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Andy started getting acclimated to Johnny’s place.

Chapter 13 Friday, January 22, 1988
10:47 am

It was all Andy could do to keep up with Danny. At nearly thirteen he was a good two inches taller and twenty pounds heavier and swung even the heaviest garbage bags around like they were full of helium. The biggest reason, though, was Danny’s balls-out philosophy of work. “Get through the chores fast,” he said at the start of their garbage detail. “It leaves more time to party.”

This apparently was Danny’s prime imperative in life: to maximize party time. Consequently Andy had spent the past half hour eating Danny’s dust as they raced from room to room stuffing the contents of various trash cans into City of Chicago-approved blue bags until they threatened to burst.

Decorum suffered as well. Twice so far they had barged into some poor kid’s bedroom without so much as a knock, interrupting sleep in one case and masturbation in the other. To Andy’s surprise the sleeper was far more upset than the masturbator, who cursed but never paused in his endeavor.

When Danny reached for the door knob of the room shared by Eric and Enrique Andy finally had to speak up.

“Danny!” he admonished. “Don’t you see that sign?” A cardboard placard taped to the door declared in bold black letters, KEEP OUT! I MEAN IT! THIS MEANS YOU!.

Danny waved him off in annoyance. “That don’t mean nothin’,” he said.

“When a guy puts something like that on his door I kind of think he doesn’t want to be bothered.”

“Yeah,” Danny snapped. “And when I want to get to the mall before noon I kind of don’t give a shit about stupid signs!”

Andy raised both palms toward the bigger boy. “Whatever,” he said, stepping back as Danny threw open the door and swept into the darkened room.

“What the fuck!” a high voice exclaimed as the lights came on.

Andy was not prepared for the tableau that was revealed, though by now he probably should have been. He’d seen boys making out in dark corners and disappearing into bedrooms for two days now and he was getting pretty used to the idea. In fact he had barely even reddened when they walked in on Robby beating his meat. This, though, was the first time Andy had witnessed the reality of naked boys pleasuring each other, head-to-toe so as to do so simultaneously, and it struck him speechless. He couldn’t tear his eyes away, and was stunned once more to realize that he didn’t want to.

Like a photograph before him Andy saw every detail of that frozen split-second. Enrique’s smooth brown backside was toward the door, round and beautiful as the sexiest girl’s ass could ever be, just as the boys had described. Eric’s hands were on the younger boy’s buns, pulling them open, and Andy got his very first look at another boy’s wide-open, dusky pink butthole. Enrique’s back was arched as he nursed on Eric’s dick and Andy could count the individual bones tracing the little Mexican boy’s spine. Eric’s mouth was just pulling off Enrique’s small, spit-slick boner to yell at the intruders.

It was an image Andy would never forget.

Things happened around him — Eric shouted epithets and Danny tossed the room for the trash can — but Andy observed none of it. His heart fluttered and he instantly stiffened. All he could see were the excited, sweat-glistened bodies before him, neither boy making any move to cover himself.

“C’mon, Danny!” Eric shouted. “Get out of here!”

“Yeah, yeah,” Danny said, irritated. He kept glancing toward the bed even after he found the garbage can and dumped it into the bag Andy absently held open. “We’re goin’ already. Jeez, it’s not like you never did each other before.”

“Damn, I wish Johnny would let us have locks on our doors!” Eric complained.

“Well,” Enrique said in his melodious soprano, “if kids wouldn’t do stupid shit like smoke crack in their rooms…”

“It was only Paul,” Eric pouted, “a whole year ago. It’s not fair. You and me never smoked no crack. With all this distraction I’m gonna lose the mood.”

“Shit!” Enrique laughed. “You’re always in the mood.”

Danny stepped out of the room but Andy didn’t move, so he poked his head back in.

“You coming?”

Andy started as if suddenly awakened and flushed in embarrassment. “Sorry,” he mumbled and backed hurriedly out of the room dragging the garbage bag. Danny closed the door and grinned at him.

“Pretty good show, huh?”

“I never saw anybody…” Andy stammered, “you know. Doing it.”

Danny glanced up and down the hall, his shaggy, dark brown hair slapping round cheeks as he did, then leaned close to Andy. “Tell you a secret,” he said. “I bust in on everybody like that `cause I hope I get to see something. I love to watch.”

“You do?”

“Yeah, man,” Danny said, a smile dancing in his eyes. “And I like when people watch me, too.”

“How come?” Andy asked.

“I don’t know,” Danny said. “It makes me feel extra sexy, I guess, with guys lookin’ at me and gettin’ all horny.” He giggled in a very silly way for such a husky kid. “And don’t let Eric fool you,” he said. “He got off on showing you his stuff.”


“Sure,” Danny said. “You’re hot!”

Andy blushed but they shared a smile. He was just getting used to Johnny being attracted to him and thinking he was sexy, and though at first that had somewhat surprised him it wasn’t too hard to accept. After all, grownups were a whole other species. It had always been a mystery how adults think and it was no odder in Andy’s mind for a man to like boys than to like coffee or Brussels sprouts. But Andy had a lifetime of experience with kids and it was very odd for one boy to tell another that he’s hot.

Danny broke the pregnant silence. “C’mon, let’s get this garbage taken out.”

Andy’s thoughts drifted back to Eric and Enrique and his dick swelled in his pants. He wished Johnny would come home. Andy needed a little of Johnny’s tender care, but afternoon turned to evening, joints turned to ash, and still no sign of him.

Kenny was next to Andy on the couch as he’d been for two days. He was the only boy who didn’t disappear in the evenings. The others were always off to one place or another, always referred to by a man’s name. Tonight Robby would go to someone named Albert, Danny to Karl, Kevin and James to the “new guy up in Evanston,” and Steve to a place called The Dungeon to meet a guy who called himself, of all things, Master Po. And the way they talked Andy didn’t think they went to play checkers.

Steve moaned in discomfort as he twisted in his seat to hand James the joint. “Damn, man!”

“What’s the matter?” Andy asked.

“Rough night,” Steve said, blowing out his cloud of smoke. James loudly sucked in a matching one.

“Who were you with?” James asked in his comical, holding-the-smoke way.

“Curtis,” Steve replied with a frown. “Big, long, thick Curtis. Three goddamn times.”

James grimaced. “Jesus!” he said, blowing out the gray cloud.

“The first two weren’t bad,” Steve said, “but that third one really got me.”

“You’ll be OK by tomorrow.” Kenny said and passed the joint over to Andy. It was getting short and Andy had to accept it carefully.

“Yeah, but that doesn’t help for tonight,” Steve said. “Good thing Master Po is hung like a gerbil.”

Andy didn’t precisely follow but by his third day among Johnny’s boys he wasn’t sakarya escort asking questions anymore, just sitting back and soaking it all up. It seemed to be getting him further than playing the wide-eyed rookie.

A key turned in the apartment door and a slim, dark-haired boy of twelve or so stepped in. Andy vaguely remembered the face but hadn’t a clue of his name.

“Well, look who’s back!” said James.

“Where have you been for two days, Barry-Fairy?” Steve mocked.

“Fuck you, Steve,” Barry said. “And you ought to take your hand out of James’ pants before you call somebody a fairy.”

“Eat me,” Steve retorted.

“You wish.”

“Where have you been?” Kenny asked. “We thought you were gone for good.”

“If you have to know, I had an all-nighter and I did it so good for the guy that he called Johnny up and took me for another night. And…and we went to the movies and the arcade and ate in restaurants and all kinds of stuff. He said I was the best boy he ever had!”

“Yeah, right,” said Steve. “You were probably sittin’ in the bus station for two days.”

“You’re an asshole,” Barry said and turned on his heel.

“You want a hit?” Andy offered, holding the joint out to Barry like an olive branch, but Barry only sneered and strode off.

“What’s his problem?” Andy asked.

“You are,” James said simply, reaching for the joint. “He used to sleep with Johnny until you came along.”

“That’s how it works,” Kenny said. “The new kid sleeps with Johnny. And before you got here he was the new kid.”

“So he’s, like, jealous?”

Steve said, “He’s, like, nuts.”

Though he wanted very much to be cool and sophisticated in front of the others Andy couldn’t contain his words. “So then Johnny… I mean, everybody…”

“That’s the deal,” James broke in. “One for all and all for Johnny.”

Andy sat back and tried not to look upset. His emotions surged, partly due to the pot no doubt, but then quickly began to settle. What he wanted most was to belong and if he was going to be one of the boys it seemed logical that he had to live with the same deal they all accepted. Barry didn’t want to get with the program and nobody liked him because of it. Andy sure didn’t want to end up like Barry, only he thought he and Johnny…

Kenny touched his arm. “It doesn’t mean you’re not special to him,” he said gently. “You should see the way he looks at you when he thinks nobody’s watching.”

Andy’s pulse vaulted despite himself. “Really?”

“Yeah,” Kenny said. “And you know what he said to me?”

Andy’s eyes widened anxiously.

“He said you were his new treasure.”

Andy’s heart floated back to the clouds. Johnny’s new treasure! He grinned back at Kenny.

“Yeah,” Steve piped up. “You’ll be worth a fortune.” Kenny shot Steve a reproachful look.

“It’s OK,” Andy said. “I know what he means.”

“You do?”

“Yeah,” Andy said. “At least I think so. Men pay you to do stuff with them, right?”

“Well, yeah,” Kenny said. “I didn’t think you knew about things like that.”

“I didn’t until I came here,” Andy said.

“So what do you think about it?”

“I don’t know. If it’s fun, like being with Johnny, it’d be pretty cool to get paid for it,” Andy said. “Everybody keeps saying I have to start earning my keep pretty soon, so I have to do something to make money.”

“It’s easy,” Steve said, waving his hand. “The chickenhawks slobber all over you and throw money!”

“What’s all this `chickenhawk’ stuff?” Andy asked, then brightened, remembering. “Oh yeah! Mark said that word at Angelo’s.”

Kenny said, “They call us chickens…”

“Chickens!” Andy guffawed.

“We’re chickens!” James shouted, jumping up and running around the living room flapping his arms. “Bawk! Bawk! Bawk!” Steve joined in the cackling, his sore butt keeping him on the couch, while Andy and Kenny looked on in amazement at the red-headed lunatic literally running around like a chicken.

“You know,” Kenny laughed, “like `spring chickens’ because we’re so young.”

“Who wants to eat my drumstick?” Steve called and James launched himself at him, landing atop the bigger boy in a heap on the couch. They wrestled and laughed, both turning red in the face.

“Hey!” Johnny’s voice boomed from the doorway. “What did I tell you guys about that couch? I paid fifteen hundred dollars for that thing!”

They stopped instantly and scrambled to opposite ends of the couch. “Sorry, Johnny,” they said nearly in unison, both working hard to suppress laughter.

Johnny slipped out of his beautiful leather car coat and handed it to Daryl, who had come in behind him. Daryl obediently took the coat to the closet and carefully hung it up just like a little valet.

“What are you guys still doing here, anyway?” Johnny said pointedly. James and Steve looked at each other in confusion then hurriedly got up from the couch.

“Yeah, boy, it’s getting late,” Steve said. “I’ve only got an hour and a half to get ten blocks.”

“Smart ass,” Johnny said, but with a smile. “Come on, lets not keep people waiting.”

Little Kevin joined James for their trip to Evanston and several other boys scurried out of the woodwork. They bustled about with coats, boots and scarves amid a clatter that reminded Andy of school letting out. In just a few minutes the apartment was very quiet with only Johnny, Daryl and Kenny now sitting with Andy.

“Boy,” Andy said. “They sure cleared out fast!”

“There’s no money to be made sitting on a couch,” Johnny said. “Everybody works, remember?”

Andy looked up at him. “I know,” he said quietly. “I want to pull my own weight, too.”

Johnny put a big arm around Andy’s shoulders and hugged him close. “I know you do, Andy,” he said. “You’re a good kid.” He pulled a fat joint from his shirt pocket and tossed it to Daryl. “Let’s celebrate what a good kid Andy is,” he said.

“All right!” Daryl exclaimed and put the troll lighter to good use.

The joint began to go around, Johnny and Daryl taking especially big hits. They had some catching up to do. After four or five turns Andy was giggly and glassy-eyed but not nearly as out of it as the first night. He was either learning to handle the dope or learning to limit how much he took. Either way it confirmed Johnny’s instinct about Andy, that he would come along fast. Though he hadn’t quite tumbled to everything yet Johnny knew this one wouldn’t stay ignorant for long. It was almost time to ease him into the business.

It was all about attitude. Andy had to decide that he wanted to hustle for Johnny, that it was the smart move. Johnny was known for providing enthusiastic, sexy boy-toys and a sex-slave with a gun to his head just wouldn’t do. Andy’s attitude was crucial and that’s why Johnny couldn’t leave it to chance. He had to mold that attitude, sculpt it until Andy was the consummate pro it would take to fill Kenny’s shoes.


Johnny had damn near decided to let him play tonight’s seduction, only Kenny wanted it too much. Kenny had feelings for Andy and feelings get in the way of business. In the end he’d decided Daryl was the better choice, even though it meant forgoing the healthy earnings he would have brought in tonight. Daryl would present it as simple sex-play, just for fun, and Andy would begin to see sex in just that plain, uncomplicated way. Johnny had made a mistake with Barry, letting him get too attached to him and alienated from both the hawks and the other boys. That wouldn’t happen again.

Halfway through the joint Andy shuffled off to the bathroom and Johnny decided it was time. “Kenny,” he said. “Why don’t you scoot over here by me?”

The surprise in Kenny’s eyes was almost worth it all by itself.

“Come on,” Johnny said, hooking a finger seductively. “I won’t bite… hard.”

Kenny smiled warily and approached his former lover. Suddenly Johnny grabbed his wrist and pulled the boy onto his lap. Kenny let out a short yell of samsun escort surprise which was immediately silenced by the press of Johnny’s hot mouth against his own.

The kid was still a treat, Johnny thought as he drank deeply of the sweet lips he had known so well. Soft and fresh, Kenny was still so childlike above the belt. It was a shame he had reached the end of the road. If only you could keep them young forever. Back in the Middle Ages they would cut off a kid’s balls so he could keep singing soprano in the fucking choir. What did they call that? Castrato? Such a deal that was. C’mon, kid! Give up your nuts for the glory of God! Better to give `em up for a couple hundred a night, plus tips. Nah, what hawk would pay good money for a chicken with no balls?

The tiny bit of resistance Kenny had initially offered was long gone and he eagerly, passionately returned the kiss. Johnny had deliberately not clued Kenny into the plan so that his reactions would be authentic and not clouded by jealousy of Daryl getting to have Andy first, but Johnny hadn’t expected quite this much enthusiasm.

He had intended to brush Kenny off once Daryl got the ball rolling with Andy but now Johnny found himself reconsidering. He’d missed this delicious mouth these last months, and though he knew he couldn’t appreciate Kenny’s developing body the way he did the smooth perfection of the others he suddenly wanted it as much as he ever had. He squeezed the handsome boy to him and crushed even harder against his lips.

Andy was surprised and decidedly pleased when he returned to find Johnny and Kenny locked in embrace. He’d had a vague, uneasy feeling about these two since the very first day, and while sharing Johnny was a concept he hadn’t quite finished wrestling with he was glad to see his two favorite people together so happily. He remembered what James had said, “One for all and all for Johnny,” and suddenly it felt absolutely right. That Barry kid was full of shit! There was no need for jealousy. A guy like Johnny has plenty of love to go around.

He stepped around the writhing pair and grinned at Daryl. “Wow,” he said. “What got into them?”

Daryl blew out a cloud of smoke and offered the joint. “This did,” he said. “Come sit over here and you and me will finish it.”

Andy sat next to the cute boy with the big birthmark and accepted the joint. Johnny and Kenny caressed each other, still kissing deeply, and Andy found his stiffie rising yet again. It had been up and down lately like an elevator. He took a hit and handed the joint back, the two boys watching in silence.

“When you’re just the right amount stoned,” Daryl observed, “sex is really great.”

“I know,” Andy said, an embarrassed smile curling his lips. He was feeling flushed and slightly out of breath and he felt his heart thumping in his chest, but it wasn’t from being scared or upset. He was just excited.

“I’m just about stoned enough right now,” Daryl said. “How about you?”

“Yeah, I guess,” Andy said with a laugh. He knew what Daryl was hinting at but he didn’t want to jump the gun, assume too much. Nodding to the lovers he said, “Maybe we should leave them alone.”

Daryl shook his head. “If they wanted to be alone they wouldn’t be doing it out here,” he said. “Do you need any more of this?” he asked, offering what was now little more than a roach.

“Not me,” Andy said. He was actually a tad more blasted than he wanted to be, but within manageable limits.

Daryl crushed it out in the ash tray and slid over closer to Andy on the couch. “I’ve got a huge boner,” he said, grinning.

Andy smiled shyly. Daryl’s dark blue eyes bored into him until he had to look away, back to the other couch. He knew it was up to him, his decision. He thought of Mark and Kevin bounding out of the play room with excited giggles. He thought of Eric and Enrique, their arms and legs woven into a braid of smooth, bare flesh. And he watched the live spectacle of Johnny and Kenny making out so fervently only a few feet away.

Johnny began to get up, guiding Kenny to his feet as well, their lips never parting for a second. They stood clutching tightly, Johnny’s face tilted down to meet Kenny’s thrust up. Johnny broke the kiss and stared into Kenny’s eyes and Andy felt just as enraptured as his older friend appeared to be.

“Andy,” Johnny said, never taking his eyes away from Kenny. “Would you mind finding somewhere else to bunk tonight? Kenny and I are going to get reacquainted.”

With a moan that sounded like a swoon Kenny thrust his face up to Johnny’s again and the kiss was resumed. Thus entwined they made their way slowly down the hallway to Johnny’s bedroom. Andy could still hear their muffled moans and wet kisses until the door closed them inside.

“Well, it’s just you and me now,” Daryl said. His fingers walked up Andy’s leg and paused within an inch of the avid stiffness bulging his jeans. “What do you feel like doing now?” he asked, raising an eyebrow slyly.

Andy never answered but he also never protested when Daryl traced the shape of his excitement through the cloth, then began to work his button and zipper open. Their eyes met and they both smiled. Andy lifted his hips to help Daryl get the pants and underwear down. Cool air rushed in to stimulate him even more, as did the smooth leather beneath him.

“Wow,” Daryl said eagerly. “You’ve got a nice one.” He slipped to his knees to do what only Johnny had ever done before and it struck Andy as a revelation. It was very different yet every bit as pleasant; soft where Johnny was firm, smooth where Johnny was scratchy, playful where Johnny was urgent.

Andy giggled happily. Daryl’s small, tender mouth felt wonderful teasing his pulsing cock. Daryl slid his tightened lips all the way to the base, caressing it with his tongue all the way down. Andy’s hands came to the back of the boy’s head, his fingers entwining in his silky soft hair. He felt a warmth wash over him and he knew this was exactly what he wanted.

Sure, he wanted it with Johnny, and there were other feelings there, too, far more than the physical. He felt loved, protected and desired in Johnny’s arms, but right here, right now, with Daryl’s talented lips pleasuring him so wholeheartedly, he felt accepted.

Johnny left no doubt of who belonged to whom, who was in control, who was in charge, and while Andy truly wanted to obey and to grant Johnny that control there was never really any other possibility. He had to give Johnny what he wanted, but Daryl was doing this for fun because he liked Andy and wanted to please him. Andy could say no if he wanted to. He wasn’t a possession to Daryl, he was a friend. Suddenly he wanted to please his friend too.

Andy made eye contact and said, “Do you want to go to your room?”

Daryl released Andy’s deep pink, saliva-slicked boner and smiled. “Yeah, man,” he said eagerly. “I don’t have a roommate right now so I was hoping you’d want to stay all night.”

Andy grinned. The boys stood and Andy held up his pants, not bothering to button them because he knew they’d be off again in a minute. Daryl took his free hand and led him down the hall to one of the bedrooms, his deep blue eyes shooting sly, naughty looks every few steps. Andy was practically giddy with anticipation.

Daryl pulled Andy into his darkened room, throwing the door closed with a sharp slam, and in the blackness they both stumbled laughing onto the bed. In a second the nightstand lamp came on and Daryl’s grinning face was right in front of Andy’s, his hand still on the lamp switch. The look in Daryl’s eyes was unlike any he’d ever seen on another boy and Andy knew without doubt that this boy was about to kiss him. It was strange, something he’d never encountered in his eleven years, and stranger still that he wanted it so badly he could hardly stand it.

Daryl drifted closer and their lips tenderly met. Andy had never had a romantic kiss from anyone except Johnny and he found himself falling into it, his arms wrapping around the boy as ankara sarışın escort if by their own volition. Daryl held him too, and they crushed their bodies together as fiercely as their lips.

It was already natural for Andy to probe with his tongue and Daryl accepted it, swirling around and around and playing tag. They kissed a long time until Daryl suddenly broke it and pulled an inch away.

“Can I strip you?” he asked, and it sounded almost weird to Andy because it was a gentle request, not like Johnny’s firm commands.

There was not one chance he would say no.

Daryl started pulling the t-shirt off of Andy, who sat up a bit and raised his arms to assist. Daryl skinned it off of him and regarded his bare torso with undisguised lust. He traced Andy’s smooth, taut chest with a finger and then squeezed one of his firm biceps.

“You’re really strong, aren’t you?”

Andy reveled in the compliment. “I guess so,” he said. “I usually win at wrestling.”

“Oh, we’re going to wrestle,” Daryl said with a giggle. He reached for the waistband of Andy’s borrowed pants and began pulling them and the underpants down Andy’s legs.

Andy helped the best he could and when they were off and tossed aside he lay back with casually open legs, letting Daryl feast his eyes. Andy’s solid cock jutted up as stiffly as it ever had.

“Shit, man!” Daryl said in admiration. “You got a great body! And what a fuckin’ dick!”

Andy blushed but he was thrilled that Daryl was so excited. He sucked in his breath as Daryl took his straining stiffness into one small, soft hand and began to stroke him. It felt tremendously good, better than Johnny had done with his thick, manly fingers. Daryl reached down with the other hand and gently caressed Andy’s loose ball sack, his small oval testicles rolling provocatively under Daryl’s fingers. Andy was surprised that he didn’t flinch, but instead found himself aching for whatever touch his new friend cared to give him.

“Roll over and let me see your butt,” Daryl said with a naughty grin, and Andy quickly complied.

Andy enjoyed the sensation of his cock pressed between his belly and the mattress, a method he had occasionally used to masturbate, but it was Daryl’s small hands tenderly caressing his butt cheeks that positively thrilled him.

“God, your ass is fantastic!” Daryl breathed heavily, and suddenly Andy felt the now-familiar softness of Daryl’s lips in a decidedly unfamiliar place, his left butt cheek. Daryl kissed around and around both tender globes as Andy marveled. He had no idea that anybody on Earth ever did such a thing, literally kissing someone’s ass, but it was magnificently sexy in this place, in this moment. Daryl’s thumbs pulled his cheeks apart and Andy flashed back to the indelible image of Enrique’s wide-open portal, but before he could ask why boys might be interested in each other’s buttholes Daryl had gone back to fondling his ass cheeks.

Daryl abruptly released him and stood next to the bed. “I’ve gotta get naked!” he announced, tearing off his shirt and flinging it aside. Andy rolled over to watch as the short boy with the dark blond hair scrambled out of his jeans and underpants, at first leaving his socks on but deciding upon reconsideration to take the two seconds to rip them off.

Daryl had a sweet, soft body, a little bit rounded where Andy was muscular. He looked very average other than the large birthmark on his neck, which Andy didn’t mind a bit. In fact it helped make Daryl who he was and for that reason Andy liked it.

He hadn’t seen many naked boys and certainly none with a raging hard-on such as Daryl now displayed. It was smaller than Andy’s, maybe three inches long and the thickness of two of Andy’s fingers, bowed slightly upward and capped by a deep pink, round head that was slightly smaller than the shaft. He struck Andy as terrifically cute, though he’d never in his life even considered another boy’s cuteness.

Andy reached up and took Daryl’s dick in his hand. It wasn’t anything like the heavy, hot monster of Johnny’s, but a cute little sprig of pink, bone-hard boyhood that looked and felt absolutely inviting. Andy scrambled to a seated position on the edge of the bed and without asking permission bent and plunged his mouth straight down onto Daryl’s little cock.

Daryl sucked in his breath and let it out slowly. “Oh, shit, Andy,” he murmured. “That feels so good!”

Andy was delighted to give his new friend such pleasure. He bobbed his head up and down its short length, reaching up to fondle Daryl’s hairless scrotum with its much smaller, virtually spherical balls.

He didn’t feel like an acolyte the way he did with Johnny. He wasn’t subservient, doing as he’s told. No, with Daryl he was a partner, the two of them enjoying as equals the miraculous wonder of each other’s bodies, pleasuring one another for the sheer joy of it. Each boy was a gift for the other, shared without reservation.

Daryl opened his stance. “Tickle up behind my balls,” he said. “It really feels amazing. I’ll show you next.”

Andy did as he was asked and Daryl softly moaned, moving his dick between Andy’s lips in slow, one-inch thrusts. Several minutes passed, Andy relishing the pleasure he was giving.

“Let me get on the bed too, OK?” Daryl finally said and Andy quickly moved over to give him room. Daryl slipped next to him lying the opposite way and Andy needed no instruction. He scooted into a wonderfully comfortable 69 position, savoring the intense aroma of Daryl’s musk. Each boy eagerly took the hairless prod before him and instantly they were moaning and thrusting between each other’s lips. Andy felt Daryl’s fingers caress his balls and then slip gently behind them, sensually tickling the tender area between his scrotum and his asshole.

“It does feel good!” Andy exclaimed. “Oh, Daryl, suck me and keep doing that!”

“Do it to me, too!” Daryl begged. Andy did, and then they were writhing and sucking and moaning and tickling in near synchrony. With his free hand Daryl stroked Andy’s butt and as far down his leg as he could reach, and Andy imitated that on Daryl.

In a few moments Andy felt something happening deep inside of him, like the buildup to his long-known feelings but different, stronger and deeper in his guts. He had a vague memory of that very first time with Johnny. Something had built up inside of him that night, too, fierce and intense, until it finally burst like a Fourth of July skyrocket. He had been stoned out of his skull that night and it hadn’t happened since then in several wonderful sessions with Johnny until he wasn’t even sure it had ever happened at all. But this was real, this was happening, and it was getting closer and closer. Daryl tensed and squeezed too, the two of them riding the same thrill ride and approaching the peak.

Suddenly Daryl plunged his mouth down hard and clamped his lips around Andy’s throbbing cock. He sucked wildly, no longer tickling Andy’s perineum but firmly holding his balls in a gentle squeeze. Andy took his cue and did the same on Daryl and then he felt the tremors beginning in Daryl’s gut. The boy moaned loudly around Andy’s dick but he never let go, never stopped sucking, and suddenly something rushed forward inside Andy. It was like there was a blockage at the root of his cock and pressure was building up behind it, like unfathomable tons of water held back by a dam. He felt his belly clench and slack, clench and slack, over and over, and Daryl was doing the same and they clenched and thrust into each other’s mouths and moaned and squeezed and thrust.

And then Andy gave a final heave and erupted, pushing something invisible right through his dick and into Daryl’s waiting mouth, and he knew Daryl was doing the same, and though nothing came out of either boy the way it did for Johnny somehow Andy knew it was the same thing. Cumming, Johnny called it, and suddenly Andy knew that he and Daryl were cumming, or at least the little boy version of it. It was the most magnificent sensation he’d ever had, or ever hoped to have.

It was pure, undeniable perfection.

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