Subject: New Adventures with Older Brother part 12 Disclaimer � This story is a work of fiction, and depicts incestual sexual action between teen boys. If you are uncomfortable with that, or live in a community where that material is forbidden, please stop reading. Don’t forget, Nifty is a great resource, so please fty/donate.html Time for another major chapter! I hope y’all enjoy it, I know it took a while to write it. Had to find a good mindset! I’m trying to become better at intimate scenes! Hopefully I’ll get back on my normal writing routine after this. Thanks to everyone who messages me, I really am glad and I try to respond when I have time! Plus I’m happy that my new character is being recieved well, people are interested to see where this goes! Please send all comments or critiques to ail! Enjoy! Chapter 12: What Goes Down… We storm in through the door, eager to rip each other to shreds. Our clothes, our pretenses, everything. My hands gripped Ben’s body close to mine, eager to make up for each missed kiss and touch from today. School has proved to be such an exercise of torture, being unable to indulge in any romantic contact with my brother. Ben picks me up, a sloppy bear hug with a lot of extra tongue involved, attempting to keep our lips locked as he takes me to our bathroom. With a little too much effort, he tries to open the closed door without dropping me or breaking our kiss, but even Ben fails against things like not having enough limbs. “You know, you can set me down…” “What, and stop kissing you? Fat chance. I can do this!” Finally, thanks to some extra support from lifting his knee to keep me up, Ben pries the door open and sits me on the sink counter. I feel his hands settle on me, one on the back of my neck, the other snaking up my shirt to feel my chest. Naturally, I respond with a little ass-grab. Gotta remind him whats gonna happen… “Y’know,” Ben muttered, between lip locks, “If you keep gripping my ass like that, it’ll be too sore for any good use.” “It’s going to be sore either way, you realize this.” “Haha, don’t remind me. You’re lucky I love you, otherwise I would have flipped you over on all four, begging for me to fuck you again.” “Why not both? So simple minded, my old country bumpkin brother.” I pushed him off me and moved towards the shower, trying to start it. “Hey, I got an idea…” Ben interjected, pulling me back. “Which is? I swear, if the water is scalding hot again, I’ll just go fuck the microwave.” “Calm down, you bitch. I wanna do something romantic, and you gotta try and ruin it, haha.” He took a step back and grabbed my hand, and led us to the master bathroom. Much more spacious and a bath that actually looks like the name, as opposed to the tiny damp closet we got. “Does a nice bath sound good to you, fucker, or will you whine about that too?” Ben gave me a flash of a big smile as he lift his shirt up and over his head, his wide torso tensing and relaxing as he tossed the shirt. “… I can’t whine, that sounds really nice. Who knew you had it in you?” “Oh shut up and get naked, you dork. I’ll get the water started.” Ben bent over and messed with the dials to the big tub, clad only in the cutest tightest jeans. Or maybe it was just a bias because that was covering that perfect ass of his. The waistband of his briefs peeking through the top, taunting me. “Fruit of the Lust,” more like… “Didn’t I say get naked? I don’t hear zippers being undone…” Ben called out, pretending to be stern. He’s too cute. I quickly ditch my clothes, and stood at attention, a little cold but eager to see Ben’s next step. He tests the water a little, and finally drops his jeans and briefs in one fell sweep, exposing his perfect body again to the world… or at least, Mom’s bathroom. “You ready, bud?” “Ladies first.” “Haha, fuck off.” I watch as Ben takes a slow seat into the full bath, getting acclimated to the water. He especially took a few moments making sure he didn’t burn his balls off, so I got to enjoy him trying to “teabag” the water. Finally, he settled down into… well, I wouldn’t call it comfortable. Ben’s body was still kind of broad for a bathtub designed for brittle women, apparently. He looked like someone stuck a GI Joe into Barbie’s delicate playhouse. But hey, he was my GI Joe, and I wanted to play with him. “Alright! Army, come on in! The water’s fine!” He motioned for me to take a seat between his legs. “Fine, fine!” I step into the bath, positioned myself, and took a seat in-front of my brother. After some shifting and leg moving, we relaxed. I leaned back, and other than the very firm poke on my back (Big Ben needs to calm down a little, haha) found myself at home. Ben’s chest was just the perfect amount of comfy, just broad enough to be a good pillow. His left hand rested on the side of the tub, while the right tussled my hair. “You okay? Its not too hot, is it? Gotta make sure the princess is happy with the temperature, haha.” Ben mocked me, but I could detect the sincerity. “It’s perfect… Thanks, Ben.” “No problem. Just relax, enjoy yourself.” We laid together, our bodies sort of intertwined, just talking about whatever, enjoying the heat between us, feeling our breath quicken, and our pulse race, the comfort, the sensual touch, the deep voice of my brother pierce deep into my chest, talking about boring shit and making it sound like the best erotica. I turned my neck, and Ben’s lips met mine again, tender, slow, the moment between us driven as long and sweet as possible. His arms gripped me close, as though there was fear of me drifting away (No chance in this tub), keeping me safe. It was… peaceful. I mean, I had this awful yearning in my balls, a dick so hard it could cut bread, şişli travesti and a big guy behind me poking me with what I was sure was a burning hot cattle prod. But despite all the small things, true care truth brings, and I’m ready to take that one lift… “What’s on your mind, bud?” “Watching, waiting, commiserating…” My train of thought was lost in grand central love station. “Haha, say it ain’t so? Well, we should probably actually bathe and hop out before we get all pruney. Wouldn’t want you fucking a raisin.” Ben leaned forward and grabbed some shampoo and opened it. “But you would make a sexy raisin.” “My ass doesn’t look good with wrinkles. I ain’t that old, dork, haha.” “Still would take a bite.” Ben rewarded my joke with a huge handful of cold goo hitting my head. I flinched, but his nice hands started massaging my messed up hair. Lather, lather, repeat this time…. “So are you okay with Harry coming with us to the movie on Saturday” I ask as Ben’s fingers work my scalp. “Totally. He’s pretty fun to talk to. Plus he’s probably the only other cute guy at school. Though he looks like he belongs at a Ren Faire…” “Why do you say that?” “Let’s just say he would look natural with a bow and arrow, haha. Dude’s a fucking elf. Or a really good Link lookalike, from Zelda.” Ben laughed to himself. “I totally thought the same thing! It’s uncanny. He just needs pointed ears.” I feel Ben reach over in front of me and grab a big cup, and washes the suds out of my hair. “He’s sweet too…” I start, unsure what else to say. “Aww, don’t tell me you’re crushing on him.” “Nah, apparently I’m not his type.” I try to deflect. “Pfft, he doesn’t know what he’s missing.” Ben scoffed. … I wasn’t sure what to really think of Harry. He’s really cute, he’s smart, and he’s sweet. But I would feel weirdly guilty if I said I like him… But I guess I sort of do? It’s hard to explain. But Ben’s still my 1… Hell, He’s my number 2 – 20 even. Who know’s… Maybe our Saturday trip will clear up everything… _ _ _ _ _ We rinsed off finally, Army taking his sweet time nestled nicely between my legs. Seemed like his “spot,” he fit perfectly there. Hopping out of the shower, I tossed him a towel and took one myself, drying off, maybe a little slower than usual. I watched him completely stop, jaw dropped, tongue dangling out of his mouth as I just slowly, painstakingly rubbed the towel against my skin. Fuck, I loved that I could do that to him. Just… Make him freeze so he can just stare at me, obsessed and turned on, hard as diamonds, because I’m doing something… Anything. I could probably be taking out trash and he’d be like “Your arms so nice and big, looking all manly,” or even fucking breathing “Your chest is so big and scruffy, I love watching it rise and fall.” Dear lord, I love that fucking dork so much I can think like him… Its cute in a very sad way, haha. I decide to let Army lead the way. Its his night, after all, and I want him to make the most of it. “Hey, dork, stop drooling and get going, don’t wanna take all night just watching me play with myself, do ya?” “You’re right, I’d rather be playing with you.” “Ha, for this little deal to be even, I hope its just more than ‘playing,'” I snorted back at him. “Fine. You’re right, I’d rather be balls deep in you.” “That’s the spirit, lil’ bro! Though maybe not that rough… I’m sensitive.” “Bitch, you’re bigger and stronger than me, you can take it.” “You’re the bitch, you’re the one who loved me balls deep in you.” “That means I’ll know what I’m doing! Expertise!” Army decided to stop any comeback by grabbing me and pushing me towards the bedroom. Took him long enough. We finally shut the door, and Army drops his towel, and rips mine off, leaving us fully exposed. He grabs me and pulls me close, our super hard dicks pressing against each other, his face lifted up high so he could kiss me. Its so cute that he’s basically a head shorter, makes me feel… well, like a lot of things. Like his protector, like his brother, like a man with him. And I guess time to let him have a taste of that kind of power… figuratively and literally. With a sense of urgency, Army dives deep into kissing me, hard, sloppy, desperate even, his lust growing. I feel his hands grab my ass, squeezing and groping them, like he’s scared they are gonna fly away. Our lips split and he starts kissing a trail down my neck, my chest, my stomach, my pubes and… woah… Army’s mouth feels so hot and so soft as he tries to deep throat my cock. He slides up and down, his tongue eager to taste every little spot possible. The base, the head, even my balls get a few moments of warm sucking. I start thrusting a little, my urges taking control, grabbing his head and holding it still as I try to plunge deeper into his throat. The guy’s a champ for this, taking it without complaint, my balls lightly slapping against his chin. But he pulls away for a little bit, stands up, and with a tone I’ve never heard from him, orders me on all fours. “Face down, ass up. Now.” Holy hell… I don’t argue, but for some reason I enjoy this role reversal. Maybe Army could- * SMACK * His firm hand slaps my right ass cheek… A little painful. “Ow! Armando! Warn a guy before you smack his ass!” * SMACK * Softer this time, thankfully. Army gave the spot he hit a small kiss, and I feel his warm breath move closer to my exposed hole. And suddenly, I’m over come with a wave of pleasure. I feel his tongue start exploring me, and it always hits me like a surprise. This fucker is just so damn good with his tongue, it’s unreal. If I could just like duct tape him to my ass for hours and just make him eat me out while I watch tv or play games, that would be heaven. beylikdüzü travesti He kept going, eating, licking, and even biting my cheeks, just going to town on my ass, and I was living for ever single moment. Maybe the whole “taking a dick” won’t be so bad if this feels so good… Or it’ll just feel weird and awkward, who knows at this point. But too late now to back out. “Ready? I’m gonna… use my finger to help relax you. Okay?” ” *sigh* Go ahead, Army. I’m as ready as I’ll ever be at this point.” I could feel Army hesitate, the tip of his index finger circling me a little… Gritting my teeth, I fortified myself. I got this. Army slipped a little in, and… it was different. So far, not really hurting, just… odd. Not bad, though. He keeps going a little further in, slow still. I keep my breathing calm, making sure Army doesn’t think he’s hurting me. He finally reaches his knuckle and… I can feel his finger wiggling in me. Holy hell, this is weird. “You okay?” “I’m a big boy, Army… Keep going…” He slips his finger out of me, and grabs the bottle of lube from my nightstand. I hear it pop open, and feel my asshole slathered in cool liquid, and Army readies his fingers again, going for 2 this time. He glides in, and its a lot better this time. Damn, that lube works miracles. I can feel him start to slide in and out, mimicking what I did to him last time. Glad he took notes. But the actual fucking motion of his fingers… I moan out loud, completely out of no where… Wow… “Guess that means you like that….” Army mutters, focused on his handiwork. “I-I uh…. Y-yeah… Its… Mmmm… Fine..” What the fucks going on with me… Then he started turning his fingers as he went in and out, like a corkscrew… And I moaned harder this time, he kept brushing up against some weird warm spot in me and kept driving me crazy. If this is how it feels to get my ass played, I regret every moment I let a girl tell me “Nah, I don’t wanna play with a guys ass.” But hey, I got Army now… Army went on for some time, just… finger fucking me while I made a small mess of precum on my bed and kept moaning and feeling a little bit of shame and regret about it. Can’t let go of my whole “masculine” bullshit but fuck it, it feels good. “You… Umm.. .You feel like you’re ready?” Army was cute with his innocence. Well, not for much longer… “Y-ep… Go ahead…” I felt Army move back a little, and heard the bottle of lube pop open again. “Don’t forget to apply a lot on me too. Just in case…” “I will… Mind getting on the floor? There isn’t a lot of head room on the bed, and you’re tall…” “No problem, ‘little’ bro, haha.” “…” He glared at me as I got up to swap positions. “Haha, oh stop that. Same position?” “If y-you don’t mind… At.. Maybe at first? I don’t know.” “Army…” I turned and looked at him, and gave him a hug. “It’s gonna be fine. Trust me. Just… focus and enjoy yourself, okay?” “Thanks Ben.” I hopped down to my knees and hands again, and waited patiently. Welp, this is happening… His hands grip my ass, and I can feel his cock head on my hole, greasy from the lube but feeling burning hot against my skin… I hear him take a deep breath, and feel as his head moves against me. I wince in anticipation, but Army slips going in, and his cock just glides up my ass, rather than in… “Damn it, its all slippery…” Poor guy. “Try again, don’t worry. I won’t judge you. At least I don’t have like 3 confusing holes to figure out, right? Haha.” Army repositions his cock again, and I feel him push against me… and he slowly slides in. I bite my lips, a mix of pain but slight pleasure flushes through my body, unsure how to feel… I moan loudly, though, trying to egg Army on. If Army asks me if I’m okay one more time… _ _ _ _ _ “Y-you… you okay? Wow… its so damn hot… and tight… holy moly…” I managed to sputter out, completely consumed with… well… every-fucking-thing. “A-rmy… I swear t-to fuck… fuck…. Stop… asking me! You’re… wow… fine, okay?” Ben managed to sputter back, between cursing and moaning and grunting… Like an animal in heat. Or in pain, its a slight mix of both. I try to refocus on the task at hand, or… at dick, more like. But its so hard to focus, it feels so… so fucking damn good. Like holy hell, its almost as good as kissing Ben that first time. Like my body is filled with electricity! Hot molten lava! Savage gusts! Hard steel! I am the Avatar, master of the sexual elements! Oh dear lord, am I this dorky? Ben would make fun of me if he heard my inner thoughts! “Why are you thinking about cartoons while fucking me?” he would say. I know it. Pushing forward slowly, I tried to keep myself in check… Don’t want to ruin this for us if I hurt Ben, but… Resisting the urge to fucking go at it like a machine is hard to resist! Come on, Armando, resist the temptation… But damn was he so hot. My hands gripped his hips, my eyes glued to his picture perfect ass, my ears catching every grunt and moan and little curse he tries his best to suppress… It was every single fantasy/wetdream/stray boner had ever hoped for. And the fact that he ever agreed to it… Oh gawd, I can’t get over how good he feels. But I want more… My hips finally meet those reddening cheeks of his with a nice firm “slap,” and I took a second to rest… I feel myself pretty close already, and I haven’t actually done anything! Screw this teenage constitution of mine, I need to build up better stamina… Ben at least lasted longer than this! But I’m sure it’ll get better… Doubt this will stop here, I know that’s a sure thing. “Damn… Ben… I… Holy fuck… You feel…. A-ama… amazing…” I managed get out between moans. istanbul travesti “Enjoy it, d-dork… Ugh… You earned it…” I picked up pace finally, finding a groove that felt good. It was a little weird at first, given our size difference. Hes so tall and his legs are long and its just… hard to find a good angle. But thankfully Ben has hips that feel like they can dance, shifting when needed. And he’s so big and… Ugh, gawd I love him so much. He’s perfect. My thrusting picks up a pace, and I can feel the sweat on my brow. Holy hell, I feel winded but its like the best kind of work out! That, or I need to work out once in a while… I lean my torso forward, eager to see if I can kiss Ben but once again, his height proves to be a detriment… Gawd I want to kiss him bad… “H-hey… Mind if… Fuck… you get on… on your b-back?” I was desperate for that kiss, desperate enough to pull out of him if need be! “H-huh? Yeah… sure…” We part, I make a small yelp due to this weird heightened sensitivity on my cock head. Maybe its the lube? Ben moans a sigh of relief as I leave him, and he flips over onto his back… I try to reposition again, but its a little awkward… “Grab a pillow, Army. It’ll help.” Ben suggested, with nary a joke in sight… Doing as he said, I grab one off the bed, and set it under his ass, lifting it and giving me proper access to his cute butt again. I rub my cock head against his entrance, but I hestitate, grabbing the bottle of lube one more time. Too much never hurt anyone, right? Rub some on my throbbing cock, some on his equally throbbing hole, and we get back to business and pleasure. Slipped back in with ease, but Ben made a yelp. Seeing his face now, I can absorb every single emotion that flashes by. The way he’s biting his lower lip, how he closes his eyes as I go back in…. “Wow… No wonder… you… loved this so… fuck… so… fuck fuck fuck… much… Wowowowow.” Ben seemed to be having fun now. Yay! He looks me in the eyes and we both try to lean in, our lips grazing the others, our tongues desperate to intertwine. I try to keep pace, but its like juggling, hard to focus on so many things in the air! Going in deep, our lips finally meet completely, and we kiss hard, my dick deep in him, my thrusting put on hold as we just exchange this one kiss. This one glorious, sweaty, messy kiss on the floor of our bedroom. We part, a small string of saliva bridging our faces, our eyes meeting for the first time. Deep in them, I see love, I see passion, I see a fraternal bond… I bet he feels the same! _ _ _ _ _ Oh my gawd, bud, hurry up! I’m glad he’s enjoying himself, but we should have done this on the bed. Carpet burns! Plus my legs are falling asleep from me holding them up! How long has this been? Oh fuck it, just let him have fun. Army took it like a champ, you can too! _ _ _ _ _ I feel so close, so hot, like my balls are the sun! Bright, burning, ready to go supernova! I pick up my pace as much as I can, my eyes burn a little from the sweat. Holy fuck, why am I sweating so much! Oh right, the fans off. I’m a fucking idiot… Should have turned that on. Ben looks at me again, and he must have read my mind. I slow down, and Ben brushes my hair out of my eyes. Oh, the sweet oaf. My face meets his again, another deep kiss, but this one is final… I feel like I am on the top of the roller coaster, waiting to drop down… The rush, the adrenaline, the thrill! “B-Ben! I-I-I…” I stammer into his lips… “Come on… Fuck… Babe, you g-got this!” And like that, the heavens came crashing. Like that, the roller coaster crashes into the sun. Fuck, fuck these damn metaphors. My dick erupts with cascading fucking pleasure. Wave after wave, deep fucking thrust after deeper fucking thrust, me cursing my brother name into mouth as I try and fail to kiss him. I just can’t handle all this! Its like everything but my cock has shut down and redirected power to the Fuck Machine 2000�. And it feels… perfect. Attempting to keep pace, but its hard when every single thrust feels like pins and needles on my dick, sensitivity out the wazoo. But I feel my cum deep in him, the warmth surrounding me… I’ll never forget this feeling. My hips rest against his ass, scared to move now due to that wave of jaw dropping pleasure. I feel my cock finally calming down, after shooting what felt like an endless barrage of cum deep into Ben’s ass. Well, my ass now, I’m the first and only to claim this Flesh Throne! My body, drained, collapses on my big brother, having shoved every bit of semen, every bit of blood and sweat and tears into this… “Th-…. Thanks…. Ben…” All I can manage to say. “T-that’s it? Thanks? …Fuck… At least tell me…. you love me… Haha, I’m… not some one night fuck…” Ben panted back at me. “You are… for sure not gonna be a… one night fuck after… Holy hell… Fine… I love you so much… You bitch…” “You have… the worst pillow talk… Haha…. We gotta… work on that….” Ben laughed at me, giving me a big hug as my body gives out on top of him, resting on his sweaty and hot chest. _ _ _ _ _ Poor boy, he drained his balls all in me… Its weird. Like this deep warm feeling in me. That’s gonna be hell to clean out though. Best do that soon. I’ve seen the stains some girls I’ve been with left, and most defintely don’t wanna have Ma see that. But I’ll let him rest, he earned it. For his first time? Not bad at all. I actually got into it! Surprised myself for sure. Shame I couldn’t cum hands free like Army did last time, but hey, maybe next time… But the fucker owes me the best blowjob possible.. My dick hurts from being hard this whole fucking time without any action. Poor Big Ben… “How do you feel, Army?” I whisper to him, scared he fell asleep on me. “Like a king.” “King of what?” “Armando, First of His Name, Winner of the Games and the Deals, King of Ben’s Heart, and Ruler of the Flesh Throne!” I guess I broke him, haha. End of Chapter 12 Thanks for Reading!

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