My Wifes First Black Exerience Chapter 9

My Wifes First Black Exerience Chapter 9
Chapter 9

I finished in the garden and headed into the house to go get a shower and there were about 5 guys there with Tam and Simon Ty was arriving later on that day. The 5 guys were all white and i whispered to Julia look at all this young meat for you ! She whispered back i bet you hope they like guys you mean ! I laughed it off and went for a shower.

As i came out Tam was hovering around my room with a friend of his a white guy called Paul he introduced him as i had a towel around me and Tam said this is Jon he makes me very happy if you know what i mean and Paul said what you mean he likes your big fat cock ?
I laughed and said you have seen it then Paul ? he said sure i have even sat on it before ! I said wow you must have liked that , He said sure he then said do you want to try mine then Jon? I said sure and he was rubbing his crotch and i did the natural thing and got on my knees and pulled down his pants to expose his average cock about 6 inches semi hard and sucked him. Its a while since i sucked a white cock i thought .

He was hard in my mouth and as he was Tam was behind me licking my ass hole , Hes ready said Tam and Paul went behind me to enter my ass and it felt nice not as big as i had had lately but nice. Tam was in my mouth now kissing me deep and then replaced his tounge with his huge cock and i sucked him for the second time that day. Paul was hammering away at my but and i was taking it no problem at all and he said where you want it Jon and i said in my mouth and he pulled out and cum in my mouth as Tam replaced Paul and it felt much better having Tam in me his wide cock buried in me as i cleaned Pauls cock. Paul dissapeared and i was taking it from Tam when another lad walked in and i didnt know who he was but he just got his cock out and started wanking it watching me getting fucked by Tam.
Tam came up my arse and the lad wanking moved behind me and stuck his cock in me , it was a nice 7 inch cock not as thick as Tams but no ones is and it was nice as he fucked my sloppy ass full of Tams seed.

The lad came in me after around 5 minutes and i went back in the shower !

I came down stairs and the lads were playing video games and pool and Julia was no where to be seen so i thought i try and find her and sure enough she was in her bedroom getting fucked by a white lad who seemed to be hung and was full of energy as he was fucking her she was sucking off a black k** i didnt know who was not as hung as our regulars but still a nice cock on him.

The guy fucking her unloaded in her and pulled out and the black k** switched positions and started to fuck her , the white lad wandering out i asked him if he enjoyed it and he said hey am Kev is that your mrs i said yeah he said lucky you shes hot.

The black guy fucking her was kissing her deeply and really making her moan and whilst not the biggest shes had he knew what he was doing and she was cumming several times. He finally emptied in her and pulled out and just walked off leaving her lieing there like a piece of meat ! I went in and went to kiss her and she said so what you been up to dirty boy? I said well i had tam and a friend of his just when i came out the shower ! She said good i asked her how many she had entertained she said oh just these two so far ! I was hard having had Tam and that lad fuck me and watch my Wife take 2 strangers and i pulled out my cock and she sucked me and i fucked her and came in her mixed with the other loads she had just had. There was a lot of cream leaking out her pussy..

She was worried all our guest were ok down stairs so we went down stairs and got some drinks out and i wandered into the pool room and saw Ty had arrvied and was nailing some young blonde guys ass over the settee.. I went over and he ackowledged me and i thought fucking hell he was fucking his young lad really hard and the young lad i am guessing was a total bottom as he had a tiny cock on him and looked to be getting into this huge cock in him.

Simon came and spoke to me and said thats Shaun the bottom at uni he loves big black cocks like you do Jon !.

Julia came in and watched Shaun getting fucked and loved what she saw .

When Ty finally came in Shaun She went to inspect Shauns ass and lick it and lick out Tys cum as she was down there a guy i didnt know went behind her and licked her pussy and ass.

to be cont..

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