Subject: Nosotros 6 The usual disclaimers apply here. Adhere to them the best as you can. I don’t encourage nor condone diddling in the taboo fun with family, yet I know it happens & will continue to do so. I’m an open book with my own experiences & wishing they had gone further. Feel free to send feedback, ideas, thoughts, or any fantasies/desires. Up to talk about experiences, past or present. So hopefully you enjoy. Feel free to chat me up and give your own words. You could always not use real names in case of anything. Also, donate what you can. Tons of us still jerk to the great stories at our leisure. Do you part you horny fty/donate.html ———————————————————— Waking up suddenly, I looked around a bit scared, but cool down as I realized I was in my room. Still blinking hard to get used to the light, I barely saw the clock and it was almost noon. I moaned a bit as I scratched my head and started to replay everything that happened in the forest once again. I felt so anxious and nervous, somehow hoping the bully was okay too, but then, my mind went straight to Tucker, and wondering if he was okay. It hurt a bit getting up from my bed, as I was still a bit sore from the hits I got. Making my way to Tucker’s room, my mind raced with questions I had for him like “Was he like me?”, “Does he like dick too?”, “Why did the bully beat him up though?” all played tag in my head even when I reached his bedroom door. The moment I was going to knock, Xander yells out “Hey guys, come eat some lunch now!” For a couple seconds, I was torn between talking to Tucker or going to eat. I opted for the second option, as I didn’t want Xander to get mad, and plus, I realized my tummy started to grumble as I didn’t eat breakfast either. Reluctantly, I skedaddled my way to the kitchen and saw Burger King bags sitting on the table. I smiled as I knew Xander got mine and Tucker’s favorite, the long chicken sandwich and some nuggets for us to share. “Hey sleepy head, you hungry?” he asked as I nodded my head quickly. I gave him a big hug as he sat shirtless at the table, and then pulled the chair out next to him. As Xander asked “Hey champ, how you feeling?”, I looked up as Tucker came into the kitchen, just shrugging his shoulders as he kept his eyes lookin down a bit. Xander quickly pulled out the chair to his right as patted the seat, telling Tucker to sit in it. While we opened up the wrapped food, Xander started going off about getting our stuff from school, and telling us we’re lucky as we have some of the cool teachers he had before. I made small talk with him, but it was kind of hard, as I kept noticing Tucker wouldn’t really respond or eat his food. Halfway through our meal, Xander gets up and starts to check out our bodies, getting us to lift our shirts off enough and feeling around to see if anything is broken or very bruised. My own body felt tense and sensitive, but didn’t really hurt bad, only when Xander would press on the purplish area. I noticed it was the same for Tucker, even though he looked kinda mad and seemed really annoyed. He didn’t say anything as Xander finished up checking us out, before sitting down to continue eating. A minute or so later, Xander talks to Tucker “Well, it looks like he didn’t break anything. You’re gonna be sore for a while. I’m not sure if we should tell dad about this or not, but that’s your call Tucker, what you wanna do?” He sat there quietly for a few seconds before responding in a low hurt voice saying “Please, let’s not tell dad. I just wanna forget about it, okay?” Xander nods his head while reaching over to rub his hair. If I was right, it looked like his eyes got wet while he took a bite of food. I just had to chime in so things wouldn’t feel more awkward with “Yea, plus, the guy isn’t too hurt or dead, right?” That got a cocky smile out of Xander as he replied “Yea, and I fucked him up, and he’s gonna remember it too” before reaching out his hand to fist bump me. Looking over at Tucker again, I wanted to give him a hug so bad as his face dropped even more, but I didn’t know if he would like it or not or get real mad. At the moment, Xander finished up with “Well guys, It’ll stay between us. I don’t think dad’s gonna say much at the end of it, just be real pissed off.” Somehow, it bothered Tucker, as he had stopped eating, and now, he wrapped up his food and left the table without saying a word. “He’ll be alright, don’t worry bout it” Xander comforted me once he saw my worried look. “Maybe you can try to talk to him and see what’s up” he let out as we finished up our delicious lunch. After washing my hands and face, I slowly walked to Tucker’s room, trying to figure out what to say, but I didn’t know what words to use. Here and there I would stop on the way, simply not wanting him to get mad. But once I got to his door, I got even more nervous, thinking if this was a good idea or not. Just standing there at his foor for a few seconds felt like forever, that is, until I thought I heard him sniffle and let out a lil cry. Softly, I reached up with a shaky hand and knocked a few times, asking “Tucker, can I come in?” Only silence answered me, my body was telling me to walk away and leave him alone for now, but my brain had a stronger response. Grabbing the handle, I turned the knob and was happy it wasn’t locked. I opened it enough to peek my head in and loudly whispered “TUCKER!”, to which he yelled in a loud sad tone “GO AWAY!” Me being me, I didn’t listen at all and walked up to his bed, and saw he was curled up under one of his colchas. “Humph!” he moaned out and buried his face in the pillow as I climbed his bed and snuggled him from behind. “I love you” came out as I rubbed my face in his back. He responded with “I know goofy”, my hands searched for and held onto his. I honestly don’t know how long we laid there quiet, as I could only hear us breathing softly. Tingles ran through me as I started to get eager to ask Tucker some questions about what the bully said and was doing. And without realizing it, my istanbul travesti mouth let out “Do you like weenie like I do Tucker?” to which he replied with “Huh? What?” My hands felt extra clammy as I realized what I asked, and got too nervous to move from there. We just continued to lay there, our breathing seemed to get deeper but little as the same time. Finally, after feeling like forever, and my body feeling like it got sweaty, Tucker nervously spoke up. “You..you like..dick Joey?” barely registered in my ear as I closed my eyes and pressed my face into his back bit more. After a few more long seconds, I shook my head as I said “Yes”. We continued to lay there quietly as time slowed down a bit, and I was getting scared I pushed some buttons with him. “Well, how do you know you like it?” he asked, breaking the long silence we were stuck in. In a blur, I started to confess the things that I happened recently “Well, when me and dad were at the mall, this kind lookin man showed me his hairy dick! And he was really really cute. It was big and looked so nice, and made me feel nervous. I wanted to touch it so bad! But then dad beat him up pretty bad and I was scared and crying too!” “Wait, why didn’t dad say anything?” asked Tucker as he started to turn over in my embrace. I shrugged my shoulders as we now laid face to face, eyes staring right into each other as he held my hands. I simply just couldn’t stop myself with all the excitement I felt from holding it all in, and then, I dropped big bombs without realizing it. “But then Tucker, I got to play with dads hairy weenie. It’s soooo big and nice and made me extra excited!” Tucker’s eyes widened up and he looked so puzzled in hearing my confession. “You got to play with dad’s dick!?” he urgently said in disbelief. I shook my head “YES” with a big smile, telling him “Yea, and dad is so hairy and his dick has a lot of veins and his milk tastes good too!” Tucker laid there in shock, just absorbing the info as I continued to confess. “And then, Arthur came home and I thought he was dead, but he wasn’t. He was just really drunk, and I got to play with his weenie too! It’s not as big as dad’s, but it’s really nice and very hairy like his too!” Tucker’s eyes opened up even more yet seemed to get a bit sad after a few moments. “What’s wrong Tucker?” I asked as he closed his eyes. “Nothin, I’m just jelly a bit. You get to have some nice times, and with dad and Arthur, but mine was with that bully” he let out as some tears rolled away from his eyes. As if he knew what I was going to ask, he started to confess what happened. “I didn’t mean for all that to happen, I’m sorry you got hit. I was waitin for you but I got bored, so I started to walk around a bit. I ended up hearing some noise and when I saw him, he had just pulled out his dick so he could pee. I just stayed there and watched him as I like that.” “Ewwwww” I let out with a funny face, making him laugh for a second as he said “I know, it’s naughty.” He continued with “Yea, then he caught me and somehow was being friendly..and I believed him..and after talking a bit, he got me to my knees..and well, that’s when he hit me hard the first time.” Tucker was choking up a bit as I kissed his forehead like dad would do to us when we were sad. I laid my hand on his cheek and told him “It’s okay, we’re home now” as he continued to cry for a bit. After a few minutes of him letting it all out, I simply told him “I’m naughty like you too.” ———————————————————— “Naughty just like me..what did he mean?” ran through my head as our hands tried to wipe away my tears. My ears perked up as he started to talk again, spilling all the beans of what he’s been doing. “Well, I know I’m not supposed to, but I snoop in your guys rooms at times when you’re not around, and most of all, dad’s. One time, I saw a small plastic thing hanging on the side of his garbage can, and well, I went to see what it was.” Now being able to see, all I could do was stare as my body felt tingly and warm from what I had just found out. “It was kinda long and felt soft and a bit cold. But Tucker, it was dad’s milk like I saw in those naughty videos in Jace’s room! I just had to open it!” he let out full of excitement. “What did you do?” I softly let out as he grabbed onto my hands, telling me “I kinda bite it open since he tied one end, but it smelt so good and tasted even better!” he almost shouted. “You tasted dad’s milk!?” I simply couldn’t believe the luck he had. He eagerly shook his head “YES” as he continued with “Yea, I got to taste it several times. It’s watery and sweet and salty and smells a lil like that stuff to clean white clothes. And dad leaves a lot of milk in those rubbers. I had it ten times already..well, not counting with dad letting me play with him after beating up the man and this morning.” “You got to play with dad this morning!?” I let out a bit angry, realizing I was getting bullied while he got dad. Joey’s face looked surprised as I yelled at him, then my guilt kicked in even harder as I knew it wasn’t his fault. Quietly, I said “I’m sorry Joey, I didn’t mean to yell at you.” Softly I grabbed his hands and pulled them to my cheek as a few more tears built up in my eyes. “It’s okay Tucker. I’m sorry that happened to you, honest” rolled out his mouth as he pulled me into a hug. After planting a few kisses on my forehead, he shocked me a bit by pushing me onto my back and straddling me, then smiling before saying “If you want Tucker, we can play with each other. Dad said I’m not allowed to find dick anymore, that is has to be with family only.” “Dad told you that?” I asked as he playfully poked my chest, nodding and responding “Yea, he beat up that man real bad Tucker, a lot worse than what Xander did. I can tell he was worried bout me, so he told me it can only be with family. And we know better than to disobey dad”. “Plus, I don’t know what dad meant by someone special. But maybe I’ll ask him another day” he casually let out as I kept thinking bout kadıköy travesti what dad and Arthur’s dick my be like, and what fun they had with my brother. “So..what did you guys do?” I nervously yet eagerly asked, getting another smile out of Joey before he said “Well, I can show you Tucker, they let me taste their dick’s and I rubbed mine on Arthur’s too!” Without losing a second, Joey got off of me and started to pull down my shorts, excitement mixing in with my nervous feelings. “One sec Joey” I quickly let out as I shrugged out my shorts and took my shirt off, then laid there with my legs open and him kneeling between them. I stayed a bit quiet as Joey smiled at me, my arms crossed not knowing what to do before I asked “You’re not gonna get naked with me?” “Oh yea, I forgot” he excitedly said as he took off his clothes, and well, for the first time, being naked with my brother like this, made my own dick start to tingle and get hard. I started to breathe a lil harder as his hands grabbed onto my dick and felt up my balls. “Oh man, this feels sooo good” I whispered out loudly, feeling as if someone would hear us. Hearing his giggles made my nervousness almost go away, as I could feel the air get warm compared to what I felt in the forest. “Wait till you feel this Tucker, dad and Arhur love it!” he exclaimed, right before diving down on me. “Ooooohhhh” came out loud as the warmest feeling washed through me, making my dick get extra hard as he started to lick and suck on the tip. My hands just had to grab onto his head as he kept on sucking and licking me. “Joey, it feels soooo goooooood!” came out in almost a yell, as he just kept making my dick feel so wet and warm. My legs shook and flexed a bit, his tongue sliding under my tip and licking my balls back and forth. My head turned to the left and pushed into the pillow, my eyes closed shut as I held on and enjoyed what he was doing. It felt hard to breath as he took half my dick in his mouth, sucking it too good and sliding his tongue all around. My hands held onto his hair harder as the tingles start to grow too much inside me, my balls feeling so good and tight as my moans got louder. “Joey, don’t stop!” I begged as he hummed and slobbered all over my hard dick, whimpering as he bobbed up and down just a bit. Without meaning too, right as my tingles got too much, I looked down at him as my hands moved to the back of his head and pushed him down on it! My body squeezed hard as the feeling of my dick being fully in his mouth and touching the back of his throat was just too much, my eyes shutting closed once again as stars flew across them. It was so good feeling my dick throb over and over in his warm wet mouth, and more so, cuz his tongue kept moving around the bottom of my dick. Whimpers escaped my throat as my legs trembled, the feelings too much as I tried to push him off, but he didn’t want to let go, and I didn’t want him to stop either. After a few more seconds, I groaned as he let my still hard dick slide out of his mouth, and I loved seeing my hard red helmet all wet with his spit too. My thighs trembled as he moved down a bit, and started to suck and lick my nuts as his tan butt sticking out in the air. The sight was awesome as he moved his face left and right, over and over as my legs pulled themselved open. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as my hands pulled his head into my balls, “Jooooooey!” gurgled out of my throat as the tingles came crashing even harder this time, feeling a bit painful as even my tummy hurt from how good it felt. I simply couldn’t breath as my eyes got stuck in the back of my head, Joey’s warm wet tongue and lips still going back and forth on my sensitibe balls. Finally, after a few painful good seconds, I let out a loud “UGHHH” as my legs gave way and stretched out fully, giving Joey the signal to stop, and boy, was I grateful he did, as much as I loved him licking me. My body kept going up and down as I breathed hard, my eyes so hazy as my hard dick kept bouncing around. I could barely see Joey smiling as he sat back on his heels, wiping his mouth his his both his forearms, giggling as I just looked me up and down. In a croaky voice, I let out “Joeeeeey, that was awesome..I see why dad and Arhur loved it.” That got giggles out of him as he crawled over me a bit and laid on his side next to me. His arm went around me as I snuggled the top of his head, and we just enjoyed the silence. After resting a bit more, I just had to ask “So you know what that feels like too Joey? Have dad or Arthur sucked you too?” to which his simply replied “No, I just sucked and tasted their milk and put my dick on Arthurs. How come Tucker?” A huge smile broke out on my face as I would get to do what I wanted to in the forest. It took a bit of energy, but I told Joey “Lay down in my spot” while I did my best to get up and kneel where he was at. We smiled at each other as I looked his body up and down, and realized he looked good while being plump. I could feel butterflies in my tummy as I looked at his soft dick, and noticed the foreskin on it. Putting my hands on the inside of his knees, I pushed them open as I quickly leaned down and took a lick of his dick. A shiver ran through me as Joey let out a sharp “Gasp”, and knowing I got my first taste of dick, like a light bulb going off, I simply knew I loved it! Quickly I dropped myself on my tummy, my hands sliding down to this inner thighs and holding his legs somewhat open as I leaned down a bit more and started to lick his uncut dick a lot. I could feel my dick throb as I loved the feeling of his forskin on my tongue, so my mouth sucked it in and lightly played with it. “Tucker Tucker Tucker!” came out his mouth so fast, his hands grabbing onto my hair too hard as I guess it was even better for him then it was me. In no time, Joey’s dick was hard as I sucked and licked his brown balls too. That seemed to much for him, his legs clamping on the side of my head as I kept nursing on his brown eggs. His moans turned into whimpers as I could literally bakırköy travesti feel his inner thighs quiver on my cheeks, and I was getting lost in suckin his delicious balls. My dick was so hard as he held on so hard, and started to almost turn us to the side from trying to slow me down. But I didn’t want to, and wanted to show him the same good feelings he just gave me a bit ago. So, holding onto his legs, I rolled to the right as my mouth and tongue never let go of his sac. His body rolled with me as he ended up straddled on my face, that’s when I let go of his sac and sucked his dick in my mouth. His whimpers got high pitched as his body jiggled a bit, and his hips somehow knew to start moving back and forth, humping my mouth as I eagerly sucked him. We were both in pure pleasure as my dick throbbed while he pushed into my mouth, but since his dick was smaller then mine, it was real easy to get it all in my mouth. I moaned on his dick as he kept rocking his hips back and forth, my tongue just squishing around as he slid in and out of my mouth. But I guess it was simply too much for Joey as my hands reached back and grabbed onto his plump cheeks and squeezed them, loving how they felt in my hand. “TUCKER!” came out in a squeal as he gave one last push, and stayed in my mouth, his dick bouncing around my mouth as my tongue wouldn’t stop moving around. I stayed latched onto his dick as he squealed a bit more, his hands pushing my head back as it was unbearable for him. Fianlly, I let go of his dick, him breathing hard as he sat back on my tummy, whimpering lightly as we both felt a lil sweaty. “Tuuucker, that was too much you meanie” he let out in a whiney voice, lightly holding his private area as I felt his legs up. For once, I giggled as I told him “Well Joey, that’s what you did to me, and I bet you did to dad and Arhur”, which gave him something to dwell on for a few seconds. “I guess you’re right” he let out in a hush voice, as he looked down at his hard dick, then looked back and saw I was still hard too. Then, like an idea burst into his head, he scooted down till our dicks were above each other, then looked up at me, giving me a warm smile for a second before squatting down, sending warm shivers through the both of us as our wet dicks touched each other. I groaned as his plump weight felt good on me, and more so, our dicks throbbing onto top of each other. “Is this what you did with Arhur?” I excitedly asked as he moved back and forth a bit, grinding us together as more shivers ran through us. “Uh huh, and Arhur’s dick hairs felt soooo good and his balls were really big and nice too” he let out as my hands grabbed onto his plump cheeks once again. “Keep going Joey, don’t stop” I egged on as we both groaned and moaned, his hands holding onto my chest, building up a bit more sweat as we humped dicks. Although I was lightly sensitive, it was just soft enough for me to endure the fun as our dicks continued to slip and rub against each other. A second later, Joey almost jumped as my right hand fingers slid between his cheeks a bit, barely touching his warm crack. He whimpered as my fingers kept trying to go up and down each time his cheeks would relax for a split second before squeezing hard on them again. All of this was getting to us, as my hips pushed up a bit more into him as he pushed down onto me. Seconds later, we started to whimper at the same time, the tingles crashing into us once again as we kept humping hard and faster. “Tuuuucker, it feels sooo goooood” he squealed out as my hands grabbed onto his cheeks once again, pulling him down harder into me if possible. My body felt so hot, never knowing that fun with other boys would be this damn good and awesome. I loved the way Joey’s nipples bounced around as we kept humping and grinding, and then finally, we both crashed into pleasure. “Joeeeeyyy!” squealed out of my throat as we both stopped, shaking and shivering as both our dicks throbbed and pushed against each other. I could barely hear him moan and gasp as I held my breath, the wave too good and strong for me to handle. After a few seconds, my eyes pop open as Joey falls on me, still trying to catch his breath while I finally take a good one myself. My arms wrap around him quick and rub his back while he moans “Mmmmm”. I could feel our sweat mingling as a fire deep within me seemed to grow so big. To the point, I somewhat forgot the sad feelings I had earlier from everything that happened in the forest. And now, I wanted some more, I had to tingle even more. A bit sensitive and sore, I get out from under and tell him “Joey, lay on your back, I wanna go again.” Eagerly, he scoots into place and bends his legs open, and I kneel close to him. It takes me a few seconds to figure out to scoot right up to his body, my hard dick pointing at an angle while his sticks straight up. He purrs as I settle down a bit, our sacs touching and pushing into each other. “Does it feel nice Joey?” I ask, to make sure we’re both feeling good, cause I’m loving our balls sticking together. He quickly nods his head as I grab into his hard dick and hold it with mine. They stick a lil odd against each other but it doesn’t seem to matter, as the moment I start to rock my hips, we both start to moan. “Damn Joey, I love putting our dicks together like this, a lot a lot” I eagerly let out, my dick feeling like it got harder as it slides side to side with his. Tiny lil warm pulses go through us each time our balls seperate and come back, the drying up sticky wet making it feel so much better. With both of us already being sensitive, it didn’t take long for us to get close to crashing into that warm wave again. I made sure both my hands wrapped around our bald hard dicks as I humped harder into him, pushing closer to the edge. The room was filled with “Uh uh uh uh” from the both of us, grinding and humping till we couldn’t take it anymore. Joey’s hands didn’t know where to go as they held tight to his chest like he was holding something to him. “What are you guys doing?” scared the warmth and shit out of us, as I shook hard in stopping my humping motion, falling to the right with a scared look on my face. My body felt cold as I stared at Xander, not knowing what to say, and much more, Joey stayed frozen on the bed just as scared as I was.

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