New neighbors

New neighbors
The house next to us had been empty for a few months. A moving truck pulled up and the movers started unloading. As I watch through the window I hoped they had a boy my age to play with.
I watched as they brought in the living room furniture and kitchen equipment, then it looked like furniture for an adult. They carried in boxes, then a dresser and a bed that looked small enough for a k**. It didn’t look like girls stuff. As they were finishing up a truck pulled up along the curb.
The driver came around and opened the passenger door and I seen a boy around my age with a cast on his leg get out. When they went inside the house I ran to the backyard. Looking over the fence I could see the movers setting up an above ground pool.
I went back in and told my mom went had new neighbors. She said she already knew.I asked how, she said a couple of weeks ago the man stopped by and asked about the neighborhood and how the schools were. I said they had a boy too. Mom laughed and said finally I can get you out of my hair. I asked if I could go over and meet him,but mom said to give them a couple of days to settle in. I said ok and went to my room.
The next morning I was heading to school when they came out. I said hello and told them my name and I live next door. The boy said his name was Dan, and his dads name was Bill. I said I’d see you at school and started to walk to school. Bill said get in,there’s no sense in walking since we’re going to the same place. I said yes sir and got in the back. When we got there Dan and I went in. I asked him what happened to his leg. He said he was playing on his skate board and fell off and landed wrong.
After school I met up with Dan and helped him with his books. His father pulled up and took us home. I went to my house and did my homework.
After dinner Bill came over and invited us over for a cookout Saturday night. Mom said thanks and we’d be there.
Saturday came and Dan came over and said he’s getting the cast taken off today,and maybe we could go swimming later. I said ok but had to ask my mom.
That night we went over and had burgers and hotdogs.
Dan had his cast off but needed help getting around some. He said let’s go swimming, I said I had to go change, Bill said we were about the same size why don’t you go in and see if you can find a pair of trunks. I asked my mom, she said good ahead, Dan and I went to his room. He pulled out a couple of pair of trunks and handed me one.I was going to go to the bathroom to change when Dan stripped in front of me. He said what are you waiting for. I pulled off my clothes. I looked up just before he pulled up his trunks and seen he had a bigger dick then I did, but not much. We grabbed two towels and went to the pool. I helped him climb the ladder and jumped in. We swam and splashed each other for a while when my mom said she had to go. I was going to get out when Bill said to let him stay for a while. Mom told me to listen to Bill and come home went he says it’s time. I said ok, and went back in the pool.
After cleaning up, Bill came out and got in the pool with us. We took turns letting him toss us up and dive in the water. Dan said he was starting to hurt and went inside. I said I guess I need to go too. Bill said to stay, Dan might come back after a few minutes. I said ok. After a while I asked Bill if he could teach me to float on my back.He said sure, he lifted me up and laid me on my back, with his hands under me. He said to kick my legs and hold my chest up. As I kicked it felt like his hand move down my butt and was squeezing it. I didn’t think any thing about it guessing he was just trying to keep a hold of me.
When I got tired he pulled me close to him. When my leg brushed against his crotch it felt like his dick was hard. After a few minutes he asked if I knew how to motorboat, I said no. He said to lay on my belly, he’d pull me around fast. I said that sounds like fun. I stretched out and he put his hands under me. He asked if I was ready, I said yes. He held me up and spun in a circle fast sending water over my head. He stopped to let me catch my breath and asked if I was ready again. I said yes,he spun around again. With my kicking and being wet he ended up with a hand on my crotch. He asked if I wanted to go again, I said yes. As he turned around I felt his fingers press against my dick. When he stopped he didn’t move his hand, and I guess since I didn’t move it myself he thought I liked it there. After a few minutes of this he had my dick and balls bunched up in his hand, and he was moving his fingers.
My dick started to grow and I giggled, he asked what was funny. I said it tickled, he moved his fingers some more and said what do we have here. Giggling I said I don’t know, he quietly said lets find out what it is. He rubbed my dick some more and pulled me over to him.He pulled the trunks out some and said guess what I found, and gave me a hug. I said I was sorry about it, he said it’s just us here and don’t worry about it. He asked if he could see it again, I said yes. He asked me to stand on the steps and pull down my trunks a little. I went to the ladder and stood on a step. Pulling down my trunks, I turned around. Bill came over and rubbed my dick.He said I had a very nice dick.I said really, he said yes. He reached inside the trunks and squeezed my balls. I giggled and said that tickled. He said we should get out and dry off.I said ok. We went inside and I went to Dan’s room to get my clothes. After I dressed I asked if I could come back tomorrow. Bill said just knock on the door before I got in so he’d know I was in the pool. I said ok and went home.

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