Our Cuckholding History


Our Cuckholding History

“Guess what Thomas wants for Christmas.” Helen handed Gary a scotch then stood with her hands on her hips. She addressed my friend Gary but looked defiantly into my eyes.

“Helen, don’t. Not now. Just cool your jets.” I tried to keep a flat and casual tone but I could tell that desperation tainted my comment.

“Just guess Gary. What do you think my husband, your friend wants most of all for Christmas?”

Gary looked back and forth from Helen to myself, trying to decipher the tension between us. “I don’t know… A silver BMW… a winning lottery ticket… his two front teeth…really, Helen, no idea.”

Still glaring at me Helen answered. “ Come on now Gary you two went to grade school together, you’ve known him all your life. What would be his heart’s fondest desire? Take a real guess.”

“Well, Helen, I’ve known you all my life as well and I can see you’re trying to rope me into one of your famous spats. Sorry, no Mr Referee for me today. I refuse to play.”

Helen sat down on the coffee table facing Gary on the couch. “Well, Gary, I’’m gonna share… friend to friend.”

“Helen, stop this.” I heard the urgency in my own voice.

“Thomas wants to watch me get fucked by another man. He actually wants to sit there and watch us make out. It started as a bedroom fantasy… fine… but now he’s pushing hard to make it a reality, making suggestions for a hook up, searching the net. That’s just sick. Is that love? Is that a marriage?” Helen stormed out of the living room and up the stairs.

“ I’m sorry Gary, you didn’t have to hear all that shit. It’s between Helen and I. Hey, listen it may be a way to keep a relationship fresh, God knows mine got awfully stale awfully fast. At least the cheating goes on in the open. Maybe that’s not cheating at all. And, to tell you the truth, lots of men share that fantasy, especially if his wife is a stunner like Helen.”

Gary stared at his glass then downed it in one quick gulp. “Listen Tommy, if you do convince her… I’m volunteering up front. You know I’ve always had the hots for Helen… cute little next door neighbour and all. Just don’t punch me in the mouth for suggesting it.”

“Well, Gary it ain’t gonna happen… probably just as well. The idea turns me on but I’ve always been crazy jealous of Helen. I would likely lose it. It’s just those fucking porn sites. I get horny as hell watching that stuff. I love the ones where the hubbie is sitting there stroking or filming his wife as she goes berserk on some stranger’s fat cock. I don’t understand why but it gets me rock hard and my mind plays the images over and over with Helen as the hotwife. See, I even know the lingo. I must be one sick perverted fuck. I should see someone about it. Listen, let me refresh your drink and get the game on.”
I brought back our drinks and we put our feet up to enjoy the football. Gary however, couldn’t leave it alone. “Which sites do you watch?” and later, “Does Helen ever watch them with you?” and “How did you bring the topic up?” then “Are you just gonna let it die?” I dismissed his questions or mumbled something vague. When the game was over I told Gary that he’d better leave so that I could go and patch things up with Helen. She had not come back downstairs since she stormed off.

“I’ll claim temporary insanity and throw myself on the mercy of the court. I’ll see you later Gary. Time to mend some fences.”

I was hustling him out the door when he stopped and spoke directly. “I wasn’t k**ding about volunteering if it ever comes to pass. Just remember that.”

“Oh for God’s sake Gary. It was nothing, just a misunderstanding between husband and wife.Please just forget it.”

“No way. I’m gonna go home and jerk off. You remember our jerk off sessions when we were k**s.”

“Gary, your a pervert and a hound dog. Get out of here. I’ve got work to do.”

I crept up stairs and lightly rapped on our bedroom door. Helen opened the door immediately, grabbed my arm and pulled me into the room. “Is he gone? What do you think? Will he go for it? Will he fuck me with you watching? Oh, Tommy, I’m so horny right now… I’ve been fingering myself like a maniac ever since I stomped up here.” I grinned at her enthusiasm. I took her hand and led her over to our bed. I lay back with my fingers interlaced behind my head.

“It was perfect. He couldn’t leave it alone. He kept volunteering and demanding details. I just let him float and imagine. His cock grew stiff and he kept throwing back scotches. You, my dear were terrific, what an actress. I believed you myself. He was ready to fuck you then and there. Tomorrow, I’ll go over and tell him that you want to teach me a lesson… get even… fuck him in front of me. He’ll be over here in a flash. I told you what a horn-he was. Our fantasy is going to become our reality.”

Helen reached across my body and began massaging my erection through my jeans. “Look what you have made me Thomas with your stories, your fantasies, your web sites. I’m sopping wet thinking of another man’s cock , picturing what I’ll do with it, what it will feel like. I’m going to be that slutwife you are always going on about. I already feel the part.”

“Are you going to suck him off?”

“Mmmm,” she replied as she undid my clasp and zipper. “But first I’m going to examine it and fondle it. I’ve known Gary all my life and at times felt curious about his cock. I think he’ll love me inspecting his cock and balls… kissing licking exploring before I suck him off. Will that make you jealous Tommy. I want you crazy jealous over what I say and do to him. I don’t know what arouses me more, experiencing an exciting new cock or watching you seethe with jealousy.”

“I’m already conflicted as hell. I’m insanely jealous. I’m insanely aroused. I’m insanely confused and I can’t wait to see it all… feel it all. And… and when it is all over, I’m going to spank you soundly for being a slut. I’ll make you confess to loving it and wanting more.”

As I spoke Helen began to jerk my cock rapidly in her tight fist. We had worked out the details for months. She would humiliate me, cuckold me, make me sick with jealousy. I would then punish her for her wicked ways. Finally, we would fuck like a****ls. All of our fetishes would be linked and played out in this fashion.”

“I want to be able to look into your eyes while I do everything. I want to watch you suffer. I want you to remember that this was all your idea. I want you to hear me compare his cock to yours. I want you to listen as I profess my love and devotion to him. Are you ready to watch him cum in my mouth?” She was getting worked up now and wanking on my prick furiously. “Are you ready to watch another man cum in my cunt and up my ass? Are you ready to clean me up as he watches you?” As she asked her final question she plunged her head down on my cock and sucked wildly on my cock, grunting and splattering out her lust I began to pump thick jets of spunk down her throat. She swallowed my load with guttural a****l noises.

She rolled onto her back and flipped up her skirt. “Eat me, Thomas. Eat my cunt while I imagine fucking Gary. Make me cum like I will cum for him.” She called out his name as I brought her to orgasm. We spent the night fucking and imagining. Thank God the next day was Sunday and we could sleep in.

Around twelve I sauntered over to Gary’s house four doors over and across the street.

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