Subject: Our Cabin in the Woods – Part 3 *Our Cabin in the Woods — Part 3 * Gay, boys * * * * I saw Chris at school the next day and he asked me how it went at the cabin. “It was great! We hiked and fished. It was cold in the evenings and in the mornings, so we had to stay in, but the stove kept us warm. We’re going again this weekend.” “Do you think I could come with you and your dad… I mean, sometime?” He asked excitedly. I didn’t know what to say to that. I couldn’t tell him why not, so I said, “I’ll have to ask my dad. We just have the two beds.” He looked more than a little disappointed, so I added, “I think it’ll be okay, but I still have to ask.” He perked up at that. “Sure, I understand. Thanks, Stevie!” “Yeah, I’ll let you know what he says.” He smiled, we fist bumped and went off in different directions. Mom was at her sister’s, so when Dad got home from work that evening, I caught him as he was getting out of the shower and as I applied lotion to his wide, muscular back, I asked him, “Dad, I was telling Chris about the cabin and he asked if he could join us sometime. I told him I’d have to ask you first.” He turned around, escort looking more disappointed than angry. “But the cabin is our place, Steve. It’s for us to be alone together.” “I know, Dad, but Chris’s mom and dad are divorced, and he hasn’t seen his dad in years. I think maybe he secretly envies our relationship and wants a little piece of what we have.” “Have you told him about us?” Dad asked. “No, of course not! That’s just between you and me, but I feel bad for him. He doesn’t have a great dad like I do. Couldn’t we give him this one weekend, please?” He seemed to think about it for a minute then smiled and said, “Okay, this one time I guess we can afford to let him have a little piece of what we have for one weekend, can’t we? He’ll have to get the okay from his mother though, understood?” “Yes, I understand. Thanks!” I said as I hugged him and kissed him on the lips. He kissed me back and I felt his cock begin to grow as did mine. “You’d better get out of here before we get caught doing something we’re both going to regret.” Then I leaned in and whispered in his ear, “I have never regretted anything I’ve done with you, big izmit escort bayan daddy.” Then I nipped his ear, so he swatted my ass. I pulled away from him and as my parting shot I said, “I’m a bad boy, Daddy and I need to be punished.” He just squinted at me as his cock came to full attention. “See what you’ve done. Now get out, you rotten kid!” he said grinning, as he swatted my butt once more, harder. “Yes, Sir, but you owe me a spanking… a good one!” “Get! Out!!!” I left laughing even though all I wanted to do was suck his big cock right there in the family bathroom. I went to my room and took out my cock, then remembered I had to call Chris. “Hey, buddy!” he answered. “Hey, Chris, my dad said it’s okay as long as you get permission from your mom.” “I already have!” “Pretty sure of yourself, weren’t you?” “No, just hopeful, that’s all. Whathca doin’ this afternoon?” “I have my cock out and was just about to beat off, you?” I asked with a touch of mischief in my voice. Silence. “You still there?” “Uh, yeah, just didn’t expect to hear that. Mind if I…?” izmit sınırsız escort “No, go ahead and take it out. Let’s beat off together,” I encouraged him as I stroked my uncut cock to an image of him doing the same with his cut one. “Heck, yeah! Are you stroking?” “Oh yeah. I don’t know how long I’ll last, but I’ll try to wait until you get there.” “Thanks. I’m already leaking, you?” he asked. “Oh yeah. I can picture your hand moving up and down your shaft, that big head of yours… all pink and purple.” “And I can see your extra skin covering and uncovering your head as you stroke that monster of yours.” “I wish you were here so that I could see it when you come.” “Me too. You give great head by the way.” That was all I needed to hear. I moaned then said loudly, “Oh fuck, I’m coming!” He echoed that, saying, “Me toooo!” I shot all over my chest and stomach and I imagined he was doing the same on his end of the phone. When I had sufficiently recovered, I said, “Thanks, I needed that.” “Yeah, me too.” Then he laughed. “Gotta get cleaned up, I’ll see you tomorrow at school, buddy.” “Yeah, me too. See ya.” We both hung up and I laid there until the cum started dripping down my sides. Then I got up and cleaned myself off with a dirty pair of underwear I found on the floor. (to be continued)

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