Out Of Afrika, Chapter 28


Out Of Afrika, Chapter 28
Out of Afrika, Chapter 28 – A Lawyer’s Wife’s Black Lovers?

A Fantasy created by International Writers Curt B, Julie Van and Wunderboi


About ten days went by until an opportunity arose for TJ to speak to the boss. By then he had rehearsed his plan in his mind umpteen times. The days had dragged a bit since he had watched, through a slightly ajar master bedroom door, the black friend of Mr. Rush make love to Mrs. Rosie, Mr. Rush’s lovely, much younger white wife, while Mr. Rush looked on seated in a chair.

TJ was still new to the staff of the lawyer’s mansion, and as a recent college grad from the black state college, he was being very careful. He told no one else about what he had seen and especially what he had heard as Mrs. Rosie screamed in the throes of passion with her very well hung black lover.

Mr. Rush was a man of fixed habits and always took breakfast at exactly the same time: 7:30 am after which his driver took him to his office, leaving at exactly 8:00 am for his 8:30 am daily meeting.

He liked to start his day with the pretty young busty black maid, Daisy, serving him breakfast. It was rumored among some of the staff that she accommodated him in ways that did not involve food, but no one knew that for sure.

Once the service entrance door closed behind her she tended to fuss over the old man, touching his hand when she put his food in front of him and brushing invisible lint off his jacket while standing very close to him. It became a ritual for her to then move away while he ate and read his paper, and to tend to the indoor plants bending over from the waist to water giving him an eyeful up the short skirt of the traditional maid’s outfit. He just loved black girls and would brush against her big breasts whenever she came close, which was often.

This day, however, it was TJ that brought in the usual silver tray with his neatly folded newspaper, his orange juice and his daily pills. Then he would repeat the trip with lightly scrambled eggs, well-cooked toast and his tea. Mr. Rush was a man who liked his routines and traditions, he was slightly perturbed at the change in his custom.

“Oh, good morning TJ where is Daisy this morning?” he asked kindly.

TJ replied, “Morning, Sir, we have had a run of the flu over the weekend and several folks can’t get their heads off their pillows. It seems to be a bad strain indeed.”

“Sorry to hear the news. I trust the Doctor has been advised. Is my chauffeur alright?”

“No sir, Bill is down with it as well, so I wondered if you would like me to drive you to your office?”

“Of course, TJ that is very good of you, it seems we can’t run any part of this place without you these days!” He said with a laugh.

TJ performed flawlessly and knew his place was in serving, not interrupting, and thus he gave the boss total privacy with his newspaper. He must not push his idea with the boss. He must let the boss tell him what to do, and hopefully, all would go swimmingly.

Mr. Rush, later seated alone in the sumptuous luxury of the Rolls, let his mind wander.

Mr. Rush knew he was adored and respected by his mainly black staff. Even the grooms, the jockey, the trainer and the horsey staff who looked after the barns on the sprawling property looked up to Mr. Rush as they all called him but none of them, if anyone should ask, would be able to say or even seemed to know his proper surname.

TJ had joined the staff right out of Blackbone college, where he had been a star athlete and Phys-Ed major. He understood this job to be a summer position whilst he mailed his Resume in and applied to high schools and colleges all over town in hopes of landing a teaching and coaching position. Right away he knew ‘the old man’ as some of the staff called him behind his back was kind, generous and a forward-thinking lawyer who respected the people of all races.

However, TJ never referred to the owner as ‘the old man’ he was far too smart for that. In fact, he never said anything behind the man’s back. Mr. Rush expected loyalty and complete trust. Mr. Rush considered TJ to be a perfect employee, despite his youth and newness to the estate.

None of the staff knew Mrs. Rosie very well. She was very much younger than her husband and they had only been married for a few years. The male staff, especially the black men took note of her trim figure, long blonde hair, lovely ample bust and gorgeous long legs. When she entertained her three girlfriends for a weekly tennis match, the men would watch the vision of loveliness she presented in her tiny skirt and tight top, and they would imagine fucking her, though none of them dared articulate their desires. Mr. Rush would watch those scenes unfold with a bemused smile to himself.

As the car moved easily through the lovely countryside Mr. Rush broke the silence by thinking out loud, “TJ, I must advise Mrs. Rosie, as you call her, about this flu business, as she has her fitness class this morning with that young personal trainer fellow.

“I must say, I don’t care for him all that much.

“What’s his name again?

“How do you folks take to him?”

It was an opening TJ could not resist.

“Well Mr. Rush, Sir, he does not treat us all that well.

“We all think he has a superior attitude, and he seems to look down on all black people, not just the servants.

“His name is Bruce, sir, and from what he tells me, I don’t think he is all that smart and not very good with generally accepted proper physical training methods, at least the ones I have been studying for the past four years!”

Mr. Rush replied; “You know TJ, I really appreciate your honesty and opinion. I think Mrs. Rosie is unhappy with him too, I shall speak to her about it tonight. Please tell me more about your physical education studies.”

TJ was delighted to talk about his courses and his experiences on everything from diet to personal training. Without too much embellishment he frankly made a compelling case why he could be considered as Mrs. Rosie’s personal trainer, without coming right out and saying it. He hoped he had not pushed too hard.

“Thank you very much, you are a fine driver as well, please pick me up at six pm..”

TJ tried to look nonchalant while beaming inside. He hadn’t expected to be able to mention his own skill in personal training, but he had managed to casually work it into his remarks. And then to have Mr. Rush ask for a more detailed explanation, well that was fortuitous indeed.

He felt his cock thicken as he thought of being alone with the gorgeous young white wife in the large workout area downstairs, and to be there with the permission and enthusiastic recommendation of her husband. TJ had loved being with white girls in high school and later in university when he seduced many girls who were three and four years older than him. He considered himself to be a talented, experienced lover, and now at twenty-one, he felt he was just coming into his prime.

Since arriving in Hawksville still in his teens he was sincerely grateful to his white married landlady who had taken a shine to him and eagerly took him into her bed teaching him how to pleasure her with his mouth and then with his big hard cock.

She was a great teacher and he reveled in her wild, boundless passion.

They often had sex on the nights her husband went to his favourite bar or went out bowling. She was well into her fifties and still had a voracious appetite for sex, something her husband did not share. TJ was delighted when she took the lead and dominated him. He was amused at some of her antics but he did not share his amusement with her, fearing it may break her mood and her concentration.

Now that he had moved to Mr. Rush’s farm he was also delighted when his off-day coincided with his former landlady’s husband’s golf day and he would pick up some flowers and visit with her. There was something magical about bedding her in the middle of the day with sunlight streaming in the windows. She had been his first lover and she had patiently and passionately taught him how to pleasure a woman in all possible ways. His youth and blackness seemed in erotic contrast to her pale older white body and he was thrilled that she was truly kinky and driven by her sexual fantasies. Sometimes she dressed him in her sheer white panties, stockings and a garter belt before she knelt on the carpet and took his big black cock into her wet, willing mouth.

He felt so dominant when she would scream in ecstasy when he brought her to orgasm after orgasm. He just loved fucking the much older woman. And she loved getting fucked hard, with no strings attached.


Denise settled in quite easily and quickly to her new job in porn films. In fact, she loved having sex in front of the camera so much she didn’t even think it was ‘work’ except when the generous cheques rolled into her account each week. When she had begun working for Rhino Oskar had reviewed her agreed upon pay package and initially he was concerned but when he watched her in action he quickly changed his opinion and had pushed Ma’Bill aside and had her report directly to him.

Ma’Bill seethed inside as he once again he found himself playing second fiddle to the CEO.

Her introduction to Rhino Media began with being fucked by Seydou while supposedly posing for photos which was a bonus for Denise. However, the icing on the cake for her was the arrival in Hawksville of filmmaker and production director Miss Julie from Detroit.

Julie made herself immediately indispensable to Rhino Media and took over completely. Julie had even brought along a couple of young girls who were outstanding in looks and well versed in lesbian sexual skills.

Seydou, for his part, was delighted to take a big step back. Some days he didn’t even bother to come into the shoots, and it was rumored that he was mostly in bed fucking his assistant, the young Bajan beauty, June. He had taken an interest in anal sex and she seemed very happy to accommodate his fingers, mouth and hard cock in her sensitive, tight back passage.

Once Julie realized that she more or less had free rein in producing the Rhino films she moved quickly to promote lesbian love with the two young girls starring with Denise. Julie had herself been attracted to other women, and as she got older she was fascinated by the ‘older woman seducing younger teen girls’ scenario. The girls she brought from Detroit had birth certificates which proved they were eighteen years old, but while that made them legal aged, it did not prevent her from making them up and dressing them as looking younger. Julie knew that older men were a major market for porn, and she also knew what they wanted when they were alone with their computers after their wives had gone off to bed. Her nominal boss Seydou having basically opting out had opened the door for Julie to push her edgy subject matter further than she normally might have if there was proper supervision. Julie wrote a script for each film which pleased Denise no end as having a speaking role would help her to be thought of as an ‘actor’ and not just a ‘porn star.’

This enterprise being a startup, with the finest in HD equipment, top quality young girls, lots of black cock ‘talent’ and no one to second guess her gave Julie quite a sense of perhaps misguided power.


Oskar was silently pleased with how everything Rhino-centric had gone to plan. First there had been the quiet revolution of establishing a foothold in the US; then came the introduction of the mind-controlling applications in the Mobile Phone and other devices followed by the spreading of the word according to the Church of the Black Staff. Then came the successes of the real estate endeavors of the Shopping Mall and the Rhino Hotel suites and the Gentlemen’s club. He felt excited at the prospects of the Animatronic division and the production of realistic dolls and now he had the latest initiative of the Rhino Media Services that was proving to be a thorn in the sides of the Right-wing bigots who had previously dominated the air waves in support of their beloved oaf of a Governor.

Such were his thoughts as he busily created his campaign cabinet, budgeting marketing and promotion expenses, and gave over his thinking about fundraising to pay for the mounting costs. However he was unconcerned for he had his ace in the hole.

The sloppy, arrogant, ignorant, racist current Governor had left quite a sexual footprint resident at Rhino Industries over the years as a consequence of his frequent visits to Rhino and the hospitality that had been provided to him. Oskar would go to him sometime near the end of the campaign for the election of a new Governor and show him one of the films recorded on one of his visits and offer him a chance to withdraw from the race. Already in his mid-seventies, the Governor could withdraw on personal health reasons and his public appeal, which was on shaky grounds anyway, would understand, and he could retire gracefully.

If he refused, Oskar would destroy him.


Rosie claimed she had not had sex for a week. At least, she grinned to herself, not with anyone else. She had purchased a black rubber dildo from the Rhino Store and hid it in a place that her husband would never find it. She didn’t want to admit to him that following the wild sex session with Seydou the black photographer after her husband’s 75th birthday party that she thought of nothing else but well-endowed black men. The dildo would do the job very well until she could find something more lifelike!

She wasn’t silly enough to expect Seydou to be enamored only with her and try and see her often. She was practical enough to understand that her loving husband was hugely turned on by her getting laid by his client and friend, and that was all there was to it. There was no Love involved, just getting laid. It, worked both ways, for her as well as for him, in fact for all three of them.

But now Rosie needed it again. She ached for black cock. She could not stop fantasizing about it.

Rosie was not one to lie about in bed in the mornings. She got up as soon as Rush went downstairs. She had a fondness for birdwatching and the early morning was a good time to catch the various species feeding. Her binoculars stood at the ready in a quiet corner of her bedroom where she could open the window and scan the property near the house. This particular morning dressed in only a sheer white negligee with pretty pink bows she slid into her seat looking out at the quiet pastoral scene.

Where the farm road twisted away from the house and down to the hidden tennis courts she spotted a cardinal and brought the binoculars up to watch it. Up the road, out for his morning jog came TJ. He stopped after the intense exertion of the last hill and panting, bent over to catch his breath. Rosie trained her binoculars on him. “Oh my God,” she thought, “he has a phenomenal body.

Stripping the wet T-shirt off over his head he revealed he wore only white shorts, his wet muscles rippling in the soft early morning light. Now facing the house she could clearly see the significant bulge in his crotch and she felt the rush of dampness in her pussy. He turned around and she admired his tight and perfect ass. She remembered his arm brushing her sensitive big breasts when he delivered drinks to Rush and Seydou that special night and she wondered if TJ had seen her fucking Seydou?

She turned and walked back into the room, got her ten-inch black rubber cock and opened her mouth to suck it and her mind went to thinking of Seydou fucking her while her husband stroked her hair as they both watched his black cock entering her first a few inches at a time, then more as she screamed at him to give her more to ‘fuck my brains out’ while her sweet 75-year-old husband watched intently.

She pushed the black toy deep into her soaking wet cunt and as her thoughts turned to TJ she felt her orgasm engulf her senses.

She gathered her senses and had just calmed down when her husband phoned to ask her to meet with him and lunch in town, which was most unusual indeed.

They agreed to meet at the private men’s club where he had been a member for fifty years, a club where women were only permitted inside with a member, usually their husbands. There were some traditions in Hawksville which stayed sacrosanct and this was one of them. The members were nearly all old white men, while the wait staff were all black, mostly men but included some attractive young black girls who had just graduated from high school and who were in the Club’s training program.

Rush arrived early for his date with his wife.

He liked to plan over a dry martini and his mind wandered back to when his first wife had passed away and he had spent years on his own. A few months after her passing the phone started ringing and single women started to ask him out. It was a concept with which he was unfamiliar, and he went on a few dates that were indeed awkward. After a while he worked at being more comfortable, and concentrated on finding much younger women and girls whom he could shower with expensive gifts while they in exchange provided him with their sexual favours without tying him down to a ‘relationship.’

It was Clarissa Johnson, an old friend of his wife, who had invited him to sit on the Board of Directors of the local art school, obviously hoping that he might help them financially. She was quite open about it and he liked that honesty. Anyway, it was well known he was an art lover, so he agreed and he faithfully attended board meetings and graduations. He particularly liked to attend the all-girls school graduation ceremony where from the front row his eyes could feast on the flashes of young strong legs. Being artists, the girls often pushed the boundaries of propriety by dressing in a free and easy way; one could even describe it like a slutty manner. He smiled at the memory.

He remembered very fondly when Clarissa suggested he fund a scholarship program to help certain girls’ families pay the tuition fees. The first girl to graduate on ‘his’ scholarship was a pretty black student by the name of Darleen with whom he had developed a bond. She was very thankful for his financial support and missed no opportunity to thank him with a warm hug.

He thought her art was superb and returned the favour by buying a few of her paintings.

He remembered Darleen’s graduation when the Johnsons hosted a party after the Country Club ceremony and dinner. Darleen had won many of the major awards and he was as proud of her as any parent would have been. She sat beside him at the dinner, and this gave Clarissa a chance to introduce them to the crowd, further promoting the scholarship idea to other potential donors.

Darleen gladly accepted a lift to the Johnson‘s in the back seat of Mr. Rush’s immaculate white Rolls-Royce. The tinted privacy window was closed and the driver, Bill left it that way. It was there Rush learned that she was an orphan; it was there that she learned that his wife had died some years before; it was there he learned that she was living in a cheap boarding house; it was there she felt his loneliness bursting out of him and she felt an overwhelming need to comfort him; it was there that she put her arms around him and held him close.

Her perfume aroused him as did her young full breasts pushing into his chest. Her full, pouty lips were just inches from his, her short skirt had hiked up when she entered the car and she hadn’t bothered to pull it back down. Her strong young athletic legs begged for him to stroke them. She was barely twenty, he was sixty; what was he thinking? She kissed him on the lips and he thought no more.

The car pulled into the circular driveway of the Johnsons’ magnificent home and they alighted both feeling a little flustered.

The ‘after party’ was a bit of a bust. Just a few of the girls came with their parents and it seemed they came so that their parents could say they had been invited into the uber-rich Johnson home.

Both Darleen and Rush noticed the sexual tension between Mrs. Johnson and her black lover, Igoro. She was constantly touching him and flirting, right in front of her husband and they thought they had heard him call her ‘mother’ at which she blushed a crimson colour and admonished him gently, “Not now,” she had whispered huskily.

Social niceties were observed but all of the interaction did nothing to sooth Rush’s desire for the lovely Darleen. When he suggested they leave she gladly took his arm and they made their excuses and made for the door. Back in the Rolls, all caution was thrown to the wind. Rush kissed Darleen long, deep and passionately and he was thrilled by the young girl’s active and enthusiastic response. She broke the kiss and as he caught his breath he slid the glass panel to one side and told the driver to take them home.

Bill took them to his private door, leading to a secret staircase. It was late on a Friday night and Rush took Darleen into the master bedroom. He unbuttoned her simple sundress and was thrilled to see her gorgeous ebony body. She helped him out of his clothes and soon was on her knees sucking his cock. He returned the favour in the ’69’ position. He had never seen a black pussy up close and was turned on by the black exterior and the lovely pink interior lips and he hungrily sucked her clit and ran his tongue excitedly up and down her cunt. She moaned in ecstasy before rolling over on top of him and expertly helped him place his cock at the entrance to her divine wet pussy. This was not her first time he noted, as she brought him, and herself to a long and explosive orgasm.

She would be the first of many lovely young grads from the art school who would join him for weekend retreats, holidays in the Caribbean and other secluded spots. Many of the young girls were black but not all. He favoured diversity, at least until Rosie came into his life when he was in his late sixties.


Rush liked the men’s club for its secretive ways. Hushed conversations would never be interrupted by servers or by other club members. Business was conducted in quiet tones. It was unusual for him to entertain his wife at the club, but certainly not unheard of, and he had reasons for wanting total privacy, for he did not want the two subjects he planned to address discussed at home or in a restaurant where there could be nosy observers.

He debated with himself about which subject to broach first, so he decided to make small talk about the upcoming racing season and his horses, a favourite topic, and her tennis, in which he forced himself to feign interest,

Rush smiled to himself as he watched his pretty young wife slide into her seat allowing the black waiter to have a good long look down the front of her spring frock. It was a new dress and he complimented her on it. She spent a lot on her clothes, a habit he never mentioned.

In the language of the streets, he thought of his wife as an inveterate cockteaser, and he revelled in the fact that others could stare at her, could want her, but he had her. Other than the incredible session with Seydou, he knew she was faithful, and that particular night didn’t really count as unfaithful as he had suggested it, approved it and watched it unfold fulfilling a fantasy that he had long harbored.

Now he had another plan for her but it would have to wait until near the end of their meal.

In the event it was easier than he had expected. Rosie certainly knew of the famous Oskar Botha, so when Rush suggested they assist with donating to his political career and getting others to join them, she enthusiastically agreed.

That topic dealt with he then brought up the matter of TJ.

Rush told her he had contacted the agency that had supplied her personal trainer and told them he was dissatisfied with his performance and asked them to remove Bruce from the job. He told them he didn’t need a replacement but would be making his own arrangements. He didn’t tell them that he already had someone in mind. Rush knew there would be no objections from Rosie and from his point of view by reassigning TJ to the job it would actually save them one salary he explained. He talked about the young man’s wonderful qualifications, his ease with other staff and his most agreeable, personable demeanor.

Rosie was thrilled and she blurted out, “Oh Rush, you are so sweet and thoughtful, I have disliked Bruce from the time he started, and doing my workouts with him was getting to be such a chore.” She giggled, “Are you absolutely sure you want me all alone with such a black Adonis? Heavens knows, TJ might want to do all kinds of perverted sexual things to me in private, where no one ever goes. Why, my darling there is even a big bed down there, he might want to seduce me, right in my own home!”

Rush leaned over and in very subdued tones he whispered, “Rosie, seeing you with Seydou was a thrill I had never expected. It was so intense, so exciting and I was happy that he satisfied you in a way I cannot anymore. But Seydou does not make sense as a permanent lover for you over the long term. He is a lot older than you, TJ is much younger and his youthful enthusiasm will bring you great enjoyment I am sure.

“You might find it interesting that Mrs. Johnson has also taken a young black lover who is still in College. It is the talk of the town, and she is a lot older than you are. It is also rumored that her lover has moved right into their mansion. Her much older husband is apparently fine with the new sleeping arrangement.

“I would not wish you to be as public as she is currently being however.

“TJ is very private and I have had him checked out. He is completely trustworthy.”

She gushed, “I will be very careful and insist he is too. God, I am getting wet just thinking about him. Do you wish to watch him with me?”

He replied,” Perhaps, but not right away my darling. I want you to take your time at first. However, to put him at ease, you must indicate to him that this was my idea and that we have discussed it. Remember he is our employee and he may be very nervous to ‘cross the line’ so to speak. So I cannot answer that question just yet. Just know you have my blessing and total approval to do whatever you want. I just want you happy.”

Rush moved on to discuss other matters of business on the estate but Rosie only half listened, her mind was fixed on TJ; her face was flushed; her nipples were thick and extended against the wonderful silk dress; her pussy was damp in anticipation. She thought that with Seydou, it had all happened hurriedly. This time she had to plan properly, and not make any mistakes.

She forced herself to listen to Rush, who all of a sudden looked much older than his 75 years.


Denise was surprised to see that a notice had been posted stating filming had been cancelled for the afternoon; another surprise was to be summoned to Mr. Ma’Bill’s office for a strategy meeting. There was a rumor floating around that Mr. Oskar and others were making a special overseas trip, but little was actually known about it or confirmed for that matter. As she walked to his office she wondered if funding may have been changed for the film department.

She needn’t have worried. With the film set already shut down for the weekend, she was alone when she walked into Ma’Bill’s office. It seemed like it was a long time since she had been hired, and Mr. Oskar had flirted with her but had seemed distracted. Ma’Bill offered the gorgeous creature a drink and was having one himself. He heaped praise on her, stood behind her where she sat and put his hand on her shoulder.

“You know Denise, I feel a special bond with you, and I am delighted you are doing so well.

“I wondered if you knew that Mr. Oskar, Mr. Zaire and Mr. Seydou have all left to travel to Lerotica for special ceremonies surrounding the return of the research study group under Professor Steeves?

“I believe that they are all picking up Bishop Erasmus en-route as well.

“As such, I will be in charge of the filming programs, as well as everything else, in their absence.”

Ma’Bill’s hand slid down Denise’s front to fondle her wondrous breasts as he reached for the TV converter. Carefully, Denise took his wandering hand in hers and said, “Please do not turn on the Rhino TV, I do not need the extra stimulus that provides and I am quite willing to provide you with any sexual favours you would like. However, I must advise you that my preferences have changed in the last couple of months and now I much prefer a sexual attraction to young girls and women, as they tend to provide me with erotic pleasure in the way of orgasmic relief, and when needed we use toys such as the big black cock dildos from the Rhino Store, with which I believe you are most familiar.”

Ma’Bill was astounded at being rebuffed. He felt his self-esteem take a dive and to ‘save face’ he mumbled something about ‘no problem … I’ve a lot on my plate …’ and he would ‘see her later next week.’

Denise smiled. She and Julie had planned a picnic in the country and a few days at a secluded spa. The brochure outlined that their services were ‘world class’ which piqued her interest. What could possibly make it world class? She made it a point to find out.

She looked at her watch and figured she had time to go and pick up chilled wines to stock the master suite they had booked. She patted his hand, said her goodbyes and left poor Ma’Bill, who looked as if he had seen a ghost.


Bishop Erasmus had noticed the very high winds and rain outside his comfortable paneled office at the Church of the Black Staff a few hours before services on Sunday, but the magnificent house of worship was so substantial, he really did not notice how bad the situation was until the power suddenly went out.

At that point, most of the regular parishioners were already in attendance and there was a warm buzz of conversation when he came out of his vestry.

The backup generator had started flawlessly, but he saw that the lights were much dimmer than normal, and he noted with some alarm that the Rhino communications system was completely down which might impact on his wise words being heard throughout the church. Of equal concern was that it was too late to phone for a Rhino service representative. He decided that there was nothing he could do about it and in due course, he gave his sermon on international race relations.

As he concluded his remarks he wondered whether the white wives scheduled for their usual Sunday sessions in the crypt below without the communication system to assist would actually follow through on their studies with his black priests.

He felt himself holding his breath as he watched them approach. He should have spared himself the anxiety for they didn’t hesitate in displaying their usual willingness.

The wives approached the altar, like always, for his blessing while their husbands left with their c***dren. The young women hugged him and hugged each other as they made their way to the stairs and he felt his cock stir.

The Rhino ‘buzz’ was off but it clearly did not matter.

The women went down the stairs holding the priests’ hands, some were unbuttoning their tops, preparing to take the now familiar big black staff in their hands, wet mouths and between their legs like they had all come to expect.

Bishop Erasmus was both delighted and bemused to see evidence that the absence of the usual Rhino stimulus made no difference to the women wanting to be blessed. He could not wait to tell Oskar; what did it mean?

The good Bishop also had another news for Oskar relating to their flight to Africa.

Oskar had told him he was leasing a private plane to pick up the group to fly to visit the study group in Lerotica. There would be a refuelling stop en-route in Paris, France, so he planned a layover of two days there to see the sights.

The week before Bishop Erasmus, acting on his own initiative had announced that the church would sponsor four young white wives from the parish to accompany him on his trip to Africa along with three brothers from the clergy. He made it quite clear that they would be visiting ‘darkest’ Africa where the King of Lerotica would host them and he explained about the study that Prof. Steeves and his group had been preparing for months. Following the announcement over one hundred white women applied for the trip!

He picked the cream of the crop. The four had all been married in the past year and did not have c***dren. The oldest was 27, the youngest 23. Given they were to be representatives of the church they would be dressed with special ‘uniforms’ as provided by the Rhino Store. The designer uniforms from the fantasy section of the store looked for all the world just as a schoolgirl would wear.

There would be no cost to them. They would be expected to be public relations experts for the Church. Some studies would be required before takeoff.

His heart pounded in his chest as he suddenly thought he had better share his plan with Oskar Botha soon.

He started to sweat, his usual ultra-confidence disappeared. What if Oskar didn’t approve of his plan?


Rosie had hardly touched her breakfast that the maid had brought to her room.

She was nervous thinking about for her first appointment with her new personal trainer and her heart fluttered expectantly every time she thought of the handsome 21-year-old black man TJ (what an odd name, she thought).

Rush had changed the locks on the exercise and relaxation area of the mansion. He was overly protective and he wanted to make sure TJ would be alone with his gorgeous wife.

It was almost enough to give him an erection just thinking about what would happen between them. He gave each of them a key and and kept the master key for himself.

Now it was up to them. He had done his best.

Rosie dithered a bit deciding what to wear and then pulled on standard black tights and a sports bra with a white T-shirt. After all, it was a workout. She tied her long blond hair back in a loose ponytail and put on lipstick and Rush’s favourite perfume.

She threw a pair of shorts and a top in her gym bag as a ‘just in case’ and left the bedroom.

TJ had already been in the workout area for a solid hour preparing the room.

He moved a massage table into the window overlooking the parkland area of the estate. He figured that it was at the back of the house but still well above ground so they would have a nice view.

He had a lot of questions to ask her before designing a true workout, so he would keep this first one simple and explain everything to her.

He had put on a black jockstrap and with his tight gym shorts, he admired the substantial bulge it made when he looked at himself in the mirror.

He would concentrate on the stationary bike to give her good cardio, and then he would suggest a firm massage. His cock stirred thinking of her naked body lying face down. He had a special surprise for her and put a couple of implements in a convenient drawer.

He admired the whole area, it was beautifully designed with every imaginable toy, sauna, hot tub, and, of course, full ‘his’ and ‘hers’ bathrooms and to one side, a bedroom.

The bedroom came as a wonderful surprise. It even had a mirror on the ceiling.

He lowered the lights, there was a gentle knock on the massive oak door and she walked in, dutifully closing the door and locking it behind her.

They were alone.

TJ formally shook hands with Mrs. Rosie. He tried as hard as he could to not stare at her chest. She was a vision. She wore cute white running shoes and tights that hugged her ass-cheeks like a second skin. Her hair tied back in a ponytail and no makeup, just a little pink lipstick; she looked like a teenager.

She looked at him intently, all her confidence melted away and all the things she wanted to say abandoned her. She was here, with a hot black man whom she wanted as her lover.

They both laughed.

“Gosh, TJ, I am so nervous, please excuse me.”

“Me too, M’am, I have been planning on your session since your husband told me the news, and now I find myself tongue-tied.”

They both laughed again.

She reached out and stroked his muscular upper arm.

“Well, why don’t you tell me where we are going to start?”

He smiled, his pure white teeth a stark contrast to his black as coal features.

“Please follow my lead, and we will do some stretching, as you have not had a workout in some time, the last thing we want is an injury.”

“Perfect,” she said.

After an active half an hour, he switched her to the stationary bikes and they had a vigorous ‘spin’ class. Her face was red from exertion. She was done.

“Well done!” he exclaimed. “Now how would you like a cool down and a massage?”

She went to the luxurious ladies change room, stripped off her workout clothes and had a wonderful shower. He did the same in the men’s area.

He was waiting for her in a fluffy terrycloth robe, his black skin in dark contrast to the pure white robe. She tied her long wet hair up in a big towel and walked to the massage table which he had covered in clean towels.

He politely averted his eyes as her robe fell to the floor and she carefully climbed onto the table. She covered her backside with another towel and laid down on her front.

He started by drizzling the warm oil through his fingers onto her back and then as he began to massage her tight muscles, she heard his low baritone voice talking in sexy tones asking her to let him know if he was being too hard or soft. She murmured it felt just fine.

“Your husband is such a nice guy, a wonderful employer and I am so honoured that he asked me to be your personal trainer.”

“Thank you, TJ, yes he is a lovely man, and he said he trusts you to keep our sessions private and confidential.”

“Oh, yes, Ma’am, I will never breathe a word about this to anyone.”

He ran his hands down the middle of her back right to the towel just inches above her perfect (ass cheeks), then lovingly up her sides brushing her breasts on both sides of her body with his long arms.

She moaned.

Back and forth he went, up and down and then he moved his attention to her neck. Her eyes were closed. Her hair was up out of the way and he caressed her neck and lightly stroked her ears.

He leaned over and breathed into her ear, “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life.”

“Oh, T, don’t be silly, I am sure a handsome man like you has your pick of the young white girls these days.”

The banter continued as they flirted, each enjoying the casual back and forth, as their passions mounted. His cock was now hard.

He moved his hand lower and pushed the towel further down.

She did not object but just moaned, louder this time.

He padded over to get more warm massage oil. She peeked at him and saw his robe was tenting in the front. She gasped. He looked enormous.

Back he came. He lifted her towel and pushed it down to the back of her legs. Her lovely derriere was now exposed to his view. He drizzled the oil along the crack in her ass.

She gasped again.

“If you want me to stop at any point just let me know, Rosie, you are the boss!”

It was the first time he called her ‘Rosie’ and for some reason that made her juices flow and she replied, “Oh, T, please don’t stop, it feels so good.”

His finger traced down the crack, lightly touching her anus and tracing her pussy lips for the first time. The finger returned to her anus, circling the puckered area.

More warm oil, this time poured gently in her asshole. Followed by the busy finger this time pushing ever so slightly into the entrance.

“Oh my God, I have never felt this before…”

His other hand reached lower and cupped her vulva with one middle finger entering her pussy whilst another searched for her clitoris. He had been well instructed by his older landlady that the asshole was one of the most sensitive erogenous zones in the body and Mrs. Rosie was on fire.

A third finger entered her pussy. He was now fucking her with his left hand while the finger on the right was actually being pulled inside her ass by natural instinct.

She cried out and screamed her first orgasm, squeezing his hand with her pussy so hard it almost hurt his hand. She bucked hard and came again.

He lifted her off the table and carried her to the bedroom with its big king-sized bed.

“I want your cock, and I want it now. Take off the robe and let me see. Let me see it!!

Teasing her, TJ turned his back to her and opened the robe, lowering it tantalizingly down his back, the muscles rippling as he did so. Finally, he was naked, his black cock standing out from his body at full erection and as hard as a rock.

He turned around.

She gasped, “My God T, you are huge, come to me, my lover, let me have your gorgeous cock in my hands and mouth.

“Does my husband know how well endowed you are; are you going to fuck my little pussy with your huge cock?”

She had never talked dirty like this, where was that coming from? She was in a state of arousal far more pronounced than ever before, the earlier satisfying orgasms forgotten.

He reached for her hand and silently pulled her to a sitting position. He stood in front of her presenting his cock to her wet mouth. The thirty-five-year-old pretty white wife worshipped the cock of her personal trainer, a man barely twenty-one; a man she barely knew; a man her husband trusted and arranged for this session.

She licked its length, the saliva coating his blackness, down to his big balls and back to the head, swirling her tongue around the big cockhead, looking up at his flat stomach and his handsome face while he gently stroked her hair.

“That’s a good girl, Rosie, perhaps you should tell your husband all about our session, about your nice, sexy massage and how you climaxed in my hands?

“Perhaps you should not tell him about my finger up your ass?

“I think he would be very excited to know what you are doing right at this moment!”

She moaned loudly, his voice seducing her. She lay back, soaking wet as his head went down, his lips kissing her pussy which her husband never did, she came again, finally screaming.

“Now, now, fuck me now!”

He entered her slowly, carefully and pushed in his thickness into her cunal passage, then withdrew. She screamed for more, he did so gradually entering her. She thrashed around, she was a bucking bronco and he was riding her for all he was worth. Covered in sweat the lovers had multiple orgasms until they collapsed in each other’s arms.

He kissed her.

She realized that they hadn’t kissed during the whole wild fucking, and she kissed him back, expressing her thanks.


That morning passed very slowly for Rush knowing his lovely wife was working out with TJ and her new young black personal trainer which was making him somewhat anxious. New things always tended to worry Rush, and he was not good with change. Some of the lawyers embraced change as an opportunity. Not Rush, to him this meeting seemed extraordinarily long, and the day dragged. He wondered what they were doing, would he seduce her; would she agree or find him far too young?

Rush fretted.

When he got home he hurried hoping to find her upstairs but there was no sign of her. Rather than panic, he changed from his work attire and put on a casual shirt and slacks.

He went downstairs and called out for her. She answered and he found her seated outside in another new sundress.

She looked gorgeous, her skin was radiant and she seemed wonderfully relaxed and happy. She stood and kissed him full on his mouth. He wondered if her mouth had kissed TJ? Had her mouth sucked TJ’s black cock; what happened? He wanted to know but he did not want to know.

The maid brought their martinis and he sat down and toyed with the long-stemmed glass.

She looked at him quizzically, and he mumbled something about having had a difficult day at the office.

She smiled and when the maid left them she said, “I expect you would like to know how my workout went very well with my new physical trainer. I will tell you all about it later after our guests have left.”

Rush was confused and then he remembered, God, he had forgotten about her sister and husband coming for dinner. The husband was a bore, and already Rush decided he would cover his disappointment by opening extra bottles of wine.

She continued, “..but just so you know darling, in a word TJ was ‘wonderful.’

“You could not have picked a better lover for me. He is charming, athletic, handsome and terribly fit. Such a strong man, he lifted me like I was a feather and he really knows his ‘stuff’. I learned so much about stretching the proper way and then we both had a great ‘spin’ session together and then after that…., oh, that’s the doorbell, I will explain later.”

The evening passed by with the help of extra bottles of wine which as far as Rush was concerned did the trick. His brother-in-law got drunk, his sister-in-law got mad at her husband and they left early.

Rosie was tipsy and giggly and he followed her up the stairs and brought the last bottle up to their room.

He changed out of his formal clothes and put on his robe.

She changed and came into his study off the bedroom and he noted she was wearing the pink outfit she had worn for the photo session with Seydou. He was amused to see her nipples obviously aroused as she prepared to tell him about the session with TJ. She tottered to the couch and said, “Come and sit with me on the couch; I don’t want anyone to hear us.,”

He thought that was strange as with the massive oak doors, they wouldn’t hear a train hitting the house.

She snuggled up to him her arms around his neck and kissed him with her open mouth, the same mouth that had enthusiastically welcomed TJ’s young hard black cock just a few hours earlier.

“After our workout, T suggested he give me a nice the****utic massage to loosen up my tight muscles. I only had a robe on over my nakedness so he kindly averted his eyes while I laid down and then put a towel over my midsection. I was topless though! ” she giggled.

Rush’s mouth was dry, his cock was getting hard, this is what he wanted to hear.

“Gosh, Rush, it was wonderful. TJ, I actually called him ‘T”, when he was working on my back and legs, don’t know why it just seemed ok. He drizzled a warm oil on my skin and then rubbed it in all over. When he traced up my sides he could not help but briefly caress my breasts, it sent shivers through me and my desire started to build!”

Rush managed to blurt out, “What was he saying to you then if anything?”

“Oh, I’m not sure I should tell you that.” She teased as she reached down and put her hand on her husband’s semi-hard penis.

“Please darling, please tell me everything.”

“Well, he put his lips right up to my ear, his tongue briefly snaked inside it, and he said I was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Then his fingers briefly went under the towel and he asked permission to go lower.

“He is such a gentleman, for such a young man, I certainly did not mind,” she said with a dreamy look in her eyes as she relived the scene.

“My juices were flowing. He drizzled more warm oil in the crack of my ass and it felt so amazing.”

“Oh God, Rosie, did he stop then or ….?”

“No darling, I opened my legs to give him access. I knew you would want me to have the full treatment, so his long, strong fingers entered me and after an amazing few minutes he masturbated me and brought me to a wonderful orgasm.”

She reached over and put her hand on the bulge of his boxer shorts and continued with her breathy description, “After I recovered we both showered and he carried me to the bed. I begged to see his cock and sat on the edge of the bed while he teased me finally dropping his robe and turning around.”

She was now stroking Rush’s hardon through the fabric of his shorts. He gasped as she pulled down his boxer shorts, took out his cock and began to masturbate him with her cool hand. With her other hand she pulled off her babydoll top and her heaving breasts were straightaway in her husband’s face.

“Look at my nipples. His black lips sucked so hard on them I thought they would burst. See the nibble marks on my boobs? He is such an incredible lover; I just kept having orgasm after orgasm.”

Rush gasped, “Did TJ fuck you?”

“Of course he did darling but his cock was so big I didn’t think I would be able to take it. I sucked him first for ages; can you taste his cock when I kiss you?”

Rush’s head was spinning. She continued to expertly masturbate him and soon was bringing him quickly over the edge. He erupted in her hand just as she described how TJ entered her and rode her with the pent-up enthusiasm that only youth and skill can bring.

“Thank you, my darling, you are the perfect husband, my day could not have been better.”


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