Octo-Lover Pt. 04

Big Dicks

I’m pretty sure my mouth hangs open for a moment as I stare at the tentacle, now buttoned to my girlfriend’s ass hole by a lone suction cup. I feel laughter welling up inside me, but I stuff it back down. I absolutely cannot laugh at this right now. Jessica’s butt hole keeps contracting and loosening, feeling at the unusual shape that has invaded it.

I think quick. The sucker is pretty close to the tip of the tentacle. I press more on the tentacle behind the sucker. Jessica groans a bit. I’m not sure if it’s a happy sound or not. Everything is so slippery, the tentacle is just wiggling around against her butt. I press harder, with two fingers, and the tip bends in half just above the suction cup. The bent over part starts to open her dark little portal. Yes! Success.

I let off a little bit, not wanting to ram too much tentacle into her ass at once. It’s a lot smaller looking than the opening to her vagina. I start pressing and releasing the tentacle, letting the bend above the sucker enter her just a little bit, getting her hole lubricated with the slippery liquid on the tentacle.

Jessica starts moaning. A lot. She seems to really like this. I pick up a rhythmic pace, pumping the tiniest length of bent tentacle into her ass hole. It’s really turning me on, and I start to increase the pace, plunging the bit of silicone into her opening faster. And then it happens. I’m paying more attention to the sight of her little sea star sucking on tentacle than I am to how vigorous I’m thrusting, and on the next thrust, the bent-over bit of tentacle plunges deeper into her, allowing the narrow tip to slide inside with it. The tentacle has actually entered her ass now. I stop thrusting, afraid that it will pop back out. I think this is what she wanted–actually muş escort having the tentacle inside her–and I don’t want to screw it up.

Instead of pulling back for another thrust, I grab the tentacle behind her and move it in a circular motion, massaging it around inside her butt hole. My dick throbs. Shhh.

Only the tiniest bit of the tentacle is inside her. I press my hand forward inside the prosthetic, trying to create more pressure and taking up the slack in the curvy silicone. Keeping my fingers just behind her opening as guides to keep the narrow end of the tentacle in place, I start thrusting forward only, in small movements. The lubricant does its job, and the tentacle slithers deeper inside Jessica.

She lets out a big, sighing moan and says, “Yesssss.”

Once the tip is in, the tentacle actually enters her fairly easy. Once it’s in a few inches, I feel safe to start thrusting again, fucking her with my tentacle, confident that it won’t pop out. I start slow, but as soon as I see how into it she is, I fuck her faster. The suction cups really do seem to be a nuisance, catching on the tight opening of her ass when I thrust in and out of her, but she doesn’t seem to mind, so I don’t. I’m mesmerized by the sight of it. The suckers thrum against her ass hole, catching small pools of lubricant and spilling it down her skin so that the area around the little sea star shines in the candle light.

To my surprise, the hard fucking isn’t deterred by her tiny-looking hole. In fact, as I fuck her harder, the tentacle sinks deeper and deeper inside of Jessica. Her ass offers me no resistance at all. Maybe she’s done this before?

The thought of how deep the tentacle can go inside her really turns me on. muş escort bayan The caress of the currents is driving my dick into a frenzy, teasing it with no hope of real stimulation. I want to see how far this tentacle goes inside of Jessica. As I thrust, I start to move it forward, giving more to the in-thrust than the pullback. My fingertips and then my hand inside the prosthetic are now inside Jessica’s ass. I stare in awe at how widely stretched her opening is. This is about as far as the tentacle has ever been in her vagina, and yet she has not complained that her ass is stretched too far. I press on, fucking her up to my wrist, wondering what the other end of that tentacle is doing inside of her. What does it feel like?

Pretty damn good if Jessica’s drooling on the edge of the tub is any indication.

I’m now plunging my tentacle-covered fist deeply in and out of Jessica’s ass. I can feel her hole snug around my forearm, the rim pressing the silicone against my skin like a bracelet as it glides back and forth across the lower half of my arm. The suckers pop in and out, flicking lubricant out of her ass and becoming indistinguishable from the splashing, roiling waters.

Jessica arches her back and moans, her hips involuntarily humping against the waves as an orgasm rolls through her body. I slow my thrusting to match the pace of her moving hips. Then her hips stop moving, I stop thrusting, and she sags against the side of the tub, cheek pressed into her own puddle of drool. Her body won’t stop quivering. Her hips sink into the water a bit, pulling my arm downward.

“Turn off the jets,” she says.

“Ah.” I look toward the button that controls the jets, and I look down at my arm, engulfed in Jessica’s ass. escort muş I’m not sure if I’ll be able to reach the button. Then I see the bottle of lubricant still sitting on the edge of the tub. I grab it in my left hand and stretch it out toward the button. My other arm tugs slightly at Jessica’s ass, and she makes a small whimpering sound, but I am able to press the button. The loud whooshing sound of the jets stops, leaving my ears ringing in the sudden silence. The water calms around us. And I stare down at my girlfriend’s ass, impaled on my arm. Whoa.

Jessica is breathing slowly, her eyes closed, like she might fall asleep right there on the edge of the tub. Guess an orgasm like that really takes it out of you.

“Ready to take it out?” I ask.

Jessica murmurs and nods her head.

I place my left hand on her left butt cheek for leverage and slowly begin to pull my arm out of Jessica’s ass. She inhales sharply, and I stop.

“You okay?”

“Yeah, it just feels really intense. Keep going.”

I continue to pull my arm out steadily. I watch her no-longer-small ass hole contract around the tentacle as I pull it out, and I am completely blown away as I watch the length of my arm exit her ass. It seems like an even longer length to take watching it come out. I pull it out down to my wrist and pause. The entire floppy end of the tentacle is still up there, inside of her. I gaze at Jessica, wondrous at what she’s just done and adoring the contented look on her face. I pull my hand out of her ass. All that’s left is the flexible end of the tentacle.

I pull the rest of it out, watching it slither from her ass. About mid-way through the narrow end of the tentacle, the suckers don’t even pop against the rim of her ass anymore. She’s stretched open and gaping, and the end of the tentacle plops out of her loosened ass hole and into the water. It’s incredible. I want to examine the gaping hole that was once a tight little sea star, but I’m embarrassed. I can’t believe I did that to her.

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