Our first hunting trip


Our first hunting tripKay and I went elk hunting at Samson Creek the first year we hunted together. All throughout deer season her Dad and/or son’s had gone with us. Even her Mom has gone with us a couple of times. I got to her Mom and Dad and as always we had breakfast. We were getting ready to leave and one of Kay’s friends stopped by. Becky had stopped to visit with Kay’s Mom and Dad. Kay and her were talking and Kay said that we were leaving to go hunting. Becky looked at me and I said “Put your coat back on and you can go with us.” Her reply was “no I don’t hunt.“ Kay and I left and headed for the creek. We got about 1 mile up the road and I reached over and rubbed Kay’s breast. She did the same but reached for my cock. Then Kay unbuttoned my pants and pulled my semi hard cock out. She leaned over and started sucking on me and within 30 seconds I was as hard as a rock. Kay sucked and licked bilecik escort me for several minutes. In the mean time, I had tried to reach behind her and slip my hand down her pants so I could finger her. Her pants were to tight and after a few tries, without releasing my cock from her mouth, she loosened her pants and slide them down below her butt. Now I could play and pleasure her while she sucked and pleasured me. During the whole 45 minutes it took to get there she never took my cock out of her mouth. I had a terrible time trying to drive on the icy roads and keep from cumming at the same time and still finger her hot dripping pussy. When we finally got to where we wanted to be I stopped. Kay let go of my cock but only so she could crawl over the seat to get in the back. I quickly followed her. She way leaning back and I just naturally started licking her escort bilecik hot pussy that was already over flowing with her juices. I think she had a few orgasms on the way. I licked and sucked her pussy and clit for several more minutes until she started to cum again. Kay flooded my face with pussy juice that I happily licked and drank.I then crawled between her legs, slipped my hard 6” cock in her and started pumping her hard and fast. I fucked her for several minutes and sometime during this she had kicked out and broke my door handle. When it happened I’m not sure and really didn’t care. I kept pounding her as hard as I could and after a few more minutes I started to fill her pussy with my cum. I must have shot a gallon into her because each thrust would push cum out of her filled pussy. When I finished cumming and slipped out I leaned over and sucked bilecik escort bayan on her pussy and helped drain all of our juices out. When I finished her pussy only had tongue streaks on it. She was asleep within 5 minutes. I covered her up and got out of the Jeep and walked down the creek. I saw no elk but lots of salmon. When I got back she was awake and fully dressed. I’d been gone for over an hour. She still had that “freshly fucked look” on her face. We talked, hugged and kissed some more and then decided to head back. As soon as we were back on the road Kay took out my cock and started sucking on it. She raised up long enough to say “Just because I want more of your cock.” Who was I to argue? She sucked and bobbed and suck and boobed for 10 minutes when I told her that I was going to cum. She swallowed as much of my cock as she could and kept stroking me. With a few seconds I started cumming. I pumped all my cum down her throat. I could hardly stay on the road. Kay emptied my balls, without losing a drop, and kept sucking my cock until it was completely soft. She leaned up and fixed my pants. We were back to her place about 5 minutes later. No elk that day but that was just fine with us!

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