Nervousness of My Son


Hi friends, I am a woman with one boy and one girl. I had done nothing, and sexual with them. My son is 21 and my daughter is 19.

My son stole my laundry last year, and, and it has been going on for some time. I asked my husband what I could do about it.

He said “I can take our daughter out on a holiday for a weekend, and you can call him to the shower to satisfy his curiosity.”

I said “Okay I can do that if we get this weird behaviour to stop.”

Anyway, the time came, and I said “Son come in here.”

He went in and said, “What is it?”

I Came here, and I pulled the shower curtain up thinking it would work. He started shivering and stuttering. But I saw his dick getting super Hard.

I thought of fuck grabbed a towel and gave him a hug. He started crying saying “I want you mom.”

I said “That’s okay honey, go to mommy’s room” and I put a nightgown on and a fresh set of panties.

And I followed him into my room. He sat on the edge and I hugged him and asked what’s up.

He was rock hard. It was so confusing. He said, “I think you’re a beautiful mommy. And I want to sleep with you?”

I said “But son moms don’t do that, you can find many girls but only one mom.”

“Why mommy?”

He said “Because you will love me no matter what.”

“But can’t you find somebody else?” then he told me this embarrassing story about how he was at a party and started making out with a girl and he got so nervous he started peeing himself and that’s why he wants to have sex with me.

He fethiye escort said “You are the only one that will still love me even though I pee myself.”

Then it all made sense. I started caressing him and said “Do you want to practice with mommy? ” and he nodded.

After that we had dinner and he said “You would like to see me naked again and learn how to mans cape lick a pussy have sex get a blowjob watch porn touch a boob make out with tongue.”

I know it was more because he was stuttering and nervous but that could wait. I took him to the bathroom, where I took off my nightgown. I knew this was going to be a long night, so I told him to pee.

And I spread my pussy lips out and washed them inside with soap. Then I invited my 20-year-old son into the shower and I took a razor and shaved me first while he just stood there.

Then I went down on my knees and shaved his ball sack, penis and everything. At least if I’m going to blow him, there shouldn’t be any hairs in my mouth.

He just stood there dead quiet. Then I took him out and told him to dry himself, which he did.

I took one and dried myself in front of his eyes.

Then he said “Can I, really.”

And I said “Yes honey” he was shivering again towards the bedroom.

I understood why he was so nervous. I laid him on his back and took out massaging oils. I gave him a 5 min back massage cause he was so tense.

He finally became calmer. And he sat up and said “Can we start fethiye escort bayan now.”

I said “Yeah sure, what do you want to do first?”

He said, “Can I make out with you?”

So we started making out. He started with closed teeth and I told him to open them up, but he was so shy, so I had to tell him to touch my tongue nicely, of course.

This happened with me being naked on top of him.

When I asked if he wanted to stop and do something else, he refused and pulled me back down.

Then I pushed my vagina down and noticed company. He was getting hard.

And he came while making out with me. I suddenly started shivering again. And went oh fuck, I did it again. I told him okay mommy will fix it. I just relaxed, so I went down to his groin area and licked up the cum before I started caressing the dick with my face and kissing it lovingly.

With big wet kisses, then it came back to life. I asked him if he wanted his blowjob now he just nodded.

So now I started making out with the tip before making my way down with no hands slowly so he could enjoy it. He came into my mouth after 2 minutes.

Then he said “Oh sorry mom” and I swallowed.

I said “Nothing to be sorry for honey, you can cum wherever you want.”

Now I went on his back and started caressing him. And stroking his hair.

He said, “Mom, can I explore your body now?”

I said “Okay but remember to be gentle.” So I laid down naked, and he started touching escort fethiye my feet and worked his way up past my vagina to my boobs, which I told him he could hold a bit harder.

Then my pussy came not that wet cause I was doing this because I love my son not out of sexual desire.

So I waited for the second honey and put some lube on my pussy. He quickly touched my inner and outer vulva.

And he said “Can I touch it for a while?”

He put his fingers and touched around my opening for a couple of minutes when he asked to look inside, so I spread them open for him.

So he got an impressive look inside. So after that, I know what was going to happen. Can I have sex with you know I know he can’t turn me on so I asked him if wanted to see how I woman masturbates and I fingered myself for 5 mini-tues.

Now I am wet. He said “Why isn’t it hard?”

4 times I told him to calm down. It is never the boy’s fault, so I put his dick in my mouth.

So I just put him down and sat on him. So then I started riding him and he said “Look me deep in the eyes mom”, which I did.

I thought about something else but he didn’t need to know that I said “Tell me when you’re about to cum.”

I Noticed it but he didn’t tell me. So I took it out and put it in my mouth where he came hard.

He said “Thank you mom.” We went on longer the next two days.

After that my boy snuggled in next to me and said “Can you still be my mom even know we are having sex.”

I said, of course. Then started scratching his back, and we watched peaky blinders.

And we had sex two three times that night and for two days.

We are still having sex for one year.

Anyway, I don’t regret it. I feel like every mom should do that to calm their son’s nerves.

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