Phone Call To the Nurse


Phone Call To the NurseWell if you have read my other to blogs or stories you will see where this is leading. Well I made the phone call to my nurse I had in the hospital, well lets get this straight, my wife and I had her. So my wife really enjoyed sucking on the young nurse breast and tasting her milk and I enjoyed watching it all take place. We like my wife told me to make it happen and for me to call the nurse up and arrange it. Well I made the call I think the nurse was waiting on the call. As she answered the phone with a nervousness in her voice, “Ah hellooo”? My reply was “Hey guess who your favorite patient” She said with a excited voice “Oh hello how are you feeling, I am not sure you are feeling as well as you did while in the hospital huh” with a giggle in her voice. “You are right there I sure did feel better while under your care” I said with swagger. She laughed and said “Well I sure am glad your wife helped me out that night and I sure did enjoy you both” I waited for a few seconds before saying anything at all. “So you enjoyed my wife relieving the pressure and discomfort of your breast that night”? Oh yes I did and just thinking about it makes me wiggle in pleasure” she said. “Well if that is the case maybe we should do this again sometime soon, I know my wife really enjoyed helping you and she really enjoyed the taste as well” I waited to see what her reaction would be, She said “Well that would be fun and very enjoyable as well. What do you have in mind”? I replied back “Well how about you coming over this weekend and joining us for dinner”? without hesitation she said “Oh that would be great, my husband is going out of town and my mom is in town to help with the baby and she told me to go out and have some fun, so this would be great” I told her where we lived and that is she wanted to go have dinner we could do that too.Well here comes Friday evening I am ready to see what happens my wife is all dressed up not fancy just looking extra nice. The door bell rings and I go answer the door there she is looking very sexy and her tits are just extra big, MMMMMM nice. I asked her to come in and make herself at home. As my wife entered the living room she said “Well who is hungry and ready for dinner”? We both said we where hungry and ready for dinner. We all loaded up into out SUV and headed off to dinner, we arrived at a very nice restaurant where we hate dinner and the two girls had a few drinks. We loaded back up in the SUV and decided to stop off at a night club for a few drinks. I could not drink due to my surgeries so I just got to watch them tossing them back. I told my wife to balıkesir escort slow down or she might get to drunk and pass out. Well it came time to head out and head home. As we climbed in to the SUV my wife and the nurse jumped in the back seat and I drove. I heard them back there talking and giggling. I then heard my wife say “MMMMM your breast are filled with milk again did you bring your pump with you or do you need me to take care of them”? The nurse did not say a word she just undid her top and pulled out her breast exposing her dripping nipples. My wife wasted no time leaning over and taking her tongue and licking the milk that was dangling off the nurse’s nipples. I heard my wife tell her “Damn your breast milk taste so damn good and it turns me on to taste it” As we drove home I had to move the mirror so I could watch my wife play with the nurse’s breast licking the milk off the nipple as she squeezed on them. I could hear the nurse say every once in awhile “MMMMM that feels so good I want you to suck them for me like you did that night in the hospital” My wife wasted no time she was sucking on them and drinking the milk as she did. I almost drove off the road a few times before arriving home. We got out of the car but before getting to the door my wife had the nurse pinned up against a tree in the front yard and was kissing her as her hand explored her body. Damn that was a hot sense with the soft moon light shining on them and watching them kiss passionately. We finally made it into the house and as soon as the door closed my wife and the nurse where taking their cloths off and before I knew it, they both had turned to me and started taking my cloths off as well. My wife started kissing me while playing with my cock; I was already hard from what I had been seeing of the two. The nurse dropped to her knees and started licking the shaft of my cock to my balls as my wife stroked it and kissed me. Then my wife dropped to her knees and joined the nurse sucking on my cock taking turns and then my wife started licking my ass, She stopped long enough to ask me “Do you like that baby you like your ass being tongue fucked baby” Oh she knew I loved that and I so enjoyed her tongue.Then my wife got up and said lets move to the sofa, as we got to the sofa my wife leaned over one of the arms on the sofa with her ass in the air and then the nurse laid in front of her. My wife turned to me and said “Fuck me baby fuck me good” I wasted no time ramming my hard cock into my wife’s wet pussy. Then my wife leaned down and started licking and sucking on the nurse’s pussy escort balıkesir and I could hear the nurse moan in pleasure. I then heard my wife tell me “Fuck me baby fuck my wet pussy show my how much you like this, Come on baby give it to me fuck me hard baby” I then heard the nurse tell me wife “Shut up bitch and eat my pussy, eat it bitch eat my pussy like you like yours ate, show me how you want your pussy ate bitch” my wife was licking and sucking on her pussy like crazy going at it hard and furious, damn the sound of it all was hot hearing the nurse moan in pleasure and my wife moaning as I was fucking her. After a few min of this my wife had me stop only to change possession, she told the nurse to lay on her back as my wife straddled her face, they where now in 69 and both eating each others pussy. I watched for a few min until my wife said “I want you to fuck my pussy while she is eating it baby” I jumped up on the sofa and was ready to enter my wife’s pussy, but the nurse stopped me so she could suck on my cock for a second or two. She then guided my cock into my wife’s pussy. I started fucking my wife hard and deep and then I felt the nurse’s tongue on my balls and on my shaft as I pulled it out and back in my wife’s pussy. We then moved to our bedroom and this is where it got even better. As we all got on the bed and was kissing and touching I noticed the nurse’s breast where leaking milk again. I leaned over and tasted it and damn it tasted good, I was sucking and milking those tits but good. I had not noticed my wife was no where to be seen at this time. I then heard her coming from the bathroom I did not even care I was enjoying the taste of the milk. I then heard a vibrator and the nurse let out a moan I then knew what was going on as I sucked her nipples. My wife told me “Stop you have to save some for me too baby please do not milk her dry baby” so I stopped. We then moved on the bed I lay on my back and the nurse straddled my cock and started riding it. My wife lay next to me and was play with her pussy and the vibrator. As I got close to cumming the nurse would stop just before I was there like she knew.After awhile of her riding my cock she got up and got on all fours and said “I want you to fuck my ass please I have never had it fucked and I want it fucked hard” “PLEASE FUCK MY ASS” I got in behind her and was about to see if I could get my fat cock in her ass and my wife stopped me for a sec, “Hold on baby you need to lube her first let me help you” She leaned in and started sucking my cock and getting it wet, she then leaned in and started balıkesir escort bayan licking the nurses ass and tongue fucking it. I heard the nurse “OOOO yes I love that I want his cock in my ass I want him to fuck my ass please” I got ready again but this time my wife helped me ease my hard cock into that tight ass the nurse had. As I eased the head in the nurse let out a few yelps of pain but pleasure at the same time. As I worked it in very ease and as gentle as I could she never asked me to stop. Once I was all the way in I just held it there letting her get use to it. She then said with a voice of pleasure “What are you waiting for I want you to fuck my ass tear it up damn it fuck it and do not stop fucking it until you fill my ass full of cum” That was all I needed to hear. I started fucking her ass so hard I thought I might tear her in half. I was being rough on her. I noticed my wife had moved in front of her and was telling her “It is your turn to eat my pussy bitch now eat as my husband tears your ass up” The nurse was saying “Oh yea baby feed me your pussy” and then Oh yea fuck my ass oh fuck yea baby fuck it hard tear it up god damn it” She went down on my wife as I was fucking her I then noticed every once in awhile the nurse would milk her breast onto my wife’s pussy and then go down and lick it off it. For some reason this turned me on even more. I was getting close to cumming and so was my wife I could tell from the look in her eyes. I let the nurse know I was close to cumming “Oh damn baby I am going to fill your ass full of cum you want it bitch’ Yes oh god damn cum in my ass fill it full of cum god damn fuck my ass you son of a bitch fuck it fuck it hard and fill it up with your hot cum” I let go in her ass and I cummed so hard it was coming out her ass with my cock still in it. I heard my wife scream out in pleasure “Oh I am cumming oh eat it baby eat my cum lick it up lick it out of my pussy” I heard the nurse slurping up my wife’s cum and then as I pulled out of her ass my wife moved behind her and leaned in and started licking my cum fro her ass. As we laid there on the bed I thought wait she did not get off and me and my wife did. I leaned in and started kissing the nurse my wife then must have thought the same thing and she leaned in and started licking on her clit. We took turns eating her and kissing her. My wife then got up and grabbed a dildo out of the night stand and she started fucking the nurse’s pussy with it while we took turns licking and sucking on her clit. She started screaming “I am going to cum oh yes please fuck my pussy with your toy and eat my clit I am going to cum” and damn did she cum it squirted out and onto my wife’s face. We all collapsed there on the bed and in the morning when I woke my wife and the nurse where not in bed but in the shower together oh yes kissing and touching each other. Damn I think I will join them and see what can happen…..MMMMMM!!!!

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