leather. The smells, the creaking of leather as Dan took off his jacket, the blindfold made all of that more intense. I felt vulnerable and powerful all at once. Dressed up and made up like a Harley riding vampire’s wet dream, but blind and utterly at his mercy.

I slid my hands up and pushed my breasts together to control the aching. Without a word, Dan takes my hands and pulls them down to my sides. He takes my blindfolded face in his hands and pulls me into a long kiss. I reach for him, but he keeps pushing my hands down. He unbuttons my dress and pushes it off my shoulders, binding my arms behind me. He kisses my neck, my breasts and takes a nipple in his mouth and begins that flicking, sucking, licking thing he does that drives me crazy. He nudges my feet apart with his boots, and I’m standing there in those outrageous boots, with the skirt of the dress pulled tight. Dan starts pulling up at the hem of the dress when I feel it. My whole body goes stiff with shock. There is another set of hands pulling up at the back of the dress. I gasp, and Dan says, “Relax baby. This is all for you. I found a friend when I was down here last, and he’s going to help me fuck you like you deserve.”

I feel hands stroking and squeezing my ass while Dan is brushing his hand over my drenched panties and devouring my nipples. First one then then other. I can’t see anything, I can’t move my arms, so all I can do is give in. Dan pushes me back to lean into this stranger. I can feel strong arms supporting me, as he cups my breasts in his hands. Different hands, kneading, pushing, squeezing, pinching. I feel a beard as this stranger kisses and tongues my neck while Dan unbuttons the rest of the dress. Between them, they take the dress off, and pull off my panties. I’m pretty sure they ripped them off, but I was so lost in the sensation of all those hands. The stranger is still working my breasts, and Dan is stroking my pussy and my ass. He has rough hands like Dan’s. A man’s hands. A beard. He smells like leather and fresh air.

Dan pushes my legs further apart, and I can barely stand. The stranger is holding me up as Dan gets down on his knees and starts licking my pussy. I’m moaning, and I know I’m soaking Dan’s face. The stranger is running his hands all over my body. Exploring every curve and every crevice. He reaches down to my pussy and rubs my clit while Dan’s tongue is fucking my pussy. Then, with two sets of hands holding me, the strangers gets down on his knees and starts licking my ass. Just a flick and lap of the tongue up and down the length of the crevice, but oh it felt so good. Two beards tickling my ass, my thighs, my pussy. Those two tongues. Dan stood up and kissed me so I could taste my pussy. His beard was a dripping mess; soon my face was covered in my own juices. The stranger turned my face to his and greedily kayseridekifirmalar.com kissed me, sucking the taste of pussy out of my mouth.

Dan whispers in my ear, “You know what I want to see.” That’s my cue to get down on my knees between my two bikers. I’d figured out that the first bike I’d heard must belong to this bearded stranger. Still blindfolded, I help Dan to get his jeans down, and I can hear another zipper ripping down and I reach back and feel around until I’ve got both hands full of hot, rock hard, cock. I start with Dan and then switch to the stranger. Sucking each dick in turn and pushing them deep into my throat. I love the sense of power that gives me and the groans that Dan makes when I do it. The stranger is no different in this regard. I can tell he loves the feel of the head of his cock pushing into my throat. Then I get them both in my mouth. Just the heads at first. From each side. Then they step a little closer together. I work my red lips around two swollen fat cocks. They’ve got my mouth stretched tight, but I flick my tongue between them and work my mouth back and forth on their shafts. Dan chooses this moment to take off my blindfold. I look up to see two sets of blue eyes watching me suck their hard cocks. Salt and pepper beards, blue eyes, strong shoulders, rough hands – all the things about Dan that turn me on just doubled.

Dan is biting his lip and looks like he’s trying hard not to cum. The stranger’s mouth is half open, and he’s panting. Dan runs his hands through my hair, pulling and pushing a little to help me take so much cock in my mouth. The stranger is stroking my neck and throat with his callused hands.

Dan pulls me to my feet and guides me to the bed. They’re helping me out of the bra and cami, and I start to take of my boots. Dan stops me. The stranger says, “No, leave those on. Those are for me” They place me on the bed, on my knees, head down. I’m just in the garters, fishnets and the boots. They push my knees apart, and Dan pulls my arms back and places my hands on my ass. They both ran their hands over my ass, my thighs, my back; taking in the display they’d arranged. Then they used their tongues on me. One tongue in my box, one licking my asshole. Fingers slipping in my pussy and fucking me. The same fingers making my asshole slippery with my slick juices. I came with Dan licking my clit and stranger tonguing my asshole and my slit stretched and filled with rough fingers.

Dan climbs onto the bed, and I straddle his face. He licks my pussy, while I rake my fingers through his damp beard. The stranger sucks on my aching nipples for a bit then pushes my head down toward Dan’s cock. I lean down and take his cock into my mouth again, and I can feel him gesturing to the stranger to fuck me. Dan pushes up on my hips while this man penetrates me with his massive cock. Dan is lying under me, watching my pussy get fucked by another man, and he’s loving it. I’ve got his swollen dick in my mouth, and I’m sucking on it and deep throating it and trying to make him feel what he’s making me feel.

Dan rolls me over to my back, and then tells the stranger to let me suck the pussy off his dick. Dan gets between my legs and slides his hot cock over my swollen clit and up and down the slippery slit of my cunt while I suck and lick this new cock he’s brought to me. I can feel Dan’s intense stare, and it makes me moan and writhe trying to get Dan to fuck me, but he keeps teasing me. Watching me.

Finally, when I start cleaning the stranger’s balls with my tongue, Dan slams his rock hard rod into my pussy and fucks me hard. The stranger reaches down and spreads open my pussy to expose my clit more. I reach down, with my black finger nails, and rub my clit. I’ve got a cock in my mouth, a cock in my pussy, and Dan is watching me finger my clit. It makes me feel so sexy and hot. I rub my clit and grind into Dan as he pounds my pussy, and I’m getting mouth fucked. I came again. I cried out, but it was muffled by the cock in my throat. I could feel Dan cum a little in my pussy. He held back though. He pulled out, then licked my pussy as the final tremors subsided.

Dan directed the next position and had me ride the stranger reverse cowgirl style. Dan pulled up a chair and sat at the foot of the bed and watched. I put on a show for him. Fucking and grinding, rubbing my tits and pulling and twisting my nipples. I dug the heels of the boots into the stranger’s ass as I rode him. When I reached down to stroke my clit, Dan got up and pushed me back so I was arched backwards. The stranger pushed up on my hips so he could give me long hard strokes of his cock from underneath. Dan licked his fingers then started teasing and flicking my clit while the stranger fucked me. Dan licked and sucked my nipples while working my clit with his fingers. Then he put his head down and sucked on my clit while I was being pounded. I have only ever fantasized about this, and I could never have dreamed how it really felt. So full, so hot, so thoroughly and completely fucked. I came again. I couldn’t even scream. I was breathless, and Dan never let up on my clit.

Dan turned me around to face the stranger, but still riding him. The stranger pulled me down close, and turned my head so Dan could fuck me in the mouth. While he was fucking my mouth with its swollen lips, lipstick long gone, Dan ran his finger over my asshole. He would reach down to my wet pussy, then slip a finger in my ass. Dan dripped lube on my tight asshole, and then started working it in. He finger fucked my ass with first one finger then two fingers. Adding more and more lube until my asshole was relaxed and super slick. I was so nervous. I knew where this was headed, but could I really handle it? I love a good double penetration porn movie, but watching and doing are two different things. I was nervous that it would hurt. At the same time, I knew I could trust Dan. He knew this was my ultimate fantasy, and he would make damn sure it felt better than I imagined.

Dan pulled his hard dick out of my mouth. I could see a little drip of cum at the tip, and I wanted to lick it up, but he walked around behind me. While the stranger fucked me, Dan ran the head of his cock up and down over my asshole. He put more lube on it, then began to push it slowly into my tight hole. Oh fuck, it felt so good. Further and further in. The stranger slowed down his pace to match Dan’s gentle penetration. Out a little and in a little deeper each time, until he’d buried his cock in my ass up to the base. Gradually, they increased the pace and the pressure. Fucking me gently, then working up to an alternating rhythm that made me almost blind with pleasure. I could barely move. I was frozen with the overwhelming sensation. I was just absolutely full of cock, pussy and ass full.

It was amazing. I could feel so much, and I could tell that both of my bikers were feeling more than they bargained for. Both holes were so full and stretched, I felt sure that Dan could feel the stranger fucking me and the stranger could feel Dan through that thin wall that separated the two. I started to push onto them. Rocking back and forth on two dicks. Finally relaxed enough to fuck back instead of just being fucked. Three bodies, connected, fucking, feeling, and just pleasuring each other. I came again, and as I clenched down from the orgasm, the stranger lost it. I could feel him get super hard and then the flood of hot cum in my pussy. I was moaning, he was groaning, and then Dan lost it. He buried his rock hard cock as deep as he could get it in my ass, and then filled my ass. Filled it to overflowing. I collapsed between them and savored the feeling of two pulsing cocks deep inside me.

That was just the first night. The stranger stayed the night, and I woke the next morning to my sore and aching pussy being licked and soothed while Dan sat in the chair and drank his coffee and watched. It was a long weekend, with very little time spent on the beach.

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