Subject: Off Limits Chapter 3 AHOY PEEPS Thank you for every email you guys sent. I haven’t responded back to all of you, be sure that I will asap. I value all your comments and support xx THERE IS A SEX SCENE!! Hahaha I’ve been urged to have some sex in this story and I decided…yeah fuck it, why not? As always, comments and chats are welcome at [email protected] Enjoy x Ryan OFF LIMITS CHAPTER THREE I opened my eyes. Something must have woken me up, yet I had no idea what it possibly could have been. I’ve always been a sound sleeper. You would need World War three breaking out, when I was well and truly out…I looked around inside Tiffany’s spare room, where I was spending the night. My eyes slowly, but surely adjusted to the dark. I saw the door handle turn clockwise. As if it was helped by telekinesis. I was frozen solid. Someone was outside the door. And they wanted to come in. The door creaked open. Still, I made no movements to protect myself or to get ready for what, or whom ever was outside. I saw a shadow slipping into the room from the outside. The shadow took shape as it came ever closer. It was JJ. What the hell was he doing here? In my room? Alone… ? “Hey, you awake?” “Yeah bud. Is something wrong? Where’s your mom?” JJ came closer and sat on the edge of the bed. He was only wearing his boxers. His fifteen year old teenage body was so close, I could smell the coconut body wash he had used earlier for his shower. This was surreal. What the fuck was going on? JJ placed his hand onto mine, which was still underneath the duvet. Immediately my entire body stiffened. My heart rate accelerated. Hell, even my toes curled. Was this a dream? Was it all in my head? I wish I had the nerve to actually move my limbs so I could pinch myself. However, this beautiful, sexy, teenage soccer stud was staring into my eyes and there was only one message inside them. “I know I told you I’m not gay. But I know you saw me and Max earlier on. You watched us. Him blowing me. It’s the first time we did it, believe it or not. He doesn’t know I’m here. I was just so damn horny from watching your sexy ass DILF body all day. When you beat me in the swimming race earlier, I so didn’t mind. I was too busy stopping myself from getting hard. Your ripped abs, those hairy legs, they’re so super strong. Your arms…god…I’ve never been attracted to a dude before but, hot damn…I can’t stop thinking about you…” I probably did the most idiotic thing I could have done in my situation…I placed the palm of my hand onto his chest and stopped him from getting closer. God help me. I wanted this, needed this more than water and oxygen. This kid was willingly giving himself to me on a golden platter, and here I was, cock blocking him, so to speak. I needed some sense of normalcy. I was the adult here. No one would blame him if we were caught however, I would be immediate jailbait. “What’s wrong, Ryan? Don’t you want this?” he asked, his eyes seemingly hurt. So was his pride probably. “JJ. Don’t get me wrong. You are…fucking hell…you are a gorgeous kid. A stunningly beautiful boy. But that’s just it. You’re a teenage boy! If I allow this, I’d be nothing more than a peadoph…” “Don’t you dare finish that sentence. Don’t you dare call yourself that!” he hissed. He positioned his body across mine so that he was laying on my right hand side, but still above the duvet. He was looking straight into my eyes. His… they were deadly serious. Once more, he placed his right hand on top of mine. “How are you a peado when I want this as much as you? I have a mind of my own, you know? I dunno, you’ve…you’ve awakened something in me, so much so, that I allowed Max to blow me tonight. You know how long his gay ass have been BEGGING me to have him do stuff with me? I’ve ALWAYS said no. Tonight, thinking of you, in that room, I couldn’t stop him anymore. I needed relief. Only thing that would have made it perfect, was if you had izmit escort blown me. Max is my best friend and I love him. But you…its different.” Lord. Forgive me. I turned my full body towards him, reached out with my left hand and gently, slowly, carefully, as if he would break with my slightest touch, cupped his handsome teen face. I caressed the side, and the back of his neck. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply. “Oh my…oh my god…oh wow…” I swallowed. He reached out with his own right hand and viciously grasped mine, which I was caressing him with. His palm felt sweaty. He was nervous. Was this the first time he was intimate with another male? He opened his eyes slowly, as if he was scared I would disappear if he did it too fast. No. I was still there. And I wasn’t going anywhere. “Ryan…” he whispered. “Yeah?” “Kiss me. Please? Kiss me.” All sanity flew out of my brain and straight out of the window. I had no, zero, nothing, nada control over this any longer. It was as if I was operating on auto pilot. My heart was hammering. His eyes was sparkling. Shimmering. I swear I could see a need in them, that I knew all too well. I slowly leaned forward. This had to be perfect, I only had one chance. He gasped as my forehead touched his. His mouth was slightly open, his breath was coming out in static pauses. He grabbed my shoulder, however, that wasn’t his intended target. His hand flew from my shoulder to the side of my face. I could actually smell his Colgate minted breath. “Kiss me…Ryan…I need you, please kiss me…” It was like giving a child permission to eat candy. I kissed his forehead, his eye lids, his ears, his cheeks, his nose. He shuddered and shivered beneath me. All that remained was his mouth…those delectable, tasty, full, fifteen year old lips. I licked my own. “I love you…” I croaked…leaning down and plunging my lips onto his own. He severely moaned and thrashed both his arms around my lanky body. He was holding me so god damn tight, I felt like I might suffocate. It was a typical teenager’s move. He didn’t know what belonged where. However…he certainly knew how to use his lips… his mouth…his tongue. My God. It was as if my entire body was engulfed into a reincarnated spirit of an ancient animal. I searched and found his tongue with my own, a primal urge to make love with the person I loved with all my heart. JJ gave as good as he got. He pushed his entire body with an hound-like need into mine, his more muscled teenage frame crushing me into the mattress of the bed. He was suddenly on top as we continued the kiss. He dove down and I felt his lips and teeth on my neck. This kid was gonna give me a hickey if he didn’t stop and HOW THE FUCK was I gonna explain THAT to his mother? I pulled him away from the cove of my collarbone, regrettably, and attacked his red, full lips once more. He lost his balance and collapsed on top of me. I cradled his head in my hands as my mouth mated with his, his inexperience dwarfed with my frenzied lust and ache for his teenage body. Suddenly, the fact that he was only in his boxers, was a major factor in what would happen next. JJ followed my eyes and saw the object of my desire. God Almighty. The bulge in this kid’s boxers…my own cock swelled. So did my hormones. I wanted this. I wanted this kid’s cock. More than life itself at that moment. I had already gotten a taste of the forbidden fruit and I still hadn’t had enough. Not nearly enough. I carefully placed my fingers on his knees. JJ swallowed. I caressed his strong, muscled knee cap. My fingers glided like an ice dancer over his skin. His pure, beautiful milky white boy velvet skin. I reached the inside of his legs. I saw his dick inside of the boxers. He wasn’t porn star huge, but it certainly, certainly, wasn’t a little boy dick either. I reckoned between four and five inches, maybe five-and-a-half when he was fully hard. I licked my lips. JJ’s stomach was retracting yahya kaptan escort with every second. He was ready. Get a grip, Ryan. I finally got some more movement in my body and I looked down at JJ defiantly. I grabbed my boy and pulled him into a strong hold, my arms possessively around the beautiful soccer player’s body. This time I leaned in and attacked JJ’s neck with a deep desperate need before I pounced on his face as our two hungry, needy, passionate lips met in a passionate, angry, almost greedy mouth swap of liquids. I took the time to caress my hands all over JJ’s upper chest and stomach muscles, feeling and wanting those ripples of flesh. JJ in turn never allowed my lips to leave his own as two horny sex bound tongues almost flew into the other’s mouth. JJ stretched out and ran his fingers through my light brown hair at the back of my head, pulling me closer as our tongues continued to duel. With a animalistic groan, I ripped off my T-shirt I was wearing and removed my pyjama trunks as fast as I possibly could. Meanwhile JJ didn’t wait either and swiftly, with the grace of a fifteen year old teenager, removed his boxer shorts. Both of us faced each other rock solid naked, as the day we had come into this world. Never mind how horny both of us were…we couldn’t for the life of us, deny that the other had a near perfect male body. To JJ’s amazement, I kneeled down, caressing my buddy boy’s inner thighs and flesh as I did so. Finally then…it was time. The most beautiful uncut teen dick…well, the only teen dick apart from my own…I have EVER had the pleasure of seeing in my twenty-nine years of being on this earth. My best friend’s only son was just that when it came to sex. A boy. A scared, nervous, excited boy. And right now he looked it. JJ’s dick was right in front of my eyes…I could smell it. I could feel it. It was THROBBING. I had to taste it. “FUUUUCK…” JJ moaned, thrusting his head backwards, his eyes rolling back in their sockets, so wonderfully overwhelming it must have felt to have his dick back inside a warm male mouth. Even if I wasn’t as sober as I was, nothing could convince me to stop. He was a leaker. Pre cum feasted through his pure piss slit. I was like a man possessed. I couldn’t get enough of the JJ’s rock solid hard and red hot teenage cock as I kept sucking faster, more urgent, wanting that juicy nectar within his fifteen year old sperm makers. Keeping my mouth pumping in a steady pace on his cock, his moans and chest heavs getting more and more RAW… I reached upwards and roughly spread out my fingers across JJ’s ripped, soccer boy stomach. Good god it felt so good! His pectorals stiffened and tensed underneath my touch. You could quite literally FEEL every one of those abs that he had worked so hard for. Being with another man this intimate and him thrashing around in pleasure that YOU are giving him…nothing comes close. JJ sighed and his chest heaved as he looked down and saw the life long best friend of his mother, sucking on his dick. God, what must he be thinking right now… I know what I was…I needed his cum in my damn mouth! Covering his cock head in my saliva, I thoroughly enjoyed the texture of that steel hard organ underneath my experienced tongue. I attacked, licked and sucked at JJ’s cockhead, penetrating the savvy piss slit, tasting the delicious young pre juices that seemed to just POUR out of JJ’s pulsing prick. My brain was gone. My cock was doing the thinking. I decided that I wanted more and reached underneath the cascading teen penis to play with JJ’s balls, taking both into one hand, gently stimulating the two testicals, wanting them to release their torrent of goodness. JJ’s chest and heart rate was starting to quicken with alarming force and sheer desire, as he tried his best to pro long his orgasm. His dick must have felt like it was enveloped inside a velvet woollen coat, caressed and gebze escort enjoyed to the max. I got the feeling JJ, as well as his balls, couldn’t keep up this kind of torture any longer as I felt the boy I loved’s rampant teen cock jumping and getting hotter with every suction. The veins underneath the penis seemed to bubble and pulsate with each flare of my tongue. Enough. I needed his sperm. I GLIDED my tongue over the red teen organ. JJ’s primal instincts seemed to kick in and he grabbed my head, pulled my head all the way into his groin, and with equally male primal lust, pumped his muscled hips like the horny slut he really was. Result! I felt that familiar tingling sensation inside his balls as I stuffed each one in my mouth, he shoved his crotch against my warm pie hole. Oh fuck yeah.. I was in balls deep. “Ohhhhh fuck…oh fuck oh fuck…dude…gonna cum…gonna cummmm…like now!!” I sucked with even more pace and velocity. “Ryan! I’m serious! I’m gonna blow!” I jacked off his penis whilst popping only the cock head into my mouth. I wanted to suck up all his spermy goodness like a damn vacuum. It felt like a volcano about to spew. He was hard. He needed to cum. “Haaahhh…what are you…dude…hmmm…” I stimulated his teen boy nuts. They felt like beer pong balls. I wanted their elixir. And I wanted it NOW. “Ryan…I’m gonna…jesus!” Finally, the boy wonder couldn’t last anymore. He moaned desperately as his balls couldn’t hold their protein for one more second. He blasted his sweet, virile, young, white protein makers directly into my desperate and thirsty mouth. I drank and slurped like I was at a beer festival. Slippery…creamy…thick teenage boy sperm. The best sperm, I had EVER tasted. His swimmers was rolling around in my gullet, I savoured the sweet, yet metallic taste that his balls had given me. I continued to stimulate his now, spent dick as it still oozed sperm straight from the source. He pulled away, his body trembling, his teen cock obviously sensitive after such an oral assault. This was the fucking life. I swallowed for the final time, licking my lips in ecstasy to fully savour the taste. A part of him was now inside me. My hands was shaking. My heart fluttered. My chest felt warm and relieved. After the thick substance that was JJ’s cream had finally gone down my hungry throat, I gently, carefully stood up, grabbed a weeping JJ, and laid another gentle, loving, caring tongue lashing on his by now, raw, red teenage lips. “I…love…you…” he whispered. ** I woke up with a shudder. The sweat was pouring from my forehead and my pits. I was near soaked. My body felt like it was on fire. JJ. Oh my God. Where was JJ? My alarm clock flashed. It was 06:30. Nearly time to get up. I was fully dressed. My mouth was dry and my voice seemed to croak. Realization hit me like a mother fucker. It was a dream. All of it. From start to finish. Sigh. I laid back onto the pillow and threw the duvet off me. Tears gathered in the corner of my eyes. I loved him. If I wasn’t sure before, I was now. I loved him. I was in love with my best friend’s son. Suddenly I was reminded exactly why he was off limits. Tiffany would literally chop my balls off if she could read my mind. A knock at the door startled me and reminded me that was sleeping over at Tiffany’s home. JJ’s handsome face appeared from around the door. His floppy hair was all over the place. His smile ignited another flame inside my heart. “Hey! Mom wants to know if you want some coffee. Breakfast will be ready, like…soon. Max and I are doing it.” Oh yeah. They sure were. THAT was no dream. Doing it. “Hey bud. Yeah, if there’s some going around. I’ll be up soon.” JJ smirked and failed to hide it. “Yeah, no offence…but it looks like you’re already…up!” He winked and left the room. Confused, my eyes wandered over to…OH MY GOD! HOW?? HOW didn’t I notice I had a hardon?? He saw it! But he winked, right? He wasn’t repulsed. Maybe…just maybe… THANKS FOR READING!! Okay, I wanna ask you guys a favour. Should Ryan… 1) Back off and let JJ be with Max 2) Go for it with JJ 3) Have a threesome with JJ and Max LEMME KNOW!! 😉 Peace and ail

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