Night In With Mistress


Night In With MistressBianca knelt on the padded floor, hands folded behind her back and head bowed in submission, waiting for her mistress. She shivered and licked her lips as she heard footsteps creaking on the stairs and the door to the playroom opened.Her mistress, Angelique, looked stunning as always, letting Bianca raise her head to appreciate her outfit before boring her head again. Angelique was in black lacy lingerie, trimmed with small purple bows, accompanied by black thigh highs and most noticeably, a large purple strap on, hard and curved up from her pelvis. “Good evening, mistress.” “Good evening.” Angelique walked slowly in a circle around her submissive, gently running her fingers through her ponytail and admiring her naked form. “Do you have a safeword for me?””Peacock, madam.”Angelique smiled as she gave Bianca’s hair a sharp tug, making her sub gasp. “And if your mouth is occupied?””I’ll hum a tune for you, mistress.””Good girl.” She knelt down, holding Bianca’s collar in her hands. It was black leather with silver rhinestones and a small bell that would jingle with every movement of her body. “Do you want this, pet?””Yes please, madam.” Bianca’s blood pounded harder as she sat up slightly, her face flushing as her dom buckled her collar around her throat and stroked her face. “Thank you, mistress.”Angelique moved her hand lower, trailing down Bianca’s shoulder and cupping her breast, squeezing and massaging it and bringing her other hand up to stimulate her other breast, listening to Bianca breathe harder. “You’re being such a good girl for me.””Thank you, mistress.” Bianca’s eyes fluttered as her dom started to pinch and tease her nipples, hardening the previously soft buds. “But you’re not always a good girl for me, are you?”Bianca swallowed. “No, mistress.””Tell me why I have to punish you.” Angelique twisted and pulled at her nipples, making her gasp again in pain but also subconsciously part her legs. “I came without permission last session, mistress.” Biana rolled her shoulders back to give her dom more of her breasts. “I need you to punish me because I’m an ill behaved slut.” She licked her lips again and whimpered when Angelique held up a short chain with nipple clamps on them.”That’s right.” Angelique held one of her nipples firmly, pinched and stretched canlı bahis between her thumb and forefinger so she could attach the harsh clamp. “Ah!” She slapped her sub across the face, enough to sting but to startle more than hurt. She clipped the other clamp on and only got a whine from Bianca’s lips, satisfied that she had tried to stay quiet. “Good girl.” Angelique tugged the chain and Bianca let out a high pitched whimper. “Since you were such a good girl, I’ll take you over my knee for your warm up before I paddle you.” “Thank you, mistress.” Bianca waited for her to get settled in her chair and sighed softly, feeling subspace starting to set in as she let go of her control, looking only to take what pain and pleasure her mistress gave.”Come here.” Angelique patted her knee and Bianca obediently stood and d****d herself over her lap, feeling exposed and aroused. The pads of her feet and the palms of her hands steadied her balance as Angelique caressed her buttocks and thighs, which were raised in perfect spanking position. Warm ups were never gentle, and Bianca groaned as the first spank echoed in the playroom, the impact making her flinch. “Your submission includes not only being under my control,” said Angelique as she spanked her submissive hard, alternating cheeks, “But your control over your own body. Your control to keep yourself in your place and teetering over the edge if I wish it.” Bianca was gasping with each hit and Angelique focused on turning her upper thighs pink, spanking the sensitive skin and feeling Bianca trying to squirm against the strap on poking her in the abdomen as a reward.While the warm pain from the slaps made Bianca moan and grow moist between her legs, Angelique let herself savor how beautifully her submissive took each spank, almost pressing up into the slaps as she balanced on her tiptoes. “Good girl,” she praised, stopping her hand once she was satisfied the hot and stinging skin was ready for the wooden paddle. “Bend over the spanking bench.” “Yes, mistress.” Bianca shakily stood and got up on the padded bench, butt in the air again and almost relieved when her dom secured her wrists and ankles so she couldn’t move and disobey and also anticipating a hard paddling session. Angelique selected a heavy paddle hanging from a hook in the wall bahis siteleri and walked back over to Bianca, standing next to her and pressing the wood to her skin. “Your punishment is twenty strokes.””Yes, mistress.” Bianca tried to relax her muscles but cried out when the first swing cracked hard across her already sore flesh. “One,” she whimpered. The next swing hit lower, reddening her thighs and making her shout. “Two.””Keep counting.” Angelique kept up a steady pace of swats, giving her sub time yo count and then striking again, satisfied at twenty counts at the red and inflamed skin, dropping the paddle and caressing Bianca, feeling raised welts beneath her fingertips as Bianca whimpered and flinched. “What do you say?””Thank you, mistress.” Bianca let a couple tears out while Angelique undid her bonds, helping her stand.”Do you need to safeword?””No, mistress.” Bianca knelt back down, hissing at her feet touching her sore bottom but opening her mouth automatically, knowing her dom enjoyed fucking her mouth with a strap on. “You want something?””I want your cock, mistress.” Angelique stepped a little closer. “Then take it and get it nice and wet for me to fuck you with, pet.”Bianca didn’t need to be asked twice, taking the tip and licking and sucking on it, coating the silicon with moisture. She bobbed her head and gradually swallowed it down, pleased at the noise of pleasure Angelique made. “You look very pretty on your knees.” Angelique grasped Bianca’s hair and rocked her hips, making her adjust to the dildo in her mouth and filling her throat even more. Bianca whined when she pulled out. “I’ll make sure your mouth feels nice and full, never fear.” She snapped her fingers and Bianca sprang to her feet. “Fetch the ball gag.” “Yes, madam.” She handed Angelique the pink gag and held her mouth open, moaning as Angelique pushed the gag in and buckled it behind her head. “Get the bed, near the edge with your ankles up.” She obeyed, lying with her hips on the edge of the mattress and spreading her legs upwards, holding them up for Angelique to cuff them to the bedposts. Bianca moaned again through her gag as her dom teased her clit, gently rubbing it in a circle before dipping down inside her with a couple fingers, stretching her already wet hole open. “Good girl.” She clenched güvenilir bahis slightly around her fingers at the praise, moaning louder when the tip of the dildo poked in.”Cum when you like.” Angelique gripped her hips and slid in, the curve of the strap on fitting in naturally and the small stimulation bumps stroking sweetly against her g-spot with each thrust. Bianca shouted through her gag as Angelique sped up, adjusting the angle until her entire body thrummed with pleasure and tensed, toes curling and back arching as it built to a climax. She shuddered and came hard, clenching and spasming on the inside as the dildo continued to ram into her g-spot, milking more out of her orgasm. Bianca was satisfied to space out until the clamps on her nipples were released, blood flow and pain abruptly flooding into them. “I’m not done with you yet.” She unbuckled the gag and Bianca flexed her jaw, working the stiffness out of it. “What would you like, mistress?” “I would have you exactly as you are.” Angelique worked the strap on and the harness off and pulled her own panties off, climbing astride Bianca. “Are you up to me riding your face, slut?””Yes please, mistress.” She leaned down and kissed Bianca, soft lips meeting together. She sucked Bianca’s bottom lip, cradling her head and fisting her hair, making Bianca gasp and open her mouth, letting Angelique kiss her roughly and leave her feeling breathless and heated again.Angelique crawled up the bed and leaned forward, grasping the headboard and lowering herself, bringing herself in contact with Bianca, who eagerly started licking in wide swipes from her pussy up to her clit, alternating the long licks with occasional smaller licks focused on her clit as she rode her face. Bianca held her steady with her hands and angled her face so she could reach everything possible.”Good girl.” Angelique panted hard and moaned, feeling close to climaxing as her sub pleasured her relentless. “Oh fuck, oh good girl. Aaah-” she cut herself off with a sharp intake of breath as she came on Bianca’s face, halting her movements and groaning as Bianca lapped at her sex, sucking up what lubricant she could. Angelique sighed and got up, freeing Bianca’s ankles and helping her stand, not missing the exhausted look her sub had gotten. “You okay, Bianca?” She used her name to signal the scene was over, but smiled when Bianca swatted her hand away when she reached to take off the collar.”Just tired.” She smiled dreamily at her dom and kissed her cheek. “Angel.”

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