Night In His Cab


Night In His CabHit the Jackpot while doing a quick stop at a motorway service station, not a place I usually stop at due to the security they have there, then again I did actually pick a security guard up at one of these places. This all started when I stopped off for a quick piss stop, it was around about 5ish late afternoon and the HGV car park was full. I had nothing to rush home for that night so I thought I’d hang around for a bit. Didn’t really have to though as soon as I walked into the toilet there were three blokes standing at the urinals, I looked to my left and right and they all had hardons and were playing with their dicks, Jackpot I thought gonna get some fun here. I got my cock hard then stood back from the urinal, I got interest form a guy that took my eye, he was an older guy with a grey moustache, he had a nice slim six inch cock that bent upwards, he came and said out of the blue “Do you wanna fuck me”, I was quiet taken aback, where I asked him “Back of my Van” he replied. I followed him outside to a box van, we stopped and talked for a short while before he unlocked and opened it, he jumped in and I followed, he closed the shutter and we started, he started to feel my cock and I slipped my hand under his shirt and felt his hairy belly and tits, I pulled it over his head to reveal his sexy torso , he pulled his shorts and briefs down and hey presto he was naked within a few seconds. I stripped off while he undid a mattress and dropped it on the floor (Its not he first time I’ve had a driver do this). He laid on the mattress and I got on top off him and the foreplay recommenced , go to admit it though that was a fucking good foreplay session.Cock Hungry DriverHe handed me a sachet of lube then got on his back, I applied half to my cock and half to his hole, I fingered him for a good five minutes before I mounted him and rammed my cock into him. I wasn’t far off cumming at this point so thought I’d go hard and fast so I hooked my arms under his and started to pound him, he didn’t make a murmur he just laid there and took it. I pounded him for a good ten minutes before I shot my load in him after which he turned over and started to wank himself off while I put my hands over his shoulders and squeezed his nipples before he shot his load. I thought this would be a quick one but in total it lasted about an hour. bursa escort I put my cloth back on while he put the mattress back after which he started to get dressed. I hugged him for the last time and told him I enjoyed it, “I’m one satisfied man he said”, after which I left. HGV DriverI returned back to the motorway service cottage, I couldn’t help myself after the first one I wanted to go again, I’d only been at the urinals a few minutes before the door went and in came another bloke who stood two urinals up from me, my cock was hard again and I wasn’t making any. I took a good look at him and thought ohhh I wish, he looked back at me then put his head down, he finished his piss and started shaking his cock and started to rub it slowly, he reached into his tight shorts and pulled his bollocks out, I took a step back and put my hands on my hips to give him a full view of my cock. He stood back and gripped the base of his cock under his balls, he squeezed it tight “could you take that” he said, “love to I replied”, he turned and faced me and stretched out his hand, i moved closer and he started to feel my cock ,”fuck, that’s beautiful. I felt his cock and his balls, then ran my hand under his shirt, his belly and chest were smooth and his nipples were hard, “do you like what you see he said”, “fucking love it I replied”, “I see you outside”, he said. He put his tool away pulled up his flies and left. I followed him short after and met him outside the main doors. “I’m parked up for the night, do you wanna have some fun in my cab”, “Oh would I”, I replied. He walked towards his truck and I followed a step or so behind, on the way he introduced himself as Mark, he’d seen me get out of the back of the van with the other bloke “did you have a good time in there”, he said “I fucked him good and hard”, I replied “, he replied “I squeal like a pig if you did that to me, but I’d give it a try. Mark The Horny TruckerWe got to Marks truck and the cab looked enormous “my home away from home” he said, we got in, all the blinds were down, it wasn’t to dark but Mark put the lights on, we sat in the back and Mark reached for a flask “Made this earlier he said and poured me a coffee”, we sat there for a talking for a while”, Mark asked what I’d like to do, I reeled it all off with the emphasis that I like bursa escort bayan to be fucked and I like long sessions”,” well we’ve got all night if your doing nothing”, he replied, he then went on to tell me his likes and when he’s on the road he cant stop wanking. Mark was a bit younger than me at 46, I would have been 49 at this point.We settled down in the back of his cab hugging kissing and touching each other up, I removed a piece of his clothing then he removed a piece of mine. His body was gorgeous he didn’t have a hair on it and it was oh so smooth, The last piece I pulled of was his briefs, oh did we have a laugh at trying to get those off, his cock and balls were shaved and he had a semi on, I didn’t want to rush this as I was enjoying it that much, so we took each other in our arms and just hugged and kissed, I did ask him if he wanted to go to the hard stuff straight away but he refused as he said it’ll happen when it happens.So Marked laid back and I went to work on his gorgeous formed cock, it was a pleasure for me to suck and play with, Mark altered his position and fucked my mouth his legs were spread well apart and his body well positioned so I could virtually feel and caress every part, I could easily reach any part of his body from massaging his thighs, arse cheeks and back to playing with his nipples, he was also a very sensitive lover in the same way Jim the HGV driver was and this was only a few weeks after. Mark asked me if I wanted him to come in my mouth as he was so enjoying it, “don’t worry that it’ll be over he said there’s plenty more were that came from”. I replied “If you want to Mark”. Mark carried on pumping my face, he placed his hands on my head as he unloaded his balls into my mouth, as his warm spunk shot into my mouth it just made me feel more horny towards him, I swallowed his cum and cleaned his cock with my tongue, Mark hooked his arms undermine and pulled me up and started to kiss me, I rubbed his smooth bold head before kissing his ears and neck.While he recovered I laid with my head on his warm smooth belly, he stroked my head, eyes and ears, he reached down to my cock and gently ran his fingers up and down my cock. In fact he paid a lot of attention to my cock and balls. I spread my legs and asked Mark to finger me, he reached over to a draw escort bursa and pull some lube out I pulled my legs back to reveal my arse, he dribbled the lube down the crack of my arse, as he fingered me he leant forward and kissed me “are you ready for my cock”, he said, “oh yes I want you inside me”. I replied. Mark gently moved me into position, he lubed his cock up, he penetrated slow put powerful, then his powerful rhythm started, I reached around and felt the cheeks of his arse harden at each thrust as he squeezed his arse cheeks together, it felt very powerful but short “Oh that feels fucking good Mark”, his whole body was very close to me, so I reach up with my hands and placed them on the back of his smooth head, he carried on with relative ease, his technique was perfect, he momentary dropped his head and kissed me, he fucked me for a further twenty minutes before wrapping his arms around my back slightly lifting me, he fucked me harder and harder until he let out a huge AHHHH, I felt his warm spunk enter me. “that felt fucking fantastic Mark, you fucking stud”, I said, he laid his sweaty head down on me, I wiped his brow and hugged him tight. Mark lifted his head towards mine and started some intimate deep kissing. It didn’t actually dawn on me until afterwards that the two best men that have ever made love to me were both Truckers. Marks amazing love making still sends shivers down my spine but it didn’t end there. We fooled around for an hour or so before Mark gave me a towel and we went across to the service station showers. After which we returned to his truck cuddle up together and watched some TV for and hour or so before Mark got horny again “you’ve not cum yet”, he said. Mark spread my legs and went down on me, my cock wasn’t hard at this point but it didn’t take him long to get is hard, he really went to town on my cock, he started to finger me towards the end oh and he certainly new how to make me cum, I’d not cum for over 24 hours so when I did finally shoot my load Mark got a good mouth full and to my surprise he swallowed it.I stayed with him for the rest of the night, we had sex twice more in that time, I fuck him a couple of hours after he sucked me off and he did squeal a bit when my b**st full penetrated him. Marked fucked me again just before I left him and it was another fuck to remember, we didn’t have much time so Mark gave me a really hard pounding and shot his load in me within ten minutes, I new I been fucked after that as I really felt it on the walk to my Van . We swapped numbers and have met on the odd occasion and the sex was still as good as it was on that night in his cab.

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