The hallway was pitch black, meaning I had nothing to look at to distract my busy mind from what I was here to do. Shame and doubt were gripping my stomach as I finally found the door I was instructed towards. Taking a deep breath calmed my nerves for long enough to push the handle down and swing the door open.

Harsh fluorescent light burned my eyes as I quickly slipped inside the door. I knew no one could possibly see me here, that was part of the deal, but I still slammed the door shut behind me as fast as I could. The room looked clean, almost pristine at first glance, Well maintained. It would have to be, given the reputation that this establishment had garnered in the last few months since it had opened, that’s why I came here in the first place. This dry spell was killing me. I’m lonely, desperate, and I just… need something more than I can get on my own. There was a chair in the middle of the room, nothing fancy just a small plastic chair facing the wall. It seemed I was still alone for the moment, so I took the opportunity to sit in the chair and rest my legs for a moment while I waited.

Time ticked by, or at least I believe it did. I couldn’t bring myself to check my phone or anything of the sort, content sitting still, back straight and knees held together neatly. Given the circumstances, I almost felt I was sitting sarcastically polite. But nevertheless, my needless thoughts on sitting manners were interrupted. as a quiet shuffling noise from the other side of the wall I was staring at brought me back to reality. beşevler escort This is what I came here for.

A small circular bit of the wall slid to the side, And for a moment I caught a flash of someone in the other room. I dropped out of my chair onto my knees and shuffled up to the wall as the other person slowly presented their cock through the hole. My breath caught in my throat for a moment, but I righted myself and finished my awkward shuffle to the wall. Cheek pressed up against the wall a few inches from the member, my hand slowly raising to grasp it. I gently wrapped my fingers around the shaft, and I could feel it getting harder in my hand. Moving my hand loosely up the shaft made it twitch in anticipation, and I heard an appreciative sound from the other side. Encouraged, I ran a finger up the soft underside, feeling giddy as I teased the growing cock. Feeling braver I leaned in and gave the base a gentle kiss, and wrapped my fingers once again around the shaft, tightening my grip to a firm hold.

Shifting my kneeling position was more difficult than I had planned, but I needed to get my face directly in front of it. Keeping my grip comfortably around the base, I opened my mouth and let my tongue hang out, letting it relax, wide and soft before leaning my head back and pressing my tongue right above where my hand held the cock in place. Their skin felt pleasant, soft and supple. It tasted clean, slightly salty, but mostly just like, well, skin. Dragging my tongue up towards the tip of büyükesat escort the, by now completely hard dick, drew more approving grunts from the other room. I let out a quiet giggle as I kissed the tip quickly, only to feel it buck against my lips eagerly. With a smile I reward them with another prolonged lick under the head.

My head almost buzzed with energy, any anxiety or shame I felt before seemed to have melted away as I sank into the moment. Every little twitch, the tiniest of muscle flexes, the quiet sounds, every minute reaction of my unknown partner drove me forwards with a renewed lust. I could feel their anticipation, their need, it fueled me as I let the head slip between my lips, resting gently on my tongue. My mouth hung half open for a split second as I took in the feeling, the taste, the smell, but I couldn’t keep them waiting any longer.

Closing my lips against the soft skin, I began to rock my head slowly back and forth, letting my lips and tongue passively massage the sensitive bit in my mouth. A gentle rhythm formed, pulling back until just the very tip rested on my bottom lip before rocking forward, letting my tongue naturally massage the underside. The quiet sighs of pleasure that leaked into my room drove me slowly forward, each pass in my little cycle took it a little deeper. Taking more and more of the warm cock made the light buzzing in my head grow more intense, I needed more. My movements became more desperate, my rhythm quickly forgotten as I pushed forward, needing çankaya escort as much as I could get.

My limit rudely showed itself as I felt a bump against the back of my throat. I suppressed a gag reflex and pulled off momentarily to catch my breath. But I could only handle a moment before I pushed it back in, falling easily back into my rhythm, back and forth, lips wrapped tightly around the shaft as it slid in and out, dragging along the blushing skin, feeling those tiny twitches, until they weren’t so tiny.

A familiar muscle flex against my tongue told me this one was just about done. Too bad it could not have been longer, but I needed this part as much as the build up. I redoubled my efforts, moving my head back and forth rapidly, my hand reaching up to supplement what I could not quite fit. Stroking and sucking desperately, as their moans seemed to flow directly into my ears. Their needy thrusts against my hand told me just how close they were, and I just needed to push them over that edge, just a bit more. Taking it in my mouth as far as i can one last time rewarded me with a warm splash against the back of my mouth. I quickly pulled back just enough so the tip rested on my tongue, letting their cum squirt out over it. With one last gentle suck, I could tell they were done with me. I pulled back, giving their tip a goodbye kiss. As they pulled back and slid the little door closed once again, I swallowed carefully, feeling my warm reward slide down my throat made me shiver.

Licking my lips one last time, I retreated back to my little plastic chair to rest my tired knees for a moment. That was a lot of fun, but I came here for more than that, and I know I’ll be getting it, and after a few minutes of silence, the sound of a door slamming confirmed that tonight would be exactly what I needed.

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