New Lover – Hotel (Part 2)


New Lover – Hotel (Part 2)I stand before you as you sit on the bed, you undo my belt and trousers, as you pull down my briefs my erect cock springs out you grasp it firmly in one hand, with the most softest of touches you rub my precum all around my glans with a finger, you then suck it and simulate with your finger want I am wanting you to do with my erection. You lean forward and kiss the very end, then you lips envelop my shaft deeper and deeper far into your throat, the sensation is wonderful, I pull your head hard against me, gagging you pull your head back, my cock is joined to your mouth with strings of saliva. Again you lean forward and kiss the very end of me, your tongue licks my glans, you kiss my cock and again take me deep in your throat. You stop and instruct me to get on the bed. I do as I am told and discard the remainder of my clothes. I lay back, my knees high and wide apart, you kiss and lick my balls, the sensations are fabulous and slightly ticklish. You lick up and down my shaft and again envelop me deep in your throat, your head bobs up and down, I stroke your hair, I am in ecstasy, I love being in your mouth so much.You are on the bed straddled over me, you lower yourself onto me, I watch in delight as I see my cock swallowed by your pussy. You lift yourself up and down , up and down, then grind your pelvis against me. The sight before me is glorious. You lean forward I hastily pull your breasts from their lacy containment, I suck on your nipples in turn feeling them stiffen between my lips as I do so my cock is stabbing into you hard and fast and deep. Again you lean back, grinding against me, you throw back gaziantep escort bayan your head, I squeeze your breasts hard as you squirt all over my cock. We roll over, still coupled, as my cock rams into you I watch your gorgeous breasts wobble and sway with each thrust, hard and fast and deep, hard and fast and deep. You sense I am close, you push me away and then you are on all fours, time to enter from behind, maximum penetration, I see your buttock and pussy framed by your suspenders, stockings and lingerie. I rub my penis up and down your soaking swollen cunt lips, you moan, fuck me, fuck me you say, as instructed I push against you, that glorious sensation at the moment of penetration, I watch as your lips grip my shaft in and out, in and out, my cock is glistening with your juices, harder you cry, harder, you bury your face in the pillow, your bum raised, I grasp your hips and fuck as hard and deep as I can, faster, faster, I push hard against you and you me as my spunk explodes into you. We stay coupled for a moment then lie on the bed close, cuddling, gently kissing, smiling, we fall into a dreamy doze.We wake from our dreamy doze. You get up and stand before me in bra and thong, you smile, you look so beautiful, a coffee as you turn and walk to the kettle. I can’t resist you, I follow and I am stood behind you my erection pressed against your buttocks, I hold you tight in my arms, I kiss the side of your neck, then squeeze your breasts through your the lacy material, I unhook you and slide the straps down your shoulders, I cup your naked breasts in my hands then squeeze and knead you, you lean your head escort bayan backward, I continue to softly kiss your neck as I to roll your nipples between my fingers and thumbs, you moan softly, we continue a while before you turn around. We are stood facing each other, you lean back against and partly sit on the edge of the worktop, you take my cock in your hand and slowly wank me mmmmmmmm it feels so good, we kiss long and hard our tongues exploring each others mouths, baby it feels so good, I squeeze your breasts, we break from our kisses you move your head back and expose your neck and throat, I kiss and lick your neck, you continue to wank my cock, my hands caress your curves, one begins the journey south and begins to stroke your cunt, my fingers tease their way into your warm moistness, in and out in and out, mutual masturbation, the kissing of your neck becomes more passionate and the wanking ever faster, we are totally gone, our lips meet again, we kiss tongues deep in each others mouths as you guide my cock into your wet juicy cunt, we fuck and kiss, fuck and kiss, fuck and kiss the coffee forgotten !We briefly stop to regain our composure, you are now sitting on the edge of the worktop, your feet on the worktop also, your knees high and your thighs wide, I kneel before you and kiss your swollen wet lips, as I lick up and down my tongue probes between your lips, you moan as I find your clit, I lick and kiss your clit as I slide a finger into you, a combination of finger and tongue seems to be having the desired effect as you girate and move your hips pushing against me, another finger, and another in and out, hard and fast, you tense, your thighs shudder as you cum, another finger my thumb now rubbing your clit. I gently rotate my fingers and thumb pushing gently my hand is inside your slippy wet warmness, I wriggle my fingers inside you and then fuck you with my fist, you cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm again and again. I withdraw my hand, you are gaping wide, you lift your hips and I pull your soaking thong down your legs, I hope I haven’t hurt you, as I gently kiss your lips and lick the inside of you with my tongue, your soft moaning indicates your pleasure.You are now stood facing the counter you lean forward, I kiss your buttocks, you lie over the worktop, my tongue licking around your anus, my tongue probes the opening as I finger your soaking cunt. I then stand my cock rubbing your wet lips, I slide deep inside you as you push back against me. I fully withdraw then stab deep inside you again and again, you are so wet and slippy, my cock glistening coated with your juices. My cock now gently pressing against your anus the opening yields a little as I gently push and rock back and forth, further and further I penetrate you, your tightness gripping my cock, I fuck your arse my balls slapping against your pussy with each stroke, ramming into hard and fast and deep, I cannot hold back as I ejaculate and shoot my spunk inside you. We rest a while still coupled before I slide out of you, as I do some of my spunk dribbles from your arse, you massage it into your thighs softly moaning. Your holes are gaping wide, the view is gorgeous and filthy I gently wank my cock to prolong the sensations as I gaze inside you.Again we lie on the bed in each others arms, we softly kiss, I stroke your hair, we smile, I gently kiss your cheek, the tenderness in contrast to the vigorous passion that has gone before, we doze contented and fulfilled.

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