Nudism At Its Best (Part 2 of 5)


Nudism At Its Best (Part 2 of 5)
I suggest reading Part 1 to give this second part some context.

Mid morning Saturday we went to the hospital to check out Jill’s condition. She wasn’t too bad, just needed to stay there until Monday until she got some final test results; she hoped she be able to leave then. Jill was sorry she’d spoilt their holiday, but seemed reassured Rebecca was happy and obviously in good hands. We told Jill we’d been to the beach, and were going again after our hospital visit. I bought her some magazines at the hospital newsagents. Jill seemed to think she was very much in my debt somehow. We left Jill happy in the knowledge her daughter was well, and managing to have a good holiday in spite of mum’s absence.

Our return to the unit was brief as we changed into beach clothes and packed necessities for the day. The weather was again fabulous. As we walked along the bay to our favorite spot under the trees we noted there were far more nudists on the beach than on the previous day. Obviously the weekend brought out the local nudist population. We set up our belongings and stripped, noting two guys separately near by to one side of us. The nearest chap was about twenty meters away, the other another ten meters beyond him. After a friendly g’day as we strolled by we, initially at least, ignored their presence. Rebecca agreed with me, given we intended to spend most of the day on the beach, we should use the shade and protect ourselves with plenty of oil.

We each oiled the others back before we lay face down on our beach towels. The warmth of the day, even in the shade, was wonderful. We talked about the fabulous mutually beneficial situation in which we had accidentally found ourselves. A short while later a very cheery female voice behind us bid us good morning. We both turned our heads and replied to a young lady in her late teens. She asked if we minded if she used a spot about ten meters past us. Of course not, Rebecca replied, you’re welcome.

Natural curiosity got the better of us. We surreptitiously watched her from behind our sunnies. Our new neighbor stripped off her sarong and bikini top, spread out her towel. She had very short close cropped blond hair. Her body was impressively lean and muscular; her arms and legs, her torso, back and stomach, all rippled with well defined muscles. She displayed little body fat. Her breasts were almost non existent, more pecs than breasts. Rebecca and I both agreed this woman looked different to the norm, but interesting nonetheless.

The young woman began to go through the contortion of trying to put suntan lotion on her own back. It’s time I acted like a good neighbor I said to Rebecca as I got to my feet. I walked towards the young woman and commented to her that she looked like she could do with some help. She smiled her thanks and passed me the bottle. I suggested to her that it would be easier for us both if she lay face down on her towel. She agreed. As I rubbed the lotion over her muscular back we introduced ourselves. I called to Rebecca, introduced Jana to her. I pooled the lotion on appropriate spots on Jana’s body, worked my lotion covered hands firmly but gently over her hard buttocks and down her muscled legs and calves. As I finished I gave Jana a gentle slap on the rump and said, in jest, I’d be back when she wanted the front of her body sun protected. Jana thanked me as I returned to my own towel.

Rebecca said some nice things about my concern for others as I lay down beside her. I told her that my motives in offering to help were not completely altruistic.

Some time passed before we took our usual walk along the beach to the end of the bay; to enjoy the sun, sand and water; to check out our fellow nudists. The nudist population was certainly greater than the previous day; mainly men on their own; no lone women, apart from Jana; a few other couples. We had a most interesting conversation, and perve, with one couple walking in the other direction to ourselves. They were the opposite of us; the woman in her late thirties, her male partner in his very early twenties. She was buxom with impressively large breasts tipped by long thick nipples. He was slim, a lengthy penis swinging between his legs. We stood in the shallows and chatted. The woman noted to me, with a laugh, that we two couples obviously shared something in common, just other sides of the same coin. As we, hand in hand, moved on Rebecca mentioned the size of the guy, and further commented on the equipment of the other nudists on the beach. We noted some them had an interest in us. Rebecca with her pert young body and shaven pussy caught their attention.

When we arrived back at our camp Rebecca offered to oil the front of my body. It was most pleasant to lie on my back and watch her work while she knelt beside me. Her breasts jiggled as her hands rubbed the oil over me. She took particular care as she oiled my cock and balls. My cock responded to her touch. Rebecca was impressed with her ability to make it swell, stretch along my belly. When she finished coating me with oil I expected her to lie back and offer me the same opportunity with her body.

Instead she put the oil bottle to one side and straddled my loins, with her knees on either side of my body. She placed her hands on my chest. Her face wore a look that was a mixture of lust and romance. Her smooth tush rested on the hardness of my cock, the peach of her pussy split open, the shaft of my member ensconced in her open grooved gash. Ah, that feels so good I told her. Yes, me too she replied. With small movements of her lower body she slid her groove along the thick oiled length of my shaft, from the base of my balls to the tip of my knob.

Suddenly, but only momentarily, I remembered we were on a public beach. I glanced left. Jana had put away her book, rested her head on her hands and looked at us. I glanced right. The nearest guy lay on his side facing us. He gripped his hard prick with one hand while he watched us. Beyond him the next guy stood under the trees and watched too, obviously excited by our behaviour. What the hell I thought, if our pleasure gives them pleasure so what. Why not enjoy ourselves? Why not put a little fun in all our lives?

Rebecca now had a small sliding rhythm going and continued to rest her hands on my chest for support. She had found the pressure point of most pleasure in her pussy and concentrated her movements on giving that spot her attention. Her breasts jiggled. I lay dormant, watched her body respond to her efforts. Slowly her face and upper body flushed while her slide increased in intensity, my body taking more of her weight as she took the fatness of my hard shaft deeper into the groove of her spread gash. The breath sucked into her lungs. Her open mouth mewed as she climbed her pleasure peak. Her eyes were unseeing. She ground her cunt on my cock. She shuddered, her muscles rippled, she came.

Rebecca’s eyes finally focused on my face. She laughed. Wow, that was great! Lift your body slightly I suggested. She did. I reached my hand down between our bodies, gripped my cock, and lifted it to a vertical position, the tip just inside her puffy gash. Slip that inside you I said. She used her thighs to slowly lower herself onto my cock. The oil eased her engulfment. As her weight dropped down my cock slid into her. I moved my hand away. It’s all your now; you’re in complete control. She bent her body forward to lay on my chest, straightened out her legs on either side of mine, her pussy spread over my lower body, my cock curved deep inside her. Her hands held my face. She kissed me tenderly. She whispered romantic words. I wrapped my arms around her back, held her.

We lay like that for some time, not much body movement, tight pussy grasping hard cock. In this quiet moment I stole a quick glance around our camp. Jana watched us, a look of fascination on her face. Our two male neighbors openly stroked their erections. Beyond our feet, towards the sea, there were two guys standing in the shallows, both watching, both stimulated by the rear view of Rebecca’s shaved pink fleshed pouch that held most of my cock. Time for some action I thought.

I moved my hands, grasped the cheeks of her backside and rocked her lower body so that my cock began to slide in and out of her cunt. Rebecca quickly got the idea. She carefully moved her legs, keeping me inside her, so that again her knees supported her lower body while her upper body remained molded to my chest. Gradually she took over. Slowly but surely, steadily building rhythm and pace, she fucked me. As before again it did not take her long to get there. She was a firecracker. I kissed her face and mouth, nibbled her ears and, as she peaked, sucked her tongue into my mouth. Her body exploded. She ground her gash over me. She convulsed. She orgasmed.

We lay intertwined as her breathing subsided. Eventually she said that we’d better move before she got her back sunburned! Rebecca climbed off me and rolled on her back on her towel. Then she became aware of our collected audience. She flushed, grinned, laughed, shared her inner happiness with them, and didn’t give a dam. I got to my knees and coated the front of her body with sun tan oil. My touch on her still swollen pouting pussy was gentle and caressive. We lay side by side and talked. That was impressive she commented.

We stayed like that for some considerable time before we decided we needed a swim in the incoming tide. As I helped Rebecca to her feet Jana spoke to us. She rolled from her stomach to her back and asked if she could take up my earlier offer of applying the suntan lotion to the front of her body. She made some feeble excuse about not wanting to get sand all over herself. You’ve won yourself a friend Rebecca whispered to me. Come and help me I suggested. Rebecca looked at me askance. A new experience I asked? Let’s do it she answered.

Rebecca and I knelt on either side of Jana’s fascinating muscular body. We passed the bottle between us; gently rubbing the lotion over her sun browned skin, sharing the experience of the task, admiring the difference from the usual in this young woman’s developed body. As we applied the lotion Jana made complimentary remarks about our recent performance. She said she found our actions incredibly stimulating. I told her we found being up close to her impressive musculature fairly stimulating too. Our hands caressed her nipples, which hardened. We moved down her rippling belly, took turns at lotioning the shaved pudendum between her muscular thighs. I noted, but made no comment on, the incredibly long clitoris that poked like a small finger out of her sex. Similarly her large labia extended well beyond her slit. I masked my amazement. Rebecca similarly hid her thoughts. Together we finished her legs, put the bottle beside Jana, and said we were going for a swim.
Essentially we behaved ourselves for the rest of the day. Jana did accompany us on our afternoon stroll along the bay. We learnt a little more about each other. She was backpacking around Australia, here in this city for two weeks. Her sport was bodybuilding. Yes, as I suspected, she had used steroids early in her career and had paid the price, hence her perceived genital deformities. Needless to say two young nude shaved but different looking women in the company of a comparatively mature man caused considerable interest amongst the male beach inhabitants.

Late that afternoon Jana walked with us from the beach to the car park. We dropped her at her hostel to save her hitch hiking home. She turned out to be very pleasant talkative company. We promised to pick her up on our way to the beach next morning. That evening Rebecca and I made our usual second hospital visit for the day. Afterwards I took her out for drinks and dinner before we called it a day.

In bed I enhanced Rebecca’s learning experience, and my pleasure. I lay on my back in the middle of the bed and had Rebecca straddle my face, her hands on the bed head for support. She quickly learned how to focus her sweet bare freshly shaved pussy on my mouth and tongue. Initially she had difficulty in building her rhythm but with practice she achieved the objective, particularly after her first climax. I had the joy of a close up view of her cunt in action. The lesson complete I had her straddle my cock, feed it into herself, fuck herself and me to orgasm. We went to sleep a tired and contented couple.

Mid-morning Sunday we again visited Jill. She was happy to see us and looking forward to getting out of hospital next day. After collecting our beach gear from our unit we picked up Jana. The beach seemed to get better with each visit. There were others already there but we found a suitable site under the trees, where both sun and shade was readily available to us. Jana surprisingly went to set up a short distance away but we both convinced her we were happy to share our spot with her. She felt she would be imposing, but we assured her that her company was most welcome. So we ended up with three beach towels side by side. Jana rubbed oil on my back, I oiled Rebecca and she did Jana; a very democratic and friendly arrangement.

Male interest in my two companions continued. I suggested to them that they both be a little less modest with their legs, that it could do no harm in allowing the men who wandered by a better view of their assets. If the men were anything like me they’d enjoy nothing better than to perve on two beautiful pussies on display. Both women were surprised at my suggestion but agreed such titillation would be harmless. Legs were spread facilitating excellent rear views of their lovely shaved genitals. Guys strolling the beach certainly slowed as they wandered by.

Overall our day together was very enjoyable, with plenty of happy fun, but Rebecca and I got up to no physical mischief. All three of us throughout the day shared the erotic experience of applying oil or lotion. Rebecca seemed to get a lot of pleasure when Jana oiled the front of her body, Jana’s hands ensuring a liberal coating of oil on Rebecca’s pussy.

On our way home that afternoon Rebecca asked me if we should have Jana home for dinner. I agreed so, as we dropped Jana off at her hostel, Rebecca invited her by for a casual meal. Jana responded with delight, asked what she could bring; we assured her just herself would be fine.

Jana arrived on time, and brought a bottle of wine. We had a very relaxed enjoyable meal with more than one shared bottle of wine. After we’d done the dishes we sat in the lounge and talked. Jana suggested a game of cards. Rebecca went to her unit to get a pack. On her return Jana nominated strip jack as the game. I objected, telling them we already full well knew what we were like naked; besides I only wore three items of clothing, and it was a game in which I’d always been the first player naked. Jana said everyone only had on three items of clothing, and she had some special rules for our game to make it more interesting. Once a person had lost their clothing the winner could nominate an activity for the loser to perform on the third neutral player. Activity duration was nominated as a minute. We agreed.

Of course I lost my three items of clothing while both women still wore their panties, then lost again to Jana. Her delegated activity for me was to kiss Rebecca’s nipples to hardness. Both women lost consecutive hands, and their panties. Jana won again over me. Her request had me tongue stroking Rebecca’s pussy. Rebecca finally had a win. Jana’s task was to kiss my cock, but kiss became suck with the expected erect result. So the game progressed. There were a number of high points in the game. I knelt in front of Jana as she sat in her lounge chair, pulled her body forward until her backside was on the edge of the chair, feet drawn up either side of her body so that her pussy gaped open, an excellent and wonderful apparition given her extraordinary clitoral and labia development. I slid my hard cock inside her for the first time, pumped in and out of her muscular grasping cunt, then had to desist after a minute or so. My cock glistened with her juices, throbbed with the thrill of intimate contact. I returned the favor to the two women when I triumphed in a hand. My task for Jana was to have her perform a sixty nine on Rebecca. They took to the floor. There was no stopwatch on them. They well and truly exceeded their time limit. We eventually had enough of the game, no doubt unsure where it might lead us all, and no one willing at that stage to push the boundaries to their ultimate limit. Overall we did well, given the stage in our relationship. As Jana left us for her hostel we agreed that she’d contact me by phone Monday evening.

Rebecca and I were well aware that this might be our last night together, certainly so if Jill got out of hospital next day. And there were a couple of things I wanted to do with her yet.

Foreplay was slow, erotic, and romantic. It was a delight to caress such a youthful body. She was supple, her breasts pert, her demeanor fresh. Eventually I posed Rebecca on her hands and knees. Her pink slit peeked out between the back of her thighs, her breasts hung enticingly from her chest. She was so excited, so wet, my cock slid easily into her. Fingers on one hand strummed her clit, while those on the other hand gently tweaked a nipple. I stroked steadily with care. The air was filled with the squelch and squish of cock in wet cunt, the slap of scrotum against pussy flesh. As always, just as I seemed to get into my stride, Rebecca came boisterously and energetically. This time I maintained my rhythm, in fact increased it as soon as she peaked. Her second climax shook her body minutes later. We took a small breather; cuddled in each other’s embrace.

Let’s do it the way you like best she suggested. A pillow went under her bottom as I rolled her on her back. All too briefly I feasted on her moist open gash, slim labia swollen and clitoris erect from our recent efforts. My throbbing cock dictated the need to slowly slide inside her, to enjoy the heat and wetness of her vagina, to luxuriate in her passion. Quickly she soared to her orgasm. I increased the tempo of our fuck, ground the base of my cock against her gash, sucked at her nipples, enveloped her in my arms, and urged her to focus on her cunt. The pressure and pleasure scorched through my body. My cock spasm, my spunk surged into her.

We lay together and cooled, enjoyed the sensation of cum oozing out of her gash into the cleft of her arse, over my balls. Soon we slept.

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