Nurse Jenny Experiences Midway Ch. 04


This is a fictional account.

Bea, May, and Jenny were the first of the nurses to arrive at the beach. Two volleyball nets were set up and about thirty or forty shirtless sailors were playing. Bea whispered as they approached and just before a group of guys spotted them and called them over to a picnic table.

“This is like a seamen’s smorgasbord for women,” Bea said, with a huge smile.

“Cute, Bea! Nice pun!” May claimed, with a smile herself.

About ten shirtless guys encircled them and ushered them to a table. The music was not set-up yet but they were working on it. A keg was though and they were brought beers right away. The three ladies chatted casually with the guys and shortly Joan, Viv, and Dorrie showed too. Bea was called away to play volleyball as usual. Even though she was short, she was athletic and could move well. It didn’t hurt either the way her big tits moved inside her loose fitting blouse.

Once the music started, May and Jenny were pulled out into an open area on the sand to dance. Soon they were joined by the other three women and about ten guys total with many others looking on and drinking. The women averaged about two cut-ins a song. After about ten songs they had danced with at least twenty guys each as they rotated in. Jenny was on every guy’s dance card and she probably danced with closer to thirty to forty guys after the ten songs. Each of the guys tried to out-dance the others or show what they could do. So in short order, the girls were soon exhausted and needed a break.

They sat at the picnic table again with close to twenty guys huddled around talking with them and drinking beer. Jenny was engaged in conversation with about four guys. The nurses were getting to know a few of the sailors from seeing them at previous parties, at the mess hall, and around the small islands.

As soon as May and Jenny were rested, they were dragged out to dance again. The same sequence of events with dance, rest, talk, and drink beer went on for close to two hours. The keg was beginning to run low when Jenny noticed Viv and Dorrie walking off down the beach with at least ten guys. Jenny was tempted to grab May and follow again but chose to stay back instead. ‘Let them have their fun,’ she thought.

In another half hour the beer ran out and it was getting dark. The remaining women partied with the guys for another hour but then walked back to the dorm. Bea had gone off with two guys to try and find something else to drink.

Back at the dorm they reshowered and got ready for their shift. They had plenty of time before shift change so May and Jenny went for a walk. They sort of went looking for Bea. They were curious if they found more booze but also wanted to make sure Bea was okay. They never found Bea but they did spot Viv and Dorrie in the distance walking back to the dorm.

“I bet those two have gotten their share,” May stated.

“I bet you’re right,” Jenny agreed.

“Wouldn’t surprise me if they were leaking sperm as they walked along,” May quipped.

“They probably had the guys pulled out like last time,” Jenny said. “Remember?”

“Yeah, did you see the way they swallowed all those guys’ sperm the last time we saw them?” May asked. “Yuck! I can’t believe they did that.”

“That is a bit much but it’s not all that bad,” Jenny confided.

“What? When did you…are you telling me you did that with Jerry?” May asked.

“Well, yeah. In the shower the other day, I was washing him and one thing led to another and before I knew it I was on my knees,” Jenny said.

“God, Jenny. You’d better be careful not to get caught.”

“I know. I think Ben knows exactly what we were doing too,” Jenny exclaimed.

“What were you doing?”

“He got hard when I was soaping him up and I sort of let him push between my legs and fuck me without entering me.”

“You did?” May inquired.

“Yeah. May, he got me off like that,” Jenny exclaimed.

“He did?”

“Yeah, it was wonderful,” Jenny replied.

“Oh, my god!”

“I know. I don’t know what came over me but it was amazing,” Jenny stated.

“You took him in your mouth after?”

“Yeah. I got so caught up in the moment when he asked me to I just did.”

“Wow,” May said. “Did it taste awful?”

“No…not really. More like a salty soapy taste.”

“You falling for Jerry?” May asked.

“I don’t know, May. I do like him a lot but I already have a boyfriend.”

“Yeah, but he’s in Italy now or on his way, isn’t he?” May responded.

“That’s what his letter said. My brother too.”

“They’re half way around the world. This is here and now,” May said.

“Listen to you. You’re not exactly letting loose,” Jenny stated.

“I would but I just want it to be discreet,” May offered.

“Like how discreet?” Jenny asked, as they walked to the hospital.

“Like the guy blindfolded,” May said, with a devious chuckle.

“To do what?” Jenny inquired.

“Give a blowjob like you,” May stated.

“Where you going to find a guy like that?”

“I don’t know,” May said.

“Hum,” Jenny mused, “How about Ben?”

“What asyabahis yeni giriş do you mean?”

“I think I could convince him to be blindfolded so you could do him,” Jenny offered.

“He would just think it’s you.”

“Not if I told him it was not but not who,” Jenny answered.

“You think he would go for it?”

“I do. I’m pretty sure I can convince him,” Jenny claimed.


“When do you want to? Later this shift?”

“Oh, my god! “Okay,” May said.

“I’ll come get you if I can arrange it,” Jenny said.

“Okay,” May agreed.

“You going to swallow too?”

“I don’t know. Should I?”

“Dorrie would say yes. Guys prefer it when you do,” Jenny advised.

“Okay, I’ll try,” May agreed.

They arrived at the hospital a bit early and checked in. Everything was running smoothly. May and she had agreed to cover Bea’s patients until she arrived. By the time they had finished Bea’s initial rounds, they spotted Dorrie and Viv showing up.

“Hey, you two,” May said.

“Hi,” Dorrie replied.

“Wild party, huh?” Viv said.

“Yeah, pretty good,” Jenny said. “Hey, have either of you two seen Bea?”

“No. She was not at the dorm when we were getting ready,” Viv said.

“Okay, she should be along soon anyway,” Jenny said.

“You two have some special fun again?” May inquired.

“Whatever do you mean?” Dorrie said, trying out her best imitation of a southern belle.

“We saw you two last party and again this time leaving with a bunch of guys,” May said.

“Oh, you did, huh?” Viv replied, with a mischievous smile.

“Have fun?” Jenny asked, joining the conversation.

“Yeah, you should have joined us, you two. Those guys would love to get their calloused hands on you two pretty virgins,” Dorrie exclaimed.

“I bet,” May responded.

“Of course, little Jenny here, they’d all want a piece of your sweet pussy,” Dorrie said, with a wicked smile.

“Oh, she wouldn’t be able to walk straight after they were done with her,” Viv stated and laughed.

“Get your fill of man goo?” May shot back at the two.

“Enough to hold me until morning anyway,” Viv stated laughing.

“It’s good for the complexion, sister. You should try it,” Dorrie said, as she walked past May and touched her cheek lightly.

Dorrie and Viv walked off to their stations. Jenny and May watched them depart.

“Those two are something,” Jenny said.

“Yeah, they give sluts a good name,” May stated joking.

“Now, now, May. They are just having fun. You still up for what we talked about?”

“Yeah, sure,” May agreed.

“Okay, I’ll go try to set it up. See you,” Jenny said, walking off to her station.

Jenny first checked in on Brad West. He was reading a book when she got there.

“Hi, Brad. How are you tonight?” Jenny asked, as cheerfully as possible.

“Oh, it’s you again,” Brad stated.

“Glad to see you too. How about we stop fighting and act pleasant towards each other?” Jenny inquired.

“Why? What do I need to be pleasant for anyway. Not like I care much about anything any more. Least of all this fucking island, this fucking hospital, or even it’s fucking nurses,” Brad said.

“We don’t all fuck,” Jenny shot back, catching Brad by surprise somewhat.

Brad recovered enough to say, “Sure you do.”

“Nope, not me. Still a virgin,” Jenny stated, surprising him again with her openness and candor.

“You are not!”

“Am so!

“Pretty thing like you never had a boyfriend?” Brad questioned, with disbelief.

“I didn’t say that. Yes, I have a boyfriend but he is in the service on his way to Italy and we never did anything like that when we were together back in Nebraska,” Jenny told him. “Oh, and thanks for the compliment.”

“You’re just a cocksucker then,” Brad said, still trying to shock her.

“Never did that in Nebraska either,” Jenny said, with a smile at her choice of words and to disarm him even further at her casualness.

“You’re a lousy date then,” Brad pronounced, again trying to unnerve her.

“Would you go out with me if I offered?” Jenny asked, with her cutest smile.

This caught Brad by surprise and he replied, “Not if you don’t put out.”

“Would you expect me to blow you or fuck you on the first date? Wouldn’t you just think me a whore then?” Jenny responded, now getting into this banter and feeling like she was finally getting the upper hand.

“No, I’d like it,” Brad said, trying to recover.

Jenny finished looking at his chart. He would not need meds for an hour.

“Well, maybe we’ll just have to see when you get better, sailor. You’re actually kind of cute when you’re not frowning,” Jenny said, with a smile as she replaced the chart.

“You’d consider going with half a man?”

“You’re not half a man. Besides from the last time I helped you with the bedpan, I have to say you still have all the right equipment,” Jenny stated, with a big smile as she walked to the door.

She looked back at Brad with a grin and for once he seemed speechless. asyabahis güvenilirmi She smiled and left. She was pleased with herself as she walked down the hall doing her other rooms. If she could get him to stop feeling sorry for himself and looking forward to the future then he might just find something to live for.

After checking most of her other patients, she headed for Jerry and Ben’s room. Jerry was awake. He might have been waiting for her. She walked to his side. His eyes were totally unbandaged now as were his hands.

“Hi, Jerry,” Jenny said softly.

“Hi, Jenny. I’ve missed you.”

“I missed you too. How are you feeling?”

“Better now that you are here,” Jerry said smiling.

“Let me do your hands for you,” Jenny said, getting the salve from the small bedstand.

Jenny lightly applied the salve rubbing it into his skin. It was a bit greasy but helped aid the healing process of his burns.

“The doctors think my two fingers are doing better,” Jerry said. “I won’t lose them.”

“Oh, good!” Jenny replied, as she carefully applied the salve to those same two fingers.

“Course, your fingers are more important to me,” Jerry said, with a wicked smile.

“I bet they are,” Jenny whispered in return, getting his meaning.

“I think I need another shower today,” Jerry whispered.

“You dirty already?” Jenny asked, trying to play innocent.

“Filthy in mind and body,” Jerry lecherously stated.

“You sure are!” Jenny agreed. “Maybe I can come back later after everyone is asleep.”

“Okay. Just wake me if I’m asleep,” Jerry said.




“How’s my face look? Am I disgusting looking?”

“No, not at all, silly. You’re as handsome as ever. You just have a little scarring around your eyes is all,” Jenny told him, lying a little bit.

“My eyes are a little better. The light doesn’t hurt much any more,” Jerry said.

“Oh, that is great,” Jenny replied.

“I still just see shapes though. I can’t make out your pretty face. I wish I could.”

“Me, too. I mean you be able to see my face,” Jenny claimed.

“As long as I don’t disgust you to look at me,” Jerry exclaimed.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Jenny pronounced, she leaned down and kissed his lips lightly.

She knew it was not the professional thing to do as a nurse but she had feelings for this sailor from Nebraska. All the enjoyment of the party, the little drinking, and the normal sexual undertones to the guys’ conversations, had left Jenny more than a little horny. In many ways she was as anxious as Jerry to repeat the feelings he had given her in the shower the last time.

“”Wow,” Jerry exclaimed.

“I’ll be back later, sailor,” Jenny stated, she patted his shoulder.

Jenny went to check on Ben too. She pulled the curtain shut between the two men as she approached Ben’s bed. He was awake too. Jenny grabbed his chart.

“How you feeling, Ben?” Jenny asked.

“Good, Jenny. But I could use a kiss too,” he mused.

“I bet you could,” Jenny stated. “We’ll see. Now, according to your chart the doctors are quite pleased with your progress. You can get up now whenever you need to use the bathroom, huh?”

“Yeah, they say the wounds are healing nicely,” Ben said.

“That is great,” Jenny replied.

“I guess that means I am free to try different activities,” Ben said, with a cagey smile.

“Oh, does it now?” Jenny responded, getting his meaning. “Between you and Jerry, I’m not sure who is worse.”

“He must be. He gets more action than me,” Ben said, with a big grin.

“I might have a proposal for you,” Jenny whispered nervously.

“Anything you want, gorgeous,” Ben replied.

“Not me though, Casanova,” Jenny whispered. “I’ve a friend that might want to make you feel good if you agree to wear a blindfold so she stays anonymous. What do you say? You interested?”

“Does she look like Frankenstein’s sister? Is that why the blindfold?”

“No, she is gorgeous but she is a bit timid and inexperienced,” Jenny said.

“What are we talking about?” Ben questioned.

“Oh, Ben, I can’t talk about that. It’s embarrassing,” Jenny stated, suddenly too shy herself to tell Ben that Mary wanted to suck his cock.

“Come on. I need to get mentally prepared,” Ben said.

“Well, I ahh…I think she…I think she plans to use her mouth, okay,” Jenny exclaimed.

“Oh, okay. I guess I’m game,” Ben said. “Sure, why not. Sounds like fun.”

“Okay, I’ll bring her by later. I’ll come in first and blindfold you.”

“Jenny, why me?” Ben asked.

“She wanted to try it anonymously and I told her you would probably go for it.”

“You did? Why not Jerry?”

“Ahh, I just thought of you first,” Jenny lied.

“No, you didn’t! You just want him for yourself, huh?”

“You see right through me, Ben,” Jenny whispered, squeezing his hand before she left.

Jenny winked at Jerry on the way out and set about finishing her rounds. Bea had never showed and when she went to tell Mary about Ben, Mary told her they needed to asya bahis giriş cover for her. Jenny was concerned for Bea as she did half of Bea’s rounds again. She told several of Bea’s patients that she was just sick. Jenny hoped that was all it was.

Mary had called the dorm and asked Mary Jane to check if Bea was there. They were waiting for Mary Jane to call back. When she did, she reported Bea was asleep in her bed. ‘There was a smell of booze in the air,” Mary Jane said.

Relieved, Mary and Jenny planned their deviate excursion. An hour before shift change Mary was to come to Ben’s room. Jenny would be there already and prepare him for her to arrive. Jenny would then leave to give Jerry a bath, leaving Ben and Mary alone.

Mary asked, “Jenny what do I have to do? I’ve never given a blowjob before.”

Jenny told her, “Well, my experience is very limited but I would say use your tongue to lick it, especially around the head. When you take it into your mouth, seal your lips around it without getting your teeth on him. Then slide your mouth up and down the shaft. Try to suck on the head and lick with your tongue as you move up and down. You can use your hands also to stroke the shaft and lightly caress his balls.”

“Wow, that’s a lot to remember,” May anguished.

“You’ll be surprised how natural it feels once it’s in your mouth. Just lick it like an ice cream cone and suck it like a lollipop.”

“Okay, thanks,” May responded.

“Oh, and May, you should try to go deep on it but you might gag. Also, he will probably give you little tastes of pre-cum along the way before he comes. They are okay, good actually. But remember to try and swallow when he cums. If you feel you can’t, have a towel nearby to spit into.”

“Thanks, Jenny. You’re a big help. I can’t believe I am doing this,” May stated.

“You’ll do great. Like Dorrie says, ‘all these sailors are horny as hell’,” Jenny said.

“Okay,” May responded.

Jenny worked hard to finish all her rounds early to give her time for the last hour. She covered Bea’s patients and checked on all of hers too. Brad was friendlier this time when she checked on him. He had to pee so Jenny helped him with the bedpan. She held the pan in place for him as he held himself to go.

Jenny couldn’t help but notice he had a nice sized cock. She had tried to teach herself in nursing school not to look at guys’ dicks with anything more than a cursory passing glance. Somehow since being here things had changed. Now she took an extra glance at those attached to guys she found interesting, even the black ones. Brad’s was maybe four inches soft. As she glanced at it then away, then briefly back again while he peed she thought it might have lengthened.

Brad finished and she pulled the pan away and emptied it in the bathroom. When she returned he still had the blanket and sheet off his body exposing his lower body. Jenny walked to the bed and pulled his covers back down.

“What…don’t like looking at my sawed off leg?” Brad asked.

“No, I was just replacing your covers,” she said.

“You said you could date a guy like me but you lied. You can’t even stand to look at my missing leg.”

“Don’t be silly. It’s bandaged anyway,” Jenny said.

“Prove it! Look again,” Brad challenged.

“Okay, but this is not going to prove anything,” Jenny stated.

She pulled the covers back from his lower body and looked at his missing leg. She had to admit to herself it was horrible to look upon someone that had lost their leg so violently. Her glance went to his cock again. It was bigger now and stiffer. He didn’t want her to look at his leg as much as he wanted her to look at his cock.

“Your leg looks fine,” Jenny said.

“You sure it doesn’t bother you. Look again,” Brad said.

“Brad, is this about your leg or is it about something else?”

“Whatever do you mean,” he said, with a devilish look.

“I think you are trying to get me to look at something else besides your leg,” Jenny said.

“Like what?”

“Like that,” Jenny said, pointing to his nearly hard seven inch cock.

“You like what you see? You indicated the other day you thought it might still work. You’re right, see.”

“I see,” Jenny said.

“Works just fine.”

“So it appears,” Jenny said.

“What? You don’t believe it?” Brad asked.

“No, I believe you.”

“Maybe you should test it for yourself,” Brad inquired.

That’s not necessary,” Jenny said, but she was still looking at it as it swayed and throbbed.

“Go ahead. Feel it for yourself,” Brad entreated her.

“I know where you’re trying to take this, Brad,” Jenny said.

“You do?”

“Yes, you want me to stroke it,” Jenny said.

“Just trying to get you to see for yourself it works,” Brad said, trying to play innocent.

“Yeah, sure! Okay, though,” Jenny said.

“Okay, what?” Brad said, now curious what she meant.

“I’ll touch it for you but it has to be our secret,” Jenny said.

“Okay,” Brad gasped, not sure if she was serious or teasing him now.

Jenny went to the door and locked it. Brad, because of his serious wounds and disposition was one of the patients without a roommate. She stopped to put some gel on her hands and Brad watched her anxiously. He never dreamed he would get the beautiful nurse to actually do this for him and he was suddenly nervous.

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