Night Nurse


“Go check on Mr. Jonis,” Gloria the shift supervisor said as April checked in for her shift.

April sighed. As the new kid on the block, Gloria enjoyed giving April all the nastiest jobs that came up. She’s never thought that nurses went though hazing, but this was pretty damned close to it. “Probably another bed pan that needs changing,” she thought.

At the door to Mr., Jonis’s room, April stopped to check the patient’s chart. Mr. Jonis was a Latvian sailor who’d had both legs crushed when a cargo container shifted and trapped him against a bulkhead. The prognosis was good for a full recovery, but Mr. Jonis had both legs in traction and was on heavy narcotic pain killers. The notes on the chat said, “Patient may experience constipation. Give patient enema if no bowel movement.”

April replaced the chart and walked into the room. Mr. Jonis was a big, brawny, man. April could see well defined muscles in the man’s thighs and arms. Jonis’s skin was wind and sun cured to a leathery texture. His face was etched by the weather with deep lines that gave him a craggy countenance. There appeared to be perpetual stubble on his chin.

“How are you doing, Mr. Jonis?” April asked.

“Hurt like hell and I can’t move!” Jonis barked in guttural, heavily accented English. “How you think I’m doing?”

“I think you’re doing very well, all things considered,” April said trying to be cheery.

“Yeah?” Jonis sputter somewhere between a cough and a laugh. “You think it’s fun having your ass in the air all day?”

“No,” April said. “But you’re making a good recovery.”

“I can’t shit,” Jonis grunted.

“That’s a side effect of the pain meds.” April said. “I can give you an enema…”

“It ain’t the drugs! I’m too fuckin’ horny!” Jonis barked as he threw back his gown to reveal his fully erect penis. “Can’t shit unless I get this down.”

April blushed looking at the exposed erection. She knew things like this happened. She’d just never encountered it before. “Err,” she murmured, “If you’d like me to give you a few cebeci escort minutes to take care of that, I can come back.”

“No,” Mr. Jonis grunted in exasperation. “I can’t reach it without hurting. You do it for me.”

“Now, Mr. Jonis,” April blurted, “that’s not very nice to ask.”

“Who’s talking nice?” Jonis grunted. “It’s medical! You take care of it.”

April felt embarrassed by all of this. Her cheeks burned. One of her nursing instructors had told her once that it was sometimes OK to give a patient a quick hand job if the situation called for it. It wasn’t really professional, but expedient.

“OK, Mr. Jonis,” April said. “Just this once.”

Once committed, April found she had another problem. Mr. Jonis was a huge man and he was trussed up with his legs in traction. April stood 5 foot nothing and couldn’t reach his cock without leaning on him too heavily. She decided to kick off her sensible nurse’s shoes and climb up on the bed. She settled in between Mr. Jonis’s suspended legs and gently began massaging his penis. April felt really strange, because where she was sitting; she was looking straight at the man’s ass.

“Nice,” Mr. Jonis said. “Could you maybe give it a little suck?”

“Am I a whore?” April thought. She looked at the penis in her hand and smiled. It’s a nice cock; big, but not too big. It looked yummy. So April sat up a little straighter and put the head of the cock in her mouth. She loved the way the cock seemed to swell and grow even bigger as she licked the head while she stroked the shaft. April felt her pussy getting wet as she slurped on the big dick. She took a little more of it into her mouth with each stroke. She hated to admit it, but she really loved to suck cock.

“Good,” Mr. Jonis moaned. “Very good.”

April kept sucking, losing herself in the sensations of the throbbing cock in her mouth. She loved the way it shuddered. She knew Jonis was about to cum. She knew she should finish him by hand. She heard a groan and was startled by a flood of salty semen çukurambar escort flooding her mouth. It was such a huge load that April neatly gagged. “How long has it been since this guy jacked?” April though. Without thinking about it, April swallowed the jizz and kept sucking until the cock went soft in her mouth.

“Feel better,” she asked.

“Yes,” Jonis said breathlessly. “I want to ask you to do something else. It feels really good. Would you lick my asshole?”

April’s pussy throbbed. “Such a dirty man,” she though. She looked at his puckered asshole and her pussy grew wetter. “It’s such a nasty thing to ask,” she whispered.

“In my country, it’s not nasty thing,” Jonis said. “I lick my wife’s ass all the time. It makes me feel good.”

April felt very embarrassed, but very turned on too. “What could it hurt,” she thought as she slid her pretty pink tongue across the sailor’s balls and down the crack of his ass. She was startled by the tangy taste when her tongue touched the asshole. Her clit throbbed though so she licked around it and then began probing the hole with her tongue. “This is really wicked,” she thought.

April started rubbing her clit through her soaked panties as she pushed her tongue deeper into Jonis’s ass. She moaned. She was ashamed of herself, but she was really enjoying tongue fucking this strange man’s ass.

Then it happened. Mr. Jonis grunted and his sphincter suddenly went slack. April’s tongue was not longer probing a guy’s ass; it was engulfed in a flood of almost liquid shit! Before she had time to react, April’s mouth was filled with the hot poop. She gagged on the foul flood that filled her mouth and poured over her face and flowed down her uniform blouse. Her head jerked back and she inadvertently swallowed a mouthful of turd.

April sat back in shock. He face was covered in slick brown goo. Her clothes were covered in shit. She burned with shame and embarrassment. “What would people think if they saw her like this?”

Then she heard Jonis laughing. demetevler escort “You like that? Tasty?”

“You bastard,” April whispered through clenched teeth. “I should break you legs again for that.”

“You won’t.” Jonis said with a cruel smile. “You’d loose your job. What you will do, it finish cleaning my ass. It’s got shit on it.”

April was already wiping her face with a towel and moved to use it on Mr. Jonis when he said, “No. Use your tongue. Clean my dirty ass with your tongue.” April stared at him in disbelief. He held up the call button and said, “Lick me clean or I get your nursing friends in here to see what you like to do.”

April’s eyes welled with tears. This was the worst thing she’s ever been through. She leaned over and licked the feces from the crazed Latvian’s cheeks. She slurped the funk from his crack. She licked the bung from his hole. She swallowed the foul dregs on her tongue as it dawned on her that she was still frigging her clit! She was being degraded, treated like something less than human, and she was more turned on than she could ever remember.

“Good, Good,” Jonis said. “You’re almost done.”

“What?” April stammered.

“Now put my cock in your mouth again!” Jonis commanded.

April did without protest this time. When she had the soft prick in her mouth, she felt a soft, salty trickle begin to flow. She sucked the cock harder. The flow become strong as the urine flooded her mouth. April’s fingers jammed into her sopping pussy as she drank down the Latvian’s urine. The cock grew hard in her mouth as she sucked the pee our as if she were sucking sperm. She felt a burning wave of shame pass over her when she came harder than she ever remembered while sucking piss! She kept sucking that cock until she and Jonis came again, then she collapsed backwards on the bed.

April quickly realized that she was overdue on her rounds. She got up and quickly cleaned up the linens and stuffed her soiled uniform into a trash bag. She put a hospital gown on and tucked it into her unsoiled pants. She’d have some explaining to do, but she still could get through this without being totally humiliated.

As she got ready to leave the sick room, Mr. Jonis called to her. “I’m though with bed pans. I’m through with those urinal things. From now on, I save it for you.”

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