PAINTER LOVES PANTYHOSE SEX – PART 2PAINTER LOVES PANTYHOSE SEX – PART 2After my encounter with Dan, I was on a sexual high for several days. I couldn’t get him out of my mind. I would fall asleep at night with him on my mind and dream about a future hookup. During the day I would remind myself that the likelihood that he and I would get together was most likely slim and that I shouldn’t pin my hopes on seeing him again.About a week later, Dad arrived home from work and asked if I knew what we were having for dinner. I told him I didn’t and that I had looked in the refrigerator to see if Mom had put anything in there to thaw. Dad asked “Did she?” and I told him she hadn’t. “Well, that’s okay. I could really go for Chinese food. When she gets home we’ll see what she thinks.” When Mom arrived home Dad asked her about dinner. Mom winced and said she forgot to take something out of the freezer. Dad asked her if she wanted Chinese and she said it sounded good but she didn’t really want to go out. Dad said “That’s okay, we can order it and Michael can go pick it up.”As Mom turned in the kitchen to head upstairs to change Dad said “Do you know you have a run in your pantyhose?” I was caught off guard and for a split second I thought he was talking to me! Mom stopped and said “Oh shoot! These are new too!” I glanced at Mom’s legs and saw a thin run in the off-black nylon. The run was on the outside of her right shin and went down past her ankle. Dad asked her if they were one of the new pairs that that they had recently purchased together. She said they were and that they were No Nonsense Dress Sheer & Silky. I had seen all of the packets in the shopping bag and was curious about the Dress Sheer & Silky as I’d not seen that packet before. I made a mental note to be on the lookout for those pantyhose because I was highly curious about how they felt to wear them.Mom left the kitchen and went up to change out of her work clothes and when she returned she asked me what dish I wanted. As Dad handed me cash Mom interjected and said she wanted me to take her car because she needed gas. I frowned then replied “So I guess you want me to fill it up before I get the food?” “You got it.” Dad handed me additional cash and as I walked out the door Mom said she would wait a few minutes before calling in the order.Both the restaurant and gas station are located less than a mile from home so I wouldn’t be gone long. I decided to get the gas first. I pulled the station wagon into the Shell station and walked around to the pump. I wasn’t paying attention to anyone but was focused on putting gas in the car. Just as I pulled the nozzle from the pump I heard “Hey you.” I looked in the direction where the voice had come from and saw Dan standing only a few feet from me as he put gas in his van.“How are you?” he asked. “Good and you?” I asked. Dan didn’t answer but nodded his head then smiled. “So did your ass hurt the next day?” he asked. Softly I replied “Yeah, but I’m not complaining.” Dan asked “You wearing sexy pantyhose now?” I nodded I was and Dan smiled a little then said “Let me see.” I looked at him with a look of surprise and asked “How am I going to do that here?” Dan looked around then said “Lift your pant leg for me. Just let me see that you have them on.” I raised my right foot and placed it on the concrete island then bent down and quickly raised my right pant leg to my knee. Before I could lower it Dan had his left hand on my shin. He said “That’s hot. I like that a lot.”“So, a station wagon huh? How many boys have you had in the back there?” he asked. “None, you can be the first” I quipped. Dan smiled and said “Well I’ve got to go but I’m serious, I will be in touch soon. Take care Sweetheart.” I said “You too, bye” as Dan drove off.As I headed for the Chinese restaurant I was grinning from ear to ear. Once I walked into the restaurant I realized I was semi-hard. I shrugged it off believing no one would notice. As we ate dinner I was quiet. I was lost in my own little fantasy world where Dan was the center of the universe. Dad noticed and said “You’re quiet tonight.” I told my parents I was just tired because I hadn’t slept well but everything was okay.I decided to turn in early for the night but before I went to bed I took a shower. Just as I was about to slip my pantyhose off I decided to keep them on in the shower. Once my pantyhose were soaked I lathered up my cock with soap and began stroking. I wanted to cum in them while I showered and fantasized about Dan. The feel of the wet nylon clinging to my body as I stroked my soapy cock turned me on and I was able to cum quickly in the hose. After I came in the hose I washed myself again then washed out the pantyhose. After drying off, I slipped on another pair of pantyhose then got into bed and drifted off with Dan on my mind.As soon as I arrived home from school I headed to my parent’s room to see if Mom had thrown away her pantyhose from the night before. I looked in the wastebasket and the pantyhose were not there. I thought to check the bathroom wastebasket but knew it was unlikely they would be there because she never tossed pantyhose in there. I felt a little let down and decided to check the kitchen trash can. I rummaged through the can’s contents and still no pantyhose. I was just about to go back to their bedroom to search for them when I noticed one of the takeout cartons felt heavier than the others. I picked it up then opened it. Within its confines were the silky off-black pantyhose. I sighed as I thought “What the fuck!” The pantyhose were covered in the remnants of brown sauce! I carefully plucked them from the carton and lay them to the side. After arranging the contents of the trash can to appear as if it had not been disturbed I headed upstairs with the pantyhose.Holding the pantyhose between my thumb and index finger I ran up to the bathroom. I held them over the bathtub then shook them out. The hose felt damp all over. Nearly 50 percent of the hose was covered with damp and sticky sauce. I dropped the pantyhose into the tub and turned on the hot water. I grabbed the bar of soap and rubbed it into the pantyhose. I lathered them up once then rinsed them out. I repeated the process twice then inspected them to be sure they were clean and did not smell like Chinese food. I hung the pantyhose in my bedroom closet to dry.I was disappointed that I would have to wait another day before I would know what it was like to wear a pair of Dress Sheer & Silky pantyhose. As I stood in my room thinking about it I got mad and went to my parent’s room. I began looking through Mom’s pantyhose drawers. I was specifically looking to see if she had opened any additional pairs of Dress Sheer & Silky hose. Fuck it! I had made up my mind that I was going to wear a good pair. I began to carefully examine tags without disturbing the contents of her drawers too much. I did not find a pair so I then went to the area of her dresser where she stores unopened packets. Inside were 7 packets of Dress Sheer & Silky. Drat! She had opened only one pair. I’d have to wait and wear the off-black pair once they were dry.When I finally had the opportunity to put on the Dress Sheer & Silky pantyhose my dick was hard before the pantyhose were above my ankles. They felt fantastic. They were very silky and sheer. I was a little disappointed that as I pulled up the pantyhose the run ran up my leg, but at least it did not grow any wider. I caressed my legs and lounged on my bed while wearing the pantyhose. About 20 minutes before Dad was expected home I decided to cum in the pantyhose.The pantyhose felt so good and I was turned on that I had done something I was not supposed to do, i.e., take Mom’s pantyhose. I felt like I’d gotten one over on my parent’s because I had found them. It was obvious that they had been hidden. It took me only minutes to ejaculate. I relished the “high” I got from cumming in them and from being defiant and wearing Mom’s pantyhose. I peeled the hose off and jumped into the shower with them so I could wash them as well as myself. Dad and I had an agreement that he would buy me pantyhose so I made a mental note that I was going to see if I could get him to buy me some of these pantyhose the next time we went to the store. Three days had passed and I still hadn’t heard from Dan so I told myself to just forget about him and savor the fact that we had enjoyed a hot one and done. The day had turned out unusually warm for late March and I decided to take my bike out for a ride but first I needed to change. I had pantyhose on under my jeans when I went into the garage. Once inside, I stripped my jeans off and put on track shorts. My nude No Nonsense STW pantyhose would not be noticeable while I was out. I let my parents know I was going biking and Mom reminded me to be home before dark. It was already 6:30 so that meant I would have an hour or so before dusk. I decided to ride to the park to see what if anything was going on there. The park was 10 or 11 blocks from home so it would also be a good ride. I loved the feel of the air rushing over my nylon clad legs as well as the freedom of being able to bike like that. I thought there may be baseball teams practicing but when I got to the park there was just a group of men playing touch football.I rode across a portion of the park and pulled up next to a clump of huge old trees. I figured I wouldn’t be noticed standing under the shade of the tree. I counted eight young men. They were hot, sweaty and wearing shorts of various lengths and three of them were shirtless. After a few minutes of gawking I noticed one man’s chest was very dark. At first I thought he was wearing a black T-shirt until he turned and I saw his nude back. “Mmm, damn. I love that hair” I thought. The sun was setting and it would be dark in less than 20 minutes. The group of men began to get their gear together. A few were already heading for their cars. Two guys had caught my interest and I watched to see what vehicles they got into in case they came back to the park. After five or so minutes, the guy with the long hair shouted “See you Bud” to the guy with the chest hair and then he headed to his silver F-150. At this point hairy chest guy was pulling his T-shirt down over his fur. The only other vehicle within sight was a black Pontiac Grand Prix. Hairy chest guy began walking toward his car. When he reached it he put his gear in the trunk then approached the driver’s door. He hesitated for a moment, then opened the door and drove off slowly.By now I had maybe 10 minutes before it would be dark. I mounted my bike and began pedaling across the park. Once I reached the road, the Grand Prix slowly came up behind me along my left side. I noticed the bumper then the fender and tire. I decided to ignore the car thinking he would soon pass by. The driver kept pace with me as I heard him say “Hey stop for a minute Michael.” I looked to my left and saw that it was Dan behind the wheel. He pulled to the side of the road and I stopped next to his door. “So it was you watching us!” he said. “Yeah, I came out for a ride and just happened to see you guys playing” I replied.“What bilecik escort the hell? Are you wearing nylons?” “Yeah, it feels awesome to wear them when biking.” “Let me touch your legs. It’s almost dark anyway” he said. Dan reached out the window and began rubbing the top of my right thigh with his left hand. “It’s so hot that you wear them out like this. Damn, you just gave me a boner!” “Really? That’s cool. Let me see it” I said. Dan laughed and motioned for me to look down at the tent in his shorts. I looked in and could see that his cock was tenting his shiny orange nylon Onion Skins shorts. “Are you wearing underwear?” I asked. “No, I have a jock strap on.” “Oh wow, I love that. I think they are really sexy. Will you wear it for me?” I asked. “Sure, anything you want.”I suddenly realized it was dark and I needed to get home. There would still be a good number of cars out so I needed to be off the main streets. I told Dan it was good seeing him but that I really had to get going. He shook his head in agreement and said “Let me take you home.” I told him it wasn’t necessary but he had his door open and was out of the car before I could ride off. He popped open his trunk and placed my bike inside. The trunk couldn’t be closed but that was okay as we were in a residential area anyway. I slid into the passenger seat and commented that I liked his car. Dan said “Thanks, I like it too. It’s not great on gas but oh well.” As Dan shifted into drive he let his right hand fall into my lap and then he began rubbing his hand all over the top of my legs. It felt great and I wasn’t about to stop him.Almost right away I asked Dan how old he was. He turned to look at me and asked “How old do you think I am?” “Twenty-eight or twenty-nine” I answered. “What the… No! I’m twenty-three” he declared. All I could think to say was “Oh, that’s good.” Dan smiled then said “So I’m a little safer now, huh?” he laughed. I didn’t answer him. Then Dan asked “What time do you get home from school?” I told him what time I get off the bus and that I have approximately 90 minutes before my Dad gets home. “Hmm, that’s cool. I will have to check my schedule for next week but if I have a job that puts me near your school I could pick you up and bring you home. How much more time would we gain if I picked you up?” he asked. “Fifteen, maybe 20 minutes.” “Hmm, sounds like it could be a plan. I’ll have to let you know.” We were just two blocks from my house so Dan pulled over and put the car in park. “I’m sure you think I’m dicking you around but I’m not. We’ll be together again soon.” I slid out of the car and walked around to the back and Dan followed on the other side. He retrieved my bike and I jumped on. Before I could pedal off he placed his hand on my forearm and said “Don’t pout” as he stared into my eyes. I thanked him for the ride then pedaled off toward home.I put my bike away and pulled my jeans on then went up to my room horny as hell. I shut my door, locked it, and pulled my sneakers off, then my jeans. I had not worn athletic socks so my feet were warm and slightly damp. I sat on the floor Indian style and leaned forward, bringing my feet to my face. I inhaled deeply as I began stroking the growing tent in my pantyhose. I fantasized I was sniffing Dan’s hot and sweaty feet as I stroked. Minutes later my cock began to jump and spasm as a nice and creamy load of cum shot forth. I looked at the cum in the pantyhose and imagined it was Dan’s. I rubbed it all over my hosed cock and balls. Once I was sure I was spent I peeled my hose off and headed for the bathroom. I showered and washed out the pantyhose then went downstairs to watch television before going to bed.The next day I was a little surprised I was able to focus on school as well as I did. I guess running into Dan satisfied me enough to get my hormones in check. When I arrived home from school, I discovered a parcel on the front step. The box was approximately 12” x 12” and 8” deep. I checked the label and it wasn’t typed but handwritten. The only thing written on it was To: Michael. I picked the box up and rushed inside with it. I honestly couldn’t imagine who it was from. I wondered if it might be a prank. I decided to open the box on the patio just in case it was a prank. I could hear the contents rattle as I carried the box. As soon as I ripped open the first flap I knew who had left it. The box contained several pairs of L’eggs pantyhose in their eggs.I went up to my room before I proceeded any further with the box. Once in my room I lifted the other flap and looked inside. The box held various colored pantyhose eggs and a note. I picked up the note and read it. “Patience. Enjoy! There’s more where these came from.” I dumped the box on the floor and began looking through the L’eggs eggs. All of the pantyhose were sized Q which meant they would easily fit me. The pantyhose styles were L’eggs Undies (reinforced toe), Regular (sheer toe), Sheer to Waist (sheer toe), Sheer Energy All Sheer and Sheer Elegance All Sheer. It was obvious to me that Dan loved darker hosiery as the shades were off-black, black, suntan, coffee and taupe.As he had stated when we were together, none of the eggs had been opened. I was thrilled to have these new pantyhose and couldn’t wait to wear them for Dan. I “cracked” an egg and put on a pair of the all in one Undies pantyhose. They were a nice rich shade of coffee with a white panty. I went about doing my chores while wearing only the pantyhose and a T-shirt. I was sure to keep an ear out for Dad’s arrival. Before Dad got home, I put my jeans on over the pantyhose and wore them for the remainder of the day.Two days later I was out riding my bike through the neighborhood. After ending up on the other side of the neighborhood, I thought I would ride around that area for a while since I seldom biked on that end. After rounding a corner I noticed a black Grand Prix at the top of a driveway and a white van parked behind it. My breath quickened as I wondered if it could be Dan’s house. I rode by once then turned around and stopped in front of the house. I got off my bike and pretended I was tying my shoe as I gave the car and van a hard look over. I couldn’t distinguish the van as I rationalized that if I’d seen one white van I’d seen them all. However, I’d never seen a black Grand Prix identical to Dan’s anywhere else in the neighborhood.I got back on my bike before anyone noticed me and began to ride home. During the ride I realized it was too much of a coincidence for there to be a white van and black Grand Prix and that it had to be his house. All evening I thought about how exciting it was to know where he lived only to have to accept that such knowledge did not benefit me.The next day, as school was letting out and I was walking toward my bus, Dan called to me. I was surprised to see him. He asked if I had a minute. I told him “Only a minute because the buses will leave soon.” Dan said “I’ll drive you home. I want to talk to you.” I followed Dan across the road and hopped in his van. He didn’t waste any time. He said “You know why I’m here. You found my house yesterday. I saw you out the window and while I’m sure it was an accident, I mean, I didn’t tell you I live in the neighborhood I have to know if you are going to cause me any trouble.” I admitted I had found his house but that I wasn’t looking for it. It was just coincidence and I promised him I wasn’t going to cause trouble. I also told him I wouldn’t even ride down his street again.Dan seemed relieved then confided that his wife had moved out but was after half the house and he didn’t want her to get anything because she made good money and they had only been married a year and half. He said he had to be secretive because he wouldn’t put anything past her, including having him watched or followed. I told him I understood and not to worry about me. We rode a short distance in silence then I turned to Dan and said “Dan we probably shouldn’t try to get together again.” Dan’s eyes widened as he said “Oh no! I’m going to live my life. It may not be as easy as I’d like right now but I’m not going to write you off.”“I’m free Saturday from 4:00 p.m. on. Do you have plans?” I replied that I didn’t think so and even if my parents had planned something I was sure I would be able to get out of it. Dan nodded then said “Okay, Saturday at 5:00 p.m. I can’t take you to my place but I still have time to figure out where we are going. I’ll pick you up outside the Little Store at 5:00 p.m.”“Dan, would you wear something for me?” I asked. Dan’s eyes lit up as the corners of his mouth began to turn upward into a smile. “I don’t know, what do you want me to wear?” “A jockstrap and your nylon Onion Skins track shorts” I replied. “Hmm, anything else? I have several pair of Onion Skins. Any particular color? What kind of shirt?” I told Dan that I wanted him to wear just the jock strap and orange shorts. He nodded and said “You got it.”Then I remembered the pantyhose and said “I almost forgot. Thanks for all the pantyhose Dan.” Dan smiled and asked “So you liked that? Good, I wish I had seen your expression when you opened the box.” Minutes later we were in front of my house. Dan pulled head first into the drive way. Our driveway is long and once a vehicle has crossed the half-way point no one can see who is behind the wheel of a vehicle from the road due to trees and shrubbery. Dan pulled all the way up to the garage doors then placed the van in park. He leaned toward me and said “Give me a kiss.” I leaned forward and our lips met.Dan was horny, he placed his hand on the back of my head and held my face to his as his tongue darted in and out of my mouth. He sighed deeply then muttered something incoherent. “What? I didn’t hear you?” I said. “Touch my dick Michael. Feel how hard it is.” I reached toward him with my left hand and found the tent his dick was making in his painter’s pants. I placed my hand upon Dan’s dick then began squeezing and stroking it. Dan’s sighs quickened as I toyed with his dick. After about 10 minutes of making out Dan’s lips left mine as he said “I’d better get out of here before I loose my mind and take you into the garage and fuck you and then make love to you.” We both smiled at each other in silence then Dan said “Saturday… we will have lots of time Saturday.” I said “Goodbye, see you Saturday Dan” when he stopped me and said “I have something for you.” He reached behind my seat and retrieved a box. This time the box wasn’t sealed. Inside were more L’eggs eggs pantyhose. I smiled and my eyes widened. “You like that huh? Awesome. That’s just awesome.” I said “It looks like more than the first time.” “Yeah it is. There is 24 pair in there and I still have more at home for you. Oh, and you won’t have to bring any with you on Saturday. I’ll supply the pantyhose.” I thanked Dan for the pantyhose and he grinned as he said “You look like a k** in a candy store and I love it.” Dan said “See you Saturday at 5:00 p.m.” then he backed out of the driveway.I raced up to my room to look over my latest gift. I dumped the box on my floor and sorted the eggs by style. escort bilecik I was thrilled to find a few pair of L’eggs Colors pantyhose in the assortment as I had not had colors before. There was two pair of soft pink, one of pale blue and one pale grey. The collection also included more Undie L’eggs as well as the usual Regular, Sheer to Waist and Sheer Energy All Sheer styles. As I added the new pantyhose to the others Dan had given me it suddenly dawned on me that Dan was more into pantyhose than I had first realized as he had an interest in a wide variety of styles and colors.Late Saturday morning I took a hot bath and shaved my legs, cock, balls and the minute amount of hair I had in the crack of my ass. Five o’clock could not come soon enough. My parent’s were going out to dinner with another couple and then planned to play pinochle with them at their home. This meant they would be out until at least one a.m. They asked what plans I had and I told them that I would probably hang around the house. They said I could have two people over but no more than that and no driving with anyone in the car.Four forty-five came and my parents had yet to leave. They were driving me crazy. Finally, I told them I was going to the Little Store and probably wouldn’t be right back. Dad said “No problem, we are leaving soon anyway. Take your house key with you.” I headed out the front door, across the lawn and down the street. I wanted to run but knew if I did it would draw attention from nosey neighbors.I was at the store in five minutes and popped inside to buy a Pepsi. Off in the distance I saw a white van coming down the road. Dan pulled to the corner and whispered “Hop in.” I had worn shorts and a T-shirt which ended up being perfect because Dan tossed me overalls and a painter’s cap. “Put these on. You are now my apprentice. No one will give you a second look.” I pulled the overalls on and pulled the cap down to cover my face. Minutes later we pulled into Dan’s driveway. “I thought we were going…” before I could finish Dan said “Shh, its okay. No one will give you a second look dressed like that.”We went inside and I immediately went to work removing the overalls in the foyer. Dan watched intently then took me by the hand and led me down the hall to the master bedroom. Once inside he walked over to the mirrored dresser then motioned for me to join him as he opened a drawer. I took a quick peak inside then looked at Dan then looked back in the drawer. It was packed full of L’eggs pantyhose eggs. The drawer contained white, light blue, light green, beige, silver, gold, black, and clear eggs. The drawer contained dozens of eggs. My eyes locked on a particular clear egg. It appeared the egg contained pastel pink pantyhose. I picked it up and read the label. The egg contained Summer L’eggs all sheer pantyhose and they were pink. “Oh pink pantyhose!” I sighed. Dan smiled as he chuckled. “You like those huh?” “Yeah, I’ve always wanted to try on pink pantyhose” I replied. “Well, awesome, they will be the first pair you wear for me.”As I stood before Dan I kicked off my shoes and socks then pushed my shorts and briefs down. Dan picked the egg up from the dresser and opened it then handed me the pantyhose. I sat myself at the foot of the bed and began gathering up the length of one of the legs. I pulled the stocking up as Dan leaned against the dresser watching. “Whoa, whoa!” he said. “Slower Baby… put those pantyhose on slowly. Tease me, seduce me. Drive me fucking nuts.” I pushed the stocking down to my ankles then began to slowly slide it up my leg. I did the same with the other and once I had the pantyhose on completely I lay back on the bed and raised my legs in the air. I scissored my legs then spread them wide as I rubbed my hands over them. I loved how the soft pink nylon enhanced the appearance of my legs. With my legs still in the air I pointed my toes then wiggled them then pointed them again. “Fuck yeah, that’s hot when you point your toes!”Dan quickly stripped off all his clothes and crawled onto the bed with me. Dan lay on his side next to me and began stroking my legs. “Mmm, these are really sheer aren’t they? They look great on you. I might have to fuck you in these. Actually, I’m gonna fuck you in several pair tonight.” My eyes widened for a second and Dan laughed. “Oh yes! I want you strutting through this house in different pairs of pantyhose for me. I want you to seduce me with each pair so that I just have to fuck you in them. Sound good?” “Yes, it sounds very hot but let’s not ruin this pair because I’ve never had a pair of pink pantyhose” I said. “I’m pretty sure there is at least one more pink pair, there is also light blue and lilac in the drawer but if you are attached to these I won’t ruin them. Make no mistake though, some pantyhose will be ruined. It makes my dick jump hearing nylon rip and watching them run.” Dan leaned forward and kissed me on the mouth then said “Get in that kitchen and pretend you are doing something and seduce me.”I jumped from the bed and headed for the kitchen. I began walking around peaking inside cabinets as if I were going to fix something to eat. Moments later Dan entered carrying an armload of the pantyhose eggs. He deposited them on the kitchen table as he watched me. I turned my back to him and stood on my toes as I looked in an upper cabinet. My t-shirt rose exposing my ass. I held the pose as I waited for his approval. “Yes, yes, you’ve got the idea.” I moved about stopping long enough to run my hands up and down my legs and over my ass as Dan sat back in a chair and stroked his hard cock.“Damn! Pantyhose slut, get over here and suck your man’s dick!” he ordered. I positioned myself between his legs and wasted no time going down on him. His clear jelly-like precum tasted so good and my tongue gave his cockhead extra attention as I wanted to savor the taste. “Oh damn, Michael that feels so good.” In just minutes I had all of Dan in my mouth. He gently fucked my mouth as I ran my hands up and down his chest then over his thighs. “Shit Baby! What the fuck? You are so damned good!” Dan raised my head from his glistening cock and told me to select something else to put on. I selected a black egg which contained a pair of sheer to waist Silken Mist in suntan. Dan reached out and slipped his hands inside the waistband of the pink pantyhose and pushed them down to my ankles. I stepped out of the pantyhose then laid them across the top of an empty chair. As I put on the Silken Mist, Dan sighed “Fuck! That is my favorite pantyhose.” I had worn Silken Mist only twice previously and knew they were very delicate so I was sure to go slow and be careful as I put them on. Once I finished getting them on Dan pulled me down on his lap. His cock was so hot and hard I thought it might just slide up inside me. As I sat on his lap Dan’s hands explored my body. He kissed the nape of my neck and nibbled on my ears as his hands roamed over my chest and down to my groin. He began teasing my pantyhose confined cock. I was leaking precum and when he discovered the wet spot he whispered in my ear “Someone is happy in his pantyhose.”Dan’s hands began rubbing up and down my legs and all over my thighs. “These pantyhose really do feel like silk. You just can’t imagine how bad and how long I have wanted a hot ass and legs like yours in these pantyhose.” Dan motioned for me to stand. He stood then bent me over the counter as he stood behind me and began to slowly grind his cock against my ass. Soon Dan was thrusting his hard cock against the sheer clad crack of my ass while his hands roamed all over my legs. “Mother fuck it! I’ve got to cum all over these pantyhose. Don’t you worry Michael, I’ll be cumming again.” Dan placed his hands firmly on my hips then began to thrust his hard cock firmly against my ass. “Talk trash to me Michael. Tell me how much you love being my pantyhose slut.” Dan’s strong hands holding me firmly by the hips, the heat radiating from his body and his grunting and groaning were an intoxicating mix. I quickly answered Dan with “You are such a pantyhose pervert! That big hard cock of yours gets so excited over pantyhose legs and ass. I know what you are up to. You want to shoot your hot man juice all over my pantyhose as you dry hump me. Well if you are going to do it then don’t disappoint! Squirt a big gooey mess all over my pantyhose you dirty pantyhose freak!” Dan held me over the counter so that I lay upon it then he raised both of my feet from the floor. Holding my legs by the ankles, he pressed my feet together then pushed his hard cock between them as he began to fuck my stocking feet. “Awe fuck that feels so good. You look awesome in those pantyhose. They look like they are painted on you they are so sheer.” Dan let my left foot down then my right as he began thrusting his cock between my thighs.“Fuck, fuck, fuck! I’m gonna cum! FUCK! I’m cumming! Oh hell yeah, yes! Mmm, grrrr!” “You are so nasty, I feel your hot seed landing on my ass” I squealed. Dan continued thrusting his cock over my ass then he rubbed it from side to side. “Damn! I cum a lot! Your entire ass is soaked with my cum.” Dan spun me around, lifted me and sat me on the counter. He spread my legs then stepped between them and kissed me passionately while his hands groped my thighs. Our lips parted and he looked down at my cock. I was leaking precum like the horny teen I was. He gently teased my cock through the sheer nylon which sent shivers through my body. Dan motioned for me to come down from the counter. He walked over to the table, picked up an egg and tossed it to me. I slipped my fingers inside the waistband of the Silken Mist pantyhose and began lowering them very slowly. Once they were bunched at my ankles I raised my left foot and stepped out of them then did the same with my right foot. I shook them out then hung them from the back of a chair.I looked at the egg Dan had chosen. It was a pair of Sheer Energy All Sheer in coffee. I gathered the length of each leg and began to put them on. Once I had them to my thighs Dan was standing in front of me. Dan reached toward me and said “Let me help you. I want to watch as I pull the nylon over your hips and ass.” Dan slowly and firmly pulled the hose over my hips then reached behind me and began to pull them over my ass. We both heard a “pop” then Dan said “Oops. I popped my finger through them. I still want you to model them for me.” We kissed for a moment then I began walking around the kitchen and great room. Dan took his place in his recliner and watched as I put on a little show. I pretended to be looking for something on the top shelf of the bookcase then stood by the sofa and raised my leg as if I were doing ballet. “Oh yeah, tease me Michael.”I walked toward Dan then raised my left leg in front of him. My foot was nearly at eye level as I began to wiggle my sheer clad toes in his face. “Mmm, I love it. Turn and walk away from me, then stop and look over your shoulder back at me.” I did as he asked and noticed that his cock was rock hard again and moving involuntarily from side to side. Dan stood then bilecik escort bayan walked toward me. Once he reached me he knelt behind me then placed his hands on my hips. “You have a small run down the center of your left ass cheek. I’m going to kiss it and make it all better” he said. Dan kissed my left cheek then began to lap at it. “Mmm, so sexy!” he growled.His hands left my hips then were at the small of my back. He began to slip his hands inside the waistband of the pantyhose. Dan began to firmly tug the waistband upward. I felt the slight sensation of the run creep down my butt cheek. The hose must have stopped running because the next thing I knew Dan had shoved his hand inside the pantyhose. I could feel the back of his hand at my knee then it slid up the back of my leg. “That’s better, now you have a proper run in your pantyhose you little pantyhose cock slut!” I giggled and Dan laughed out loud.Dan’s hands were back on my hips then he spun me around and I could feel his hot breath at my ass crack. He teased me by breathing heavily against my crack before he pressed his warm lips against my nylon clad ass. Once his lips met the nylon he began to lap at my ass while intermittently pushing his hard wet tongue against the nylon barrier. I soon realized he was getting off on battling the strength of the Sheer Energy pantyhose. Dan grunted as he pushed his nose deep into my ass crack while munching and raking his teeth on the pantyhose. “Michael, your boy ass is so hot. Mmm! I love your scent.” I bent slightly at the waist and Dan grunted louder. “Yes, push your ass against my mouth. Dan’s fingers began to trace the center seam in the panty and seconds later, the unmistakable sound of nylon ripping. He tore a hole in the pantyhose just large enough to expose my hot and hungry hole to his wet tongue and hungry mouth.I began to tremble with excitement at the incredibly erotic sensations of his hot mouth munching on my little hole. Dan sensed my excitement and said “Oh you like that! Mmm!” Dan’s licking and sucking on my ass hole was driving me insane with lust and I could no longer remain shy about it. “Oh fuck! Dan fuck me in my pantyhose!” I shouted. Dan ignored my plea but intensified his oral assault on my ass. I began to go weak in the knees as I panted and moaned. I lifted my right foot from the floor slightly and began to curl my toes due to my excitement. My foot brushed Dan’s leg and he stopped munching for a second to notice. “Fuck you are turned on!” he laughed.Dan stopped lapping at my wet hole and stood. Then he led me by the hand to the bedroom. He left the room for a moment and returned with the pantyhose from the table. Dan dropped them on the dresser then fell onto the bed pulling me with him. Saying nothing he placed me on all fours then knelt behind me. I felt his cockhead begin to push against my hole then slowly enter. “Oh! Ooomph!” I cried out. Dan paused for a moment then began to push himself deeper into my hot and hungry ass. Once he was fully inside he remained motionless for a few moments as he leaned forward and laid his chest and belly upon my back. Dan nibbled on my neck then said “I’m going to fuck you all night in pantyhose. Your ass is mine. You are mine! You are my pantyhose cock slut!” I was relishing being adored in pantyhose. It was an immense turn-on to be with someone who was so into his partner wearing pantyhose and I wanted to make sure Dan’s lust for pantyhose play was satiated.Dan wrapped his arms around my chest and held me tightly as he slowly and methodically began to pump my tight little hole. Every few seconds he would whisper something in my ear like “You like this cock Michael? You’re my pantyhose lover.” After some slow and rhythmic pumping Dan began to pump a little faster. Before long he was fucking my ass deep. He raised up then pulled me up and held me against his body. Dan’s hands ran down my belly to my groin. He fondled my nylon clad cock and asked “What do we have here? Someone has a lot of precum in his pantyhose!”Dan pulled out then slid over to the edge of the bed. He laid me on my back then he placed my legs over his shoulders before he re-entered my hungry ass. Dan began caressing my sheer hosed legs as he pumped me hard and fast. As our bodies slapped against one another the raw sound filled the room. I was panting heavily and encouraging him to continue. “Oh! Fuck me!” I gasped. Dan leaned forward then climbed into bed with his cock still buried deep inside me. He pushed my legs back so that my feet were at either side of my head. Dan quickly went back to fucking my ass. He buried his cock deep then slowly pulled his shaft nearly out then buried it again slowly. My body spasmed with each stroke as I cried “Oh… Oh shit! That feels so good!” Dan grinned then said “Aha! I’ve found your weak spot! You are mine now!”Dan picked up his pace only to slow it down which drove me crazy with lust. Each time my body would spasm he’d grin in satisfaction. After what seemed like an eternity but was probably 15 minutes or so I cried out that I was going to cum soon. Dan leaned forward and lay on top of me. He wrapped my left leg around his waist then lowered my right leg so that it brushed against his hip and thigh. His cock was buried root deep and he began softly and slowly kissing me. I could feel his hot cock twitching. “So… you going to cum in those pantyhose for me like a woman? I nodded my head as he asked again. “Huh? Say it Baby. Tell me.” I knew what he wanted. Dan wanted me to talk trash and I immediately obliged him. “Yes! Your big hard man cock is going to make me cum in my pantyhose! FUCK ME! Make me your pantyhose slut!”Dan resumed slowly thrusting his hard cock as we kissed. It seemed like every 30 seconds he’d pick up the pace ever so slightly. My hands were running up and down his sweat soaked back. They found his ass and I began to caress his buns then I placed my right index finger in the crack of his ass and gently raked it across his asshole. Dan bucked hard and snorted. “Fuck, that feels great. Do it again!” he panted. I continued toying with his sexy ass as he rhythmically ground his cock deep into me. My body trembled once and I told Dan I thought I was close to cumming. He began to not pump but fuck me furiously. He took hold of my wrists as he held me down. Dan began pulling his cock nearly all the way out then slipping back in deep. It felt great and I couldn’t be shy about it. “Oh FUCK! FUCK!” I cried out. “I want you to cum hard for me Baby!” he grunted. Suddenly I screeched then panted so hard I had trouble getting my breath. My body trembled hard. My pelvis twitched in every direction. ‘OH FUCK! OH! OH! FUCK!” I cried out. “Yeah Baby, cum for me. Take my motherfucking cock you little pantyhose cock tease!”Dan was now FUCKING like he owned me and it felt great. I felt an intense rush of pleasure sweep through my body and I went completely limp. I was aware that he was fucking me, that my cock was twitching like mad and that I was overwhelmed with euphoria. Other than that, the world no longer existed for a brief time. Dan shouted “Oh hell yeah! Boy! I can feel your cum on my belly. Mmm! You’re flooding out these pantyhose! I’m gonna bust!” I managed to shout “Do it, do it!” Dan began spurting his hot jizz deep inside me. I could feel his cock twitch then grow hot as his seed squirted forth. “Oh Michael! Grrr! Grr! FUCK! FUCK! Not sorry! You’re going to have a baby whether you want one or not!” he joked.Even when he stopped cumming Dan continued to slowly fuck my ass. His cock remained hard. “Yeah, give me all your man juice!” I sighed. “Damn! Boy! That was hot!” he said. Dan kissed me then lay his head beside mine. We rested for a moment. When Dan raised his head he said “Let’s see what kind of mess you made.” He raised up and knelt between my legs as he looked at our bellies and my groin. “Oh yeah! You came hard. You left a nice white and creamy mess in your pantyhose. For a minute there I was afraid you might pass out! That was fucking incredible! You ready for round two?” he asked. I giggled and nodded yes.Dan slipped his fingers inside the waistband of the pantyhose and began to slowly peel them down. “What a mess! These are just about soaked all over with perspiration and cum! These will be ripe in a few hours!” he laughed. Once Dan pulled the pantyhose from my toes he carefully balled them up by wrapping the legs over and around the panty until he had formed a ball. I watched as he tossed them across the bedroom and they landed in the wastebasket.Dan leaned forward and motioned for me to stand. We stood facing each other then kissed. “So what are you going to put on now?” he asked. I smiled then began perusing the L’eggs eggs. We fucked again and again and each time in a different pair of pantyhose. We probably used five additional pair.Just after mid-night we both realized it was getting late and that the time was fast approaching for me to get home. Dan led me to the bathroom and turned on the shower. He climbed in and then had me follow. I was still wearing taupe L’eggs Regular pantyhose. He had me get wet from head to toe then began looking me over. “Fuck! Wet pantyhose are hot.” I looked down and saw that he was hard again! “What the hell!” I thought.Dan slid his boner up inside me and began to slowly pump as he held me against him. “Mmm, this is so hot. I can’t hold off. I’m going to cum. I’ve always wanted to do this” he said. As his cock slid in and out of my now cock ravaged ass Dan’s hands roamed all over my body. Dan soaped up my hosed cock and my body trembled. “Oh fuck yeah! I love that! You just can’t hide that you are a pantyhose slut!” Dan gently stroked my hosed cock as I panted and suddenly sighed deeply. “Oh fuck! You just shot in my hand. FUCK! That’s hot!”Dan’s hands began roaming again and were all over my hosed legs. He gently pulled on nylon at the top of my right thigh and it tore away like tissue. “What the fuck?” He pulled again and the nylon ripped easily. “Huh? Wet pantyhose rip so easily.” Just as Dan came he furiously grasped at my hosed legs and tore the nylon away while grunting and spurting another load of his love juice into me. When he finished he laughed when he saw the pantyhose. He proceeded to remove what remained of them. We soaped each other’s bodies then reluctantly rinsed off and exited the shower. We quickly dressed as Dan noticed that it was nearly 1:00 a.m.We jumped in the van and during the very short drive Dan thanked me for an awesome time and asked if I had a good time. I told him I did and he grinned then said “Awesome! Then you want to play again?” Smiling I said “I sure do but we will have to wait a while cuz my ass is going to be killing me for a few days.” Dan laughed and told me to be sure to take warm baths for the next couple of days. We pulled in front of my house at five minutes after 1:00 a.m. My parents were still out. Dan leaned forward and said “Gimme’ a kiss Baby!” We kissed briefly then I climbed out of the van. Dan waited until I was inside and turned on the lights before driving off.I surprised myself that I was able to sleep. I actually slept like a brick and did not wake up until 11:00 a.m. I remember having hot dreams and thinking my cock was hard while I slept but could not recall actually waking up during the night. Once I was up and out of bed I was walking on sunshine for days as I fantasized about my next rendezvous with Dan the Pantyhose Man.

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