New Home, New Neighbors, New Experience


New Home, New Neighbors, New Experience
It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here, so here goes:

I recently moved to a new (to me) home. Nice place in a rural setting, but some neighbors nearby. Of particular note is an elderly gent who lives next door. Since it was autumn, and the leaves were covering my yard, I needed to get rid of them before the snow covered them.

I saw Pete (neighbor) out riding his sit-down mower. He saw me, pulled up, and we began to chat. Next thing I knew, we were in his house – with him sharing a tour of the place. Very nice. Pete lives alone, as his wife died 4 years ago. We spoke about what it’s like to be alone, and how we’ve adjusted. Our conversation was pretty G-rated, but became more intense as he’d been feeding me cocktails. Soon, we were discussing sexual pleasure for the senior set.

I figured we’d keep it at that, along with some small talk. Little did I know that alcohol opened his mouth a great deal. I began to take advantage of that opportunity, and asked how he deals with his sexual urges. He walked over to his entertainment center, opened a cabinet, and there were dozens of X-rated DVDs. He also has WiFi in his house (as do I), and we discussed adult sites we’d enjoyed over the years.

Well, enough alcohol had loosened things up enough to have Pete ask “Would you like to see one of my favorites?” Well, I’m not one to turn down audio/video sex action, and indicated “Sure!” He slipped a DVD into his player and fired up the TV. It was a heterosexual film, so I thought. About 10 minutes into the movie, a neighbor showed up (male) and joined in with the male/female couple in the film. Not only did the guy in the film turn his wife over to the neighbor, the guy also began playing with the neighbor’s balls while he was diddling his wife’s clit.

I was getting pretty turned on – because of the nature of the film – and because I’d just met Pete. I soon had a sizeable bulge in my pants, and began to massage it outside my slacks. Pete looked over, winked and said “You, too?” He then slid his hand across his bulge. That was enough of an ice-breaker for me to ask “Are you OK if I stroke to the movie?” He smiled, nodded, and immediately unzipped his fly. Out popped a very nicely-sized, cut cock. Very stiff, with an excellent nob-shaped head. He started stroking, and – by now – I’d done the same. Before we knew it, we were commenting on the action in the DVD.

I was getting very turned on by Pete’s hard cock, so asked if I could join him on the sofa. Now, Pete indicated he’d thought about cocks – but never did anything about it. I said “No worries – I’m not going to make a pass unless you’re open to it!” We were with short arm reach of each other, each panting as we masturbated to the film. I admit to being even more turned on by Pete’s cock than by the video. After all, action on a TV screen is 2nd best to in-person play. I watched as he stroked his shaft, occasionally rubbing his cock head with his thumb. I duplicated his action, and was very engorged – with the glans of my cock now somewhat purple by the flow of blood.

I finally leaned over to Pete, and said, “If you’re serious about exploring cock play, let’s stroke each other. It’s pretty tame, compared to deeper action, and you’ll find out if you have the comfort level for it!” He agreed, but said, “I’ve never done it before expect with my own cock!” My response was “Treat mine like it was your own, and we’ll have a great time!” Immediately, my hand went to Pete’s cock, and his hand to mine. It was great feeling his large hand engulf my rod. His cock is larger than mine, and my hand is fairly small. It was a great dichotomy of action, and I was loving it.

Precum began to ooze, and I asked him if he was still comfortable with my “doing” his cock. He leaned back, closed his eyes, and sighed. Enough Said! I worked his cock, leaning down toward his crotch. I was now breathing my hot air on his cock head while stroking him. He seemed lost in the moment, and I did not ask for the next move. I simply placed my face above his cock and began to lick the head. Of course, he could have stopped me, but he didn’t.

Since he didn’t resist, I opened my mouth and lowered my head even further. I was taking away his virginity, cock-sucking related. His wife used to suck his cock, but he’d never played with a guy. As soon as I wrapped my lips and tongue around his cock head, he orgasmed. Spurt after spurt was released, and I savored every drop. When he finished cumming, he said “Oh, God – I’m so sorry!” I looked up at him while I licked off the remain liquid, and said I’m Not! It was hot!”

He kept stroking my cock, and it seemed he was more intrigued since I’d oralized him. I asked Pete “Would you like to try what I just did to you?” He actually trembled (a big deal for a 72 y/o guy), but he nodded. It’s as though his voice gave out. I gently lowered his head to my crotch, and told him to part his lips slightly – then lick them. He did so, and I pushed his head down a bit more. That’s about all the coaching he needed, as he simply repeated what I’d done to his rigid shaft. Of course, I didn’t release right away, as guys have done my cock for decades. I verbally encouraged him to lick, suck – even nibble a bit. He did pretty well for a first-timer, and I was enthralled. A fresh mouth on my cock is always welcome and pleasurable.

I told Pete I was ready to cum, and that he didn’t need to continue. He shook his head a bit, so I let go my load. He wasn’t very good at containing my jizz, so some of it ended up on his face and hand. It was hot, as we’d only known each other for about 3 hours. There we sat, cocks softening – moisture glistening in the light – and Pete simply saying “Holy Shit!”

We cleaned up a bit, and I said “I’ll leave you to recover, and gather your thoughts about our playtime! Call me if you’d like to get together a bit.” That was a month ago, and we’ve reconnected 3 times since. It’s nice to have a neighbor who will “cum” over, and I can  “shoot” over to his place.

Senior Sex is Good! (but, so is all sex)

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