Night Out


Night Out‘Not bad at all’ thought Kim looking at herself in the mirror. Looking back at her was a figure dressed in lingerie, red and black basque framing her boobs and a pair of thin satin panties.‘Better not be cold’ though she thought smiling to herself ‘Don’t want the shivers, this could be interesting.’Dressing herself in a pair of jeans and top and applying her makeup, she glanced at her watch. ‘He’s late, bet he’s chickened out’ was just out of her mouth as she heard a car pull up outside.‘Showtime’ Moving downstairs, she went out to the car to meet who was taking her to the club. They’d met for coffee previously, he was ok looking, good sense of humour and would tease her about things all the time. Seemed to have a good soul though.Musing she got into the car, leaned over and gave him a quick kiss, accepting the compliment on her appearance.‘Nervous?’ he said.‘Why should I be’ ‘Fair enough, just so you know, I am’ he laughed nervously, ‘for all I know every person there might be some gorgeous hunk with a six pack and a 10” dick’.‘Well let’s see’ she replied, thinking that wouldn’t be all bad.A fair drive later and they were outside the club, paying and moving in, it seemed a little subdued.The door person explained that they could go into the locker area and change and Kim’s stomach suddenly flipped slightly, ‘butterflies’ she thought.‘Get us a drink’ she said to her date wandering towards the locker room.It was neat and tidy and smelt like a swimming pool area. ‘Bit strange’ she thought, then remembered there was a Jacuzzi.As she entered, there were two other women who obviously knew each other, ‘well they must do she thought, one of them is being familiar’The two women broke apart and one started getting dressed, ‘thanks for earlier’ said the one remaining, ‘it was fun’. She was blond, several earrings, big boobs, a pierced nipple and intimate piercings. ‘Well it is a swingers club’ mused Kim as she got undressed.The unnamed woman was watching her intently making her feel self conscious, as she took off her jeans and wrapped the towel around her Kim wondered if she’d missed something and maybe had toilet gaziantep escort bayan paper in her knickers or something like that.Turning round, she made to say something but the lady had gone through a door behind she hadn’t seen before.‘oh well, lets get a drink’ she thought and went back to the bar area to retrieve it. Her date looked a little comical, there was a bit of a tent in the groin area.He noticed her gaze, ‘Sorry, went for a wander and some things to see’ he laughed. ‘Want to take a look?’Sure she said as he led her through a door, ‘Not quite sure what’s what’ he said but the Jacuzzi is here he indicated a door through which she could see a woman sat in the Jacuzzi her legs out and two men were fondling her, one was kissing her breasts while the other must have been sat on the Jacuzzi bottom and had her legs over his shoulders and was sucking her pussy.Kim’s nipples hardened slightly, ‘well she’s enjoying herself’ she thought, ‘lucky cow’.‘I think these are the rooms’ he said walking down the corridor ‘not sure if there are any rules’.‘Didn’t the woman on the entrance say door open you could come in, door shut don’t disturb?’‘Oh yeah, well you can watch through these mirrors, as well he said pointing at a room in which there where three girls and six men, just as one of the men came all over the face of one of the women.‘Why don’t we go in one’ said Kim after watching the writing bodies for a few seconds.‘Sure’ he said, ‘what about this one?’ the room was dark and very subtlety lit, a large round sofa was in the middle with lots of cushions. Sitting down, Kim let her towel drop, ‘well is this ok?’ she said running a finger from her lips between the swell of her breasts and between her thighs before flicking his towel with her foot.‘Lovely’ he replied sitting next to her, looking a little like a rabbit in the headlights. ‘Oh good’ she said, teasing him further, maybe we can have some fun and then look around a little more?Hooking his towel with her feet, she pulled it down to reveal the rest of him and lent in to kiss him, her hand automatically straying across his thigh to his escort bayan cock which was rapidly stiffening and did so even more under her touch as they passionately kissed.His hands roamed over her back and breasts’ teasing her nipples and a small groan of pleasure was swallowed in his throat.She lowered her head and started flicking the glans of his cock with her tongue as she moved round on the sofa onto her knees. Running her hand up and down the shaft, she licked up the clear drop of pre-cum that came from the slit at the end before bobbing her mouth up and down the length of his cock.‘Urgh, mmm, argh,mmm’ came from higher up as she increased her pace.She felt his hands on her breasts again, and then they roamed down her thigh and started rubbing her leg.She felt fingers scrabbling along her thigh and massaging her pussy and clit through the satin panties.‘Mmm’ she said as her head bobbed up and down and she gasped as the fingers moved the panties to one side and started to rub her clit and finger her. Then they moved back to her nipples and started rubbing them and rubbing her clit.Kim sat up, her date’s cock still in her hand and looked around. Another man was stroking her clit and he moved his hand. ‘You looked pre-occupied’ he smiled ‘and I think he was busy’Kim noticed not only had her date being sucked by her but another woman was kneeling over his head and by the sound of it, he was busy licking her as well as she rubbed her breasts with one hand and played with her clit with the other.‘Don’t let me stop you’ said the new man, ‘I’ll just carry on, as long as you’re ok?’ as he bent his head down and with a sweep of his tongue licked from her perineum up across her pussy and flicked her clit.Kim couldn’t really refuse after that entrance and she hiked up her knees a little more and adjusted her angle so she could see the woman sitting on her date’s mouth and still suck his cock.The man behind her started to tongue her pussy, distracting her as she tried to suck the cock in front of her and between gasps from her date, the woman on his face and herself, Kim started to feel very horny and she sucked on his dick harder and harder.The man behind her, replaced his tongue with his fingers then withdrew them and Kim knew he was going to fuck her. His cock nudged the edge of her pussy and then smoothly slid in, aided by the condom he was wearing.‘Oh wow, that’s good, fucking good’ she gasped as every time he thrust she bobbed her head on the cock in front of her. The woman on her date’s head was now screaming in orgasm and she flopped to one side her date’s hand snaking between her thighs. The woman Kim noticed, was the one who had been staring at her in the locker room. She slithered over the sofa towards her, but ignored her head still sucking her date’s cock and indicated that Kim should raise her thighs.Doing so, Kim was left with her ass sticking out over the edge of the bed which a few seconds later the man who had been busy fucking her took advantage of again as he slipped back into her wet pussy. This time though, the woman was licking her clit at the same time.‘Oh god’ panted Kim, ‘oh god’ not knowing which sensation was which. Her date’s hard cocked nudged her lips again and she swallowed him and sucked on him more, moans of pleasure escaping her nostrils and mouth as she worked up a rhythm, all the time bucking her hips to the cock in her pussy and the delightful tongue that kept flicking over her clit.The warm tingling sensation started in her belly and started moving up through her chest, just as her date’s cock started to swell in her mouth and as the gathering force broke down the last barrier within her, he let loose a torrent of spunk into her mouth.Gulping and swallowing, Kim rode the orgasm, the hard cock still between her thighs as the tongue swept over her sensitised clit.‘Ahh, fuck, ahh, yes’ she moaned, not caring what was happening, the cock in her pussy seemed to triple in size and she could hear the man orgasming as her mind returned to a semblance of normality. Wanking her date’s cock, she shifted her thigh to let the woman out, who promptly slithered up and snogged her, the tasted of her own cum, mingled with her dates, sending shivers through her.‘Hope you don’t mind’ send the woman, ‘I’m Kate and this is my husband Tom. I hope you’re bi?’‘Curious’ said Kim smiling. ‘Oh, I think we can help there’ said Kate pulling Kim’s head in for a kiss, ‘I’m sure we can’.

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