Subject: Owen’s Secret Job – Ch. 1 This story is about a boy who finds out about his older brother’s work. Over time, they become closer. If you do not like themes of incest and adult/youth, do not read this story. You know the drill: if you cannot legally view this material, do not read this story. All of my writings are pure fantasy. I own all legal rights to my fictional works. A full list of my work on Nifty can be found here: https://bit.ly/2S5IYDI We all love and appreciate this site, so please also consider donating to Nifty if you can: fty/donate.html ~ Chapter 1 ~ I knew I was late for dinner. I kept glancing at the clock on my nightstand to see how much time had passed by since my mother called us all down: one minute, two minutes, three minutes… My food was probably getting cold, and my mother was probably getting irritated, but I had an important matter at hand: I had to cum. I had been right on the edge of orgasm when she called us down for dinner, which threw me off my game. Then, my older brother Owen knocked on my door on his way to the staircase, probably to make sure I had heard Mom calling out to us, which threw me off for a second time. So essentially, I had to start over. I tried my best to focus, to ignore the time ticking away, because I was so incredibly, insatiably horny. At twelve years old, all I did was hump my pillows and grind against my mattress in an effort to seek out any genital stimulation I could find. Finally, fucking finally, I got off. After sighing with relief and cleaning my little load up, I quickly redressed myself and hurried downstairs. I was five minutes late at this point, and it felt like I was doing the walk of shame as I stepped into the dining room — especially when my mother decided to tease me a bit. “Well, well, well,” she said. “Look who decided to join us for dinner.” “Sorry,” I said in a small voice. Even though the rational side of my brain knew they probably weren’t thinking that I was stroking my dick raw up in my bedroom, I was afraid that everyone could read my thoughts. Plus, all my father and brother did was chuckle, which only made me feel more embarrassed. “Hey, Tuck,” Dad said. “Hey, Dad,” I said back. He’d been at work all day, so this was the first I’d seen of him since the morning. “How was school?” he asked. I just shrugged. “It was okay,” I told him. Truthfully, school was a bore, as usual. Seventh grade isn’t exactly notorious for being exciting, but it was fine. I was happy that I was at least well past the adjustment period. See, up until two years prior, my family had lived in the Midwest. We had been there our entire lives. All I knew for a long time was the farm life — and then, pretty suddenly, we found ourselves in the city of Los Angeles. Dad managed to land a snazzy, well-paying job, so I was happy for him and for such a boost in income (Christmas was way more exciting that year), but city life was quite an adjustment for all of us. At least I made some pretty good friends in LA. That’s what I was most nervous about when we moved. “That’s all you got for me?” Dad asked with a laugh. “Nothing happens at school, Dad,” I told him before starting to shovel food in my mouth. “How was work?” “Don’t talk with your mouth full. You’ll choke,” Mom said before reaching over to stroke some of my blond hair away from my eyes. I swatted her away a bit, hating when she’d fuss over my appearance. I knew she wanted me to get a haircut. She preferred when I was more clean-cut, like my brother. “Work was okay,” Dad said simply, and when I gave him a glare for mocking me, he just smirked and winked. “Speaking of work,” Owen said, having practically inhaled his food, “I gotta go.” He swallowed the last oversized bite before standing up and heading over to Mom. “Thanks for dinner, Ma.” “Of course, sweetheart,” she said appreciatively. Then, as Owen passed me, he ruffled my hair affectionately before addressing all of us. “I’ll catch you guys later.” “Bye, son,” Dad said before taking a long swig of his beer. With that, Owen grabbed his keys and headed to the front door. Owen started a mysterious job shortly after we got to LA two years ago. I guess it made sense for him to get a job, since he had just transferred to UCLA to finish out his last two years of college. Any job would help pay it off. But the thing is, I had no idea what he did. Nor did my parents, it seemed. They were under the impression that he had some sort of on-campus job, but to me, it didn’t explain the odd hours, or how weird and vague and inconsistent Owen would be when he was asked about work, or how there didn’t seem to be any sort of uniform. He always just wore jeans and a tank top to work. Frankly, I was starting to think he was a stripper or something. I mean, he had the body for it: well over six feet of farm-bred muscle that he kept maintained and chiseled, and a handsome, southern-gentleman sort of face that made him look like the quintessential boy next door. Plus, his arms were amazing. People referred to biceps as “guns” sometimes, but I like to think Owen had cannons. He’d make an excellent stripper. The chicks would go wild for him, I knew. Once Owen opened the door, he realized someone was standing there who was just about to ring the doorbell. “Tucker home?” the voice said. “Yo! Tuck!” Owen called out, turning towards the table. “You got company!” I couldn’t see who was in the doorway, but I recognized the voice instantly, which belonged to my buddy Link. His full name was Lincoln, but he’d been going by the nickname Link ever since he discovered The Legend of Zelda. I headed to the front door, and sure enough, there was Link, leaning against the open doorway with a little grin on his face. Guess Owen just went on his merry way. “`Sup, Tucker?” my buddy said. “What are you doing here?” I asked, but I was smiling. I had just seen him only a handful of hours prior. We had walked home from school together. “Wanna come over?” he asked before leaning in and whispering. “My dad’s not gonna be home for a bit.” I licked my lips a bit, knowing exactly what he meant. “Gimme a sec,” I told him. I rushed back inside and started scarfing down my food, just like Owen was doing a few minutes prior. “In a hurry?” Mom asked. “I’m gonna hang out with Link,” I mumbled, mouth full again. I knew she hated that, but it was her fault for asking me a question while I was inhaling dinner. “Don’t you have chores?” she asked, cocking an eyebrow. I groaned, swallowing and looking at her. “C’mon, Mom, please?” I asked. “I can do them when I get back.” “Or you can do them before you go out,” she challenged. Thankfully, Dad stepped in for me. “Let him go hang out with his friends, honey,” he said before giving me a stern look. “But you make sure you do them when you get back.” I gave him an appreciative look. “Thanks, Dad.” “And be back before ten,” he said, and I nodded, quickly finishing the rest of my dinner, kissing both my parents on the cheek goodbye, and then sprinting istanbul travesti for the door. Link chastised me for taking too long, and I just flipped him off before pulling on my sneakers, sliding on my baseball cap, and heading out with him. “We grabbin’ Christian?” I asked as we stepped onto the sidewalk. “Nah,” Link said. “He’s still grounded.” I just chuckled slightly, remembering how pissed Christian’s mom was when she had found out he’d been lifting a few bucks from her purse every day for the past year to use the vending machine at school. “Dang,” I said before shrugging. “He’ll miss out.” “I figured we could bust him out but I’m pretty sure she’s gonna put bars on his windows now.” I laughed. “Poor guy.” Link and Christian were the first friends I made when I started school in LA, and we’d been best buddies ever since. It helped that we all lived within walking distance of each other. We never had to bug our parents for rides unless we wanted to go deeper into the city. But for the most part, Link’s house was the go-to hangout spot. Christian’s mother was a bit of a hardass and expected us to follow strict rules of conduct when in the house, and my parents were fine overall except for the fact that there were two of them. We couldn’t exactly do whatever we wanted with two adult authorities in the vicinity. Link’s dad, however, was a hands-off kind of father. It bordered on “absent” since Link was so often fending for himself at a very young age, but overall he was a cool guy and just let us do our thing — and that’s the best thing you can do for three twelve-year-olds. Link’s dad’s hands-off approach also allowed us to use the house computer in peace. And what did we do with that computer? We perused the internet for porn. Link was the first to discover it just last year, and whenever his dad was out of the house, the three of us sometimes spent hours watching various videos, ranging from normal porn to more fetish material. For the most part, we found it kind of funny that adults would do some of this stuff to each other, let alone film it — or, in the case of hentai, draw it. Actually, it was quite hilarious. But, what we didn’t talk about was how titillating it could be. It wasn’t exactly rare for us to have to discreetly readjust ourselves in our pants. Tacking on the fact that it was “naughty” of us to watch porn just added to the thrill of it all. We hadn’t gotten caught, either. Part of me wondered if Link’s dad actually knew what we were up to all along and just didn’t care to stop us, but I had to give Link some credit. He was super smart, especially when it came to tech stuff. He seemed to know his way around a computer and always managed to delete all traces of our adventures at the end of each session. At twelve, I was sure Link would end up as an IT guy or a brand-name tech mogul, running the world from behind a computer screen. It was sort of sad that Link was the kind of guy that didn’t want to be known for being intelligent, but still, he knew his stuff. When we got to his house, we stepped inside and kicked off our shoes. That really was his dad’s only rule: no shoes in the house. I set my sneakers in the foyer, smiling slightly at the photos of Link and his old man hung up on the walls. His dad was intimidatingly handsome, with sharp eyes, dark skin, and a body that could injure you just by looking at it wrong. The man was *built*. Honestly, Link’s dad and my older brother were two of my biggest inspirations growing up as far as physique went. At the time, I was relatively short, blond, and with a boyish but “maturing” face, as my aunt liked to say whenever I saw her at holidays. Thankfully, I retained all my lean muscle from the farm days, so I was a little more fit than most boys my age — Link included. Link had a little more bulk on him, a softer build, but he had his dad’s short curly hair, dark skin, and piercing eyes. Still, the two of us always talked about how we couldn’t wait to grow up, to be big like Owen or Link’s father, and live like real men. We headed straight for the Office. It wasn’t actually an office at all. It was just the section of the living room that housed the “family” desktop computer, similarly set up to the one in my house. But we liked to joke and refer to it as such, like we were in a place of business and pursuing porn was our jobs. At the time, that seemed like it’d be a damn good job. I grabbed a chair for myself as Link logged on and opened up one of our favorite video sites. It had all kinds of porn categories: lesbian, MILF, group sex, hentai, bondage… There was even a gay male category, but we only looked at it once before Christian got too weirded out. “What should we look at today?” Link asked, glancing at me. I just shrugged. “Try the `What’s New?’ page,” I suggested, and Link nodded with approval before scrolling down. Thumbnails of newly uploaded videos filled the screen: a snapshot of a woman with cum all over her huge tits, a still of a BBC penetrating a small-framed girl, a glimpse of what looked to be like a very public encounter… There was always so much to choose from. Sometimes it got overwhelming. Eventually, we just decided to click on a few random videos, most of which were pretty standard. You had your run-in-the-mill busty pornstar servicing a huge cock and a muscled body. You rarely ever saw the male performer’s face, which I felt was odd. So much of the focus was on the women that it seemed unfair. Plus, all our peers had favorite actors they liked to see in movies, like some superhero actor they looked up to… I figured it’d be fun to have a favorite pornstar in that way. Half an hour in, Link and I stumbled across quite a humorous clip. A girl was getting plowed away by a big dicked jock type (no head, of course), and it was full of close-ups of the wet penetration and her tits flopping about. Then, she announced to the camera that she was going to cum — and the man pulled out to rub and slap his hard-on over her pussy repeatedly as she started to squirt. It was so sudden and so startling and so strange to us that Link and I both immediately burst out laughing. “What the fuck?” Link said, sinking in his chair as he tried to regain composure. “Oh, Christian’s gonna love this,” I said between laughs, holding my stomach. We had never seen something like that before, and the way it shot out of her was so reminiscent of a water fountain that we could barely contain ourselves. Plus, the man’s dick just made whatever she was producing fly in all different directions. Finally, when we calmed down a bit, I posed a question. “Do girls really do that?” Link shrugged. “No idea. But I feel bad for them if they do,” he said. He just chuckled to himself, getting the last of his laughter out as we looked at the screen. For a brief moment, they panned up and showed the guy’s face because the woman was going to start kissing him as if thanking him. And then, Link paused the video. “Wait wait wait,” he said, quickly kadıköy travesti rewinding a bit. “What?” I asked. Then, he paused on a still shot of the man. “This guy… looks a lot like your brother.” When he froze the frame, I stared in shock. He didn’t just look like my brother. He *was* my brother. How did I not notice before? The physique and the identifiable tattoos on his arms should have given him away. Granted, the tattoos he chose were pretty nondescript, but still… It was him. My jaw dropped. Owen… did porn? Was that his mysterious job? “Dude?” Link asked. Now he was looking at me. “That *is* my brother,” I said, not really believing the words that were coming out of my mouth. It seemed Link didn’t either, because he just gave me a skeptical look. “No way,” he said, glancing back at the screen to investigate further. “Is it?” “Yes!” I said, pointing at the pornstar’s arms since the face was only a side profile. “Look at his tattoos! Those are Owen’s!” “Holy shit,” Link whispered, now giving me that shocked look that I was giving him. “Holy shit!” “I know,” I said, my head spinning a bit. I couldn’t believe it… and here Link and I were, watching my big brother fuck. “Is there a name?” Link suddenly asked, turning back to the screen. I scoffed. “They wouldn’t use his real name.” “But he’ll have a porn name,” Link said. “One that we could look up.” I blinked before I realized my heart was beating. I didn’t even think of that! I watched as Link scrolled down to the description, but the clip was a ripoff from a random sight and didn’t offer up any names. So, instead, Link scrolled further until he found the comments section. We read nearly all thirty comments before finally, some random person named “w3tpussy18” dropped his name: “Tommy Gunz?” I repeated, wrinkling my nose. “With a `z,'” Link said, seeming to find that amusing. “Look him up,” I demanded. I needed to know if this video was just a hoax. Maybe he just had some doppelganger out there and Owen really was just innocently working some on-campus job. Link quickly typed in “Tommy Gunz” into the search bar — and immediately, we found that he had his own pornstar page, with what looked like hundreds of videos on file. He was highly rated, too. I glanced at the profile picture to see my brother standing up, giving the camera a sultry look as he held his hard cock in two hands. It was definitely him, no doubt about it. Owen was a pornstar. All that was going through my head was, “Fuck. My brother does porn. My brother fucks girls for a living.” “Shit, that *is* him,” Link said, flabbergasted. Then, he turned to me. “You okay?” I turned to find him eyeing me curiously, and I just shrugged my shoulders and tilted my head — not necessarily saying no, but not saying yes either. I just didn’t know what to think. “I… don’t know,” I murmured. Link seemed to understand without me having to find all the right words because he nodded and sighed. “Maybe we should quit for today,” he suggested. “Yeah,” I said slowly, eyeing the profile picture one more time. Then, I let Link work his magic and clear the computer of any sign that we were on it before he shuts it off. We hung out for a little bit after that, doing more innocent activities like playing video games, but I was too distracted to really get into it. Every other thought was of my big brother — emphasis in “big.” I mean, he couldn’t even fully cover himself with two hands wrapped around his shaft. No wonder he did porn. It made me blush not only knowing that he was hung but knowing what he did with that piece. And he showed his face on camera! Someone was bound to find out, right? Shit, if Mom and Dad ever caught wind, they’d freak… “You gonna tell him?” Link asked as I grabbed my shoes after our hangout. I’d been over for a while, and I was ready to go home. Besides, it was getting close to curfew. I shrugged. “Probably not,” I said, but I wasn’t sure. Part of me wanted to corner Owen and get some answers, but the thought of that was a bit terrifying. I didn’t want him to know that I was looking at porn, let alone that I saw him in one. Jesus, that would be so embarrassing. So, in the interest of retaining some sense of shame, I decided that I’d keep it to myself. When I got home, I did my chores like Mom and Dad asked. I even made a show of it, so that they’d know I was being a good son before they went off to bed early. “Don’t stay up too late,” Dad had said, but as I finished up the dishes, I had already decided to veg out in front of the television. Anything that could distract me from thoughts of Owen sounded like what I needed. For a while, I just drank soda and watched mindless TV. Back in the 2000s, Cartoon Network always played reruns of shows like “Samurai Jack” or “Ed, Edd, N Eddy,” so I was pretty happy with the selection. For over an hour, I didn’t think about Owen once. Then, Owen came home. I heard keys by the front door before suddenly it swung open, and my big brother entered. He looked surprised to see me awake in the living room but he smiled nonetheless. “Sup, lil bro?” he said, shutting the door and locking up behind him. I gulped a bit, embarrassed that my eyes went straight for his groin. Now, it’s not like I hadn’t seen it before — but before, I had only seen it soft, in casual settings. Sometimes he’d unabashedly change in front of me, or walk into the hallway naked after a shower, or sleep in the nude. But now, I’d seen his cock in its element. “Not much,” I said, watching him kick off his shoes. “How was work?” My heart thudded as I asked that question, and I did my best not to give anything away. He just shrugged. “Busy,” he said as he came over to the couch. “I’m beat.” Fuck, I bet. I didn’t know what to say, so, awkwardly, I murmured, “Cool.” He just pointed to my hand. “Where’d you get that?” I noticed he was gesturing towards the can of Coke in my hand. Mom didn’t like having soda in the house, so it was kind of a rare treat… but I had my connections. “Link gave me a couple cans,” I said. I had finished one already, and I was nearly done with the second. “No fair,” he said with a grin. “Want some?” I asked, offering him the can. “You can have the rest.” “You’re the best, little man,” he said, taking the can. He put his hand on my shoulder appreciatively as he chugged the rest of the soda. Something about having his hand on me made me blush. What was that hand up to that day? Did he grab ponytails and breasts with that hand? Did those fingers make a bunch of other girls cum for the camera? “Wanna play video games or something?” I asked, trying to relax. I kept telling myself to stop thinking about it. Owen finished the can and let out a little belch. “Nah, sorry, brother,” he said, handing me the empty can and then taking my cap and spinning it around so it was backwards. He always liked messing with me in little ways like that, but it was always out of affection. Plus, I think he appreciated that I took such a liking bakırköy travesti to his old baseball cap. It was my favorite article of clothing. “I gotta shower and get some shut-eye. Tomorrow, though. I promise.” “Alright,” I said. I was a little disappointed because I wanted to spend a little time with him, but at the same time, I was relieved. I didn’t trust myself not to ogle him the entire night. “G’night.” “`Nighty. And thanks for the Coke.” With a charming smile, he headed to the staircase and went upstairs to get ready for bed, leaving me alone in the living room. Well… now that I was alone, with everyone else upstairs either in bed or getting ready to sleep, I glanced at the desktop computer over in the corner of the living room. It was the family computer, and we each had our own log in. Frankly, I only really used mine for games, but, every now and then, I’d look at porn when I was home alone. I didn’t normally, because I wasn’t tech savvy like Link and I was terrified that I’d get into trouble if I ever got caught. But sometimes, the urge struck me so hard that I was willing to take the risk — and that night was one of those nights. I had a dire need to look into this Tommy Gunz character. I had to see more. I waited just a little bit longer in case Owen came back down before I went over to the computer, logged in, and opened up the web browser. Once I found my way to Owen’s “Tommy Gunz” page, I scrolled around for a thumbnail that seemed interesting. A still frame of a coitus shot? Nah. A shot of Owen’s cock sliding between two breasts? Maybe later. I wanted one that wasn’t solely focused on just his dick. I wanted to see him fully in action. When I saw a thumbnail that had full body shots of both Owen and his costar, I clicked on it immediately. Then, I nearly had a heart attack because the volume was blasting. I scrambled to find the speaker and quickly turned the volume down to nearly silent, panting and looking towards the staircase. Cursing the video for going in on the action right off the bat, I willed myself to relax, settled into the chair, and watched Owen work. In this video, he was standing while the girl was on her knees. I noticed he treated the girl a little roughly, tugging on her hair, making her gag, and slapping her face — and though she seemed to revel in it, I was surprised. My brother didn’t act that way… at least, as far as I knew. He was a tough guy, yes, but he was always super polite, respectful, and well-mannered. Honestly, he was so charming in that regard that it irritated me sometimes, because women always fawned over him. He was genuine, too. It was never a facade with Owen. But this? Is this what he liked to do behind closed doors? I mean, he was doing it for a camera… The doors weren’t very closed, now were they? After the blowjob, he suddenly turned around, bent his knees a little bit, and stuck out his ass. Without hesitation, the girl leaned in and started licking him there. My eyes went so wide that they hurt. Why was she… doing that to Owen? And why was he letting her? He was even moaning, stroking himself and calling her a “good girl” while she lapped and kissed where I never thought someone would want to kiss. This felt… too much to bear witness to, too intimate of an act… but I couldn’t tear myself away. I just watched as Owen held the back of her head and grinded his ass against her mouth. I felt the strain in my pj’s, but I wasn’t entirely sure why. At this stage in my life, I didn’t have a firm grasp on what I liked sexually. I just enjoyed looking at porn, and porn made me hard. And, if I were ever alone, rubbing myself over my underwear felt good. I was alone now, so… I reached into my pants to readjust myself to a more comfortable position, deciding to keep my hand over the outline in my boxers. I very lightly rubbed myself through the fabric, watching the girl sloppily eat out my brother. Eventually, he pulled away and pointed to the couch, and obediently, she got on her hands and knees for him. I watched as Owen gave her ass a slap that echoed throughout the room before he leaned down and started eating *her* out. I felt my cock twitch in my hand as I watched his tongue dart out and smoothly lap her up. He looked so… confident in his work, intentional with every movement. In a lot of videos Link, Christian, and I had seen, one or both of the actors seemed clumsy, fumbling from position to position, awkwardly trying to make things “sexy.” But Owen? He looked like he’d been born specifically for this. He was born to fuck. And when it got to the actual fucking, I couldn’t help but admire my big brother. He just looked so *cool* and studly, holding her hips and giving her precise thrusts. He had the faintest smile on his lips, his shortish hair swaying gently with each thrust, his arms bulging and his pecs swelling. If he wasn’t such an inspiration to me before, he certainly was after I watched that video. When he came, he pulled out and sprayed his load all up her backside, and my jaw dropped seeing the amount. It was a huge load, thick ropes of pearly white cum that went all the way up to the back of her neck. Owen reached down, scooped some up with his fingers, and gently fed it to the girl — and then, he leaned in tongue first and started kissing her. Any time I had cum, I’d quickly clean up the mess. In fact, aside from a handful of times, I primarily came in my underwear or a sock because I thought it felt better… and I didn’t want to see the mess. Leaving the evidence of my shame, let alone *doing* anything with it, seemed so taboo to me that I was shocked to see what Owen was doing — and I was intrigued by it. I stroked myself faster in my pj’s, panting softly as I watched my big brother French kiss a girl who had some of his cum in her mouth. Before I knew it, I was unloading in my underwear. I clenched my eyes and jaw shut, feeling my cock pulse in my grip and my undies get wet until finally, I relaxed, feeling so tired and embarrassed. When I pulled my hand out of my pants, I decided to investigate the damage. I leaned back and lifted my underwear, eyeing all the stickiness I made. With a newfound curiosity inspired by Owen, I scooped some up with my fingers, separating them repeatedly to watch the strings of moisture extend and break. Tentatively, I leaned in and sniffed it… and then, wanting to embody my big brother’s boldness, I licked my own cum off of my index finger. I pondered the flavor for a moment, furrowing my brow. It was a confusing taste, and I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not… and that’s when I wondered if Owen’s would taste any different. Suddenly, eyeing that big load painted on that girl’s backside gave me a whole second wind, and for the second time within ten minutes, spurred on by the wetness in my undies, I rubbed myself off to completion. I don’t think I could have gotten any redder after that second cum. The shame swept over me so swiftly that, with haste, I deleted my browsing history and shut off the computer. As I went up to my room to change out of my sticky briefs, I looked at the wall that bordered Owen’s bedroom and wondered how he’d react if he ever found out what I did. Then, I thought, “What would happen if everyone found out what *he* did?”

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